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Opis Konkursu

I am looking to design a Podcasts logo cover from my new podcast called STEM Rising with Colleen and Dr. Lou.

concept: Incorporating a sun or rays of a sun in the design. STEM Rising covers STEM topics and interviews which also empowering issues and social justice.
Colors: Blue, green, red and yellow

Background for STEM Rising (To give . you an idea)
Vision for STEM Rising:
To raise voices of advocacy, care, justice and hope amongst STEM professionals.
To increase the visibility of STEM programming, grassroots innovations, policy and leadership in communities of color (as a way to build bridges and strengthen networks)
To challenge/critique and expand the notion of what STEM can be (particularly for people of color
To disrupt exclusive and oppressive teaching practices in K-12 STEM classrooms
To give rise to critical and social perspectives in STEM

HOW → By sharing our story and lived experiences, examining research, amplifying voices and building upon existing narratives and work globally.

Audience: leaders of STEM programs, k-12 teachers (practitioners), academic scholars, black families & communities

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