Design an Advertisement for Fiat 500x

  • Status: Closed
  • Nagroda: $20
  • Uzyskane Zgłoszenia: 4
  • Zwycięzca: wajid258

Opis Konkursu

2 Print style ads for this contest featuring the Fiat 500x.
Must stay within this creative concept (no animation please):
Ad #1 --- A guy is sitting at his computer looking at a specific girls profile online thinking about how he'd love to take her on a date and outside a window he sees the exact same girl leaning on his car (the Fiat 500x) ready to go on the date.
Ad #2 --- Guy is watching a basketball game on TV, when he realizes that out the window his friends are in or around his Fiat 500x ready and dressed to play basketball.

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  • wajid258
    • 8 lat temu

    Please check out ad1 and ad2 just for the sake of promo, It will be done on you demand.My contact no. is +923030711446

    • 8 lat temu
  • cbgraphics9
    • 8 lat temu

    Do you have any attachment????

    • 8 lat temu
  • classiq
    • 8 lat temu

    ok i will do

    • 8 lat temu
  • eirinigj
    • 8 lat temu

    Any elements (files, photos etc)?

    • 8 lat temu
  • program23
    • 8 lat temu


    • 8 lat temu
  • LycanBoy
    • 8 lat temu

    ok give me this

    • 8 lat temu

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