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    Trophy icon DDS Sisterhood Shirt Zakończone left

    Looking to re-design the attached design. The Letters DDS should be in Purple and Yellow.

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    Phenoesthetics Zakończone left

    Looking for a logo for an aesthetics facial studio. The doc is a DDS, MFA, PHD. (His PHD is in aesthetics...he is an artist and scholar.)

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    Hi Ciro L., I noticed you are a C++ programmer. I need some help with the implementation of features into eProsimas Fast DDS. Are you familiar with FastDDS and real-time applications? I would also like to watch and learn. The application requires to exchange wireless messages between to linux computers and a tracking via LTTNG or at least wireshark. If you are interested, I would like to discuss my issue with you. King regards Lara

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    ...Dental Spa + Sleep Apnea Solutions is our name. The new name and logo need to look "spa like', not focusing on a river. Riverwalk should NOT be more prominent than the rest of the name. The word Riverwalk can either be the same size or smaller than the rest of the letters. I didn't want to carry the Riverwalk name over to the new location, but again, this is the name people know us by. Carrie Sessom DDS is the dental provider. So keep in mind this is a dental office and we are also HUGE in treating sleep apnea. There are 2 sides to this location. The dental side and the sleep apnea side. Two separate businesses really, under I rood and sign. Same provide on both sides. Patients come to us to relax during their dental visits. When you walk in you would think that ...

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    Create .dds files Zakończone left

    Hi there, I am looking for someone who can create .dds files for me it's long term project. ONLY BID IF YOU CAN DO THIS Thanks

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    According to some topic you need to render a male and female croqui first make DDs and then final collection

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    inputs: value frequency: 25-100 Hz; amplitude: 0-1 Vpp output: PWM ; PWM frequency e.g. 2 kHz target MC: preferable ESP32 also ATMEGA and/or PIC IDE: Microchip Studio Programmimg language: c; c++

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    Hi I'm looking to get a custom made AM transmitter that operates between 3-10MHz with an adjustable output from 0 to 50Watts power. It has to be able to carry frequencies from 100Hz to 1MHz fed in by a DDS function generator (±5V).

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    Project for Muhammad A. Zakończone left

    hello, i must finish my bachelor degree till tomorrow and i could use your help. i have to build a DDS signal generator and i have some issues with the main code. it uses a rotary encoder that i was unable to buy, and my project uses push buttons like u had on one of your tutorials. so what i would need is someone to edit the code that i already have, so it can do what i need it to do. do you think you can help me in such a sort period of time? and how much would it take? thanks!

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    Hi Keyur. Here's a new project for the Diamond Dental Supply website. Details to come soon.

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    Looking for help in: Internet of Things (IoT) Security IoT Protocols such as: Zigbee BLE Wi-Fi RFID NFC 6LoWPAN RPL CoAP MQTT DDS Must be good at critical analysis, writing technical content concisely and accurately.

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    Dear Network Guys! I need to set up a port forward with my local home router to access my cameras /computer through , Can someone help me to set up this on my local router. I have already set up NO-IP in DDS section of router but I don't know how to open a port now to get through the traffic. Thanks

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    I need to rewrite source c++ with updated directx sdk, the source was made using directx7. I need to upgrade to directx 9/11 Long work as many files depend on directx. Make the source recognize texture DDS format Make the source recognize ogg audio format Put the UI in xml

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    My dental clinic’s name will be : Dental & Orthodontics Please help me design a (( logo, business card and head letter)) that is simple and serves the purpose of the name. Business card and head letter information: Dr. Tooth Dental & Orthodontics Dr. Rahij Obid DDS Phone (951) 681-8175 Fax (951) 681-8769 Info@ 4955 Felspar #k St Jurupa Valley Ca 92509

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    DDS SEO Optimization Zakończone left

    Improve site loading speed, improve SEO, etc. More detailed instructions to follow.

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    DIRECTX for OPENGL? Zakończone left

    Estou precisando de algum desenvolvedor de jogos PC. Atualmente a source esta utilizando SDK Directx7, compilado ...trabalho teria que editar toda estrutura da source , nas partes de objetos,mapas,audio,texturas,sombras.... Atualmente o source aceita: texturas : bmp/tga .... adicionar DDS audio: mp3/wav/mid .... adicionar OGG Adicionar UI com xml. I am in need of a PC game developer. Currently the source is using SDK Directx7, compiled with VS 2010 / boost_1_64_0 I am looking to switch directx to opengl or Directx 9/11, WHICH WOULD BE MOST APPROPRIATE? This work would have to edit the entire structure of the source, in the parts of objects, maps, audio, textures, shadows .... Currently the source accepts: textures: bmp / tga .... add DDS audio: mp3 / wav / mid .... add OGG...

