Building a Career on Solid Foundation: A Freelancer’s Story

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The search for knowledge, coupled with the determination of providing the best for his family, encouraged Van Loi Le to pursue his postgraduate studies. The 26-year-old Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam local took up Integrated Circuits Design at Singapore’s prestigious Nanyang Technological University.

Since studying abroad was pretty pricey, Loi needed to earn on the side. Fortunately, he was already working on, a platform his friend suggested. Freelancer was his first choice after graduating from his undergraduate studies because it offered its users great earning potential.

“The income from Freelancer was much higher than the usual income of a local engineer. Earnings are relative to the work you do, so it’s best to have a good amount of project. Plus, you can work whenever you have time, and wherever,” said Loi. “The common salary for fresh graduate engineers in my country is around US$500, an amount I can surpass with just a few projects.”

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Loi offers his expertise in the fields of field-programmable gate array (FPGA), Verilog, and VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL). With the help of Freelancer’s Recruiter Team, he’s worked on hundreds of projects in his three-year stint on the platform.

“As a PhD student, I am very busy with my school work, thus having a very limited time in bidding for projects. Freelancer’s Recruiter Team helps me find projects to work on. They are very fast and reliable,” added Loi.

Aside from the Recruiter Team, Loi also uses Freelancer’s Mobile App whenever he’s on the go. “Freelancer’s Mobile App enables me to bid on projects and talk to my customers almost instantly through my phone. Balancing my time for Freelancer and my PhD program has never been so easy.”

According to Loi, the experience he gained from Freelancer projects was invaluable. The insights from the projects he worked on helped him grow professionally. Plus, they also strengthened his character, especially the urgently needed projects since they pushed Loi to work harder than his normal load.

His experience would later lead to the development of his personal website, a platform where he shares his ideas with students through discussions, tutorials and problem sets.

Not only has he found success in the form of his website, but he has also found financial security on Loi shoulders most of his expenses and even helps his family back home.

“My parents are both farmers, so it is very difficult to secure regular earnings. Thus, I help them financially. My younger sister and brother are both studying at the same university that I graduated from. Their tuition and living expenses are shouldered by me. I also manage to support my parents when needed.”

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Freelancer has paved the way for Loi to focus on his studies without worrying about home. He even recalls how Freelancer helped him during the time his stipend payments were delayed.

“When I first came to Singapore for my studies, I had not received my stipend for the first three months. However, I was not worried at all because my income helped me in handling everything. All of my living expenses, travel costs, and family support were all from Freelancer projects.“

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“Freelancer is the perfect platform to help people and earn a living. The income here is way better than other local options or similar platforms. It is also very easy to use, trusted, and very popular all over the world.” - Van Loi Le


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