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    Witam Was, zlecę napisanie opowiadań o tresciach miłosno-erotyczno-sensacyjnych zapewniam scenariusz w szczegółowości oczekiwanej przez Ghostwritera oczekuję opowiadania ok 25 stron mogę aktywnie uczestniczyć w procesie twórczym poprzez omówienie rozwoju watków proszę o oferte zawiarającą - czas realizacji - warunki finansowe - oraz próbkę tekstu (ju...yjnych zapewniam scenariusz w szczegółowości oczekiwanej przez Ghostwritera oczekuję opowiadania ok 25 stron mogę aktywnie uczestniczyć w procesie twórczym poprzez omówienie rozwoju watków proszę o oferte zawiarającą - czas realizacji - warunki finansowe - oraz próbkę tekstu (już posiadanego) ok pół strony w celu analizy stylu powyższe wraz z tel ko...

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    Sens zlecenia jest prosty: poszukuję osoby lub agencji, która efektywnie rozreklamuje nową stronę WWW, oferującą usługi z zakresu: korekta, redagowanie tekstów, audyt językowy stron WWW i ghostwriting. Zakładam uzyskanie tą drogą ok. 200 unikalnych użytkowników (tylko z Polski lub polskojęzycznych!) dziennie w okresie promocyjnym, trwającym 1 - 2 miesiące. Niewykluczona stała współpraca po osiągnięciu tego celu. Proszę o informację dot. proponowanych metod reklamy serwisu - tu liczy się pomysł. Przy wyborze ew. wykonawcy będę brał pod uwagę jego dotychczasowe osiągnięcia, o ile zechce je zaprezentować.

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    I need a very talented ghostwriter to bring my story to life in a memoir. Th...Here's what I'm looking for: Word Count: - The book needs to be less than 50,000 words. Style & Tone: - Experience in reflective and thought-provoking storytelling is a must. - I can't stress this enough, the tone needs to be serious and reflective. Content: - It'll mostly be text- no need to worry about including any photos or diagrams. Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in ghostwriting- especially memoirs. - Strong command over language, creativity, and the ability to 'write in my voice'. - Experience in the subject matter is a big plus. If you resonate with these requirements and feel your skills, and experience align well with what I'm looki...

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    ... and mental health. - Ensure the text is not only informative but also engaging and accessible to a broad audience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in non-fiction writing, with a particular focus in health-related topics - A deep understanding of nutrition, fitness, and mental health, and the ability to convey this knowledge in an engaging and digestible manner - Excellent ghostwriting skills, with the ability to adopt a 'voice' most suited to the project - Strong research abilities, especially in regards to health-related topics - Previous experience writing for radio would be a bonus, but not mandatory This project is ideally suited to a writer who not only has a passion for health but also a talent for creating engaging and accessible non-fiction c...

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    ...audiobook consumption. - It should provide a clear, simple, and detailed overview of what intermittent fasting is, its benefits, and how to get started. - I'd like the book to include personal success stories, showcasing various individuals' experiences with intermittent fasting. These stories should add depth, relatability, and motivation to the content. Ideal Skills: - Prior experience in ghostwriting, especially for health, wellness, or nutrition-related content. - Understanding of audiobook formatting and the ability to adapt a written piece for oral consumption. - Ability to effectively incorporate personal stories to enhance the reader's experience. If you have a knack for simplifying complex information, a passion for health and nutrition, and a talent f...

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    I'm seeking a talented ghostwriter to help me bring a book about airborne infantrymen, combat, and trauma to life. The book's intended audience is general readers, meaning it should be engaging and accessible to a wide audience. The tone of the book should be e...100-200 pages long. This word count allows for a detailed exploration of the topic while keeping the narrative concise and engaging. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Experience in writing and researching military history or related topics - Ability to write in a compelling, accessible manner - Understanding of the needs and interests of general readers - Proven track record in ghostwriting or similar projects If you believe you have the skills and experience to bring this project to fruition, ...

