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    I run an events business and use squarespace for listing events and taking payments. I need a long term administrative we are doing one event per month but expect to do up to 3-4/month. Other tasks would involve helping keep my calendar etc I also use Xero for bookkeeping and would be grateful if someone also has experience with this.

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    The show is called DEAD ON THE HILLTOP - SUMMER'S DEAD - This is a concert that is made to appeal to fans of the band, the Grateful Dead. If you aren't familiar with this band, please do a google search to get a feel of the psychedelic designs. I'll leave it to your imagination, but dancing skeletons, dancing bears, lots of color, and the 13 point

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    Translate Swahili to Luo 4 days left

    We are looking for a Swahili to Luo translation of several documents. Please apply if you are native Luo speaker.

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    we need a translation of documents from Swahili to Luo language. Only native Luo speakers are invited to apply.

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    I need a description of one of the big five animals in Swahili. It must be a detailed description of at least two pages with photos. Original work only.

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    Trophy icon App name and slogan 1 dnia left

    Hello everyone! We are looking for an app/service name and slogan for a company engaged in the sphere of sustainable wide something, volunteers around the world, international something. Please make sure the name and slogan are unique, please check before submitting. We are grateful for all the participants and suggestions.

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    Project for Md Asif H. 4 days left

    Hi Md Asif H., I noticed your profile and wonder if you could help me since I know nothing about html. I have a shopify website where I have about 50,000 ...existing html for a product description and a photo shop image of the minor change that I'd like to make. If you could rewrite the html to accomodate that change, I will be very grateful. Scott

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    I am a tour operator and travel manager doing some cultural studies and need someone to translate the massai texts into swahili for me.

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    Hello, i need translators. I need Arabic, Persian, Swahili & Urdu Translators. I need to translate something.

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    i have an about 15 lines that i think are Arabic, Persian, Swahili or may be even Urdu which i want to translate to English and Hindi

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    Chinese Marketer Zakończone left have a scalable hourly rate depending on the size of the project can you please advise your pricing? Also if you could send some examples of your work I would be really grateful. Please ignore the pricing on the project below, I have just left it as default as at this point I do not have a specific project in mind. What I am trying to achieve however

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    JOKR ALBUM ART Zakończone left

    looking for a well skilled artist who can create a appealing album cover for the debut album that resembles a grateful dead vibe/ steve miller band.

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    Help me write something Zakończone left

    I need a translation. English and swahili

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    Swahili teacher Zakończone left

    Searching a swahili (female) teacher in Nairobi

    $9 - $35
    $9 - $35
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    Project for Ivan C. Zakończone left

    Hello Ivan C, I'm looking for someone to work in this project, an...instructions of what we are looking for) are in this link: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] So, if you have time, I will be very grateful to know your opinion. Thank you very much for your attention. Looking forward for you response. Regards.

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    Grateful Life SEO for July 2018

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    ...FTCM will be responsible to support the acquisition of long term clients in the French language through translation and promotion of RCA content including, but not limited to RCA website, free lessons, social media messages and landing pages. Translation of English courses into French. THE IDEAL CANDIDATE WILL: *Translate the RCA website, including the

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    ...colors, etc if you know how to reach this appeal level. Because this work is a contest (=insecurity), I don't expect you to upload a complete file at this stage. I would be grateful if you could upload just a screenshot of a draft of your work to show that we are on the page about how the final figure might look. I'm also willing to hire more than one

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    ...provide a very simple landing / sales page because it was all I could manage! I have the videos in Dropbox for you to access. Are you able to assist me please? If so, I’d be grateful if you could help me in future with my other (as yet unpublished) webinars too because I will definitely need help with those. Many thanks! Yours sincerely, Merryn Thomae

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    Syrian advertisement Zakończone left

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who could create a video, p...different languages. The relevant sects are Shiites, Alawites and Christians. The relevant languages are Arabic, Persian and Russian. The general mood ought to be positive and grateful. We will chat for further information and instructions. I would like the video's length to be 40 seconds.

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    Project for Fatima A. Zakończone left

    Hi Fatima A., I noticed your profile and I wanted to make a request. I am a student at NUST, currently doing my Electrical Engineering. I have been doing ...reports plus MATLAB, Arduino coding through different managers. I am still awaiting my first proposal acceptance here on freelancer :P Mind if you could help? I will be really grateful :) Regards.

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    I need a translation.

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    Translation English to Swahili

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    Complete Website Build Zakończone left

    Hi, we have started a website through a template but just dont have the time to make it look the bast when the formatting keeps moving etc . Someone who can finish thi...but just dont have the time to make it look the bast when the formatting keeps moving etc . Someone who can finish this off would be an absolute star and we would be most grateful.

