Name + Design logo + slogan

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Name + logo + slogan

given name
Proposed slogan
Proposal Logo

Objective: Offer Surgical Procedures Plastic Surgery in Mexico to patients who are in the US, Canada.
Including all the services required for
Flights + Hotel or Home Room + Safety + Health Care nurses + Relaxing in the best tourist destinations in Mexico

The name must be modern, youthful, forward trust
The domain should be available .com .com .net

Soon a website promoting Plastic Surgery services will be developed.
Soon I will develop a mobile application
Coming brochure design

Interesting Facts:

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Plastic Surgeries prices are much cheaper than in the united states and canada

Guaranteed Certified Plastic Surgeons with experience and international recognition.

Beauty without surgery, medical devices class

Certified Hospital in Mexico

Secure Service, Airport pickup and transfer to destination.


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  • rogersiadous
    Organizator Konkursu
    • 8 lat temu

    Respect to the icon I would like to do it more distinctive ..... the idea is to design a mobile application in the future and would like people to understand that this page promotes services of several plastic surgeons in Mexico different clinics at the best price.

    • 8 lat temu
  • subhamajumdar81
    • 8 lat temu

    Please check #36 and give me some feedback. Thank you.

    • 8 lat temu
  • rahul0887
    • 8 lat temu

    Plz check entry #17

    • 8 lat temu
  • rahul0887
    • 8 lat temu

    Plz check entry #16

    • 8 lat temu
  • rahul0887
    • 8 lat temu

    Plz check entry #11

    • 8 lat temu
  • dxdroid
    • 8 lat temu

    pls can u clarify u brief work like what should be the name of logo

    • 8 lat temu

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