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    ...writing, particularly in the self-help or business genres. - Is motivated by the opportunity to share in the book's success through a commission-based model. - Can bring a fresh perspective to the manuscript, ensuring it resonates with readers. - Is familiar with the publishing landscape and can navigate it effectively. How to Apply: Please submit a proposal that includes: - Your experience in ghostwriting, especially within the self-help or business fields. - Why this commission-based project interests you. - Your approach to rewriting and publishing a manuscript. This project is more than just a writing job; it's a chance to be part of a book that aims to empower professionals in their corporate careers. If you're ready to take on this challenge and share in ...

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    ...ADHD on their relationships (family, friends, romantic partners, co-workers etc). - Ideal target audience is young adults with ADHD, so understanding their perspective is crucial. - I prefer a writing style that is educational yet personable. Required skills: - Deep knowledge and understanding of the specific needs and challenges of young adults with ADHD. - Proven experience in non-fiction ghostwriting, particularly in the field of psychology or therapy. - Ability to conduct thorough research and present complex information in a clear, accessible way. Other requirements: 1. No plagiarism 2. Passion and expertise in ADHD, psychology or therapy 3. Ability to accurately research and turn it into original high quality content 4. Write in an engaging style 5. Must be a native Eng...

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    I am seeking an empathetic and detail-oriented ghost...seeking an empathetic and detail-oriented ghostwriter to pen down my memoir. It's a potpourri of relatable narratives - tracing my family life, career progression, and experiences as a queer individual in the professional world. The book's structure would follow a chronological order, revealing my life journey and the lessons learnt. The ideal freelancer should: - Have prior experience in memoir ghostwriting - Be attentive and inquisitive to extract the nuances of my story - Be sensitive and respectful towards diverse identities - Possess excellent storytelling skills to keep the narrative as authentic as possible - Be open to revisions as we revise the memoir Together we'll create a compelling memoir to inspi...

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    I'm in need of a skilled ghostwriter experienced in autobiographies to assist in capturing my life story. This narrative will revolve principally around the lessons I've learned and the significant relationships I've had. The perfect candidate for this role should possess: - Proven track record in ghostwriting, especially autobiographies. - Exceptional ability to capture and present personal experiences. - Tact and empathy in handling sensitive content. - Consistent communication and timely delivery. I'm excited to work closely with the successful candidate in producing an engaging, insightful autobiography that conveys my experiences fully yet compellingly. Let's achieve this together.

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    Cerco un esperto di chat GPT per riscrivere dei manuali è un lavoro semplice che richiede anche poco tempo ma che per vari impegni non riesco a fare Ho dei manuali che ti fornirò, e andranno semplicemente riscritti interamente, senza alterare quello che viene descritto all'interno, e senza alterare la lunghezza più del previsto Se necessario ti fornirò io stesso il promt da inserire, e man mano che riscrivi tutto il contenuto lo riporti in un documento Word Requisiti: -Essere bravi su Chat GPT (meglio se il 4.0) -Saper impaginare un documento in DOCX

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    ...This project requires a creative and versatile writer who can engage audiences through insightful storytelling and thought-provoking ideas. Attention to detail and the ability to conduct thorough research are essential. If you have a deep understanding of the intersection between science and spirituality and possess excellent writing skills, we would love to hear from you. Skills required: - Ghostwriting - Science writing - Spiritual writing - Research - Creativity - Storytelling - Attention to detail Projects in the pipeline: Books: Spiritual Transformation: 12 steps to freedom, joy, and rebirth (in progress) Spirituality without religion: Principles and practices Leadership for Lightworkers Video courses: Spiritual Transformation From religion to spirituality Empowered li...

