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  • Zwycięzca: DEVANGEL1

Opis Konkursu

This is a simple and quick project. I need a drawing or image of a three pronged "old scale", a scale similar to both images attached to the project description. Third image is a rough indication of how the final drawing / image will look like, although I am open to any suggestions or alterations. I need this to explain an idea, not to be a 100% accurate image nor a high definition CAD drawing. A hand-drawing would be ideal but, again, I am open to have a digital image instead if I can't get one.

Zalecane Umiejętności

Opinie o Pracodawcy

“Really sharp, professional and quick. I needed a quick project, something simple that required a bit of imagination. Linda was one of the first to provide me the image, but the only one who truly understood the requirements. I would recommend anyone to hire her and, if I need another job, I'll definitely hire her again.”

Zdjęcie profilowe RCBRUK, Spain.

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