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Opis Konkursu

Hello All!

We have been brainstorming about a name for a company, but we have not been successful. We have looked at several options:
- Words from Esperanto, Latin and Greek regarding positive words
- Mythological figures (like Demeter, the Greek goddess of growth, harvest and nourishment)

We did find some very nice words. But either they were already claimed (duh!) or the meaning of the word was not very positive.

Unfortunately we have not gotten the Eureka moment yet.

Hopefully you can help! What we would like in this name:
• Easy to pronounce
• With a good vibe / positive feeling
• Maximum 8 characters
• An own made up word is allowed
• Can be something related to growth, improvement, power, strength, etc but is not necessary
• A word with a good meaning is a plus, but not necessary
• .eu has to be available; i.e. it should not be registered

Can you help?


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“Very good entry in our contest. It ticked all the boxes and the freelancer made a thorough case for his entry. Very happy about it Thanks a lot!”

Zdjęcie profilowe Obilisa, Netherlands.

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  • Tom9200
    • 9 mies. temu


    I thought that one requirement of the name was ".eu has to be available; i.e. it should not be registered". Doesn't that mean that it should be available for registration and not for purchase? Because as I understand the winner's name is already registered.

    I'm not sure, this is a question. The winner name is really good, I also like it, I'm just asking about the domain name.

    • 9 mies. temu
    1. Obilisa
      Organizator Konkursu
      • 9 mies. temu

      We registered the domain name before awarding the prize.

      • 9 mies. temu
    2. Tom9200
      • 9 mies. temu

      Oh, I see.. Then congratulations, sir, you did a great job.

      • 9 mies. temu
  • sudhirmudholkar
    • 9 mies. temu

    Please Check Entry #38

    • 9 mies. temu
  • Anasiretanu
    • 9 mies. temu

    Hi there, could you please check my post #26 , looking for your positive feedback

    • 9 mies. temu
  • florentolivier
    • 9 mies. temu

    what type of company please

    • 9 mies. temu
    1. Obilisa
      Organizator Konkursu
      • 9 mies. temu


      • 9 mies. temu

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