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    ...need a business plan with NUMBERS in Canadian dollars! I want to work with illustrators and video animators to create and manage custom and gripping storytelling content for businesses, services, and products to tell their stories and express their value online in order to build a tribe of loyal followers and natural brand ambassadors. I need to know

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    I wish to create an video graphics for my new online streaming project. I will run OBS Studio and based on my logo and some video clips and images of myself I wish to create intro and other grapics. I wish my logo to be rendered in 3D and animated in a cool way.

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    ...(100 hours) Create 4-5 logo concepts and develop 2 completed logos (we will receive all original files, including .psd, jpg, pdf, etc) Develop 2 overall brand concepts that go across all platforms and messages, including, website, mobile, print, email, social media, etc. Create an overall design, layout and theme for the website Create an overall

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    I need to animate a logo and create an intro sequence for use with model videos for an escort agency. This intro will be added to all online videos. Final video to be 4k 30 fps I would like the see the flame animated... maybe some glowing effects in the background.. some sound ideas... use your imagination. Logo attached Contest submission

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    ...a 40-50s 2d Animated explainer video, with background music, voiceover, logo inclusion and in 1080p. Script: Have a home based or retail business that works with other businesses? Are you interested in adding a hassle free way to provide custom apparel to your customers, with a partner you can trust? Your clients order online, or from you

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    Hi, we are looking to create an animated graphics opener for a series of corporate videos we are filming. Our company sells and installs broadcast equipment for television stations, production houses, outside broadcasters, etc. So for example, we might do a video on a television news studio we have built, or a video on an outside broadcast truck we

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    ...(alone) a new Yoga technic, callend 7d YOGA (for the "Yoga of 7 dimensions"). It will be mostly tought online through the 7d Academy I am currently designing. The 3 core technics have been fully modeled and rendered in 3D (in Poser), and fully animated. Next steps is now to add some nice special effects, lighting, background, etc... Nothing difficult

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    ...the foremost online review aggregator of African movies, music and books. As a startup we are working on providing accurate information about the quality of content in the creative industry in Africa by aggregating and appraising the reviews of professional critics and critical thinkers alike. This contest is to create an animated video to introduce

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    ...the Price List and the online tour made in flash. 2. Instant Quotes: User will be able to get the online quote instantly through the tool available on the site. Alternatively User will also have a form to fill in his request for quote 3. Assessments & Reports: Users will be able to view the assessments and reports online. This will be a static

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    Your task is to create a 16 second animation of a logo for our book, the Biohacker's Handbook. The original design of the final frame and audio is provided. The animation will be used in our online video productions. The design depicts a head that emerges out of a connected web of lines (symbolising man and technology). Molecules are floating out

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    3D Animation Zakończone left be used for training and education in an online course. The animations will each have a duration between 3-8 minutes. Why The purpose of the animations is to show the procedure for hair removal with waxing the way on different parts of the body, and feature both genders. How The videos will be animated in 3D and rendered in a 2D look. The overall

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    Hire a Web Developer Zakończone left

    REQUIREMENTS. Bespoke web design Logo design, unlimited concepts or optimisation of existing logo Unlimited website design concepts and revisions Ability to add / delete / amend unlimited amounts of internal pages Integrated content-managed image gallery Animated image slider on front page Live chat integration – Allowing your website visitors to message

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    Create an infomercial Zakończone left

    Hey There, We at CRI Group Canada, is looking for someone to create us a commercial for our new Brand/Service being lunched. (Video can be animated) - Its for a new insurance service being offered by a construction firm. - It will include 6 service plans. - Logo and information will be provided. - The commercial will have to be like any

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    Update 1 : I have added a file that can be transitioned to at the end of the video - it is an animated version of my logo. I want a videos / animations for my website (as a banner on my wordpress site) and to publish on my YouTube channel. It is to promote my business 'The Online Wizards' The plan is to award winners for each animation (may be the

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    ...animation (or video or motion graphic) to play in header of home page. Here are our notes: - The client is in Commercial Cleaning industry, so important to understand context of project. - The concept, loosely, is as follows: a commercial cleaner comes on screen (walks or enters) and 'wipes off' a section of the client's Logo. Then the character/person

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    ...literature for my new online business (T-Shirt Church) where you will find all the details at [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] my logo is uploaded so please be certain you understand that this is not a church however the website is inspired by christians and the goal of this literature is to ask for partnership of church's and pastors to help create and build a testi...

