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    [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] Website description General Information a) Music Vendor b) Joomla c) Other details [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] functionality (front end) a) Search Panel Main For sound effects b) Search results Table display (names and folders) Every track should have Every album should have Ev...

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    ...TITLE=Bulletins from %1$s CC VIEW ALL DISCUSSIONS TITLE=Discussions from %1$s # Toolbar & meneu items CC HOME=Home CC PROFILE=Profile CC EDIT PROFILE=Edit profile CC EDIT AVATAR=Change profile picture CC EDIT PRIVACY=Privacy CC FRIENDS=Friends CC ADD AS FRIEND=Add as friend CC FRIEND ADD=Add new friend CC SHOW ALL FRIENDS=Show all CC SEARCH

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    WEBSITE ENHANCEMENT SPECS FOR [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] SUMMARY 1. Joomla E-shop selling single downloadable product 2. Enhancement objectives • Create “Opt-in” box where people enter Name and e-mail to get a copy of a FREE report • Simplify the ordering process • Introduce an Affiliate Program

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    We want to enquire from you whether you can develop our mentioned website which has details of all the primary features that you will develop. We have a huge requirement and hope you will be able to meet our demands. We are in search of latest, sturdy and durable products. Website Features’ Rough Sketches: sample websites are [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] and

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    Project for Manoj V. Zakończone left

    ... Anyway, here is what I've been advised to do. Can you help me with this? Dear Suzanna, Thanks for your reply! >I have no idea about what to do to secure a website. Do you have options within Antagonist? Unfortunate to hear that you have noone who speaks Dutch. An English translated version can be viewed via: - [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]

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    during a joomla update something went wrong with event table edit extension suspect database corruption and the table can no longer be updated latest version of even table edit was installed and did not correct issue [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] needs reinstall or repair [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] is page in question

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    joomla component modifications - NEED DONE WITHIN 24 HOURS PERFECTLY i have 3 very small components that another developer developed that a need a few changes to each i will provide the installable file for you to work from and you should deliver a new installable file for each component task 1 ============================ com_minisite changes

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    ...which uses user data of Joomal for registration/login. We use Joomla Admin to mane users. Now, when we block a user using Joomla! Admin, the user is blocked on Joomla site but the user can login on Codeigniter site. We need to edit the codeigniter code so that it will check from database if the user is blocked, if yes, then it will show a message to

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    I have a which has many broken links after converting the Joomla version. The links changed from Article numbers to SEF friendly aliases. I can provide a table of the old links, and the new links, which will make the work easier. This might be possible to edit in the database, or batch edit the articles and upload with the new links.

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    ...stand-alone or as a Joomla component. The program gets as input a database and table names. It must generate the files needed for a joomla component with edit forms on the front end only, allowing to edit the content of the given tables. Input for the program: database name, list of table names Output of the program: All files needed for a joomla...

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    ...package into the system. We want to keep scan the inventory under a client name, so if the client name not change, we don’t have to go back to computer to do anything. The worker can just take a Bluetooth scanner to keep scan those packages. But, there maybe two thing need to do, 1, the computer need to make a sound, saying” OK“ ”,so the worker know the code

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    Short description: i need to generate *.csv according data from database. I need to multi select Hikashop orders and based on these orders data generate a csv file and send it to email address(-es). csv file name should be set in Component's Options + current date. email address, subject and body should be set in Options. Check attached file

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    ...toilets can feed back if the toilet is good or not good. And if not good, customers can select the reason. We need you to do the following: 1. Use Joomla platform 2. Web to register as new company and new user 3. Web for company admin user to add create new users 4. Web for admin to add buildings, toilets, and so on 5. Allow for edit, delete

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    ...registered can login and have only one form who can put 4 link and this 4 form are 4 link in iframe etc.. 1 LOGO LINK 2 SITE LINK 3 ANOTHER LINK 4 BACKGROUND IMAGE LINK this 4 link are one template html backend panel with editor link.. user can edit the 4 link if possible make without database! the php script if already exist can we...

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    ...SEE GOOD PROGRESS I CAN BE FLEXIBLE WITH THIS REQUIREMENT, WITHIN LIMITS!! Eshop has a system to create customer groups in "Admin > Sales > Customer Groups", for price discounts using the "Admin > Sales > Discounts" menu. Currently this is done manually by the administrator, meaning I have to go into each "Eshop > Customer > Edit Custo...

