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I am looking for a good logo for my technology start-up company Optrical Limited. At its core, the company develops and manufactures micro-optic products for a range of applications. The two primary markets we are targetting are- LED/ OLED lighting and Brand protection and anti-counterfeiting. Some relevant questions are answered below-

1. The company/product name (What text you want to include in the logo)- OPTRICAL LIMITED (you can choose all capital or capital/ small letter mixture). You can also choose just OPTRICAL without using word LIMITED.

2. Any slogan/tagline- we can leave it at this stage. If needed we can added later.

4. Any preferred colours I want to use- Happy to accept any colour combination as long as they click.

5. Any existing designs I like- I dont like complex logos with many colours etc. Would prefer simple but intuitive or a cleverly thought logo....

6. Main target audience- Our products are targetted at two different groups of customers. One of them will be large FMCG brand owners such as P&G, Nestle and Johnson and Johnson (our products will go on packages), while the other one targetted at- LED lighting manufacturers (for example- Philips, Osram, Havells etc). Our products are for B2B sale and not for end consumers directly.

7. A brief description of our business- Optrical works in the area of micro-optic films for, 1. Brand Protection/ Anti-counterfeiting and 2. LED/ OLED lighting markets. Micro-optics means- that "the optical features (lenses, prisms and pyramids) we deal with are very small (hair thin) and millions of these are made as a thin film".

Some keywords those relate to our activity can be: Anti-counterfeiting, Brand protection, Lighting, Micro-optics, Geometrical Optics, Optical effects such as 3D effects etc.

If you still have questions please ask.

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