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    Trophy icon Need a design for a new company logo Zakończone left

    ...priority (highest to lowest) and some info which might be helpful. But dont feel your creativity restricted by it too much... - main company color is Pantone 299C (#00a3e0). So it should be the main color but feel free to add as many colors as you want - two color versions of the logo: square and oblong/rectangle delivered as vector image - the logo

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    NEED A GRAPHIC DESIGNER TO DESIGN THREE COLORED ICONS AND ONE DRAWING ILLUSTRATION I need a graphic designer to design three creative icons for me and within an hour. The icons should be in superior quality. I don't need any placeholder or text. I only need three colored vector icons like the attachment. The first icon should speak "About us" then

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    I need the attached logo and text extracted from the scanned image and converted to a vector drawing that we can use on letter head and in presentations.

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    Hi Isaac you converted a handwritten text for me a while ago into vector / coral ! I would like to convert the logo. It’s the drawing of a chicken feet.

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    Hi...there. I'm on vacation (and don't have a tablet with me) and need someone to convert a scanned drawing into a vector file (here's a low res version of that image just to give you a better idea of the project: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]) that consists of one layer. Ideally looking to spend less than $25. Thanks! ...

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    Trophy icon REDRAW PHOTOGRAPHS OF FOAM FINGERS Zakończone left needs to be black and the blue needs to be white). NOTE: THE DRAWING SHOULD LOOK VERY SIMILAR/IDENTICAL TO THE PHOTOGRAPH - JUST A DRAWING INSTEAD OF A PHOTOGRAPH (AND DIFFERENT COLORS, AS LISTED ABOVE). The reason I want it redrawn, instead of just converted in Photoshop, is because I want the lines to be smooth - when you convert it in P...

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    Hello i want to convert or redraw (whatever necessary) to get an sketch images perfectly clean in ai with the (attention to every details is mandatory ) please see attached sketches every single object should be grouped when delivering the file thank you

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    Attached is a full color .jpg. I would like to convert it into a black and white and all black vector image (multi files .psd, png, jpg et cetera). I want it to look like a flat drawing. Lines can be straightened out.

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    yoga asana drawings Zakończone left

    About me: I'm a yoga teacher who wants to write yoga notebooks. I have all yoga knowledge but no skills for drawing. About the project: I need asana draws to be included in the notebooks. First of all, you must desing the style (patern) of the draws (I'll send you some samples I like them).The process should be as follows: I'll give batches of 10 pictures

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    fix an image Zakończone left

    Convert to clean black and white line drawing vector image

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    Convert this drawing to vector neep asap

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    I want to convert a drawing to vector.

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    Design project Zakończone left

    I need a logo designed. I am an artist I produce my work via Drawing onto General paper. I want to convert my art to a vector design

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    I'm looking for someone who can help me to convert scanned drawings to vectors and add colors. Texts (caption not included). Please keep it very simple. Please also provide the price per image and provide samples if possible. We have 5 images this week.

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    Convert Layers of PDF to Vector maintaining exact ratios, etc.

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    Need a list of file types than can be used to create image. need a list of file types including vector , drawing and so on that can be convert into image file.

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    Hi! We need to convert this drawing to an editable ai. file - so that we can change the text later. You will have to figure out the easiest way to do it. Do you make the skeleton first - then write in the text? Or is it wiser to make the circular paths first, write the text and THEN make the skeleton around it? And of course - it should n...

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    Trophy icon Coloring In! Vector Artist Apply! Zakończone left

    Coloring In! Vector Artist Apply! Simply convert Line Art Drawings in PDF document into VECTOR ART and color in artwork. Ten (10) Line Art Drawings have been provided in the PDF document attached, see "FREELANCER BRIEF2" You are allowed to change details of the drawing to give the appearance preferably like "EXAMPLE Line Dra...

    $38 (Avg Bid)
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    We have 2 PDF Drawing templates that we would like to convert to an interactive imagemap based on a SVG. The purpose of these drawing templates are to break down every parts that's included within a product, so it's easier for a customer to identify which part he need to replace. Please find attached a PDF showing an example of what...

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    Trophy icon Coloring In! Vector Artist Wanted! Zakończone left

    Coloring In! Vector Artist Apply! Simply convert Line Art Drawings in PDF document into VECTOR ART and color in artwork. Ten (10) Line Art Drawings have been provided in the PDF document attached, see "FREELANCER BRIEF2" You are allowed to change details of the drawing to give the appearance preferably like "EXAMPLE Line Drawin...

    $38 (Avg Bid)
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    Hi i want convert a drawing to a vector shape with some modifications change the third planet (moon) with a music vinyl

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    Technical Drawings Zakończone left

    I would like to convert some low quality technical drawing to good quality images. (like vector images / high quality pdf) These will be used for printing purpose. Attaching few sample images that needs to re-drawn or converted. There are a total of 20-40 images.

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    Convert the two attached sketches to a vector file and color them. Looking for artistic input to make them look as good as possible. The text in sketch doesn't need to be in the vector file, just the drawing part.

