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    Mainly research and model proposal/investigations for what direction we should use for automating graphic design. We want to generate discrete outputs from an ML model. Also once this is done. If you can implement a chosen paper and adapt to our problem... Do you have experience /knowledge of research and work in generative ML and or unsupervised areas

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    ...Whitepaper for a new ICO we will be launching. 2,000+ words with good market research included some economics with references and Charts. Knowledge of Token sales is important and should be included in the white paper. High-level Knowledge of following is needed: - Graphic Design Skill - Blockchain - Ethereum - Smart contracts - Token creation - Architecture/market

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    I am looking for someone to read an academic article (30 pages 1,5 line spacing on a business strategy topic) and rework the illustrations made for it into more professional ones with a common style. There are one shape-based visualization and 3-4 text-based graphs. Before awarding the project, I would like to see some previous work in order to see if the style matches the goal. Thanks in advance!

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    I need a professional Info graphic Design For a research paper More Info I will provide to selected freelancer

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    ...savy-especially Zoho, -creative -graphic design talent -excellent writer (PR, and persuasive) -love blogging, social media, talking in forums, and other methods of "getting heard" -outgoing, not afraid to get out there -make videos (graphic and put on youtube, hulu etc-build the audience for our account) -love to research finding new methods -loves

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    Hi, Thank you very much for considering us for your design needs. A logo is much more than a pretty little graphic…it’s an identifier, the face of a company, and often times a first impression. When we think of businesses or brands, the first thing that often comes to mind is their logo (Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s yellow arches, Coca Cola’s custom

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    ...talented editorial graphic designer that can create a professional white paper layout? I am looking for a freelance graphic designer for a white paper design gig. This creative designer should be experienced with editorial design work. Previous work with white papers is a plus. This is a 15-page marketing white paper that needs a graph...

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    ...Discipline Research Project Who This project begins with you and your personal goals. What It's a career or discipline research project, on the topic of your choice, which will be written in Word and presented in PowerPoint. When Consult the Course Calenda for due dates and times. Where You will use the Internet to conduct your research. Personal

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    ...Discipline Research Project Who This project begins with you and your personal goals. What It's a career or discipline research project, on the topic of your choice, which will be written in Word and presented in PowerPoint. When Consult the Course Calenda for due dates and times. Where You will use the Internet to conduct your research. Personal

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    Hi, I need a similar graphic design of high quality of the picture attached. It will be used as a cover of a research paper. Thanks!

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    Graphic design history research paper .

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    19 składanie ofert for the conservation of its sensitive ecosystem. Grassroots projects are being implemented across the entire high-altitude belt of the Himalayas. Application and policy research, and advocacy actions are being carried out nationally and regionally, which are helping to support, supplement and enhance the impacts of our grassroots work. We work

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    I have a 25 page research paper (size 12 font, a4 paper) that I am finishing up today or tomorrow. This paper is being written for a large corporation. The final product needs to be displayed in a very professional looking document. Preferably in a brochure style. Something that a large corporate body might send out to customers or investors.

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    As a developing graphic artist, I always try to find an outlet for creativity, whether it be on plain paper or on the computer. I am Completed Diploma from the Media Village, Kerala, India in 2007 with a First Class in Graphic Design, I have continued to peruse my goals as a graphic artist through more graphic research along with developing my artis...

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    ...Points: 35 project is a research paper: You must think of an original idea, develop a hypothesis, and carry out an experiment to prove your hypothesis. This paper must be submitted in the format of a professional research paper. This paper must include the following sections: 1. Title The title must clearly explain the research project (i.e....

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    ... I need a design expert with at least 10 years of experience to create: - Paper Folder (logo provided but everything else need to be done) Example: [login to view URL]://[login to view URL]

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    We are an academic consulting center that needs a graphic designer to help with the design and layout of a document. The document is a development research report; the document is currently confidential and we would need to ensure nondisclosure. We will likely have more design and layout work in the future if we are happy with the product. The document

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    ...and organic, healthy, juices and sandwiches ***Project Requirements*** Research (PDF Slides Presentation) SAMPLE URL: [login to view URL] Graphic Logo (ONE COLOR / figure-ground logo IDEA) Stationery (business card / letterhead / envelope) Paper cup 1 Food sticker label (sample only) 1 Page menu with photographs (sample

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    ...typically portrayed or talked about. Do research through the internet, newspaper, magazines, books or even talking to others to understand different potential stances on the topic (minimum of 2 sources). Take notes, sketches and photos as part of your research as you will need to submit these. 3. From the Graphic Design Thinking reading, use one of the how

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    ...people, contexts etc) application of research into learning and teaching in higher education. Style: I’m thinking a hand-drawn kind of look (like the drawings in The Story of Stuff), but it still needs to resonate with a fairly serious academic audience so maybe something slightly simpler/more corporate. Design products needed: 1) Labelled version

