brand identity for an exciting, out-of-the-box law-firm in Oslo

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We own a small law-firm with 5 highly skilled lawyers in Oslo, Norway. Currently, our name is in solidum -

About us:
An untraditional law-firm with a mission to simplify legal business for the common people. We believe that law should be simple. Talking to a lawyer should be simple. And dealing with lawyers should be simple.

Our values:

In a world, where lawyers and everything related to law enforcement is complex, generic and only a strict need-to type of services. Where clients tend to think that they must have done something terribly wrong before seeking guidance from an attorney, and where lawyers are suits with a lot of documents - we want to change that perception.

We want to bring legal help out to everyone - regardless of your background.

Our law firm focuses on the people. We want to emerge from this concrete jungle of hard-to-understand-lingo with a fresh, energetic and dynamic law firm - for the common people.

Based on our research, we have seen that in order to live out our values, we need to change our name and revitalize our visual identity.
The new name is Otio (outbreak from a latin word meaning simplicity).
Our main color is orange (#F76310) and Green (#094241)

We have a few ideas (see attachement), but we are not sure. It feels like it is lacking something. Not being designers ourselves, we thought to reach out to the creative people out there. We liked the color combination, and the use of circles. Maybe we are wrong?

Your task is to impress and inspire us. Let us see your best work, that will embrace our core values and bring Otio as champion in its market!

To be even more specific, we need a full visual brand identity consisting of:
- A logo with the name (Otio advokater) (advokater is the norwegian word for lawyers)
- a Font that can be used in our daily work (we still have to deal with documents), as well as for our website
- a kit for stationary (business card, letter headings, signatures (digital and analogue)
- Visualized on web-page, office wall, windows (we have huge windows on street level)
- Social media kit
- ppt. presentations

Everything should be delivered in original files (adobe-compatible). Copywright of the work will belong to Otio advokater after finalizing the order.

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  • henrigachon
    • 1 miesiąc temu

    A 6$ purse to winner and you got a full page of directive LOL be real do you think anyone will offer you a class logo - and actually work on your project more then 5 mins ?

    • 1 miesiąc temu
  • nalukhan2233
    • 2 mies. temu

    please check #19#20

    • 2 mies. temu
  • ivansmirnovart
    • 2 mies. temu

    This description and THIS price, omg! What a joke!
    Please stop being so greedy and disrespectful towards designers.

    • 2 mies. temu
    1. gohsheikh
      Organizator Konkursu
      • 2 mies. temu

      Dear Ivan
      I totally understand your frustration. As I commented below, I should have clarified better in the task description. For now, we are just looking for inital ideas on logo. Hopefully I will find something I like, and then start a project with rest of the description.

      • 2 mies. temu
  • lxchdi
    • 2 mies. temu

    Hi contest holder, I like your proposal but I need more time to complete. #extended?

    • 2 mies. temu
    1. gohsheikh
      Organizator Konkursu
      • 2 mies. temu

      Extended :)

      • 2 mies. temu
  • darrynsouthern
    • 2 mies. temu

    Respectfully, $10UDS is not enough for what you're asking #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize

    • 2 mies. temu
    1. gohsheikh
      Organizator Konkursu
      • 2 mies. temu

      Dear Darryn. I apologize. Of course 10 USD is not enough for everything asked for. I should have clarified in the task submitted. All we ask for in the first phase is a visual presentation of the logo.

      • 2 mies. temu

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