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    We are seeking a talented ghostwriter who specializes in science and spirituality to create captivating content for books, web, and video platforms. The ideal candidate will have a passion for these subjects and be able to skillfully blend scientific concepts with spiritual insights. This pro...This project requires a creative and versatile writer who can engage audiences through insightful storytelling and thought-provoking ideas. Attention to detail and the ability to conduct thorough research are essential. If you have a deep understanding of the intersection between science and spirituality and possess excellent writing skills, we would love to hear from you. Skills required: - Ghostwriting - Science writing - Spiritual writing - Research - Creativity - Storytelling - Attention...

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    Hello, I am looking for an English native speaker (US English) to edit a fanfiction to make it sound like it was written by a native in terms of punctuation and vocabulary It's around 18,000 words and I need it within 24 hours (so a fast turnaround) I will request people to sign an NDA I will preferably pick someone with extensive proofreading and ghostwriting experience and/or a degree in Creative Writing, English literature or similar from a US college/university, so list your experience and education OFFERS FROM NON NATIVE SPEAKERS WILL BE TURNED DOWN SO DON'T EVEN BOTHER APPLYING

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    Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności
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    ...through real-life stories and examples relevant to the topic. Your responsibilities will entail: - Creating a comprehensive work that effectively encapsulates Health and Wellness as a focal point for stress and anxiety management . - Incorporating real-life stories and examples to connect with readers, accentuating the content's value. Ideal Candidates Should Have: - Proven experience in ghostwriting, particularly in non-fiction and self-help genre. - A knack for storytelling and an understanding of health and wellness topics. - A strong ability to translate abstract concepts into riveting, accessible content. Your goal will be to create a book that serves as a helpful guide for readers looking to enhance their health and well-being. Rather than focusing solely on th...

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    I'm seeking a creative content writer specialized in ghostwriting website content. - Type of Content: The main focus is on website content, in a fiction genre. You'll help weave intricate webs of fictional narratives that would capture the imagination of site visitors. - Style & Tone: I need the writing to be in a formal tone. The content should be professional and polished, while still being engrossing and compelling. This project would be ideal for freelancers with: - Proven experience in ghostwriting, particularly in the fiction genre. - Strong written communication skills, with the ability to capture formality in their writing style. - Experience in crafting captivating website content. - An understanding of storytelling techniques, and how to incorpora...

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    I'm looking for a gifted ghostwriter who can help create a serious and reflective autobiography, primarily focusing on my personal relationships. I'm aiming to delve into the d...project: - Crafting a comprehensive narrative that emphasizes on my personal relationships - Integration of supplementary materials such as historic documents, personal photos, and correspondence letters to enhance the storytelling - Powerful and compelling storytelling, provoking thoughtful reflection in the reader Ideal skills and experience: - Previous experience in autobiography writing or ghostwriting - Exceptional in mapping out personal narratives, infusing them with reality and depth - Ability to work with and interpret supplementary materials - Skills in creating serious, reflective, a...

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    Proszę, Zarejestruj się lub Zaloguj, żeby zobaczyć szczegóły.

    Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności

    I need an experienced ghostwriter to pen a werewolf romance novel set in a modern city. Key Project Parameters: - The novel should exceed 100,000 words. - The tone should be dark, romantic and mysterious. Ideal Profile: - Excellent writing and storytelling skills. - Previous experience with ghostwriting and/or the romance genre. - Has a good understanding of the elements of a werewolf romance novel. - I need someone who is capable of creating engaging, compelling characters and an absorbing storyline that readers can't put down. Your commitment to this project will involve not just excellent writing, but creating a world of intrigue and mystery that is both compelling and thoroughly engrossing. This is a job for a talented and skilled wordsmith who knows how to weave a tal...

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    Proszę, Zarejestruj się lub Zaloguj, żeby zobaczyć szczegóły.

