How To Survive Your First Negative Review?

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There are hundreds of useful articles and tips showing you to win your first five-star review. That's great. It's not easy to make it in the tough freelance world. You need reviews. Lots of them. Especially the positive ones. Unfortunately, freelancers don't live and work in an ideal world. Bad things happen. Negative reviews are left behind as the painful reminders that you had a bad day. Just like the first five-star review can represent a decisive moment for every freelancer's career, the first negative review can also be a turning point. 

One Negative Review Eclipses A Hundred Positive Reviews 

What's the biggest problem with your negative review? Your last review is the first thing your next client is going to see and check. If it's a negative one, rest assured that it will attract at least twice as much attention compared with the "regular" positive one. It's in our nature to pay more attention to negative news than the positive ones. The same principle applies to every freelancer's reviews. When a client sees a series of five-star reviews, he or she just moves on. However, a negative review is an attention grabber that makes a client asks all kinds of questions. What went wrong here? Should I work with this freelancer? There are dozens of shining five-star reviews waiting in line to be checked, but your potential client is hypnotized by that single negative review. It's the bitter reality of freelancing and there's nothing you can do about it. Or can you? 

For What is Worth, It's Still A Minority Report

When I look back at it now, I just can't understand how I allowed myself to be overwhelmed by my first negative review. I had some serious thoughts about giving up on freelancing, for real! Luckily, I had realized something worth sharing and saving countless freelance careers. Every negative review you get will be eventually buried under the series of positive reviews that will eventually follow. When a client scrolls down, your negative review will become a minority report. An exception rather than the rule. Your client is very likely to think, so what, it happens. Who likes to see a freelancer's profile that's too good to be true, without a single negative review. Right? 

Don't Feel Bad It's All In Your Head 

A negative review hurts like hell. That's a fact of freelance life. Accept it as it is. There's a long way ahead of you. There are hundreds of positive and few negative reviews waiting for you in the years to follow. Save your energy and nerves because a freelance race is always a long one. One fine day, you're going to look back at your first negative review, and you're going to laugh. You're going to ask yourself, what in the world I was thinking back then? Once your portfolio gathers hundreds of reviews, you will have a problem finding your first negative review among all those reviews. All things must pass, both good and bad ones, including your first negative review. So, don't worry, be happy, the next five-star review is already waiting for you. 

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