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Martin Luther King, jr. "I Have A Dream Speech"
JFK "We Choose To Go To The Moon"
President Reagan "Berlin Wall"
Ronald Reagan "A Time For Choosing"

Research the historical context of the speech topics above, and write a 2 page, double-spaced essay reflecting on and analyzing the effectiveness of the speech in relation to the historical context and audience.
Be sure that your analysis answers the following questions and presents your own feelings on how effective or ineffective you feel the speech is:
1. Who is the intended audience for the speech?
2. What is the social and historical context for the speech?
3. What is the purpose of the persuasive speech (continuance, deterrence, adoption, or discontinuance)?
4. What are examples of the speaker building up his/her credibility?
5. List two main arguments presented in the speech. What type of proof and/or evidence does the speaker use to support these arguments?
6. Throughout the speech, does the speaker anticipate or acknowledge other sides of the argument?


In a typed, 1 page double-spaced essay from the topics above, pick answer the following questions:
1. Why did you choose this speech to write about?
2. What is the occasion for this speech?
3. What is the social and historical setting/context?
4. Who is the speaker's intended audience?
5. What is the speaker's main goal?

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    Organizator Konkursu
    • 1 miesiąc temu

    Methmi , you did what I wanted. It was one essay for the first one .

    • 1 miesiąc temu
  • methmipw
    • 1 miesiąc temu

    Please make it guaranteed. #guaranteed #guaranteed #guaranteed

    • 1 miesiąc temu
  • methmipw
    • 1 miesiąc temu

    For the first essay, should we pick one speech or do all four speeches as a whole?

    • 1 miesiąc temu

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