Create simple packaging for coffee maker

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Please see the attached images for the box template.

I want a simple white box with the attached product image and logo on the front, with the text "34 Ounce" in the bottom left corner.

I also want the logo on the sides and top.

I want the logo colour to look more of a mettalic silver colour if possible.

On the back I want the following instructions maybe with some illustrations

1.Boil as much water needed for the amount of coffee you want to make.

2.Grind coffee beans, if necessary.

3.Preheat French press by filling it with warm water from faucet.

4.Allow boiled water to rest for a few minutes to cool to optimum temperature (195 to 205 degrees F).

5.Pour warm water out of press and add ground coffee. Use two level tablespoons per six ounces of water.

6.Pour just enough hot water over grounds to wet them. Fresh coffee will expand as gas escapes.

7.Pour in remaining water and stir.

8.Place the plunger over the press to keep the heat in, but don't press it down yet.

9.Let the coffee brew for three to four minutes.

10.Push plunger down slowly.

11.Pour and enjoy your coffee!

I also want the attached barcode printed ion the back

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“ANOTHER PERFECT JOB! Hire him! You will not be disappointed! Excellent job as always”

Zdjęcie profilowe georgeac1, United Kingdom.

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  • igraphicdesigner
    • 8 lat temu

    Please check & rate #9 & #10.

    • 8 lat temu
  • igraphicdesigner
    • 8 lat temu

    Please wait for our entry.

    • 8 lat temu
  • fabriscribbles
    • 8 lat temu

    Hi, can you provide the barcode as an image file?

    • 8 lat temu
    1. fabriscribbles
      • 8 lat temu

      I used the pdf for the barcode, so please dont worry about the jpeg.

      • 8 lat temu
  • vikasjain06
    • 8 lat temu

    Please check my entry

    • 8 lat temu

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