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    ...Christmas and a happy new years! We need a frelancer to create a short promotional video for use on our website which should be animated, Christmas themed with backing audio, similar to these links: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]

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    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for an animator who can help me create an intro video for an upcoming event. The end video is expected to be around 30-45secs and the timeline in mind will be a working process of about 10 days. Do note that this will not be an explainer video, and there will be no text provided, and no voiceover involved. Also, no photo

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    ...for a professional logo design for an Animated Video Production Company. We help businesses to: -boost their online conversions -explain their service, and explain how are they different / unique -create a better communication / connection with their audiance -attract more custumers by creating captivating / engaging animated videos for them

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    Hello everyone! We are starting a new business of online photo book where users can submit their photos to create a personalized album as well as other self-printed accessories. We want to target all age groups. We would like to convey to all users why they should create real albums from the digital photos they have. Here are our reasons for the

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    Trophy icon Create a creative video for our business Zakończone left

    Hello everyone! We are starting a new business of online photo book where users can submit their photos to create a personalized album as well as other self-printed accessories. We want to target all age groups. We would like to convey to all users why they should create real albums from the digital photos they have. Here are our reasons for the

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    10 zgłoszenia online game in August and would like an ad video to be both: Explanatory & Appealing The product is called FootballBingo and it combines real live football fixtures with the popular game bingo. Tickets cost £2 to enter and the aim is to create the biggest bingo game in the world with the biggest jackpot. Screenshots, designs, and logo branding

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    ...Simply and quickly create a record of your valuables (on mobile or tablet). Take / upload photos and receipts. You now have a secure inventory of your valuables. Report – Use the inbuilt report system for hardcopy records. Send details to insurance companies for quotes etc. If any valuable is lost / stolen, edit your item details online and it becomes

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    Trophy icon Produce an animated COMMERCIAL Zakończone left

    I hope this is the right site for this type of job. I had my Logo created Right here! I am looking for someone to produce an animated video / COMMERCIAL to promote a new website the Motto is "Support Local Business and Create Jobs Start ShopIn Local" 15 - 30 seconds should be Long enough. I have this great little idea but am not into marketing

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    ...appointment making device, online purchase of credits, ...), - 2 tools we have already developed (one initial questionnaire and one automated feedback report). For those, most of the php code is already written and the MySQL databases are ready. It needs to be integrated to the umbrella site. We already have: - our logo - corporate website to give

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    I am the community leader of an online gaming group, I originally did and try to do all my own design work, I am a novice and unfortunately I have an eye condition that now prevents me spending countless hours designing and improving our community image. So I reach out to you in the hopes someone out there sees what I see in my mind and can produce

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    Website Design Zakończone left

    I have been trying to create a website for a while now, I’m a little technology impaired when it comes to actually building one. I have built a website, but it’s just not up to what I want it to be, plus there is a lot of things I need to do on the site, that I have no idea how to do, not to mention, I'm not to sure the site that I even have created

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    45 składanie ofert online school who teachs people for free how to use software to make 3d animations, graphic desing, virtual architecture and more. I need for my YouTube channel a good intro for videos courses. I a template made in after effects of that videos so i can edit text and content, Basic Idea: - Create a box with nijna logo (School official Logo) animated

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    ...your logo animations video in your portfolio inspired me to create an account on this site and ask you to do work for us!!!nnI am new to the site, so please let me know if I am forgetting to discuss something with [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] have a software product, that is used while playing online poker cash [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] make tutorial vid...