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    ROS2 and DDS Zakończone left

    my team is building an AMR robotic system that utilizes the robotic middleware framework (RMF) by OSRF. however, the robot platform that we designed is in Ros1 and we need to build a fleet adapter that communicates with RMF thru DDS

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    We are a young company providing innovative artificial intelligence solutions and data analysis. We need a creative designer who accepts the challenge of re-branding our old logo. We aim for a minimalist style expressing innovation, modernity and generating feelings of creativity and forward-thinking. For the identity manual we ask for: -Logo and how to use it (spacing, minimum siz...associated with the brand) -Icons associated with our keywords and aligned with our logo We will provide more information to the designers that we will preselect based on their portfolio. We will provide our mission, vision, values, keywords, as well as the old logo and its manual. Look forward for an exciting journey toward a good interaction that will bring to the perfect logo for our brand. Cheers, ...

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    Job specification: Development of C++ message Parser to be deployed on a Linux platform The application is for the control of MAVLINK enabled drone with a ground control system which uses DDS for communications. A message parser is required on the drone to parse messages between ground and the drones autopilot. The DDS interface should be implemented with Vortex OpenSplice 6.7.180404OSS The MAVLINK message description can be found here The interface only needs to support a limited level of functionality: From ground to air: Aircraft control using velocity commands for lateral movement. Absolute and relative heading change requests Altitude target setting

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    DDS in HDL Zakończone left

    Generate DDS for 100MHz

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    need help to match 3 .dds imgs and 3 .png img to match the 3 other .dds and files in size in format in right map etc what you bid is what you get no more no less

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    need help to match 3 .dds imgs and 3 .png img to match the 3 other .dds and files in size in format in right map etc what you bid is what you get no more no less

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    To build and test, using Modelsim/ISE Simulator (ISim), a VHDL model of a Direct Digital Synthesiser (DDS) circuit which can them be implement on an FPGA board by using the Xilinx ISE 14.7 software tools to map the design onto the Xilinx Spartan-6 NEXYS-3 development board.

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    $59 Średnia Oferta:
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    Islerimizin yogun oldugu icin disariya is vermege karar verdik. DDS CAD üzeri elektrik 3 boyutlu tasarim yapabilecek eleman varsa yurt disindan da calisabilir.

    $7 - $14 / hr
    $7 - $14 / hr
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    I need a logo designed. DDS CREATION

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    i need a web or an app that will fetch data from our server, so that when im logged in to the system it will give me extra options to enable me to add notes to a specific listing that i see, and will also allow me to enter any mls listing and it will allow me to see the listing agent and i can contact them or call them, i can save the listing and share it, and i can add notification to any added listing to remind about this listing and the notification will show on my phone as a reminder, more details i can discuss with the freelancer.

    $415 (Avg Bid)
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    The webapp / mobile app would assist in legal matters, insurance fees negotiations, practice start ups and government assistance with Medicaid. The American doctors (MD, DO. DDS, DMD). The app will be similar to LinkedIn with communications and functions.

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    Florida AirBnB Remodel Zakończone left

    We are a property owner/manager of AirBnB units and have already put together proper DDs and can product the CDs for permitting (our project lead has an accredited B Arch from Philadelphia U) but we do not have a stamp. Seeking an architect to review, redline and subsequently stamp our drawings for permitting in the Miami Florida area. We will be on-site for construction management as well, so we can liaise with the Architect of Record via video call/meetings to assure construction comes together appropriately and to everyone's satisfaction. Project is an interior remodel/reconfig from 1500sq ft single family to multi-unit AirBnB. Project requires a Florida registered architect.

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    ANTLR4 Grammar file Zakończone left

    We need an antlr4 grammar for IBM AS400 DDS For Physical and Logical Files. The complete syntax diagram for the AS400-DDS language for Physical and Logical Files is on We Just need the grammar file that should be well comment, with no errors or warnings.

    $1012 (Avg Bid)
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    Site internet à créer avec des caregories, un système de messagerie entre les membres. Il faut aussi inclure dds formulaires et un système de calcul assez compliqué.

    $1297 (Avg Bid)
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    We want to create a DDS function generator with 5 output. The generator has built in memory to store our programs as well as possible to connect via computer software. Software must have list of programs we may provide to send various frequency one by one we need frequency range from 1Hz to 1 GHZ or more then 1GHZ

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    UV Unwrap 3D Modeling Zakończone left

    I have a 3D modeling that require UV Unwrap to reduce small parts on 2D image. I've tried Blender to Smart UV Project, but it's not smart enough to unwrap properly, and 2D designer unable to edit the 2D image. Expected delivery will be - 3D model that can apply with the return UV unwrapped image file - UV Unwrapped DDS image file (512 x 512) that has dotted or colored marking on the image so that designer can paint it

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    We want to make DDS generator that can take command of frequency from computer and later next stage software for mobile android and Ios. The minimum frequency of 1 Hz Maximum is 1 Ghz All kind of waveforms we need + we need our own custom waveform/

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    Project for The G. -- 2 Zakończone left

    Hi Shanve, I have another project for you. This is a 6-8 page brochure I need to create for Grow DDS. The brochure template I will provide. You have to change colors and design to fit Grow DDS look and add text.