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    I am looking for a graphic designer to complete a new research paper that follows the same format as two previous ones completed. My previous designer is on maternity leave but has provided all the previous design files (.indd) that I will make available to the winning bidder. I have attached the following files: 1. word document that provides the

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    This paper has to be from an art and design point of view, with elements of todays issuses with new conspiracy theories being floated around cosumerisum and how it has alters the perception of graphics in the late 90s . The research project should be a focused investigation into a critical, social, cultural or historical context surrounding contemporary

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    Chai Designs Designs And Concept I'm A freelance Graphic Artist. Phase One: The Brief  Clients brief me regarding their requirements and expectations from the logo. I ask detailed questions regarding the kind of logo that the client wants and the kind of impression that c​lients want the logo to create and where the logo is going to be used

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    ...will need to read & organize the important information presented in a research paper and organize it into a format that will be used to create an infographic on the subject. For the other project, the freelancer will need to read & organize important information presented in a paper reviewing services into a format that will be used to create an infographic

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    design a professional live wall paper app for google play on android better than the top sellers on the current market. All i'll need is one to see how well it goes and go from there and hopefully have a long term contract. thank you Skills required:Android, Graphic Design, Hire me See more: paper android app, project custom button image, deployment

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    8 składanie ofert, javascript, HTML, etc * Basic graphic design design * Artistic sense * Passion in computer science, know all the big names such as Uncle Bob and Steve Freeman etc * Proven track record Spec for Content writer * Can write on a range of topic * Can write in a range of styles: informal blog, research paper, academic, etc * Passion in writing

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    ...needed. A simple, clean graphic design is important. The existing site is not complicated and has a simple structure but it does have quite a few pages to copy to the new site. We need this new site done by January 15, 2012. We also need to approve the template used before the existing site is converted. The new site design should allow a non-technical

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    $1500 - $3000
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    ...$50 is high as I can go. Details: Pages: 4 to 5 pages Type: Research Paper Subject: Ethics Topic: Ethics in Design Requirered sources: 3 or more Paper Description: You will be writing on an ethical issue concerning your future occupation (Graphic or Web Design). The paper must be PLAGIARISM FREE, no grammer mistakes and clear wr...

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    ...impeccable academic research essay writer, who has excellent grammar and punctuation... You must have completed at least a min of 5 research papers for post-grad studies. There are 3 research papers The topics are based on Communication Design/ Branding/ Graphic Design Please only bid with proof of your research samples Each pa...

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    ...following fields. research reports, thesis, dissertation, bibliography and referencing technical writing physics chemistry Humanities Languages Literature ,poetry and classics. History and Philosophy Paper Writing Journalism Mathematics Earth Sciences Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry Graphic Design Copywriting

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    ...1) GRAPHICAL DESIGN, 2) WEBSITE DESIGN and 3) Search Engine Optimisation 1. Profile of company/contractors for: Graphic Design, Website design and Search Engine Optimisation a. Expertise with work for companies requiring European look & feel in both design, lay-out and images b. Understanding typography and principles of design c. Graphic...

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    I need either a company or a programmer with graphic design prowess to design a website for my company. We are a small business that services repairs industrial cage & rack washing machines for large pharmaceutical research companies and hospitals. I recently fired a local web design firm based on their lack of capabilities and timeliness. Our

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    We are searching for the experienced custom essay writer who can complete a research paper on the topic of the Graphic Design career. All paper's details (price, instructions) are in the file attached. Please, read it carefully. If you are interested, please contact us urgently. Please, send one essay sample of your own writing. Also please, let

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    We need to develop a form to register some patients admitted to a clinical research unit. The form will have all demographic data (date of birth, age, sex, admisison date etc. ), type of injury data, besides some outcome data. User should be able to retiev forms many times until all the rquires information is entered. Once this is done form shoul

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    Hello AGAIN bidders! I am looking for a graphic designer pro or studio, that be interested to get engaged in this new project, that consists in a tour guide graphic design for a hostel association of our touristic town. This is an exciting project that will enroll the winner bidder in a long term contract, as the the intention is to release

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    ...Ecommerce Website ii. Flash Animation iii. Flash MX iv. HTML Email Design v. Internet Marketing vi. Online Forms & Database Integration vii. Other - Website Development viii. Search Engine Optimization ix. Simple Website x. Usability & Interface Design xi. Web Design & Development xii. Web Hosting xiii. Web Programming 2. Software

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    $20 - $100
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    ...Looking for a creative and technical content writing, graphic design and document layout project? We need a trusted and skilful resource to write new material and re-write existing material for a Paper Airplane book. This book is to help people across a broad range of skills and familiarity with paper airplanes. The book audience ranges from those with

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