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Opis Konkursu

Design a logo for a project that wants to inspire people, farmers and companies to transform exhausted farmland into flourishing foodforests. In doing so, we can save our soil and our health. The soil is our common ground, all life derives from it. The quality of our soil will eventually determine the quality of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren. FoodForests save our soil and our future!

The name of this project is: 10%!

My idea for a logo would be a styled version of 10%! (including the exclamation mark). It would be nice if the logo would be, on closer look, consisting of all kinds of small microbes, insects, mushrooms, leaves, flowers, fruits, nuts and seeds and berries, birds, bees and butterflies etcetera. But I am open to other options. I like natural colors the most.

Why this name, 10%!? This is the story:

“10% of our farmland and the help of shrubs and trees, that’s all that is needed to bring back the levels of CO2 in The Netherlands to what it used to be in the 1880’s. In the meanwhile, we would solve a lot of other problems too: perennial plants do not only take away the excess CO2, they give a lot of worth in return: clean air, a healing environment, food, medicaments, health and happiness. And, a safe haven for bees and birds and butterflies and all other kinds of beings that keep our planet livable and enjoyable.

One of my most heartfelt wishes is help us, humankind, to stop the massive environmental deterioration that we are facing. We cán stop this, even better, we can turn it around! And the good news is, we don’t even have to change our lifestyle completely. We don’t need new, complicated and expensive technology. We just need to work together with the briljant inventions of mother nature. They have proven their skills for millions of years, long before we started to mess things up.

That’s why, on 14th of february 2019, Valentine’s day, I bought a little pasture, a quarter of an acre. I will protect this small piece of our precious, common ground against pesticides, insectides, herbicides, glyfosate and toxic, Round-Up soaked GMO’s, and transform it into a Food Forest.

A Food Forest is an all-inclusive society of plants, animals, insects, fungi, microbes, and all kinds of beneficial bacteria. The older it becomes, the less effort you have to put in, and the bigger the return on investment gets. An explosion in biodiversity, an oasis full of variability.

I work together with two other FoodForests-in-the-making, one in The Netherlands, and one in the South of France. My short term goal is to generate attention and (financial) support for these three FoodForests. My medium term goal is to (help) start more FoodForests. And my long term goal? To start a world-wide movement that transforms more and more of our toxic monocultures into abundant treasure-houses of life, health and true wealth. At least 10%, in the next 10 years!”

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    I have updated my entries...
    Please check #154
    I tried to keep the concept and do it
    simply and concisely.
    Ready to make adjustments
    if needed chat with me thank you.

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  • jobayedhussain
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    I have updated my entries ,if need adjustments chat with me sir.

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  • think2dzn
    • 2 dni temu

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