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    I'm in need of a highly knowledgeable, Ph.D. level data analyst to assist with my biology/ecology research project. - The data will be an experimental data, this will be the main focus of the analysis. - Although I have not specified a research question, as an experienced analyst you should be able to work with me to refine the question and ensure that the analysis is well-structured and insightful. - Experience in data analysis in the field of Ecology/Biology is a MUST. Please only apply if you are a Ph.D. level expert in Ecology or a closely related field.

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    ...the medium of the internet where freely available resources are available to anyone with an internet connection. So the focus is on education tracks using freely available internet course material Critical subjects will be 1. english 2. maths 3 computer programming using various methods eg block coding like scratch, progressing to proper coding. 4. science in physics, chemistry and biology for young children 5. geography for children i am thinking the age range will initially be aged 8 to 13 although we can expand this in time i am thinking perhaps of a rewards based system where instead of giving people charity to help pay for food etc we have the child aged 8 to 13 become a wage earner in the home by completing set work and modules. initially with a trial ...

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    I'm interested in creating an eBook focused on Coral Conservation, Science, Husbandry, and Farming. This comprehensive guide is expected to be less than 100 pages. - Main Task: Research and create content dedicated to the aforementioned topics. - Skills & Experience: Familiarity with Marine Biology, particularly as it pertains to coral ecosystems, is a must. Previous experience with eBook creation and demonstrated writing skills desired. Ensure the content is engaging, educational, and written in a way that is easily comprehensible to a non-specialist audience. - Final Product: An eBook in a reader-friendly format rich in quality content. The goal is to provide readers with an in-depth understanding of coral husbandry, coral role in marine ecosystems and coral farming t...

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    I need a talented writer with a strong background in biology to help create research articles at a professional research level.

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    I'm currently working on my science thesis which is under the branch of Biology. I'm seeking competent assistance in the following areas: * **Research Assistance:** I require an expert who can help me collate and analyze primary and secondary biological sources of information. Thorough knowledge in scientific research methodologies and experience in academic research are highly needed. * **Writing Assistance:** The science sector requires a specific writing style, so I need someone who can explain biological concepts clearly and concisely. Excellent writing skills with experience in scientific publications would be ideal. * **Proofreading and Editing:** Lastly, I need a polished pair of eyes to scan the thesis and ensure it is error free and is letter perfect. An exper...

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    ...intellectual mind to develop compelling high school biology worksheets. The project involves extensive research, creativity, and a deep understanding of the high school biology curriculum. Specifically, you will be: - Developing a variety of worksheets on various topics in high school biology. - Creating content that is engaging, challenging, and interactive. Ideal Skills: - Experience with educational content creation, particularly in biology. - Sufficient knowledge in high school-level biology. - Ability to meet deadlines and follow instructions. This project will require consistent communication to ensure the content produced meets my standards and follows the given guidelines. It is not only a chance to showcase your prowess in biology...

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    Scientific Report Writing Needed in 3 to 4 days. Biology.

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    I'm looking for a capable content writer who specializes in educational materials, specifically in physics and biology, for high school and 12th-grade students. Tasks will involve: - Writing comprehensive articles. - Creating problem-solving content for each topic. Each teaching aid will include 10-20 questions. Ideal applicants should have: - A strong grasp of high school level biology and physics. - Previous experience with educational content creation. - An ability to write in an engaging and understandable manner for high school students.

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    Hi there. I'm looking for a talented and experienced Biology teacher to create a series of engaging, informative, and comprehensive recorded video lectures. My target audience is college students specifically preparing for the NEET exam. The primary goal of this course is to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully pass the NEET exam. Key requirements for this project include: - Experience in developing educational content for college-level students, preferably in the field of Biology. - A thorough understanding of the NEET exam and its requirements. - Ability to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand and engaging video lectures. - Good speaking and presentation skills. - Previous experience in creating video lectures, especial...

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    I'm looking for an experienced NEET Biology tutor to create a series of recorded video lectures focusing on the complete NEET Biology syllabus. Key Responsibilities: - Create a series of recorded video lectures for Intermediate level students - Cover all areas of NEET Biology syllabus - Ensure that the lectures are engaging, informative and easy to comprehend Ideal Candidate: - Strong background in NEET Biology - Previous experience in teaching Intermediate level is preferred - Proficiency in creating high-quality educational content - Good communication and presentation skills The mode of teaching for this project is strictly recorded video lectures.