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    Site internet à créer avec des caregories, un système de messagerie entre les membres. Il faut aussi inclure dds formulaires et un système de calcul assez compliqué.

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    need any graphic artist/pc game designers/devs, who think they can help complete a video game mod for PC. Freelancer will need to know how to edit .dds files (possibly compress them), edit & alter .gr2 files, using 3ds max or blender. Starting price at $200, may increase/add bonus/incentives More details will be given in game

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    PROJECT is: to change pdf file inside Estonia DigiDoc Container so, that Bank stamp will stay still accepted. Info, with containers you need to hack is. FIRST DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THE SOFTWARE ,TO OPEN BDOC FILES 1. I send you 2 test files. First is DigiDoc file() aka .bdoc, where is inside signed document. And second file is Test.pdf. 2. Things we want is, to change pdf document inside container, so bank stamp wont change. Or make identical container that works same but is not connected with servers. Who can provide this challenge, please contact us, and we can discuss of future

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    We have a dental practice who provides a few services: Company Name: Wisdom Partner DDS 1) We pull (extract) wisdom teeth for other dental offices. 2) We also provide consultations for patients for all sorts of other dental procedures in order to help patients understand the treatment that was presented to them and why they need it. We can provide these consults through text and online meeting. I have attached a few ideas on how to provide a logo to go with the name Wisdom Partner DDS

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    need help to downscale my logo so it fit really good on my mod menu i have psd file

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    To program the pic32 to generates voltage signals sine waves for AD630 and calculating sine waves(frequency ,reactance, resistance, amplitude ,phase) using SPI interface for AD9833 Dds function generator And also to display the oled screen with code using pic32 micro controller with SPI interface . I need a code .

    $10 - $37
    $10 - $37
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    Logo From Photo Zakończone left

    I have a photo of a sign I need turned into a logo. It is just a stylized name. It almost can be done by removing background but I ran into some issues. I want a file with a transparent background and black letters with white fill. I need a quote for including just the "Keith Cohrs DDS"

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    ...send them a chat message as well as display a window in the middle of the screen with a small timer that when it runs out it dissapears but the window shows the player who sent the message's icon and name and a "accept" and "decline" button. If they will accept it will then bring you into a chat that let's you trade weapons, skins, other cosmetics, OPs (oasis points, the currency for my server) and DDs (donator dollars). Shop will have 2 sections with the second split into 2 as well. The first section will be buying crates, items which when opened will display a window that has a bunch of randomized items "spin" in a line until it slows down and lands on an item, then selecting random stats and mastery for the item if it's a weapon or...

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    Hello, there is a game called farmsimulator that have a bunch of agriculture machinery 3d models for free, they use dds/i3d format for those, I need to import into my interface and for that I need 3d model obj with with 10000 faces and points. This low resolution 10000 faces and points its important because my console isnt a computer. I will attach some examples than need to be convert. I am looking for something to show me how or do bundle price for 40 items ( cant be expensive or better just buy the obj&fbx models)

    $121 (Avg Bid)
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    The file I uploaded here is simply an example of what I like. This image was found by googling vintage shop truck. That's sort of the idea to go along with here, but use your imagination. My business is an automotive repair shop, specializing in everythi...This image was found by googling vintage shop truck. That's sort of the idea to go along with here, but use your imagination. My business is an automotive repair shop, specializing in everything from maintenance to engine swaps and more. I need a logo that can be designed to go as big as say a 6'x10' banner. Rough measurement. And as well as to be put into business cards etc. The business name is DDS Automotive Thank you for viewing, if you have any questions please before you finish your quote email me at [Re...

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    Poter Leggere dati eva-dts da una vending-machine ( distributore automatico) utilizzando ARDUINO e protocollo DDCMP/DEX tramite il bluetooth del telefono. Occorre solo lo sketch per arduino, per l'app sul telefono me ne occupo io.

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    Hi, I work in the motor dealership retail environment and would like to create a dashboard for our new and used vehicle inventory. I have two excel files one for new vehicles and one for used vehicles. 1. The files will be saved on my C Drive. 2. The branch column (A) needs a table created for a dealership name (Call them Dealership A, Dealership B etc.) 3. Branch & Stock # must be joined to create a unique ID (Column B) - N must be changed to New and U to Used 5. Age (Column G) - I want ageing "buckets" as follows a) 1 - 30 Days b) 31 - 60 Days c) 61 - 90 Days d) 91 - 120 Days e) 121 - 150 Days f) 151 - 180 Days g) > 181 Days Cheers Daryl

    $59 (Avg Bid)
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