Custom Art Wanted for Trading Card Game! "Freedom for All Podcast"

  • Status: Closed
  • Nagroda:: $10
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  • Zwycięzca: NovusInkman

Opis Konkursu

I am creating a trading card game called Market Cap TCG. Each card needs a unique image to represent the card's title. The game "Market Cap" is an economic deck building game with themes from real life such as personal finance, employee management, expenses vs. revenue, and unethical business practices.

The card of this contest is called "Freedom for All Podcast."

The image must be able to fit into a 652(w) x 541(h) Pixels frame. 2.25in(w) x 1.75in(h)
Please make the image a bit larger than necessary so it may be scaled down to size.

Art Style:
There is no dedicated art style to the game. Many different art styles will be used. (Includes sketch art, animation, paint, realistic, surreal, pixel, etc.)
For "Freedom for All Podcast" this card should be an image of someone in a room with a professional microphone, desk, and other details you would see when someone is broadcasting a podcast. This particular podcast is politically themed so there should be symbols of freedom hanging on the walls or pasted on objects. (flags, peace signs, etc.) You could also create the image to be at a side angle where we can see the camera being pointed at an individual behind a desk with a microphone.
The artist may choose their own style and creative vision for the piece, but please keep in mind my preferences.
The background should be environmental in this card. Walls, lamps, bookshelves, flooring, electrical equipment, doors, etc. are examples of details that could be present in the background.
I don't want any abstract or blurry backgrounds on this card.

All art that is submitted should be custom.
No "free with attribution," unlicensed, or copy-written images will be considered.
Attached is a template of the card "Freedom for All Podcast" and a flag that symbolizes freedom.
PNG and JPEG are preferred for submissions.

All winners of "Market Cap" contests will have their artist name (Real name or pseudonym) printed on each copy of the card their art is printed on.

Thank you for considering this contest!

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“Excellent work! Follows instructions very well! ”

Zdjęcie profilowe ScottyBleez, United States.

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  • shayaninzi
    • 2 mies. temu

    Done at #10 ! Let me know what you think

    • 2 mies. temu

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