$10 for Each Shirt Deigns that Wins - African Prints.

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Opis Konkursu

I need designs for T-shirts for Africans,

I bleed Green White Green ( Nigeria it could be just the flag )
Naija, Ghana Gold, Oil Money,
Gi - Ma'Sun ( it means wake up, Dont sleep )
Hussy Puppy Gang, Sweet Boys Association ( means pretty Nigerian boys or boys with money), Sweet Girls Association ( means pretty Nigerian girls or girls with money), Soweto ( a city in south Africa), Kalakuta - the Origin of Afrobeat, legegege ( add hands that are crossed ), Lagos, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia ( you can make the works in the colors of the flags), Olodo 0/100, F9, NYSC ( see attachment), I know where i came from, So i know where i need to Go! Fake it till' You make It, We no go carry Last. 30 billion Gang, Yellow, I Can't come and Kee myself, Able God, Bangger ( with the fist/arm emoji), Chinake (hands on your head emoji), Iskaba, An Africans Carrier Choice ( it should look like the attached yellow picture. it should have 4 choices and pictures of the professions 1 Doctor, 2Lawyer, 3 Engineer, 4 Disagrees )

This for a Drop shipping shopify site with Spread Shirt Format - see formate with link below

Available Formats
Portrait: 8"×12" (2:3), 18"×24" (3:4), 24"×36" (2:3)
Landscape: 12"×8" (3:2), 24"×18" (4:3), 36"×24" (3:2)
Square: 8"×8", 16"×16", 24"×24"
Quality: Glossy picture printing, 6.0 Mil
Requirements for Your Design
Once you upload your design, posters are only available for print if the following requirements are met:

Portrait format (2:3 or 3:4), landscape format (3:2 or 4:3) or square (1:1)
Size: max. 100 megapixels
Resolution: at least 200dpi
Minimum size (200dpi):
Portrait: 4724×7087 px (2:3), 3600×4800px (3:4)
Landscape: 7087×4724 px (3:2), 4800×3600px (4:3)
Square: 4724×4724 px
Data formats: JPG, PNG
Size limit: max. 100 MB
RGB or CMYK color profile
No white designs, as we only offer white backgrounds for posters
Additional 0.06" on all sides (addition of bleeds to avoid clipping)
Please note: Don’t place text or other important elements less than 0.16" from the outer edge. Bleed printing may offset these closer to the edge than desired.

Please also take note of our quality criteria for designs and especially the following points:

Everything should be razor-sharp
Contrast and brightness are optimally adjusted
No face are depicted as this may lead to a violation of personal rights
Templates to download
With our templates, you can easily prepare your design for poster printing. Each template contains

a layer to show you the correct size,
a red-marked margin of 0.06" to indicate which area could be cut off.

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  • femolacaster
    • 5 lat temu

    Pls dont close this contest before the closing date. I will like to post my own entries soon.

    • 5 lat temu
  • femolacaster
    • 5 lat temu

    Hi contest holder, I'm used to some of the African slangs you posted. I think you should be from Nigeria, because almost all the slangs posted originated from Naija.

    • 5 lat temu
  • abhimanyu3
    • 5 lat temu

    working on it

    • 5 lat temu
    1. Lasgidi
      Organizator Konkursu
      • 5 lat temu


      • 5 lat temu

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