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    ...professional and experienced NEET trainer to conduct a comprehensive online training program for students at my academy. The program will run for a full year, covering Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a structured syllabus that encompasses all topics relevant to the NEET exams. - Deliver engaging and interactive online classes. - Provide regular assignments and assessments to track student progress. - Offer additional support and guidance to students as needed. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in NEET training, especially in the specific subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. - Ability to effectively teach and communicate complex concepts online. - Prior experience in developing learning materials and assessments. - Strong under...

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    I am in need of an experienced editor specialized in Bioinformatics, with a particular focus on Research Articles. The main task is to...require a deep understanding of Bioinformatics to ensure that the facts are accurate and the content is of high-quality. - Perform fact-checking: This is an essential aspect of the role to ensure the credibility and reliability of the content. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in editing scientific content, with a particular focus on molecular dynamics simulation. - A background in Biology or a related field is preferred. - Excellent attention to detail and a reliable fact-checking process. - Experience in technical editing is a must. If you believe you have the necessary skills and experience to meet these requirements, please get...

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    I am looking for an expert to write a detailed review article on the BRPF1 gene, focusing on its role in disease development. The article should delve into the mechanisms and pathwa...looking for an expert to write a detailed review article on the BRPF1 gene, focusing on its role in disease development. The article should delve into the mechanisms and pathways through which this gene influences various diseases. The article is intended for research scientists, so it should be scientifically rigorous. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced knowledge in genetics and molecular biology - Prior experience in writing scientific reviews - Ability to explain complex scientific concepts in a clear and concise manner - Understanding of disease mechanisms and the role of genes in disease d...

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    I'm seeking an experienced profession who specializes in secondary school level human biology education. This project entails designing and creating an array of innovative educational materials including: - Video lectures, giving clarity to complex biological concepts in an engaging way. - Written lessons, providing detailed content in a language that's accessible to secondary school students. - Interactive quizzes, offering enjoyable and effective methods of knowledge testing and retention. The ideal candidate should possess a strong understanding of human biology and its pedagogy, with proven experience in creating engaging and age-appropriate educational content. Your goal will be to render advanced biological concepts understandable and interesting to secondar...

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    ...outcomes to establish timelines for early detection. Clinical Application: Develop protocols for the integration of biomarker screening in prenatal care practices to improve early diagnosis and management of pregnancy-related complications. Methodology: Sample Collection: Collect placental tissue post-delivery from a diverse participant pool. Biomarker Analysis: Use biochemical assays and molecular biology techniques to quantify biomarker levels. Data Integration: Correlate biomarker data with pregnancy outcomes collected from medical records. Statistical Modeling: Apply statistical models to predict the risk of complications based on biomarker levels. Expected Outcomes: Enhanced Screening Protocols: Establish more effective screening strategies for early detection of high-risk...

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    I'm seeking a skilled and experienced writer to assist me with a lab report. This project involves: - Crafting a detailed and comprehensive report in a scientific style based on the provided data. ...experienced writer to assist me with a lab report. This project involves: - Crafting a detailed and comprehensive report in a scientific style based on the provided data. Ideal candidates should have: - Previous experience in scientific writing, particularly lab reports. - A strong understanding of the scientific method and methodology. If you have a background in either Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, that would be a bonus. The ability to interpret and present scientific data clearly and concisely is essential. Please provide examples of previous scientific writing wo...

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    I am in need of a skilled animator who can create a series of 3D animations for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology topics targeted at a class 10 level. The animations should be interactive in nature. Key Requirements: - The project involves creating 3D animations for class 10 grade students. - The content should be educational and engaging. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D animation software. - Previous experience creating educational content. - Understanding of class 10 level science topics. - Capability to make interactive animations. Please include samples of similar work in your bid. The length of the project and payment will be negotiated based on the breadth of your portfolio.

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    I require a Biology expert with a focus on the Peripheral Nervous System to help me create educational material. Specifically, I need help in understanding nerves and their functions in this system. Key requirements include: - Expertise in Biology with a deep understanding of the Peripheral Nervous System. - Proficiency in explaining complex biological concepts in a clear and engaging way, suitable for educational purposes.

