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    ...content of these in the admin area. 2) Collect information of potential prospects using a form(Prospect Information Fields). This information will be directed to an email box, and the personal contact manager system. I would like to have this information secured during sign up. 3) Contact manager where I can view, edit, add, delete, or comment a potential

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    ...pages,)email, and a Unique logo. The coding has to be from a system that does not take a rocket scientist to understand. The system would be something I would rather work with the greatest of ease when I edit on my own in the future. I will also need help copying a catalog from two suppliers web sites and coded to mine. These catolaogs contain

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    ...many Free TopList , but If you can make a more personal or professional looking Toplist....Then we can help me out. I also need a Front page cerated in PHP ... easy to edit. Needs to be very professioanl looking. On main page would need a logo created as well. Main page would have the following - Logo - Left frames - Middle frames with

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    1. No bids over $3000 2. *VERY IMPORTANT* - You MUST speak and write/read in german very good. 3. You MUST have experience with more intense coding like this. 4. *VERY IMPORTANT* - You must be able to get out independently (without my intervention) all information and functions you need to code the fully application (reviewing the German demo

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    Jokes site Zakończone left

    A completely dynamic jokes, funny pictures, and ecards web site. Something like the one I have online now at: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] With a web based admin page The web based admin page must be capable of the following: Add a text joke Add a picture joke List jokes for editing or deleting List jokes waiting for approval Add

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    Quake 3 Model/Map Fix Zakończone left

    ...following things: Make all the models I put in the bfpq3 folder compatible with each other and show up on the menu. I assume this will require a program, something made in C++ or VB probably, that can edit certain .cfg files and add things to them like attacksets and weaponsets. only take on this job if you know what im talking about. I will send you a list

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    ...fantasy stories and world setting informations dynamicly without need to update html nor use ftp access. I seek one talented web developer to do this task: 1-Database developement. 2-User login with cookie saving for the session. 3-Display of database informations with recursivity. For exemple: world "A" have specific informations, name, specific features

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    Document editor (II) Zakończone left

    ...The application will be used both as client server and with a IIS web server (in the later case, the document will be read only) There is no obligation to use Word or Excel to edit attachments if an other suitable mechanism is provided (eg : rtf ) Any commercial activeX or combination is acceptable (ask first) Some constraints may be sweetened to faster

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    ...they will be able to add/edit/delete their products and/or view their product links. They should also be able to edit their information such as company name, email, select Payment Gateway and information associated with Payment Gateway. Would like to have PayPal, WorldPay, Verisign Payflo and [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] to start out.. Add/edit screen should include:

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    ... I need two script done. [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] is my website. Basically. The script is in ASP. That means.. the paypal integration part and affiliate part has got something to do with it. ======================= Affiliate Program ======================= I only require the affiliate program to be Cost Per Signup only! These functions are

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    invoicing database Zakończone left

    ...hour). I need something that I can just enter a number of units and it will give me an answer eg 6 hours at $50 an hour would be 6 X 50 or 300. Jobs can also be based on number of units such as 10 tags done at $5 per tag which will total $50. This info would be based on a client list and I would like the ability to add, delete or edit clients. The invoice

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    ...yesterday but am replacing it up for bid because of some significant changes i've made to what i will and won't accept and don't want confusion or complaints. 1. no bids over $2500 2. you MUST have experience with more intense coding like this. 3. ALL the things you see below MUST be able to interact/interoperate with each other 4. I can host just about anything

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    Z Light Enhancement1 Zakończone left

    ...for one page... so you will probably simply have to follow the same format as I origionally used. Also an edit (update) option needs to be added, so users can change their information. ASPupload and ASPImage are already loaded on the server. 2) Add a "super search" page that will search (query) several tables (probably through a union query recordset)for

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    ...my reasonable satisfaction before full payment is granted. All material must be submitted to me in HTML, .txt, and any other format you used to create the file, so that I may edit if necessary. Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. See [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] if you wish to

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    ...will be through PayPal. After they submit their info, they will be emailed a welcome email with their login information. This needs to be customizable (maybe [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] or something). The information they submit will be added to a database (each webmaster should have their own folder created with their information stored inside, instead of having one

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    ...reasonable satisfaction before full payment is granted. All material must be submitted to me in HTML, .txt, and any other format you used to create the file, so that I may edit if necessary. Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. See [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] if you wish to

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    83126 Website Graphics Zakończone left

    ...titled Add Your Site Member Login Affiliate Program FAQs Contact Us 2) I would also like an animated banner with a surfboard background and animated text. The site will be named Search Surfer, if you can create the text that would be great, if not I can try to come up with something. 3) I would like the attached image, [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] converted from a triangle

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    HTML Template Zakończone left

    ...need good HTML site templates with all original design and images. (Done in photoshop or something like that..I could help with images if needed) These are to be used in different site programmed by me in ASP. The site I have now doing are [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] company [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] network 3.ebay-like aution site 4.A reseller site 5.A fashi...

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    ...ip addresses by date, and ip addresses. I also need the ability to delete the information after a certain time. automatically add the date when I credit a member pts for something, so it's visible when they check their acct. grab a members IP address when they sign up for the site. be able to show the list of referrals a member has, and also to be able

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    ...these additional features: 1) I need to shorten URL of search results. I need to show something simple like [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL], or [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] I want to get away from [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] 2) I need it moved over to MYSQL (I assume this is the best way to keep it running faster

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    ...email to buyer who to contact. If advertiser does not pay, the email with contact information is not sent. It should be set up so that when they post, they can later change/edit the information if anything like price, settings, etc can be modified. In addition, this would need to be set up so that I can go in and change price rates. I would like

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    Bulk Emailer (2) Zakończone left

    I just had a bulk emailer created for me 2 days ago. I need it remade, probably from scratch but you may use the source codes if needed. It currently works, just not the way I wanted it to. It DOES collect email addresses but it currently stashes them in an external excell database. It DOES send an email to the people in the database but not the way

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    Order Form Zakończone left

    ...order form for my website. I am NOT LOOKING FOR A STUPID SHOPPING CART!!!!! Please take a look at the present order form on my website at [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] I want something similar, not exact. It needs: * To have nice, professional layout * Fit into my present website template (notice it currently opens in a new window) * Same process

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    This is an advanced software version of our previous 2 listings; we will need all the features that were listed on our last version. (Listed below) with some additions. ----------------------- FEATURES: We want a piece of software that will reside in the system tray. When activated or a phrase word is selected from a menu (i.e. Run) it will display

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    Web enhancements Zakończone left

    ...everything within that directory. If authentication fails, the user will be given an error page. User turnover would be high, so it needs to be something that's easy for an administrator to add/edit users. 2. Bulletin Board. Script should allow for users to post comments through a HTML page. When the user clicks on the bulletin board link, a list of

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    ...five questions: 1) How do I capture what the user types into the search edit box when the user clicks the search button? The ideal functionality would send the browser to a predefined URL: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] 2) How do I properly mix Edit text fields and buttons on a single toolbar control? The way I am doing it

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    odbc data import/export Zakończone left

    ...change source field title (edit source table) I- show index automatically if available J- set index in source (edit source table) 2- the same to destination as above. 3- Recurring update from source to destination. A- Several setups for the above mentioned functions so that several tables would be updated simultaneously. Something like a profile of update

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    ...the same, they should be able to enter multiple keywords separated by a comma. This would save time from pasting in the fields one at a time. 2- We need a new sub designed that can be called from our add, edit, delete, or modify routines that will check the database to make sure a client is NOT overbidding for any particular keyword. If they are, it

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