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The best Flyer Contest I want a flyer done for a networking event The name of the event is K^2 Promotions presents "The Ultimate B.O.B Event": Promoting and Empowering Black Entrepreneurship Date: June 18, 2017 Where: National Guard Armory 924 Ritchie Street Clarksdale, Mississippi Vendor information available Call 662-351-8032 or 662-902-6029 6 Projektowanie ulotek, Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo, Edycja zdjęć, Photoshop Mar 29, 2017 Dziś22g 6m zł39
Illustrate a Mexican pool party! I want to order T-shirts / tank tops for a reunion I’m going to in Mexico over Easter (soon!)… and I need an image for the front of the shirt asap. For the image on the shirts, I would like a funny cartoon of the group of us at a Mexican pool party. It would be 1 illustration, but a scene depicting the group at a pool party in Mexico - 8 adults + 3 babies + 4 people hiding in t... 14 Ilustracja Mar 29, 2017 Dziś19g 39m zł243
Make a vector replica from picture I want you to make an 100% replica in vector of my picture. The shape should be 100% identical with correct angels and proportion to my picture. The final result should be delivered in .ai 89 Illustrator, Wektoryzacja Mar 29, 2017 Dziś19g 25m zł157
Design a logo for AIG Design a logo for AIG. Let the logo have a corporate and professional feel and look of multinational financial institution 875 Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo Mar 29, 2017 Dziś16g 44m zł393
Projekty graficzne Mar 29, 2017 Dziś14g 46m
Create images of product We need the designs of an product that will generate drinkable water through the condensation of air. We need an external graphic design of the product and an internal components structure design. The product is similar to dehumidifier, as it will suck in air through its fan (like vacuum) and condense it through condensation, the condensed water will then be filtered & stored for human consum... 10 Projektowanie 3D, Projektowanie koncepcyjne, Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie produktu, Inżynieria budowlana Mar 29, 2017 Dziś11g 22m zł746
Design a Logo I need a logo design for a new company call Pure Living KC and I do own the URL. We'd like to have some sort of abstract design incorporating the words and a butterfly design using shades of ocean blue and darker blue for the color scheme. 634 Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo Mar 28, 2017 Dziś1g 43m zł393
Make 1 Image - FAST WORK EASY MONEY This is very easy work. You just have to do 1 image and make $15. This contest is for the first image, but we will have lots more work for you after this if you do a good job. $15 * 25 = $375. Go here [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] These are some images we have used in the past. I need you to change the image in the center of the banners to match one of the holidays/events from ... 0 Projektowanie banerów, Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo, Photoshop, Projektowanie stron www Mar 29, 2017 Dziś13d 23g zł59
Frozen Yogurt Logo Build a logo for frozen yogurt store. The first line should contain 'INDULGE' . This should be main one. Second line should be' FROZEN YOGURT' FRO and YO of one size and ZEN and GURT of smaller size. The colors to use are 'Orange' and 'Green' 1 Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo Mar 29, 2017 Dziś2d 23g zł196
Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie ikon Mar 29, 2017 Dziś6d 23g
Auto repair Shop Sign/Banner So I need someone to design a Sign/Banner that will be printed and installed on an Auto repair Shop Building. The sign/banner is 25ft x 3ft. You are free to be creative and use the words that you think best describe this type of business. I would like it to be strict, serious but also attractive. The background must be white. I included the logo of the company below, so please use it.I will upload... 0 Projektowanie banerów, Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo Mar 29, 2017 Dziś6d 22g zł59
Design Restroom for a School We are renovating a restroom for a High school in India. Current building Cad drawing is attached(The restrooms are marked in red). Except for the first floor rest of the restrooms, all other are in same size and shape. For both type of Bathroom (first floor and Rest) Need to submit: Concept render(Male and Female), detailed Bill of material for two bathrooms, CAD and 3D file. You can ignore the ... 0 Projektowanie 3D, Renderowanie 3D, Architektura, Projektowanie wnętrz, Wnętrza Mar 29, 2017 Dziś29d 21g zł1570
App mock up for Foam Rolling RxSMRT will repurpose conventional means of exercise and recovery to be more adaptable for today's climate and tech savvy clientele. In doing so, the products created will learn the user's needs, habits and goals, creating a fertile environment where in which both the instrument and user progress together seamlessly in a cohesive and directed manner overseen by the best professionals the... 0 Projekty graficzne, Interfejs użytkownika Mar 29, 2017 Dziś2d 20g zł314
Design a Brochure I have a medical product album (Products + prices) in PSD format and I want to change the design to a more creative and modern design including the cover of the album . I also want to add some extra pages to the design if needed. The design also should be flexible for future editing purpose. Please send your proposals and I will pick the one I LIKE. Please find one of the pages in PSD format 1 Projektowanie broszur, Projekty graficzne Mar 29, 2017 Dziś6d 19g zł98
Design a Website Mockup we are an exhibition stand design and construction company similar to [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] we need to create website on similar lines our company name is SKD conracting, (logo yet to be designed) , we are launching new modular system for exhibition stands known as VERTEX almost Frameless ( logo yet to be designed) durin... 0 Projekty graficzne, Interfejs użytkownika, Projektowanie stron www Mar 29, 2017 Dziś2d 19g zł196
Reproduce the coat of arms from the ancestral ring's imprint in wax We need help in graphic reproduction of coat of arms from the ancestral ring's imprint in wax. Coat of arms from (XVI/XVII century) German/Polish heraldry The motif in the shield is a single open rose with two leafs and two closed rosebuds. Above shield there's a helmet (most likely with a small crown) Above the helmet there are (most likely) eagle wings with similar (or exa... 0 Grafika komputerowa, Grafika koncepcyjna, Photoshop Mar 29, 2017 Dziś6d 17g zł137
Design a Banner -need Few banners for real estate project size 20X10, 4X2, -Few instagram posts, -cover photo for facebook, s-ome facebook posts the attached document is the material i have apart from that 100% docimentation has to be mentioned site address, phone number and the map is mentioned and available in the content 0 Projektowanie banerów, Projekty graficzne Mar 29, 2017 Dziś6d 15g zł181
I need to design landing page/ microsite in 4-5 days I will be driving customers into this microsite to learn about the marketing campaign. This microsite will be needed to provide the following: 1. Infomation about the marketing campaign 2. Fill in form 3. Amazing graphics What type of designer i need? 1. You need to understand Asian/Singapore context 2. You need to know what is hawker food 3. You need to show me previous work done Pleas... 0 Projekty graficzne, HTML, PHP, Projektowanie stron www Mar 29, 2017 Dziś6d 15g zł561
Design a Website Mockup Project Description: - Website design mockup for following website: - [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] - **Awarded prize is for mockup only** Developer will model following websites for design: - [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] - [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] Experience Requirements: - Portfolio minimum 10 projects - Include language base... 0 Projekty graficzne, Interfejs użytkownika, Projektowanie stron www Mar 29, 2017 Dziś6d 14g zł393
Write an iPhone, Android application Write, design, Android and IPhone application, cloud base, Description, Taxi queue services, first come first server, driver arrive at the staging area, login to the application get queued, then receive a request form the operator through the app once the driver queue reach 1.. For more technical details please see attached file. Please if you are not experience and really know what to do, don... 0 Android, iPhone, Telefon komórkowy Mar 28, 2017 Dziś29d 10g zł1963
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