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    ...length: 5 minutes Style: short, punchy, dramatic, crazy, funny, stupid Type of animation: VERY simple and minimal # of Characters to be animated: 2 characters # of Guests: 0 Example: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] Voiceover:

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    Hello, I would like an vector artist to create 100 Vector Art Designs (Black and White Only) Of Dog Breeds from raster pictures I provide. I want commercial rights to the designs to sell the designs commercially. I am attaching a sample of the Raster and the finished vector design that I would like. This can be an ...

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    Are you looking for an awesome job that is not only fun, challenging, and enjoyable, but also pays you more money the harder you work? Are you looking to maximize your tie by working 20-40 hours a week with one company on freelancer. Not only that, do you want a job that will provide you free tools and education to learn the most current and trending

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    Needs to hire 20 Freelancers What we do ? ============= We make bags. We make professional bags for professional Balloon Artist. Professional bags with practically, functionally and a taste of prestige. Bartist is a company, extremely passionate about their commitment to ruggedly built balloon & equipment bags. And so are our legions of loyal fans

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    Hey hey! We are in need of 1 male voice-over artist and 1 female voice-over artist(s) for a large YouTube company with over 100 billion views and 50 Million subscribers. Voice-over artists who can play multiple characters are preferred. This cartoon needs an adult voice and a kid voice such as in the Transformers movie. Its a more mature show

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    I need an artist. Zakończone left

    I'm looking for an artist to create and install an art installation in my home. I have the idea and a picture even, I just want to hire a professional whom I can trust to do the work well.

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    Another Rainy Day Zakończone left

    Hey I go by Layloe Shakur I'm an unknown Hip Hop artist from Detroit, MI. me and my team are working to put together an album right now called "Another Rainy Day" the name is in debate. For each of the songs on the album I want to have a short Anime. The character voices I'll worry about if there will even be any. Right no...

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    I want to hire an artist, (preferably in India) to create 10 intricate mandalas on a monthly basis that can be used as coloring pages. The 5 pieces will have to be submitted on the 27th of every month. Size of Page: A4 Resolution: 600DPI Colore Scheme: Black and White Budget: ₹500/month (Budget will increase every 6 months) A samp...

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    Event Flyer/ Poster Zakończone left

    I am looking to hire a freelancer to design a poster for our non-profit's event. All we need is the background artwork done. The text will be added on afterward by myself. The poster will be 8.5 inches by 11 inches. I am no artist myself but have drawn up a very basic (and bad version of what I want. See attachment "[zaloguj się, ab...

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    PLEASE DO NOT bid before you read this. I essentially need a site similar in functionality to a popular modelling site. I DO NOT want an exact duplicate, just use the site to gather ideas. This could be created using Wordpress, or a dating script with proximity searching, or a standalone solution using PHP/MySQL/Javascript It must be responsive

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    ...a clip so I can see a sample of your skills! I only need visuals, not voice over. I will award the $50 prize to the artist that I want to work with. Here is the full script: Alice wants to stop frackers from fracking the environment that her kids will grow up in. It seems like government, companies and the courts all just <...

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    Trophy icon draw a picture / logo Zakończone left

    I have to give the $40 to someone but my goal is to hire whoevers I like best and pay them another $60 to customize it. This is for a sign: Rock River BBQ Draw a picture of at least 4 elements: a chicken, a pig, a rock or lots of small rocks, and a river. Perhaps the pig and chicken are playing instruments like fiddle and a banjo. OR mayb...

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    Online Character Design Zakończone left

    ...we would like ownership and rights to ALL artwork when this is finished. I discussed with Freelancer, and they state that we are allowed to send our OWN contract through the private messaging board to allow the freelancer to sign, transferring all ownership to us. This can be done digitally. If you do not agree to this, please do NOT bid. You mus...

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    ...for my social media. I would like the following: Image 1: Cartoon Animated "cartoon" look Characterized Portrait made similar to a hip hop artist with same color style hair, clothing, gold chain with pendant. The face should be centered and the top of the chest should show with the gold chains. I want the diamond pendant to say "BIT...

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    ...for an up and coming artist owned and ran record label. The artists are in the videos and have had to hire videographers on a very low budget. The videographers have done the editing and production as well. The work is medeocre at best. We are seeking someone who can edit and post-produce a portion of a video for this contest. No need to edit

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    I am a musician/artist. I want to hire an animator to animate a music video. Lots of blue and pink, neon and 80s colors. City night life kind of stuff

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    ...friend described to me a scene from a crazy weird dream he had. I would like to hire someone to depict his vision in an animated caricature. I will send a description of the scene and actual pictures of the people who I would like depicted. I would like to be able to review and give feedback through a couple rounds ...

