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    ...sztywno 4. Na dole projektów widoczny jest tzw. Livechat. Nie wymagam żadnego konkretnego. Możliwość dokupienia licencji (po uzgodnieniu) 5. Projekt w .psd zrobiony na 960 GRIDS...

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    ...się standardów W3C (wedle zasady ze wszystko ma się poprawnie walidować) - świetna znajomość obecnych standardów - znajomość CSS 2 oraz CSS 3 w stopniu zaawansowanym (960 grids, HTML resets etc) - znajomość systemu Drupal (6.x); umiejętność tworzenia własnych schematów graficznych Praca zdalna, umowa o dzieło, dynamiczne godziny pracy. W celu

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    Nic dodac, nic ujac jak tylko clone serwisu Zadne "okolo" nie wchodza w gre. Wersja jezykowa polska lub angielska lub niemiecka ( jedna do wyboru). Tekst do tlumaczenia na inne wersje jezykowe w jednym miejscu. layout oparty na DIV a nie tabelach Nie interesują mnie oferty pośredników, na ofert typu "do negocjacji" nie odpowiadam Proszę wy...

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    ...Interactive Brokers TWS API and should be moduler to facilitate another backend api . looking for experienced professionals in Java or Java Script ( with node.js) and data grids What I need is a software which would perform custom market scanning in real time by using price, volume , news, fundamentals and technical indicators (using ta-lib ). Download

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    ...specific ways: 1) Simultaneously display and animate a small number (2-6) of 2-D grids instead of a single grid like the current code does. Presumably, this would be achieved by creating an array of length 2-6 for variables like M_re_buffer, M_im_buffer, etc. Each of the grids can show an animation based on different parameter values. 2) The 8 parameter

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    Welcome to the Many Mangoes Engagement Competition. The winner of this competition will not only have a full time job at Many Mangoes, they will be trained on managing a team of Engagement Technicians. Your OTE salary will be £1,000/month with uncapped commissions. Steps: 1. Go to [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] 2. Search “founder”and hit enter 3. Click “locations&rd...

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    ...of data, it makes sense to load only the relevant rows from backend which are displayed to the client (buffered loading and rendering - as it is already available for normal grids). The data should be retrieved paged via an REST API endpoint. The result will be already sorted correctly as it should be shown in the grid, however the mother nodes of every

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    i wanna make a bot for a web browser that records information and inputs mouse clicks. like lets say the browser displays a certain image or text i want the bot to input a mouse click on the location i want

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    We are looking for ...Interface development in an MVC, C# environment using DevExpress components. Excellent knowledge of DevExpress MVC components or similiar components such as Telerik, Kendo (Grids, Cards, Token Boxes, LookUp controls etc.) We will provide a Workstation ready for Development. Developer must work at least 160 hours per month for us.

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    Samsung TV app based on XTREAM CODE PRO PANEL features. The app should work with...PANEL in order to have the understanding of this project. Also delveloper should be familiar with IPTV projects. See sample attached file. The channle listing should be in grids and user shoukd bevznle to use the numeric on the Remote as well as surfing up and down.

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    Write a project proposal on Management of Energy Resources in Smart Grids base on IOT platform. the Project proposal should be 5000 word. (4 days) Write a Project interest on Management of Energy Resources in Smart Grids and it should me 200 words (5 hours) All the Writing should be on PhD Standers No plagiarism or no copy paste from any site.

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    ...EPG capable and user should be able to create favourite section and be able to switch the position of the channel for easy access and categories for Different Countries for their related channels. Project shouldnt take too long as these are simple and basic functions of any IPTV app. The channels should be in Grids using the new scene graph or some call

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    Need to pull data from variable size grids into a columns, then return data from other tabs. Brief in attached excel file

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    ...admin panel back office. Access to the back office will be given to the candidates to inspect the job requirements. Examples of the changes we need: • Add columns to tables grids • Change texts • Add a new Role (currently we have 2 roles, and we need a new one) Technical requirements: • mvc • database. (mysql) • Strong Server side. • Strong C...

