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Opis Konkursu

I need my logo idea that I created in Word (see attached) to be traced, refined and perfected. (If you have any other creative ideas feel free to add them too!)

The refinement task is required mainly to get the perspective right ie. a single flowing line that traces along a row of houses on a street where the roofs align perfectly to form a smooth exponential curve representing a graph of ever-increasing return on investment in residential property. The line then leads into a circle representing re-investment from a finished project into the next one.

The concept behind the logo is to be simple and striking, but sophisticated and clever. It needs to be versatile in terms of being visible in the smallest format (ie. the tiny profile pic circles on Facebook comment feeds or Gmail profile pic (see attached Gmail profile pic example), but also look good when blown up onto an outdoor banner (so a vector format will be required).

The text font should match the style of the logo. Im not too keen on it being all caps and in your face.

If you’re also going provide your alternative spin on it, the logo must also:

- consider optimal line thickness for both tiny and large formats.

- be produced in various formats eg .png for overlaying onto photos, and vectorised for large print formats

- Include the text of the company name with each word capitalised (not all caps)

- have a font style that works with the logo style

Although the colour used on my first draft on Word is ‘Plum’ and is aimed to resemble a dark ruby or merlot wine, other colours that symbolise wealth and sophistication are welcomed.

PS. Some of your examples should also show the logo displayed as ‘3D’ office reception signage.

Have fun! I look forward to seeing your work.

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Opinie o Pracodawcy

“Great attention to detail, understood my requirements and was very reactive to doing amendments all the way to the final winning design. ”

Zdjęcie profilowe richardengeo, United Kingdom.

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