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    ...I'm currently looking to hire an artist to do a little Valentines day cartoon strip for my Girlfriend. I have the story, and I have the idea, I just need a creative mind to get that Idea down on paper. It will need to be as "CUTE" (for lack of a more creative artistic word) as possible, with quite a bit of bac...

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    Realistic Drawing Zakończone left

    Hello! I am looking to hire an artist to draw some concept sketches for an amusement park. I am looking to open an amusement park in the American southwest, and need some drawings of rides, seating areas, attractions (etc) as they would be in the park. Drawings do not need to be flawless or hyper realistic, just enough...

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    Hi, I am looking for an artist who can draw me a figure with some background for a coin that will be sold via kickstarter. We need 3 coins for that project which would make 6 images. But in this contest I only need 1 coin which is 2 images, front and backside. If you win this contest then we hire you for another 4 images (2coins) and probably some

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    Hire an artist Zakończone left

    I want to hire an artist to paint an attractive design on a 10" (x 10" H) section of wood fence. Preferably LARGE red flowers w/ thick green stems.

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    Looking to hire an artist "whomst" can do a certain type of art style, I'm an independent artist and I do not want to release an ep or an album and get a copyright strike against me, also I'm releasing this music for free, I will credit and recommend whoever it is that is hired obviously here i...

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    Hi I am looking for a graffiti/ street art artist that can draw/paint/spray a b&w mural on a wall. It is for a burger street food restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA. The wall has one big burger already painted on it and I would like the rest of the work to be done in the same style. I do not have an exact idea of what I want so I am ho...

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    ...animators! I would like to get a quote on a YouTuve video that I am working on. I am starting a new channel and will be making educational and science based videos each from 6-8 minutes long. I need someone to do the animations for me. It doesn't have to be all 2D so a bit of picture and text animation will do as well. As an ...

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    Project for psstudio09 Zakończone left

    ...your profile and I would like to get a quote on a YouTuve video that I am working on. I am starting a new channel and will be making educational and science based videos each from 6-8 minutes long. I need someone to do the animations for me. It doesn't have to be all 2D so a bit of picture and text animation will do as well. As an e...

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    An emote artist Zakończone left

    I am looking for an artist to share in an adventure! Which is creating a few cartoon emoticons for my Twitch-channel. Starting off with just one and depending on the outcome and progress of my channel I might want to hire the same artist for more commissions in the future. We shall work together to design them! Restrict...

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    I would like to propose to my girlfriend. I would like to hire an artist to draw our caricature w/ me bending down on one knee asking her to marry me. I want to really surprise her.

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    Trophy icon Illustration for a children's book Zakończone left

    ...name is Jasmine. I am the oldest of the group at 18 years. We have written a book to raise money for our own education. We are crowdsourcing for help with the illustrations for this book. We would like you to produce old-school art for this, ink, oil paint, acrylic, watercolor etc., because after the book is a success we plan to auction off the originals

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    Describe the work to be done Objective:To create s storyboard in preparation for crowdfunding for A Specific Disease Awareness for a crowdfunding campaign. We are NOT looking for the full development in this bid. Just enough to launch the campaign. While this is not our project, it is an good example of what we need to launch the crowdfunding.

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    Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności
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    Design a T-Shirt Zakończone left

    ...submit bid unless you do** I will hire only people who have listened to my requests. I am looking for an artist with a clean, modern, sharp design esthetic. Key design & brand specifics: -Black & White -Pictogram -BEBAS Font -Century Gothic Font -Helvetica Font Would like at least (2) designs by the person I hire f...

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    Proszę, Zarejestruj się lub Zaloguj, żeby zobaczyć szczegóły.

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    Illustrate Something Zakończone left

    I want an artist for urgently based character designing arts. I have attached some samples to be illustrated. You have to give me some samples also for this project so that our team can see them or hire. I want a good quality of work so please attach some sample before posting the proposal.

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    Hi, I hope you are having a great day so far. I'm looking for a talented artist that can create this design from scratch. It must look different from the original here: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] Here is an alteration: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]

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    ...(which I know a little bit but not nearly enough to make it look as good as someone who possesses a higher knowledge of the program than I do) I am an artist and a very amatuer graphic designer, so originally I was planning on just drawing them but i want them to be able to be blown up and framed and I think tha...

