Freelance Digital Marketer Chooses Different Path to Success

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Saket Kumar Singh is a graduate of the FORE School of Management MBA Program. After earning his degree, he worked in a bank for a year then left for a consultancy firm. Everything was going great, but Saket wanted more.


It was always a dream of Saket to be an entrepreneur. He had the dream, the work ethic, the confidence, and the determination to become one. The one problem was, where should he start?

That’s when Saket heard about Freelancer. In November 2013, Saket joined the Freelancer community. “I wanted to work with international clients. No platform was better than to start getting international projects without any marketing budget,” said Saket. After a month of waiting, he won his first project. At that moment, he knew that it was a start of something great.


Saket invested hours bidding on projects and completing the ones he was awarded. This became his routine for the year that followed. He continued working alone until he decided to put up his own digital marketing company in 2014. Since then, the New Delhi-based company has grown; it now has 14 full-time employees and 18 contractors.


“I had no partners but,” explained Saket.


The most memorable job he had done was when he was tasked to be a ghost writer for a client in Singapore. His assignment was to discuss digital marketing, a subject very close to his heart. His expertise was put to good use. Not only that, Saket was very surprised to find out that his research, analysis, and writing skills were applauded by budding entrepreneurs. This was seconded by the fact that the book was published on Amazon and sold 5,000 copies.

His perseverance landed him on the top 300 freelancers on the platform. As the owner of his own company, Saket is able to share his values and wisdom with his employees. According to Saket, in order to succeed in freelancing, there are three simple but challenging steps:


1. Start small – Every project is an opportunity, and getting started is the most critical stage of growing on the Freelance platform.


2. Be persistent and consistent – Never give up. Start with the Plus Membership of Freelancer. Go and bid more. Stay motivated no matter what. Always remember that it is a marketplace, competition will be tough.  Just maintain your professionalism and keep bidding. Never ever lose patience.


3. Be generous and give more than what employers ask for, no matter what the budget for the project is. However, never work without milestones. The milestones were made for the security of both the employer and the freelancer.


“Being active on Freelancer is the best thing I have done for my business because  I am able to stay updated on latest developments in digital marketing. Also, I get opportunities to work on challenging projects. Constant learning and new ideas are perhaps the biggest advantages of crowdsourcing,” shared Saket.



Business has been very good for Saket. He has now purchased his own car and is in the process of acquiring his dream house in the national capital. Despite these, Saket remains humble. “I am not very materialistic; however, I feel happy and satisfied when I look back,” said Saket. When asked about starting as a freelancer, he replied, “I have achieved more than what I had expected when I left my job in a multinational company”.


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