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    Website CMS Zakończone left

    ...with my current website so that I can do the below from my own: Edit Content Change images Change Image Tag Add Pages/Blog Pages Change Page Title Change Page Meta Description Add Keywords Blogs can add image, video etc Contact Page submission are stored in the Cms database (Basically, I want the option to edit each and everything which is on

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    ...but is not. After updating website is not working properly. First of all Joomla version is 3.6.5 and we want to make it 3.8.1. Virtuemart is version 3.0.18 and we want to make it 3.2.4. There are also few other plugins that need updating. We updated VirtueMart first and then Joomla. Website front end looks ok but when we try to change a product and click

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    I have a website (Joomla) and need to develop tournement register form to be displayed on home page, User can select different tournements from a list. After selecting tournements register form shows up on the right side. User fill out register form and click payment button. User is redirected to payment site to finish payment. After payment user

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    17 składanie ofert looking for a joomla expert who can repair a few things that are not working anymore after a upgrade. The following things need to get repaired - the modules are not working anymore, i cannot edit them in backend. - make the virtuemart layout the same as old website - the titles of the product in virtuemart are gone, you can find them in the

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    ..."Secondary Menus", in addition to other areas of the site. The pages with secondary "Menus" will be a one page scroll. This site needs to be quick and not created with WordPress or Joomla. Code Ignitor is preferred. Modules Needed to Support the Site: 1. Login Module 2. Register Products Module 3. Authenticate Products via SerialNumbers, and a product

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    Adding SMS functionality to existing Joomla component Job description: Present: Existing tailor made Joomla component for a Service Request System where customers can file their job and where providers can claim jobs when registered and logged on. Where customers also can select direct available providers and settle payment. Needed:

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    ...for our sailing course company. I am the owner and made it years ago with joomla and a template i bought. But i got hacked some time ago and can not find the infected pages. And i can not update this old Joomla anymore. Please copy my Homepage as it is or as close it can be copied. Use my existing two mysql tables for showing course, booking course

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    ...built in joomla and I just can't get on with it. Also it has recently been hacked (The service provider is on a pre built database install). I need a developer to take what I already have and re-write/design it in wordpress and then help me edit and improve upon what I already have. I can provide a linux server on my own cluster servers, or we can use my

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    Survey & Report system Zakończone left

    ...completions needed.. *REQUEST SURVEY 1.. Select number of completions needed (50, 75, 100, 125, 150) auto fill pharmacy name / info if possible *data will already be in the WP database *Request form complete.. Thank you, blah blah here is a link to your SURVEY website/survey/random-string AGAIN.. if possible = embed code to add it to their website

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    ...system for the back end, I’ve worked with Joomla sites in the past for other employers, this will also keep coding down to a minimum and allow you to focus more on the design. What im looking for is as follows, · Home Page – A welcome introduction of the company (I can provide this), a news feed I can easily publish to. · ...

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    ...Afterwards the user will be redirected to an external site (including hand over of userID via GET) - Everything the user does (navigation, input, ...) is stored in a mySQL database using the userID. Layout and description of pages (for details please see attached images): page1: simple landing / entry page with header/title and mixture of text

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    We have a simple Order Flow System (OFS) that we developed in 2012. It is written in php and uses mysql database. The aim of this OFS system is to register new jobs with various extra information added to the job and update the status of the job and inform our customers when an update is made. It has a very simple integration towards an SMS provider

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    1. User logs in from Homepage using unique username and password as created by Admin a. Username and Password shall integrate with Joomla b. There shall be Admin and Normal users. c. Normal Users shall have functionality as detailed below. d. Admin User shall have an additional functionality as specified below. 2. The system shall be developed

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    JomSocial Developer Zakończone left

    Looking for a JomSocial developer who can help out by programming an extension/module/menu. We are working with JMS multisites for Joomla and here we have different multisites with different JomSocial installations all deployed in one database. The challenge is to create a Module/Extension/Menu which collects JSevents from every multisite and displays

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    ...affiliate website. It can be based on any existing system, for example Wordpress + Affiliate WP. Just hast to be modified to my needs. The difference is we do not sell products, but buy. Affiliate gets percentage of the buy-in price. The best would probably be to create a plugin for some existing cms like Wordpress, Joomla etc., so it can be used on multiple

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    ...good Joomla 3.5.1 Table Manager but couldn’t find a good one. So I need a custom made extension. Some of the features for the Table Manager Extension are: - Display Table from Database by selecting the table name from database (you can make it dropdown) - Pagination, Sorting, Table Filtering, Column Filtering, Column Show/Hide - View, Edit, Delete

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    We have a simple Order Flow System (OFS) that we developed in 2012. It is written in php and uses mysql database. The aim of this OFS system is to register new jobs with various extra information added to the job and update the status of the job and inform our customers when an update is made. It has a very simple integration towards an SMS provider

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    Joomla User Web Pages Zakończone left

    We have database table of users, companies, buildings, and so on. We need a Joomla module so that users can key in their company name and information, building names and information, to edit the information and so on. We have the database tables done up. User table, Company table, building table, and so on. One company has many users. One company