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    ...passionate baker, I'm puzzled about why my perfectly baked brownies are getting moldy. They're baked for over 30 minutes and made from canned or packaged ingredients. I usually store them at room temperature in a sealed container after baking. I'm looking for a professional food scientist, biochemist, or someone similar with the following skills and experience: - Extensive knowledge in food biology or chemistry - Understanding of cooking temperatures and times - Awareness of food storage practices - Previous experience in food analysis or relevant fields For this project: - Analyze my recipe and baking process - Identify potential factors causing the mold - Propose changes (if necessary) to the baking process or food storage techniques to prevent this issue...

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    ...tasks: - Conduct fieldwork in forests to identify and document native plants and vegetation. - Analyze and catalog findings to aid in a conservation initiative. Whilst no particular plant groups were specified, the ideal candidate could identify a range of flora from towering trees to less noticeable understory species and beautiful wildflowers. Necessary skills: - Robust knowledge in plant biology, ecology, or a related field. - Prior experience or coursework related to field botany, specifically forest ecosystems. - Strong ability to identify a wide range of plant species. - Passionate about conservation. This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals with a deep-rooted interest in plant conservation and restoration. Please submit your bid outlining your prior experience,...

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    I'm seeking a skilled and creative professional who can transform high school-level science content from NCERT into engaging, comprehensive study notes. These notes should be designed with the aim of making learning and revision easier for students. Key Requirements: -The content should cover key elements such as: * Key definitions: Simplifying complex scientific terminologies and key science definitions. * Diagrammatic explanations: Utilising suitable diagrams to explain concepts and heightening understanding of topics. * Summary of concepts: Summarizing concepts in a concise manner to facilitate quick revision. Ideal Candidate: * Experience in sciences, preferably at the high school education level * Excellent understanding of NCERT syllabus * Strong diagrammatic skil...

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    I am in need of ...materials focused on Evolutionary Biology for high school students. The aim is to make complex concepts digestible and engaging for young minds. Key Requirements: - Deep knowledge of Evolutionary Biology - Prior experience in curriculum design and educational content development - Strong communication skills to simplify complex scientific terms - Ability to make content engaging and understandable for high school students The ideal freelancer for this project will be someone who has significant experience in both the field of evolutionary biology and in developing science-based educational content for the high school level. Your role will be to create concise, clear and engaging learning materials that spark interest and promote understanding ...

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    ...Patient Safety and Healthcare Savings Validation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in medical statistics - Proven experience with analyzing patient medical records - Proficiency in identifying risk factors, disease prevalence, and treatment effectiveness - Ability to handle and interpret complex demographic data - Ideally, you have a background in healthcare, medical research or biology The key focus of the analysis will be on: - Understanding the effectiveness of certain treatments - Identifying risk factors related to the disease in question - Examining disease prevalence in a specific demographic Key aspects of the patient demographics that we will be focusing on are age, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. You should be able to handle and interpret...

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    I'm seeking a FUN ENGAGING MARINE BIOLOGIST to teach my small group outing (5-20 people) about MARINE ECOSYSTEMS while we explore TIde Pools during low tide. THe main goal is to have fun and learn. Spend just one hour with us explo...- Audience Experience: Adults - just teach us some things. Very informal. - Subject Matter: Teach us about all the interesting plants and animals that we will find beachcombing and exploring tide pools - Teaching Approach: Hands-on methods, just be on call as we wander. Does not need to be very formal. Ideal Skills: - A lot of knowledge about coastal ecosystems - Background in marine biology/environmental science - Experience with adult education - FUN and good at COMMUNICATING and storytelling - Ability to create engaging and education...

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    Snake PCR Primer Design Zakończone left

    I am looking for a skilled molecular biologist or bioinformatician with experience in primer design for PCR amplification. The primers must be ARMS or SSP primers to be run completely on gel. Key Requirements: - Designing primers specific to snake DNA for PCR amplification. - The PCR product should be between 100-500 base pairs. Skills: - Proficiency in molecular biology, especially in primer design. - Ability to work with snake DNA sequences. - Experience in designing primers for PCR products of specific sizes. Please provide relevant experience in your proposal.

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    ...for external validations. Website Maintenance: -Review Filtrous website daily to ensure product accuracy. -Update product images, descriptions, pricing, and other relevant information as necessary. -Organize inventory lists and products on the website. -Script research and writing for various informational videos. Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in a relevant scientific field - molecular biology, microbiology, chemistry, etc. Prior experience in a similar role, preferably in the scientific or healthcare industry. Proficiency in spreadsheet software (e.g., Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets). Familiarity with e-commerce platforms such as Netsuite and Shopify is a plus. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Fluency in English - both verbal and written communicati...