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    I would like to hire an artist to design a movie poster for a passion project of mine. We have the design on paper, I want the poster to have a very retro, iconic style, art deco emotion to it. I also really enjoy some of the art work that IMAX has been creating for their specialty posters.

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    I want a game built that is similar to league of legends and storm fall. I need to built from scratch and I am willing to hire an artist of your choosing to complete this project. I have more details please let me know if you need them.

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    ...on my sleeve and i recently got a piece added to it that i really dont 100 percent like. Its a portrait of a beautiful woman and honestly, every other piece on my sleeve i chose except this. I gave my tattoo artist some freedom and this is what he came up with. At first i really liked it but now i'm not to sure. I need an...

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    New MMORPG Zakończone left

    I would like to hire a person to develop a new MMORPG for me. The information about the MMORPG that I need developed is below. The Game will be called World Kingdom and will be based in a fantasy world that is led over by a king (the owner of the game which is me). The world will be infinite in size and players can explore the lands and buy land

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    I need an event image for an event. It is a downhill skateboard event. My idea is to merge the 2008 event poster with a current skateboard image an artist did for us. I need the image fast, so this needs to be a 24 hour to 48 hour turn around. If you are too busy, please dont bid. The images are slightly different styles, so ...

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    I need a lot of art for an online RPG. This bid is for an initial 25 images that follow a similar art style and with a similar quality to the attached images. You must design and illustrate the monsters yourself so some creativity is necessary. If I am happy with the work, the winning bidder will receive all future work for this game if they want

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    I'm an independent progressive rock music artist in the style of bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis and Sigur Ros. I want to experiment doing a music video with animation. This has been very effective with artists like Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree, Radiohead and others. Animation artist will get full credit in all use but no further royalties beyond

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    We are an indie game studio currently working on mobile games. We are looking for a talented 3d game artist (with knowledge of making 3d models, textures and animations for games) to build a long-term cooperation, we have a lot of jobs to give him/her. For this job, we want you to make 1 humanoid model and its animations. We don’t want r...

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    Trophy icon Art For Cute Video Game Zakończone left

    ...winner of this contest will be selected to design all the graphics for our video game. That job will be much larger and will pay more money. This contest is to help us find the right artist. Win this contest and you will be hired for more than $1,000+ worth of additional work.]]]] Hello, I am developing an iPhone game and am looking for some conceptua...

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    20 zgłoszenia

    Hi, I originally wanted to hire a professional voice artist for this project, but I will at 1st give it a try myself, maybe you can make me sound good enough with some tricks :-) I will send you my 40 seconds recording and you can try. I have a medium to high voice, I'm 24, and I need to sound like an old-fashioned r...

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    book cover illustrator Zakończone left

    ...seeking an artist to design the book cover for my Fantasy/Sci-Fi novel. There's a distinct dichotomy in the tone of the book that I'd like to be represented in the design - an unsettling and frightening mystery contrasted with breathtaking and awe-inspiring beauty. That's the only thing I know for sure that I want. I'd ...

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    Hello, i liked your work really but before i wanted to get in touch with you. but couldnt find a place to send you message, so i am writing there, dont take the price here seriously =) When i post a Project i never like what i receive so i wanted to get in touch directly. esincetin@[zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] is my email, ...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, i liked your work really but before i wanted to get in touch with you. but couldnt find a place to send you message, so i am writing there, dont take the price here seriously =) When i post a Project i never like what i receive so i wanted to get in touch directly. [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin], if we can get a deal t...

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    Project for biosnap Zakończone left

    Hello, i liked your work really but before i wanted to get in touch with you. but couldnt find a place to send you message, so i am writing there, dont take the price here seriously =) When i post a Project i never like what i receive so i wanted to get in touch directly. [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin], if we can get a deal t...

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    Primary T-Shirt Sample Zakończone left

    I am starting an online T-Shirt shop. The concept behind the t-shirts is "unity". I have rough sketches of all my designs. I am looking for an artist who can take my sketches and bring them to life, leaving them with a professional and stylish look. I ultimately want to find an artist who i can ...

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    33 składanie ofert

    I would like to hire a Graphic Designer. i want an experienced skilled graphic designer to help me with advertising for my private training and fitness classes. i need t shirts, brochures posters and an ad for the news paper. it is an ongoing project but I wanted to start with brochures. I already have ...

    $103 (Avg Bid)
    $103 \u015arednia Oferta:
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