    Wyróżniony Pilny Ukryte Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności

    I need a ghostwriter to focus on the global salt industry, covering all aspects from the production methods to its historical significance and its impact on the economy. The book should: - Provide ins...history and industry. - Professionals and enthusiasts associated with the salt industry. - Environmental activists and advocates keen on understanding industrial impacts. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in historical research and environmental studies, with exceptional writing skills to present complex information in an engaging and easily digestible format. Experience in ghostwriting non-fiction and storytelling is a must. Deep understanding of industrial operations and environmental impacts will be highly advantageous. something like Brian Freedman new book, ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced ghostwriter to create a heartwarming children's book aimed at preschoolers aged...PLOT ELEMENTS: The narrative should revolve around the theme of friendship between 2 children and an animal, ideally bringing a fresh perspective to the classic storytelling approach. - CHARACTERS: The main characters are in place and you will need to work with my ideas. The main character is a fantasy character combined with real life Potential freelancers should have previous experience in ghostwriting, specifically in the children's literature genre. A deep understanding of early childhood psychology and a knack for creating relatable children's characters would be a definite plus. Knowledge and adherence to age-appropriate vocabulary and themes are ...

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    Hi guys, I'm looking for a long-term personal assistant, who has interest and experience in tech, app development, story writing, book writing. With interests in activism, veganism, spirituality, self - development and healing. I need assistance in creating a website/app for activism and another app for balancing the chakras, but I also need help with ghostwriting some chapters for books and scriptwriting. So writing experience, structuring information and prioritising data is very important, but also creative writing. I may also need some help with my photography instagram page, but that later on. There is no time limit, we will set deadlines and you can work as you wish. Feel free to ask me questions. Looking not only for assistance, but friendship, in a way that both of us ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced legal writer to ghostwrite a civil lawsuit involving both harassment and tortious interference issues. I'm confronted with a problem from another family and want to formulate a cogent, compelling suit. More specifically, the tortious interference is a bit complex, and I'll need your input to offer a detailed narrative. However, I cannot disclose the full context here, but we will have a comprehensive discussion once we begin. Ideal skills and experience needed for the job: - Legal Writing - Understanding of Harassment Law - Experience in Tortious Interference Cases - Attention to detail - Confidentiality and professional ethics NB: Your work will need to stand the highest scrutiny, as the task involves real-world consequences.

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    For this project, I'm in need of an experienced ghostwriter and voiceover artist who can lend their talents to my non-fiction work. ...need of an experienced ghostwriter and voiceover artist who can lend their talents to my non-fiction work. Given the complexity of this project, an understanding and appreciation for non-fiction is essential. KEY SKILLS & EXPERIENCE: - Ghostwriting: Give my words a unique voice and augment them where needed. - Voiceover: Skill to add depth and dynamics to the written word is crucial. - Non-fiction expertise: A robust understanding of non-fiction writing. TO APPLY: Please include examples of your past work, particularly those that involve non-fiction ghostwriting and voiceover narration. Your experience in these fields will help me d...

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    I'm seeking a proficient ghostwriter to bring my research paper to life. This paper explores the intersection between environmental issues and the migration crisis. More specifically, focusing on how we can address environmental issues through a lens of migra...contextualize and integrate Bettina Stoetzer's "Ruderal City". Therefore, familiarity with this work or the ability to dive into and understand it quickly is mandatory. Ideal skills and experience for the job: • Strong research and referencing skills • Advanced knowledge about environmental issues & migration • Proficient in synthesizing complex information into digestible prose • Proven expertise in ghostwriting academic papers • Exceptional attention to detail If you meet ...

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    Per un progetto online dedicato ai traumi infantili e alla salute mentale, sto cercando un(a) ghostwriter di madrelingua italiana LAUREATO IN PSICOLOGIA (requisito obbligatorio). Se la nostra prima collaborazione sarà efficace, sarà un lavoro a lungo termine (per altri eBook e guide digitali). Il compito consiste nello scrivere un eBook (una mini-guida) su un tema legato alla salute mentale (Probabilmente il primo tema sarà "Cosa sono i confini personali e come difenderli"). Il ghostwriter dovrà scrivere il testo della guida (non più di 10-12 pagine A4 o 15000-20000 caratteri spazi inclusi) seguendo una struttura prestabilita. Deve essere un testo esperto, ma scritto in un linguaggio vivo, amichevole e facilmente comprensibile. PER CANDI...