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    ...complete template (Main page, Wizard Registration Form, Login and Contact page) Authentication is to handle Registration and log in, Check if the user already exists, inserts, create users base on roles, session and login authentication with redirect users to it appropriate logged in at the landing page. ( User1 views page1 configuration User2 sees page2

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    Ive attached an outl...3 main requirements: Add new Status dropdown on Invoice screen Create new screen with 5 grids, one for each status (not Order Completed status). The status field on each grid will be update able. Once updated, the invoice will fall off one grid and may appear in another grid. The grids will be horizontal as such - see attached.

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    T&M Go make Copy Line/Paste Line, if you will click on blank row, it will do insert, it is simple enough for user it will be for all grids

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    Using the Springboard Retail REST API ([zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]), we would like you to create a AWS Lambda Function which will read JSON files from an S3 bucket and then automatically create product GRIDS and the associated items that comprise them. On finish, it will move them to a /done subfolder. On success and/or failure you will send

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    Angular 5 project edits Zakończone left

    Hello, I have an angular 5 app that is already created b...have an angular 5 app that is already created but I need to add a landing page with buttons that will lead to different pages to display a grid that I already created. The grids will be different for each button but no data needs to be presented. At the end I need you to show me how to host.

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    set up 2 wp plugins Zakończone left

    1. install and set up a pricing table plugin on my homepage and 2 other pages. This is the plugin: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] (or checking if it's set up) properly for ease of use. 3. a few pages on my website have width issues on mobile view, need this fixed. Also, need to add extra 3 column grids to my home page.

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    26 składanie ofert player in Implementation and Customized Development of SAP R/3 systems using ABAP methodologies such as Reports, Classical Reports, Interactive Reports, OOPS-ALV, ALV Grids, Smart forms, Adobe Forms, Dialog Programs, Module Pool Programs, webdynpro Performance Tuning, BDC, BADI, ALE & IDOCs and User Exit, Enhancement for MM, HR, SD, PP, FI, PS

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    I want to achieve more google clicks to my website / more sales (also i want you to explain me in which way you will be going to achieve it.

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    I need to track clicks on a specific website called [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] There will be a start button (to start tracking clicks) And a stop button (to stop tracking clicks) I also need to generate a report afterwards .PDF which will include the username of the person clicking, how many share clicks and how many follow clicks, date / time started, a...

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    I have a selenium tutorial website. Need to increase views and clicks for it in a genuine manner. URL: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]

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    5 składanie ofert connected grids is one of the prime goals in power engineering field. The task is to implement " Ward Equivalent Method" & "REI Method" separately on the provided system. Files are given below. File to operate: "paper weber [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]" (It will open within DIGsilent software) About the file: It's a network of multiple conne...

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    ...adding a time code to the playing audio and also, to add volume control. There is also some functionality work I would like doing, which is to add a play button to the product grids and images which would activate the first audio file in the media player, if there is audio available. I have the main JS and CSS file of which the audio player operates from

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    Hello I have a code for style editor for bootstrap 2.3.2. I want to add drop and drop for making grids and moving elements from one grid to another. Thanks

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    ...your excel sheet with a quality, presentable, and fast responding application before blinking! We create and connect database, tables, design models which will assist good looking Form & adding value Reports. The app can come with charting, calendar, grids, and sorting, grouping, advanced filtering, even display addresses on google map, plus auto coloring

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    will let you know. activity with grids showing images. will explain rest of requirements

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    ... Sky chart map generation: where you can set one date and one location and you get the view of the sky chart from that date and location. You (the freelancer) will have to create it, make the design (we will provide some design guidelines based on some working examples: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] or [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] ) and implement it at the website www

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    I need script that can automatic load username and password from text file, and then login to website. After login, it will find some element, if the element found, it will doing some click to that element. If the element not found, it will close the browser, and do the same job on next username & pass. The task will endless loop

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    I am looking for windows application software developer who can develop high quality windows application to save data in database, generate simple grids/ data tables for CRUD operation and work long time to make application success. High quality UI designs are must example [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]

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    Automate Button Clicks Zakończone left

    Hi, I run an auto-notification app on my chrome browser. I need to click the buttons. I need a way to automate the button clicks. Once the button pops on screen I want it to be automatically clicked ex buy and sell. Thanks, Arin

