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Argha M.
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Sarvesh K.
Flooring Expert
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Ahmed R.
Flooring Expert
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Flooring Expert
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Flooring Expert
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Sambit S.
Flooring Expert
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Dervish M.
Flooring Expert
€50 za godzinę
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Thanh Trung N.
Flooring Expert
$25 za godzinę
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Floors occupy a lion share of the manifest space of a building. Flooring of any building is a key component that reflects the style and personality of its owner. Choosing the right type of flooring is of paramount importance as we have to consider vanity as well as practicality while making up our mind. Now, there are abundant variety of types and colours to choose from in the market.
Before making a choice about the flooring type, it is crucial to have a proper assessment of your wants and needs. This is because choice of the flooring should largely depend on the utility of the rooms and the lifestyle of the occupants. It is essential to get the priorities right, whether you want to give more significance to practical ease of maintenance when compared to style and appearance. The correct blend of your fashion sense and common sense should give you the ideal choice.
Points to Ponder Before Making a Selection
Type of rooms - function and location of the rooms, whether residential or commercial, play an appreciable role on the type of flooring. For example, nobody wants carpet in their kitchen or dining due to the susceptibility of spilled food or liquid. Similarly, solid wood is not an ideal flooring for basements due to issues created by moisture.
Lifestyle and age of the occupants- family with children should be aware of the possibility of increased wear and tear from running, banging and playing into consideration. With pets, carpeting is not ideal, scratches can occur in a wooden floor, so laminate flooring would be the best.
Allergy- carpeting can accumulate dust and allergens to aggravate asthma and other allergies when compared to hard surfaces, that can be cleaned with ease.
Care and maintenance- some materials demand high maintenance compared to others, so the spare time you have available for cleaning and maintenance to keep up the look for years, has a significant hand in the choice you make. For example, wood requires more care than tiles.
Budget-  the choice largely depends on how far you can stretch your pockets. On the other hand, for similar looks, you can opt for cheaper types of flooring as in making with laminate instead of wood.
Each type has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages:
Vinyl- resilient and easy to maintain but susceptible to tears and dents, not heat tolerant.
Laminate- durable, affordable, can be applied over existing floors. Glue-less variety is portable too but requires full replacement, spills can cause the edges to swell, needs acoustic underlayment to prevent hollow sound while walking over it.
Wood- durable, renewable, diverse choices, cost effective but susceptible to scratches and gaps, involves lot of time and effort
Linoleum- Eco friendly product, has natural antibacterial property, anti-static colour choices are good but less durable, glue down installation
Tiles – innumerable variety, cost effective, heat tolerant, stain resistant, easily repairable but grout lines trap dirt, non-resilient, can be slippery.
We also get more options in concrete, stone, Bamboo, Cork and recycled material flooring.
No Worries about All This – Flooring Expert Can Take of It
Better look for a specialized person who knows all these types and is qualified enough to take care of your flooring matters. There are specialists’ courses that equip one to become a flooring expert. The topics covered in short courses are:
Inspecting and moisture testing subfloors
Installing linoleum
Installing commercial vinyl
Full trade qualification is offered in the following options
Recognition of prior learning
High performing apprentices get a fast track 2-year program
Standard apprenticeship
Where do you search to hire a flooring expert? is the heaven of qualified professionals of all fields. All our candidates come with verified identity and credentials and also with ratings and reviews about their skill. You can confidently look forward to hiring a qualified, experienced and skilled expert who is trustworthy and reliable and get your job done well within your budget.
If you’re looking for a solution for your delivery needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as is a fantastic option.
Simply log onto the website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project.
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