Design a Logo for my Data/Statistical Analysis Consulting Business

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Opis Konkursu

1. Logo must use my initials: BH or BJH
2. Logo must use colors on the grayscale
3. Logo must contain a component that relates to my expertise in statistics/data/analysis/math such as a pie chart, boxplot, histogram or bar plot.

Things to consider when building your entry:
1. What are some techniques to maintain balance in design?
2. What does simplicity in design mean to you?
3. What are some techniques to create a bold design?

I am in the process of designing a website, business cards and other deliverables to accompany my freelance career. I specialize in Data Analysis and Statistics. PLEASE REVIEW my Freelancer profile to see how I market myself: @blakehamm .

I need a professional looking logo to accompany my business. I want it to incorporate my initials (BH or BJH) and emphasize my area of expertise with a graphic of a data plot/numbers or something of that nature. I want it to be very simple with very little noise, but contain an element of boldness/authority. My main selling point for my career is my SUPERIOR QUALITY and I want the logo to encompass this.

I would prefer to use blacks, whites and grays. Please send the code for each shade you use because I want it to match my website, business cards, etc.

I am willing to give feedback when I think an entry is close to perfect. I expect well thought out entries as I am willing to award more than one if the logo design is exceptional.

Also, PLEASE CHECK the attached image for a logo I designed. I do not think it is very balanced or bold enough and I do not want the mountains incorporated anymore. Also, It appears childish to me. feel free to use it as a starting point.

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