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    Fitout plans in pdf needs conversion into cad files. Basic cad drawings with partition and other important details are present. Convert six PDF cad copies back to CAD files. All about the same area but with following topics: - Key Plan - Ceiling layout (rough cad file attached) - AC plan (rough cad file attached) - Fire Alarm layout (rough

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    Trophy icon Convert Image into Line Drawing Zakończone left

    The brief is to convert the image attached into a 2D monochromatic vector line drawing. The image attached is a top-view photograph of a spiral staircase in wide ratio, however for this task you are required to complete it into a square 1:1 ratio completing the drawing to fit, a square outline may be used to frame it. DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    I need three hand drawn images converted to vector images in Adobe Illustrator

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    $110 Średnia Oferta:
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    ...designed a logo by drawing sketches and adding additional content in Photoshop. We have an existing jpeg with the details that we need. You will need to convert this to an Illustrator file. Trace the image, convert to vector AND tidy it up. By this I mean make sure all lines are smooth, finish some of the items (we were not able to do t...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for internet company Zakończone left

    ...internet services Containing the letters MYPROW ( My Professional Work) The company purpose is to connect people with each other for engineering works. Use: website,Facebook. Come up with any design you want. No color and font preference. Vector based Clean design. edited 02/11/2017 contest will be extended. 3-4 different concepts. colors

    $32 (Avg Bid)
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    ...and traced over them to create "Scan [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]". We need someone to convert this sketch into Illustrator vector art suitable for printing to a screen printing film. The artist should use their creativity to enhance the image from our sketch using varied line weights so that the swimmers stand out a little more f...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $19 / hr Średnia Oferta:
    30 składanie ofert

    ...The construction company I work with completed this building and we would like to create t-shirts with the image of building. we want to give this t-shirts to the employees that worked in this project. The task is to turn this image into a black and white line drawing. I know there are multiple photo filters that can do this in a matter of seconds

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    Illustrate Something Zakończone left

    We are looking for local, Pittsburgh area a freelance graphic designer/illustrator to produce a graphic design/illustration for table game box . Must know what vector file is, able to convert your drawing to graphic file (.png, .tiff, ....) in an order to make print out and laminate it on a box. (all project details will be discuss at private meet...

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    i have a full page comic style drawing i need to add to my webite

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    Hi all, I need a freelancer to convert a vector PDF to DWG in 1-2 hours time. The requirement as per below: 1. The drawing will need to to be scale, and dimensions to be accurate. 2. All annotations and title-block to be included. 3. Isometric view is not required. I have attached below PDF. Good luck.

    $26 (Avg Bid)
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    i have 3 simple images i need them convert to vector line drawing like example i will supply. Thank you!!

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $3 / hr Średnia Oferta:
    13 składanie ofert

    I need to create a Python script (2.7 or 3.x) that converts Geospatial PDF file (vector drawing) to KML file (vector), preserving original styles - like colors, drawing, eventually labels. Direct conversion using GDAL/OGR library does not preserve these properties. GDAL/OGR can write styles to KML files (see: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL])

    $247 (Avg Bid)
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    Design a Logo Zakończone left

    I would like convert to vector drawing. I would like make it more colorful and more nice. Possible make it look 3D?

    $285 (Avg Bid)
    $285 Średnia Oferta:
    80 składanie ofert

    Please see attached drawing. It is 500x500mm. We will scan this and require someone to convert into vector format and colour in the crocodile. The finished product will be used for large signage. The colours need to be authentic looking.

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $14 / hr Średnia Oferta:
    37 składanie ofert

    We have a logo which is drawn by hand, we would like this to be turned into a digital vector logo.

    $24 (Avg Bid)
    $24 Średnia Oferta:
    78 składanie ofert

    I need someone to start drawing for me. I have a concept and i need you to create it into a vector. This is the first thing we need to do and this is considered like a test to make sure you are good enough to work with me for future projects. First project will be to convert a realistic image into a vector. Thank you

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Średnia Oferta:
    9 składanie ofert

    I have a drawing of a japanese koi fish, that needs to be vectorized, including the shadings and the color variations.

    $65 (Avg Bid)
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    17 składanie ofert

    Hi, I am looking for somebody to convert the attached drawing (a panorama of London) into a vector image, preserving the quality. The image will be used in a presentation (Prezi), so it is likely to be zoomed-in a lot. It is important that the conversion is done in a quality manner, without rough edges. Thank you for help.

    $28 (Avg Bid)
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    a graphic designer Zakończone left

    I need to re-draw/convert a little drawing into digital, into vector. Adobe illustrator. 30 min of work maximum !

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    $57 Średnia Oferta:
    45 składanie ofert

    We need to create 15 different types of vector drawings from a .step-drawing. We also need someone to make simple 3d-models and add to the scene. The end result will be a setup manual for our product. We will do layout and numbers in illustrator. What we need is someone that can convert / render our .stp-file to vector and compose different s...

    $159 (Avg Bid)
    $159 Średnia Oferta:
    9 składanie ofert

    Please read the full description and follow the instructions to be considered. We are working on a large mobile application and need a designer to help with three specific areas: A. You will be provided wireframes and a source photoshop file. You will be required to create a pixel-accurate photoshop file that matches the wireframe and based exactly

    $545 (Avg Bid)
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    1. Convert floral drawing to vector - adobe flash (attached sample) 2. If 26 days x 8 hours per day = 20,000 INR per month If 26 days x 4 hours per day = 10,000 INR per month Or hours basis . 3. JPG, Vector, Coloring skill, Drawing skill needed

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    12 składanie ofert

    ...scanned .jpg of drawing. Convert black-and-white drawing to vector form and provide all digital files to us for future usage. Perform coloring and other work on the drawing. Provide all digital files (Illustrator, Affinity Designer, Photoshop, etc.) Will provide samples on what expected results should be similar too. Willing to provi...

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    34 składanie ofert with us, you will be asked to provide some sketches of potential characters. Once we have a basic design, we will ask you to provide five (5) black and white high-resolution drawings of the character in different poses and one (1) drawing of several design elements that might be used in the pilot episode. You need to have experience creating simple

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    We are providing website development services to agencies. We are looking for graphic & website designers for various tasks like: - design banners - design logo - freehand drawing - convert freehand drawing to vector - PSD to HTML5 - design website mockups - application design - magazine design - business card design - letterhead desi...

    $178 (Avg Bid)
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    Convert Image To Line Drawing / Vector

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