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    I am in need of a ghost writer to create an engaging article centered on the print industry. Your audience will be print industry experts, so a familiarity with industry-specific terminology and concepts is essential. Although the article's content should be solid, I would prefer a convers...field. While a comprehensive view of the print industry is appreciated, I have no particular preference for specific topics or areas that need emphasizing. However, I encourage you to explore areas you find compelling and are confident in writing about. Ideal skills for this job include: - An expert-level understanding of the print industry - A conversational writing style - Significant ghostwriting experience in similar fields - A knack for making complex industry concepts accessibl...

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    I'm seeking a proficient ghostwriter with a knack for crafting engaging fiction, within a word count limit of under 20,000 words. This project targets young adults and as such, any previous experience in writing for this demographic would be a great asset. Key Requirements: - Produce an original fiction piece under 20,000 words - Ability to write in a style that appeals to young adults - Demonstrated experience in fiction writing Preferred Expertise: - Experience in writing for a young adult audience - Strong storytelling skills - Ability to deliver high-quality content in accordance with guidelines and deadlines.

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    I need a skillful and seasoned ghostwriter who can create a riveting and explicit age gap romance set in India. This steamy love story will be a 4000-word fiction piece. Here are the specifics: - The story should be audaciously explicit, and unashamedly adult-themed. Please be comfortable writing in-depth, raunchy scenes. - There should be an age difference of 20 or more years between the two main characters, making it a fascinating age-gap romance storyline. - The tale should take place in an urban city setting in India. Your storytelling should be able to evoke a palpable sense of the city in the reader. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in writing explicit adult romantic fiction. - Adaptable to different cultures- good understanding of urban Indian settings preferred....

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    I'm looking for a competent ghostwriter who is deeply experienced in crafting engaging mystery fiction. Here's what the ideal candidate would bring to the table: - Expertise in producing powerful, short stories in the mystery fiction genre, with an upper limit of 7,500 words. - Proficiency in creating suspenseful narratives that keep readers on the edge of their seats. - Proven ability to fully develop characters, build tension, and weave intricate plot twists. - Exceptional attention to details to ensure a cohesive, immersing, and thrilling experience for readers. So, if you've got a knack for mystery, a love for the art of suspenseful storytelling, and can deliver a short story that's both captivating and comprehensive, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I'm seeking a ghostwriter to work closely with me in creating a memorable non-fiction boxing memoir. This project involves capturing the essence of the sport and weaving together personal experiences to create a compelling story. The intended audience for this memoir comprises hardcore boxing enthusiasts that appreciate the intricate details of the sport. It would be valuable for the writer to possess: - Experience in writing non-fiction sports memoirs, - Background or deep interest in boxing, - Strong research skills, - Excellent storytelling ability, - Ability to faithfully emulate my personal voice. The aim of this project is to give a gripping inside look into the boxing world. Let's create a piece that resonates strongly with boxing enthusiasts.

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    I'm looking for an expert in ghostwriting tweets. The primary focus of these tweets will be on industry trends. The tone I wish to capture is engaging - I don't just want to inform potential followers about the latest trends, but also captivate their interest and induce interaction. Experienced tweet ghostwriters with a comprehensive understanding of staying current and relevant in fast-paced industries are preferred. • Content Type: Tweets only (no replies/direct messages) • Subject Matter: Predominantly industry trends • Tone of voice: Needs to be engaging and captivating Ultimately, I need someone who can help me create a strong Twitter presence with tweets that not only inform but also engage my followers and promote interaction.

