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customize WordPress themes from (Chauffeur - Limousine, Transport And Car Hire WP Theme I am using themes from www..[login to view URL] (Chauffeur - Limousine, Transport And Car Hire WP Theme ) I did some change in the main Theme find it ( [login to view URL] ) The curent web site is the attched file ([login to view URL] ) what jobs I need to be done in a Theme are : - (1) add TOP Right menu with wil include Home | Arabic all Line between the menu must be Straight separator ( |... 2 CSS, HTML, PHP, Projektowanie stron www, WordPress Jun 21, 2018 Dziś21g 9m $20
Web design and HTML/CSS coding I need someone who can perform the UI / UX design and the HTML / CSS coding of a small management application for internal use in a company. And we need to be done urgently: a design proposal in 24h and the work done in 3-4 days. (The coding can be done with bootstrap or any similar framework, to take advantage of its functionalities and shorten delivery times. We do NOT need that the code will ... 11 Bootstrap, CSS, Frontend Development, HTML, Projektowanie stron www Jun 21, 2018 Dziś19g 21m $231
build website similar to Netflix look and feel with our content "starts immediately" hi idea is simple we want build our site and to create teasers for upcoming event we will prompt teasers for upcoming events and let the audiance to click intrested or not intrested once they interested a window open and offer them to apply for the event if it will happen...we have clock under with how many people showed interest and if they interested and apply just name phone number and... 2 Projekty graficzne, HTML, PHP, Architektura oprogramowania, Projektowanie stron www Jun 21, 2018 Dziś16g 18m $300
Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo Jun 20, 2018 Dziś13g 17m
Flower Delivery Vehicles WRAP Need designs for a sprinter and a prius templates are attached Examples are also attached Logo and assets are attached a previously approved billboard is also attached 61 Projekty graficzne, Illustrator Jun 20, 2018 Dziś9g $475
Projekty graficzne, HTML, PHP, Interfejs użytkownika, Projektowanie stron www Jun 20, 2018 Dziś7g 46m
Creative Campaign for Recruitment We are a recruiting company in Tijuana, B.C. and we are dedicated to the active search of talents for a leading company within the solar industry. We want to launch a creative advertising campaign to recruit talent for our position as Sales Supervisor. What will our Sales Supervisor do? Manage and maximize client portfolio Be in charge of training current and new team staff with innovative ... 8 Projektowanie reklam, Copywriting, Marketing na Facebooku, Projekty graficzne, Marketing w mediach społecznościowych Jun 20, 2018 Dziś5g 23m $100
Design a Logo Estonian Association of Mentors (abbr. in Estonian - EMK) is a voluntary organisation which aggregates experienced leaders from different fields of business who are interested to increase skills of leadership and management of young team leaders, managers, directors in Estonia. We need a logo for our organisation which shows that this is the Estonian organisation with national elements as for exam... 881 Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo Jun 20, 2018 Dziś3g 57m $346
Create banners I need a few sets of banners created in the following sizes 300X250, 128X90, 160X600, 970X250. I need 2 or 3 different banner sets for each of the following products [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] This would be a total of 32 or more banners when the project is completed. 45 Projektowanie banerów, Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie stron www Jun 20, 2018 Dziś3g 45m $200
Design new sticker for dive shop Design a new sticker for a dive shop using the information and format seen attached. Be creative. Go wild.... 0 Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie ikon Jun 21, 2018 Dziś6d 23g $50
Website site mock The attachment provides detailed description of the home page, which needs a UI design of our new home page 0 Projekty graficzne, PHP, Interfejs użytkownika Jun 21, 2018 Dziś6d 23g $65
HTML, Ilustracja, Projektowanie UML, Projektowanie stron www Jun 21, 2018 Dziś6d 23g
Poster Design for Olympic LIfting Competition Looking for a Poster Design for an Olympic Lifting Competition - Nothing too complicated. Have uploaded Images which can be used. Need to have the two logos attached included and basic info listed below:- SUMMER LIFT OFF 2018 Sat 11th August '18 No Suit, No Weight Cat Lifting Comp Simplified Movement Standard for ALL Level of competitors (Facebook Logo) Jollysailorbarbell (Instagram... 0 Projektowanie ulotek, Projekty graficzne Jun 21, 2018 Dziś4d 22g $33
Create Print and Packaging Designs ARV We are a supplier/retailer of laptops. Brand Name 'ARV' We need somebody to design for the packaging of box where the laptop will be placed inside. The design needs to be colourful but not too extreme. also include the words 'performance' 'quality' somewhere and also the Brand Name Please can you also include logo design for ARV 0 Projektowanie broszur, Tożsamość firmy, Obwoluty i opakowania, Projekty graficzne Jun 21, 2018 Dziś6d 22g $200
Design a Logo We have a school called Tayyibun Madrasah, its a childrens school. We want a professional and elegant design [login to view URL] <- main site [login to view URL] < sister site We want to re-design the existing logo to make it friendly and usable on medals, website, books. There needs to be a black and white *version* of the logo 6 Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo Jun 21, 2018 Dziś13d 22g $132
I need some Graphic Design I am Julian Schiavo, a swift developer and app designer. I am looking for an PREFERABLY ANIMATED modern, simplistic and unique logo that reflects me. I like Orange, Yellow, and Blue, and have uploaded my current avatar, which is similar to an Apple-designed GIF, for inspiration. 0 Projekty graficzne, Projektowanie logo, Photoshop Jun 21, 2018 Dziś4d 22g $19
Upgrade our logo to create a cool / interesting sticker I write a travel blog with my boyfriend ([login to view URL]). We are currently living in Berlin and you are allowed to put stickers in certain bars, clubs, coffee shops etc around the city. We want to do some guerrilla marketing with these, so the sticker should show it is a travel blog but make people seem intrigued enough at the same time to go to the website. We have already designed a bas... 0 Tożsamość firmy, Projekty graficzne, Illustrator, Projektowanie logo, Photoshop Jun 21, 2018 Dziś2d 22g $11
Redesign logo rev1 I have an existing logo , this need to slightly modified to add a wifi mark on it in red colour. Potentially add a ladybug stunning picturing to blend with the logo Three options should be prepared. Also the Emblem 'M' ( the first letter of Marrath) need to be separated out to use as company emblem and later need to be used for fevicon as well. the lady bug picture can be selected b... 0 Projekty graficzne, Illustrator, Projektowanie logo, Photoshop, Projektowanie w Photoshopie Jun 21, 2018 Dziś6d 22g $10
Looking to get my website designed for Indiegogo Campaign Hi there. My website name is [login to view URL] and I am looking to get my website designed for an Indiegogo Campaign that I will be starting soon. I have attached the logo that I got made on and now I am looking for an original artist to proceed further with website designing. I am looking for talented and fresh designers who are looking to enter the world of freelancing ... 0 Projekty graficzne, Illustrator, Projektowanie logo, Photoshop, WordPress Jun 21, 2018 Dziś9d 22g $50
Design me a job advert I am looking for someone to design me an eye-catching advert which will include the information below but also contain the logo attached and one or more of the images attached. Details; The Health and Vitality Centre in the beautiful Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, is seeking an experienced Osteopath or Chiropractor to join our successful team and help with our ever-expanding guest list! We ar... 0 Projektowanie reklam, Projektowanie broszur, Projektowanie ulotek, Projekty graficzne, Photoshop Jun 21, 2018 Dziś6d 21g $19
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