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    I have created a website to promote sport events. Actual status of the website: - Users can promote their events by submitting the details in a form (using Breezing Forms component). - There is already placed an script on Breezing Forms to create an Ohanah component event and an image for the Advanced Portfolio Pro which is shown on the homepage

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    We need a freelancer to install a Joomla Quickstart Template + CSVI Massive Upload to Virtuemart + make some small modifications (modules organization + animated header, logo, etc.). It is not making a custom template. You will not have to make custom programming. WORKS TO DO: - Modules: edit 3 or 4 modules (right, or left, or bottom), for example:

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    ...============== I want each partner to able to Submit Events (via event booking joomla component) but each event must include hotels + type of rooms + extra services (breakfast etc). Also I want advanced search with all available fields. Each client will make a reservation and on orderform can choose hotel/room types/services and price will be updated on cart

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    $30 - $250
    0 składanie ofert to edit the team rosters for every team in the top league. This is kept in a database and I am looking for someone to automate this for me. I am not sure about the best source but I know google keeps the names of all the players for each team. I need a good programmer to find a good source and write a code so that the teams can be automatically

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    Summary: Ocean Ridge Biosciences seeks web development, web and e-mail server support services on a long term basis. We are ideally seeking a company that can handle all aspects of a web presence including graphic design, website production, mobile-device compatibility, server management, and access of server-side applications through web APIs.

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    ...have recently converted a Joomla website to Wordpress. I need the following things done. #1. Wordpress Optimization; currently the website is receiving very poor scores in Gtmetrix, My Pingdom tools, and Google website speed. Additionally, the website is operating slowly and at times it loses connection with the database. Unless the score in all

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    Creation of custom component for Joomla website. This mainly about creating and processing input forms. Create user account, login, password reset etc.. Create, edit and delete of 2 entities, on is a record for websites, a user can own one or more websites. One is a record for Infobits, specific webpages on websites, a website can have one or more of them.

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    Hi, I use Joomla 3.4.3 with Helix 3 Framework and SP Page Builder (Best simple tools). What I want now is a good HTML5 CSS3 Bootstrap Form Builder with Advanced Data Tables. The Forms in the market like Breezing Form, RS Form Pro and Fabrik they are not at the level of my expectation. So I want you guys to develop a Simple, User Friendly and Highly

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    Component developed Zakończone left

    I need a component developed for Joomla and require a quotation please? In short the site will be used for Quotation Requests, multiple Companies and multiple Clients. Administrator must have the ability to add registration packages, paid and free, include PayPal including recurring and Credit Card, Offline Payment. Administrator must have the

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    Proszę, Zarejestruj się lub Zaloguj, żeby zobaczyć szczegóły.

    Ukryte Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności

    ...freelance website, fully working with database , complete solution. We would like to modify the categories and some functionality easily. Should be able to add and edit products. Users should be able to download product specification file. Products listing can be on category, alphabetically etc. Ideally in joomla or something else. Should allow

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    ...capture forms to be developed together with corresponding database in MySQL database. Forms required: 1. Capture form for new entries to database - approximately 30 to 35 fields in form. 2. Edit form for updating database entries 3. Ability to delete database entries 4. Browse records in database based on 6-7 filters, for example, view entri...

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    Joomla isn't my forte but I've inherited some code from another project. For a decent Joomla dev this should be easy. What I need is a Joomla 3.x ADMIN ONLY component with the following features: * Locations tab where I can add, edit, delete locations. * Categories tab whereby a single category can bee assigned to a location. * CSV Import ...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer or a company which can deliver me a Wordpress landing site generator, as a plugin. It should not use any of existing scrap algorithms or code which can be identified as duplicate by search engines (like wprobot etc). The plugin should not be sold/used after by anyone else, will be used to generate default websites for customers

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    ...Bootstrap / CodeIgniter / WooCommerce / Magento / Checkout, Css3 / Nginx / Ruby on Rails / Python / HTML / ColdFusion/ JavaScript / Client-side JavaScript / jQuery / Drupal / Joomla Inventory Control Software / CMS Content Management Capabilities / SEO, Limited ACL Support / Site Payment Gateway Security / Apache, Linux / Lighthttpd / IIS, CakePPH / CherryPy

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    Proszę, Zarejestruj się lub Zaloguj, żeby zobaczyć szczegóły.

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    ...when u can complete it as fast as u can .. I am looking to develop a application for my website it is in Arabic.only.. only a few contents are there in the site. Note: kindly bid on according to the budget .. that's my final budget.. if u have more quote better not bid here.. in iphone , ipad and andriod. the website is in Joomla 3.3 you

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