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    I'm in need of an experienced ghostwriter who has a good understanding of the card game bridge. Your task will be to help me rewrite and add depth to my already published bridge book. This project doesn't have a specified deadlin...high-quality work. Aspects to include: * Deep Backstories for characters * Incorporating engaging elements of conflict and tension * Introducing subplots to enhance the overall narrative The main target audience for this book is bridge players, so a background in bridge game strategies or previous experience writing about bridge would be beneficial. Skills and Experience: * Proven experience in ghostwriting * Demonstrable understanding of bridge * Ability to create in-depth characters and subplots * Ability to write in a style that is engagin...

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    I am in search of a proficient ghostwriter with a knack for crafting sensual and descriptive narratives. The project entails creating a 4000-word steamy monster romance story set in a fantasy world. Key elements of the project: - Style: The storytelling needs to lean towards the sensual and descriptive side. It's not just about conveying the raw passion between the characters, but also about painting vivid images that captivate the reader. - Setting: The story will unfold in a rich and imaginative fantasy world. Demonstrating a strong grasp of world-building is therefore crucial. Be prepared to create unique cultures, landscapes, and maybe even species or laws of magic. - Characterization: The main character is a monster who is mysterious and dangerous. You should be able to por...

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    I am seeking a talented ghost writer to steer the development and creation of a narrative-style self-help book, aimed at a general audience. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a compelling, engaging narrative based on provided outlines and ideas - Incorporate my personal insights and experiences in a manner that truly resonates with a broad range of readers Ideally, you will have: - Proven ghostwriting experience in the self-help genre – please provide examples - Excellent command of narrative writing style – a knack for storytelling is crucial - Ability to adapt to my tone of voice and provide seamless integration of my ideas into the overall narrative - Superior research skills to augment the information I provide and enhance the book content If you enjoy crafting nar...

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    Hello! I'm in need of a talented ghostwriter who can bring my fantasy fiction story to life. I am targeting an adult audience, so I would appreciate someone who is proficient in creating compelling narratives for this age group in the fantasy realm. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Previous experience in ghostwriting fiction, particularly in the fantasy genre - Profound understanding of crafting stories for an adult audience - Exceptional creative writing and storytelling abilities Your Responsibilities: - Transform my concepts and ideas into a captivating and cohesive story - Generate compelling, engaging, and creative content within the realm of fantasy - Produce a contemporary styled fantasy fiction tailored towards adults. Your proposal should demonstrate your experience ...

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    Ghostwriting articles Zakończone left

    2 x articles as agreed in brief. 1st title confirmed, please confirm second when you can.

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    I am in need of a seasoned professional to assist me with proofreading, editing, and a touch of ghostwriting for my 90,000-word fiction novel. Specifically, I need help with the following areas: • Grammar and punctuation • Sentence structure and flow • Maintaining consistency in tone and style Given the complexity of these tasks, prior experience editing fiction works will significantly enhance your candidacy for this project. An understanding of storytelling techniques and a deep knowledge of literary devices is essential, as your revisions should aim to build a compelling narrative that resonates with readers without compromising my original vision. The genre of my novel is self-realization and spiritual growth. It's quite unique in its theme. The ideal ...

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    ...properly and understand them, please write "Read All" at the beginning of your bid proposal. Key tasks will include: - Writing and delivering high-quality blog posts twice a month - Optimizing the blog posts for SEO using chosen keywords - Making the articles interesting and informative for individuals looking for personal insurance The ideal candidate should possess: - Prior experience in ghostwriting, particularly in the insurance industry - Strong knowledge of SEO practices - A clear understanding of the US insurance market, specifically car, home and life insurance - Strong research and analytical abilities for creating insightful and helpful content. In this role, your core responsibility would be to lure in individuals seeking personal insurance, by translatin...