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    Company Website Video Zakończone left

    I would like a cute video for my new business concept The Vegan Artisan. I am looking for someone to create a video that showcases my business concept. It will be the main feature of my business homepage: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] The business concept is pretty simple: People order delicious vegan frozen and fresh foods from

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    Trophy icon Video for Online Infomericial/Talk Show Zakończone left

    We need an animated intro for an online talk show about our weight loss program. The target is women, ages 30-55, with higher income levels. The set is comfortable and bright and cheery and will feature real women having real conversations about body image and weight. There will be cooking features, makeovers, motivational stories - all in a talk

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    I am looking for a freelancer who want to help me to create promotion video for my site in Sweden. The site is about online learning and the introduction video should be short but informativ. I will help you with guidence and structure of this introduction video. We are talking about no more then 2 minutes of introduction. I have created a character

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    ...such as webpage, image and video as well as SEO, marketing and online sales. I'm approaching you to see if you'd be interested in joining our team at Mii Designer as one of our Video Designers. We're looking for someone who can put together animated business video introductions (or stings) as well as edit and deliver video content in an e...

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    Project Scope: Optimize Current Website Build Site Infrastructure including adding animated Logo Integrate Third Party Scheduling Software • I have a website that has already been designed and at the moment can be viewed at this following hosting address: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] • These files are on the same server, I can also email you the zip

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    Project Scope: Optimize Current Website Build Site Infrastructure including adding animated Logo Integrate Third Party Scheduling Software     • I have a website that has already been designed and at the moment can be viewed at this following hosting address: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]   • These files are on the same server, I can also email yo...

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    ...Landing Page i. The Customer first gets sent to a "squeeze page" where they see a commercial video [I will provide it] and are offered a free report relative to the service we provide in exchange for their name and email address's etc. ii. You will create the squeeze page and make it work as described. I will provide form code or you can use it

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    ...reaching out through the email address listed on your site. We liked your portfolio and would like to shift our project. Would you give us an idea of what you would charge to create 5 banner designs (see content and other info below)? Once the design is approved, we would like our final banners to be re-created in 4 sizes (see below for size information)

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    ...appointment with a online integrated scheduler that sync’s with I calendar for the iphone/ipad if possible. I don’t want to use another linked service to an online booking system. I want our own INTERGRATED booking system. 3. The website would need to be able to take payments to secure appointment slots. 4. I plan on playing video and audio on the

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    ...current website is here: [www . yeswigan . com] We are an independent private college training students in Mechanics and Construction. We are looking for a designer who can create us a new website, business cards design and an A4 letterhead design. The website should be something like this: [http:// static . livedemo00 . template-help . com / wt_34424

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    ...-redesign our existing logo -design and create the whole site (same quantity of sections as the example, including a similar estimate form). -animated video explaining what we do (similar style and duration as the one on the demo). Our goal is to get someone on board for this first online form project that we trust can create a fantastic UI that is

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    Hi all, We are launching a new online crowdsourcing site and we require 3 animated/lustrated videos to place on our site. The 3 videos will be about how the site and concept works: 1. How it works 2. For Member 1 – Specifc type of member but predominately a slight variation to “How it works video” 3. For Member 2 – Specifc type of member

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    Animated Video Creator Zakończone left

    ...looking for a Freelance Animated Video Creator to create a 30 - 60 seconds animation videos. The ones we like are similar to Charles Schwab video (a.k.a. the Rotoshop). Similar technology or skills which can create alike effect are accepted. No graphics (other than our logo) have been created. Use of Video: The video project wil...

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    This project is to create a dynamic? web site? with shopping carts and CMS functionalities to manage the site.? This web site is for a educational and recreational toy for the young teenagers and it? includes an interactive? 3d model demo to show how the parts put together to make the complete toy.? There are multiple objects (approximately 12) in this

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