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    As an artist with attention to detail, mastery in realistic drawing, and knowledge of marine species, your expertise is needed in bringing Australian aquatic ...accurately portray the diversity and beauty of significant Australian fish, including: - Barramundi - Multiple species from the Great Barrier Reef - Murray cod - Bream - Kingfish - Mulloway - Marlin - Tuna These will be used on boats at a large size so quality is needed to be very high Ideal candidates should have a high level of experience with realistic illustrations, a passion for marine biology, and great research skills to capture the distinctive characteristics of each species. This project will undoubtedly satisfy your artistic and scientific senses, and provide a striking visual narrative of Australia's under...

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    Hi there, I'm looking for a professional writer to create a scientific paper of more than 10 pages. The topic of this paper will be in the field of Biology, and the intended audience is academic researchers. Therefore, the writer should have a good understanding of research methods and scientific papers. The paper should be written concisely and effectively, covering the subject thoroughly. It should include citations and references from reputable sources, as well as graphs or other visuals to illustrate the findings. The paper should also include an executive summary that describes the paper's main objective and outcomes. Please let me know if you have experience with scientific writing, and are confident you can create a well-researched and comprehensive paper on the su...

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    ...Duration per Video: 3 minutes • If you prefer not to use our provided software, we seek animations in whiteboard, motion graphics, or 2D/3D animations. Payment Details: • Per Video (Without Software Provision): 500 INR (Total = 31,500 INR). • Per Video (With Software Provision): 300 INR (Total = 18,900 INR). Description: We are in search of talented animators to collaborate on crafting captivating biology educational videos. With voiceovers and scripts provided, you'll find a seamless workflow. Optionally, access to Doodly software is available for whiteboard animations, with payment per video varying based on this option. Each video does not exceed 3 minutes, ensuring concise and engaging content. This presents an exciting opportunity to earn extra income wh...

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    I require a professional who can conduct an exhaustive biological survey in a local brush zone and craft a letter survey report. The key focus will...survey in a local brush zone and craft a letter survey report. The key focus will be on: - Habitats: Provide an accurate and comprehensive description of plant species. Your task will include documenting and analysing the local plant species in the habitat. Direct observation and interaction with the environment will be required. The ideal candidate should have proven skills and experience in biology, ecology, environmental sciences, or similar fields. You should also demonstrate a strong working knowledge of local botany. Precise communication skills are crucial as all your findings need to be clearly articulated in the survey lett...

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    I'm seeking a skilled data a...Mite Survival Analysis: The primary goal is to investigate the relationship between food sources and the survival rate of mites. Your work will involve experiment design critiquing and assisting in interpreting and analysing data to assess the impact of different food sources on mite populations. I'm looking for a freelancer who has: - Experience in environmental data analysis - A background in biology, entomology, or a related field - Proficiency in data visualization tools - Excellent communication skills to present complex information effectively - A keen eye for detail and the ability to work with accuracy and precision. If you have experience with similar studies or can demonstrate your ability to work on such a unique project, I'...

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    I am writing my first sci-fi novel based on evolutionary biology and I need assistance in research. The specific areas that require research are: - Genetic evolution - Species adaptation - Evolutionary theory The right freelancer should be proficient in evolutionary biology. They will provide: - Detailed explanation and analysis Your understanding and passion for the subject matter will greatly help build the scientific foundation of my novel. This is a valuable opportunity for someone who appreciates the intricacies of evolution and wants to contribute to a sci-fi narrative that is both exciting and scientifically accurate.

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    As a curriculum content developer, I need someone well-versed in IGCSE and IB boards to create engaging material across various subjects and languages. Key Requirements: - Develop curriculum content for both IGCSE and IB boards. - Cover a wide range of subjects including Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics, Humanities (History, Geography, Economics), English and other languages. - Content must be engaging and suitable for a variety of educational backgrounds. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing curriculum content for both IGCSE and IB boards. - Strong knowledge and understanding of a range of subjects. - Ability to create engaging, diverse, and accessible educational content. This role will require a flexible and creative approach to cat...

