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Opis Konkursu

As the title indicates, we are looking for a logo + text, with an explanatory of your working method so ** a real professional technical study. **
To apply, you must be a graphic designer and graduate.

We are looking for a minimalist and technical work, not a simple cow logo, without interest.
This type of work is interesting :
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The context :
We are a clothing company specializing in the manufacture of leather and skin clothing.
On behalf of the Zolki brand, expert in the field of motorcycle equipment, we are looking for an expert profile designer, qualified with a verifiable portfolio.

Over the last 36 months, the company's prices and products have rebounded, with a price increase of about 29% and, therefore, we do not want to equate the branding, the lowcoast sector and not to a young customer base.


Our need :
We want to institutionalize the image, through the redesign "of a combined logo" with the cow, in order to make disappear the "funny side" of the mark, in inadequacy with the quality of our products and our current customers.

Important: internally, we work with several designers, but we do not have the methods or techniques to perform this type of task (qualified staff in the logo) so as a reminder, we are looking for a qualified designer for a proposal logo + text , with a precise explanation of his work.
If we do not have an explanation of your work, we will not present it to the client and it will not be presented!


We have several works and declensions of the brand, available to us, in our offices, for broadcast on different channels, geographical areas .... but we are not satisfied with the elements, looking for a true professional technical study. .


Customers of the brand:
Men aged 35 to 55
buyers have an average salary or a good salary.
Customers all have a motorcycle.
This type of bikers requires product quality and brings great importance to safety.
Customers own beautiful custom, vintage or Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Our customers hate the image of the sports bike, they do not want to associate with young people under 30 and the brand does not sell any product to young bikers and does not want to sell product for the 30 years.
The image of the brand is serious and the logo must be too.
The brand sells its products only in Europe and therefore must have a European image.


Proposal :
The logo must be in relation with the Zolki cow
A combined logo is = LOGO + TEXT.
The cow has small or medium horns.
The logo must be a redesign of the Zolki brand logo.
You should not use even royalty-free images, but must create your entire work.
The proposal should be presented flat, with an explanation of your design methodology.
Your proposal must be in black and white, if it is validated, you can make a proposal in several colors.


The customer no longer supports the image of the current logo that is no longer in relation to the quality of products and customers. For this, we decided to change the logo to find a quick and appropriate solution. The current problem: the customer no longer clearly identifies the brand. So it is imperative that a cow logo + text.

We prefer no round or round design, but study all technical proposals, for a coherent overhaul. If you have any advice and a good idea, we will make your customer proposal.

You have a copy of old labels that the manufacturer has destroyed, due to the non-serious side of the logo with the cow.
We are looking for a serious image for this brand.


Final deliverables:

- Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files for both light and dark backgrounds
- PSD containing the logo as a vector shape
- Transparent full size PNGs for both light and dark backgrounds
- Favicon (as a high resolution square PSD or PNG)

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