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    ...middle. I've attached an example of another grid which is plain attached. The concept of the cafe is Luxury and brand colors are white and gold. I'd like you to create a beautiful grid concept incorporating picture elements in the grid like delicious coffee, coffee machines, the cafe logo on the coffee cups, use your creativity and keep it

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    Everything need to be made and delivered as SolidWorks 2017 or Earlier Versions with the complete feature tree. Overview: Create hull and turret of the tiger tank in 1/56 scale, no tracks. You are to make the early version and the late version. Those two model are mostly the same with only minor differences (see images). Make the Late Tiger first

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    63 składanie ofert Angular 6. UI framework should be either Angular Material or an Angular Bootstrap 4 implementation (possibly Ngx-Bootstrap or similar). Kendo Angular components such as grids may also be used. UI is required to be responsive and usable on mobile devices. Validation is necessary where required (emails, passwords, dates, etc). UI components should

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    TITLE: " Vulnerability and Forensics associated with the Smart Grids : Cyber Attacks " 2500 words. Submission by 3th June. Please follow format exactly.

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    ...framework to later add blog or additional ecommerce capabilities Frontend: o User registration and login automation  Social network login  Email login o Responsive data grids  Sort  Hide/Unhide  Heat map  Column reorder  Dynamic pagination Backend: o User subscription management o Pages and subpages management o Easy integration with MySQL

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    Trophy icon 92 Clicks logo Zakończone left

    Hi we need a logo for our new company The Name: 92 Clicks Slogan: Online marketing agent We need a fun yet professional logo Thank you

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    ...a simple VB.Net program and source code that I can enter text and then use that text to identify any active program running on the system that contains the text entered in that programs windows caption. The after I press the start button the program, this program will hook and will receive notification of mouse position and clicks anytime the mouse

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    We are and video production company looking for someone to optimize and add to our landing page on Wordpress so it will lead people to contact us and then also make our...looking for someone to optimize and add to our landing page on Wordpress so it will lead people to contact us and then also make our Adwords campaign get more impressions and clicks.

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    Project for Elena B. Zakończone left

    Hi Elena, I really enjoy your smart grids graphics, and would need some customised illustrations of this kind for my company. I am not familiar with graphic projects, what information do you need from me before starting the project? I am available by email ([zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]@[zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]) or phone (+336 71 53 67 19) if you want to further discuss this

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    I need some help with selling something. Android Wallpape...Features: Completely Supports All Size Devices - 5000+ Wallpapers - High Resolution Wallpapers - Free Downloads - Daily Updated Wallpapers - Set as Wallpaper - Settings For Grids - Settings For FolderName to Save Wallpapers - AdMob Ads Integrated Bid only if you are able to Sell This App!

    $9 - $22
    $9 - $22
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    Sale My Android App. Zakończone left

    I need some...INR 6800 or 100$ Features: Completely Supports All Size Devices - High Resolution Wallpapers - Free Downloads - Daily Updated Wallpapers - Set as Wallpaper - Settings For Grids - Settings For FolderName to Save Wallpapers - AdMob Ads Integrated Bid only If you Can sell this in Budget. After Successful Work you will get 100% Milestone.

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    affiliate marketing expert to build links for clicks

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    ...existing [20] locations' websites and e-mail addresses, as well as to Google Places and location Maps. Will include some simple product descriptions and pricing charts and grids. Ability required for users to search for locations and products and product information. We require the ability to change, add and revise content through a simple or easy-to-use

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    ...ser exibidas, ocultas e sua ordem). - Filtrar a coluna Status por mais de uma opção (referencia - [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]) e se possível fazer com que abra com os filtros pré-selecionados. - Bloquear pedidos em um determinado grupo de clientes de fazer checkout no nosso site (referencia

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    Analytics for ad clicks Zakończone left

    We have a page that has a number of blocks which can be clicked on and tak...charts, etc. We would like to be able to view analytics for each block. As much information as possible. We currently use php counter but all it does is count the number of clicks for each box. There may be a system out there already. We are open to suggestions. Thank you.

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    13 składanie ofert be integrated into the FE and display data accordingly. The site supports CRUD operations for admin on various entities. Need to build wizard for entity creation, advance grids to show and fine-tune data being fetched. Have a strict deadline of 20 days. Bid only if you are confident about making it in time. This is the first module of the project

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