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    I am seeking an individual with a strong biology background, particularly in the area of cognitive neuroscience. Your task will be to write a high quality, original, 1,500-word essay, complete with references and figures. Key requirements: - The essay will focus on cognitive neuroscience. Your in-depth knowledge in this topic will be critical. - The selected citation style is APA. Proficiency in this style is required. - The essay should follow a traditional structure - introduction, body, and conclusion. - The quality of the essay should meet final year university standards, with a first-class (at least 70%) quality. Ideal candidate: - A freelancer with an academic background and experience in biology or neuroscience. - Exceptional writing and research skills. - Abil...

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    I'm in need of a skilled Motion Graphics Animator for a biology explainer video that is more than 3 minutes long. I have a clear, well-delineated storyline that needs to come to life. Your responsibility will include: - Creating a motion graphics animation that seamlessly follows the provided storyline. - Collaborating with me to ensure that the final product meets the creative vision. The ideal freelancer should: - Be proficient in creating motion graphics. - Have a keen eye for details. - Bring creativity, originality and a can-do attitude to the project. Experience in delivering high-quality motion graphic projects is a plus. Show me your portfolio or samples of previous works during application. Looking forward to a fruitful collaboration.

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    I'm looking for an expert in bio-mathematics to help me create a set of questions. Here's what you need to know: - Level of Difficulty: The questions should be set to an easy level - Specific Topics: The question set is expected to cover mathematical biology - Expected Format: The question set should contain a mix of short answer and problem-solving questions

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    I'm looking to commission a detailed, interactive 3D model of c...further explanations. 3. Educational Content: Each part of the model should include educational information that is easy to understand for medical students. Ideal Skills and Experience: 1. A background in biological sciences or medical illustration would be advantageous. 2. Previous experience creating 3D models, particularly for educational purposes. 3. Familiarity with histology, cellular biology and medical terminologies. 4. Skill in using software for 3D computer graphics, like Maya, Sketchup, or Blender. This project offers a great opportunity for you to use your 3D modelling skills to enhance a medical students' understanding and learning experience in histology. Looking forward to see what you...

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    I'm currently seeking an experienced tutor well-versed in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths for GAMSAT preparation. The tutoring sessions are expected to be conducted in-person. Iam at a beginner level, just starting the journey of mastering these subjects. It will also be beneficial if you are from a civil engineering background as I am currently studying geotechnical engineering. - Subjects: Expected to cover Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths to a high standard suitable for GAMSAT. - Mode of Instruction: Tutoring is required to be in-person. It's essential that you're local or willing to travel. - Student’s Level: The student is a beginner. As such, experience in tutoring from the basic level and gradually building up in complexity ...

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    ...undergraduate level cell biology lab report. Key Deliverables: - A clear and objective introduction to contextualize the lab experiment - A detailed methodology, outlining each step performed in the lab - Thorough discussion of the results, ideally making connections to broader cell biology concepts Ideal Candidate: You should have exemplary skills in breaking down complex lab data, especially in the field of cell biology. An educational background in this field at least up to the undergraduate level would be highly beneficial. Your ability to effectively present and discuss the experimental results in the broader context of cell biology is non-negotiable. A talent for writing with precision and clarity is also essential. Previous experience in writin...

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    I'm in need of support with a scientific research project. Key aspects of this project are still undefined, so freelancers should be prepared for a broad range of possibilities. - Uncertain Focus: The specific scope of the research isn't yet decided. Whether it's Biology, Physics or Chemistry, I value flexibility and adaptability. - Exceptional Applications: I encourage applicants to present their past work, experience and detailed project proposals. Showcase the breadth and depth of your knowledge, and demonstrate how you can bring value to an open-ended scientific study. Ideal freelancers will possess broad knowledge across multiple scientific fields, with demonstrated problem-solving skills. Relevant research experience is also necessary for undertaking this pr...

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    I'm seeking a highly knowledgeable professional with a background in biology or anthropology, ideally with a focus on primates, to finish a detailed scientific report on primate locomotion evolution with a focus on arm length as an adaptive advantage. The main structure for the project is abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion and conclusion. Title is The Evolution of Primate Locomotion: Arm Length as an Adaptive Advantage. I already have a dataset from existing research for primate body mass, humerus length, radias/ulna lenghts and then cube root transformations for normalised arm length. I have ran the data through R Studio and have pulled key stats. Word count is 5,000. - Evolutionary trends: I would like an in-depth discussion, using precise scientific t...