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    ...children. I kept journals, happy sad laugh and cryso the content should reflect this. Expected tasks and skills: - Interview me to extract the key stories and information for the biography. - Write clear, compelling prose that compellingly relates my life experiences. - Revise based on feedback from myself and potentially other family members. Ideal skills and experience: - Prior experience in ghostwriting or biography writing. - Interview skills to dig out the interesting aspects of my life and experiences. - Excellent written communication that engages a broad demographic, including younger readers. - Patience and flexibility in receiving and implementing feedback. - A knack for subtle storytelling and turning normal life events into compelling narratives. The end result s...

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    ...nearly 4000 words only. • Theme: Centre the plot on love and relationships. You have the freedom to develop the characters and plot as you deem fit but the main focus should always veer towards these two elements. • Tone and Mood: Set a romantic tone for the story. The account should be explicit, providing graphic descriptions where necessary. Skills and Experience: • Ghostwriting: You should be experienced in ghostwriting, particularly in the romance genre. Previous work in this field would be an advantage. • Indian culture expertise: Since the story is set in India, familiarity with the college culture and traditions of the country would be beneficial. • Creativity & Originality: The storyline should be unique and engaging. I appreciat...

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    I'm in nee...what I require: - Word Count: The overall word count of the project should fall between 10,000 and 50,000 words. - Genre: This is a nonfiction project. Any expertise or experience in writing detail-oriented, factual, and engaging nonfiction pieces is a must. - Writing Style: I expect the project to be written in a first person narrative style. Ideal Qualifications: - Proven experience in ghostwriting, particularly in the nonfiction genre. - Ability to create engaging and concise content. - Strong research skills, as factual accuracy is paramount to this project. - Excellent English language, writing and grammar skills. I look forward to working collaboratively with you to ensure the final product suits my vision. Please include samples of your previous work in...

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    I am in need of a knowledgeable individual who can provide top-notch ghostwriting services for a medical research paper pertaining to cardiology. This task demands someone with a certain level of expertise in this medical field. Key Aspects of Your Role: • Research: As my ghostwriter, you will be tasked with the important role of helping to gather relevant information from credible sources. • Writing: Your job is to write a medical research paper. I will give you the details, aims and outcome. Importantly, I am looking for a high-level overview, not a detailed analysis or a meta-analysis of multiple studies. Ideal Profile for Success: • Medical Writing Expertise: Prior experience in drafting medical research papers, preferably relating to cardiology, is key to ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled and experienced ghostwriter or editor who can re-write my non-fiction book to substantially improve the writing style. The specific improvement needed is the use of more professional language. The ultimate goal is to make a more authoritative impact and enhance the book's credibility. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in ghostwriting or editing non-fiction books - Excellent command over English with an ability to use professional language - Extensive knowledge of non-fiction writing styles and formats - Strong attention to detail. You will be required to maintain the original purpose and core elements of the content while implementing the stylistic changes. Your creativity in enriching the content with a professional tone will ...

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    ...comprising of roughly 4000 words. - Story Theme: 'Power and dominance' is the central theme. It must be woven organically into the storyline avoiding any explicit violence or non-consensual situations. - Characters: Skilful presentation of the main characters - a woman and four men, is essential for this tale. Their interactions and relations should resonate with the theme. Ideal Skills: - Proven ghostwriting experience with reverse harem stories - Familiarity with Contemporary genre - Ability to handle explicit content tastefully - Creative writing prowess focusing on power dynamics. This project requires someone who can adeptly blend power dynamics within a contemporary setting involving multiple characters. Please consider all these specifications before placi...

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    I am in search of a highly skilled ghostwriter who can effectively generate content with a technical writing style. While I don't have a specific type of content in mind, the freelancer should possess the ability to adapt to various forms, including but not limited to blogs, articles, and social media posts. The successful freelancer will have: - Extensive experience in technical writing - Ability to propose detailed project plans - Strong research and analytical skills Please note: I value detailed project proposals over past work or experience. This means you should outline how you plan to approach the task at hand, the research necessary, and how you might tailor your writing style to my project. This is an ideal project for those who are keen on applying their technical writi...

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