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We sell Security Services to condominiums - these services comes in the form of consultation (security audits, threat and risk assessments), uniformed staffing (concierge or security guards), or on-line services (package tracking, visitor management software, etc)
Currently, there is the opinion that in order for condominiums to open their amenities, due to COVID19, they should restrict and control the occupancy levels.
Our amenity calendar is a secure on-line booking forum that allows condominiums residents to book the amenities and allows management to set the parameters
Parameters that could be set include
1. What time blocks the condominium amenities are going to be open
2. How many people can book the amenity at one time
3. How far in advance residents can book

In addition, once booked, the calendar assigns a confirmation number and send an e-mail to the resident.
Management is able to run reports to view both past and present bookings

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