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    41 składanie ofert seeking an experienced biologist to help compile a series of question and answers. While specifics of the required biology expertise have not been delineated, competent knowledge and proficiency in various biology areas - such as Molecular Biology, Ecology, and Genetics - will be highly beneficial. Key Responsibilities: - Generate comprehensive Answers on various biology aspects. - Deliver the Q&A in a written document format. Ideal Candidates: - Candidates with diverse biology knowledge. - Ability to explain complex concepts clearly. - Excellent written communication skills. Please include the following in your application: - Brief overview of your experience in Biology. - Any relevant past work to support your application. - Detaile...

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    I am in urgent need of a well-researched literature review on the force generation properties of the calf muscle. The focus will be on analyzing existing research, identifying gaps in the current literature,...focus will be on analyzing existing research, identifying gaps in the current literature, and providing recommendations for future studies. Specifically, the review should also touch on the injury rate of the calf muscle/Achilles tendon as a function of gender, and age. I require this project to be completed as soon as possible. The ideal freelancer for this job would have a background in biology, kinesiology, or a related field with experience in academic writing and synthesizing research. No plagiarism is allowed. Recent cited sources are required. No maximum number of ...

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    I'm seeking knowledgeable help to write a scientific paper focused on the use of mobile app in physical and occupationg therapy in cancer rehabilitation. Key elements to address include: - The role and benefits of physical therapy in cancer recovery - Examples of effective physical therapy practices for cancer patients - Discussion on future dir...use of mobile apps for exercise prescription in cancer prehab - Experience in academic writing and research - Understanding or experience in physical therapy for cancer rehabilitation. If you have related certifications or work experience, this will be highly preferable. I have data- that needs to be put in a paper Help me create an impactful paper that contributes meaningful insights into the biology of cancer recovery through ph...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can develop an interactive online educational content focused on butterfly biology. The purpose of this task is primarily educational, intending to make learning captivating and fun. The ideal freelancer should: - Have a strong background in biology, especially in butterflies - Show outstanding abilities in creating engaging and interactive online resources - Be proficient in multimedia content production, ready to tie in visuals and respond to learner interactions - Commit to the accuracy of information, ensuring it's student-friendly By completing this task, you'll assist in making butterfly biology a fun, unforgettable digital learning experience for students.

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can develop an interactive online educational content focused on butterfly biology. The purpose of this task is primarily educational, intending to make learning captivating and fun. The ideal freelancer should: - Have a strong background in biology, especially in butterflies - Show outstanding abilities in creating engaging and interactive online resources - Be proficient in multimedia content production, ready to tie in visuals and respond to learner interactions - Commit to the accuracy of information, ensuring it's student-friendly By completing this task, you'll assist in making butterfly biology a fun, unforgettable digital learning experience for students.

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    I am seeking a skilled professional to organize around 3500 college textbooks by subject, aiming to improve ease of use. The categorization system used will be a unique custom system. Skills and Experience: * Previous ex...of accounting, Intermediate accounting ... etc]. Another example: for Economics, we will not have one single category contains hundreds of books, instead we will divide it into multiple categories ( Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, managerial economics ..... etc) How will you provide the work? For each category you will create .txt or .xls file (ie: file for Microbiology, file for biology, file for history file for nutrition .... etc and list the books for each file) Price is fixed, if you bid higher than the specified budget you will not be consid...

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    I'm seeking knowledgeable content creators for comprehensive IIT JEE Physics/Maths/Chemistry modules(NEET: for Biology) The chosen freelancer(s) will be tasked with creating engaging video lectures and interactive simulations that help students grasp complex physics concepts. Primary Topics: Whole IIT jee/NEET syllabus of corresponding subject Delivery Methods: * Video Lectures * Interactive Simulations Video lectures should be presented via slides with voiceover. The aim is to explain key principles in an engaging manner catering to diverse learners. The interactive simulations will serve to fortify the students' comprehension and application. Ideal skills and qualifications: * Strong command of physics, particularly Mechanics, Thermodynamics, and Electromagnetism * ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled and experienced freelance researcher to help me with a project. Ideal Skills: - Research experience in a related field - Strong analytical and critical thinking skills - Excellent written and ver...specific topic, which will require data analysis, literature review, and potential experimentation. The successful candidate will be responsible for providing accurate information and insights based on the research findings. I expect the freelancer to provide me with regular updates on the progress of the research project and to be open to feedback and revisions. If you have a background in biology, history, or economics, that would be a plus, but it's not a strict requirement. Please include relevant work experience and a brief project proposal ...

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