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    SEO MARKETING Zakończone left


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    Convert logo to vector Zakończone left

    Hello, We have a hot sauce company and we want to make some cool swag - but our logo is a png of a photo of a bat...lines/cracks, the out of square corners, etc.. I'll post the logo here - as well as a couple other options that are similar in that they are graphic prints made to look like batik. Grateful for the help of whoever can pull it off. =)

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    Project for Amelia H. Zakończone left

    Hi Amelia H., I am looking for voice talent and song writer. 10 usd is not a offer .It is just a placeholder alowing me ...not a offer .It is just a placeholder alowing me to contact you. I am looking for someone with your skills for my project. If you are available in near future I would be grateful for contact. Awaiting your responce Regards, Pawel

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    A journal to write down what I was grateful for and to realize that I spend so much time chasing for perfection. I always expect the world to go perfect, it is why I get bent out of shape when it doesn’t. This journal makes me more likely to remember positive memories and appreciate things around me more.

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    Project for Minara J. Zakończone left

    Hey Minara? Your profile seems quite amazing, can you tell me that how did you earn money like the whole process of freelancer since im new here. I'll be grateful :)

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    Hello everyone, I have a transcript that I would like editing, before you judge this is going to my parents just to show how I did this semester, but I ...judge this is going to my parents just to show how I did this semester, but I failed a few courses. If someone is willing to change this for me, and make it by tomrrow I’d be grateful. Thank you!

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    ...the first item from FerryU (you know what you're doing here) and Alliance and write 500+ words that would be great. If you can squeeze something in for Retrolia I would be grateful. The topics for Retrolia will grow (as will the content requirements) I just need to think about the SEO side for this a bit more. A couple of notes: Alliance content really

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    ...don't want agencies - i need to work DIRECTLY with the translators and not intermediate. The translation will be also technical. So I will test your knowledge first with two or 3 paragraphs. So don't contact me if you plan to work with automatic translation tools. Apply by telling me which language(s) you speak, I m looking for following: - Spanish

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    I need some help with selling Icon who is planning of making an extension in business to exporting local food products to Nigerians abroad and also supply groceries bags over there. Would be really grateful if we can more on it on here on chat. Thank you very much for taking time to read my text. UK bidders should proceed with bidding

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    Hi, we need the translation from English into Swahili, from a Swahili native speaker, of some text of video portal web site. We need to translate all texts of this portal to Swahili. There are 1944 words in Terms and conditions and 894 word in web content file to translate, but it's very important to respect some rules concerning correct spelling

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    Edit my Articles Zakończone left

    ...wrote the article in a conversational tone as I would like to increase the readability of my content. Conversational style writing is crucial for me, and it will be very grateful that if you can help me to edit my article. Future works may be engaged in the testing shows a positive result to me. Please feel free to let me know how you think. Regards

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    Singer (kids songs) Zakończone left

    ...countries and songs (preferably native speakers): - Ndebele (Zimbabwe) - Maori (new Zealand) - Awadhi - Sindhi - Haryanvi - Kashmiri - Konkani - Bhojpuri - Welsh - Swahili & Bengali Traditional or folk songs can be copyright (subject to the transfer of publication rights) or translated from English. Your gender, age and weight are not important

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    Hi, am looking for Kenyan writers to write very well in Swahili, Luo, Gikuyu, Kalenjin, Luhya, Somali, Gusii, Akamba and Meru languages. I need reviews of mobile transfer platforms in Kenya (Mpesa, Orange Money, Airtel Money, Tel-Kash, YuCash and many more. I need honest reviews so you must have used these platforms before. These reviews are for Kenyan

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    Writing Guides/ Reviews Zakończone left

    I am specifically looking for Kenyan writers who are fluent in Swahili, Luo, Gikuyu, Kalenjin and Luhya languages to write me reviews various banks and other loaning institutions in in Kenya. These reviews will be used to educate the people in Kenya who do not understand English language. You must have used the banks/institutions because I need completely

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    Super BottleFlip 3D Zakończone left

    I am currently a newbie game developer trying to make a Android game with Unity. I am mainly a programmer but I really need someone who could help me...could help me do 3D modeling which is what I am lacking now. Currently I am still using Unity Asset store models, but I need 3d models with my own concept. I would be very grateful if anyone could help

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    Document translation Zakończone left

    Hello, I am World-freelancer (Translation agency) project manager Klaus Handke. I have documents to be translated from german to japanese, from italian to somali, and from french to swahili. Who can do it professionnally here? Let me know, sothat I can award the project to you.

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    Trophy icon Logo design for a Church Zakończone left

    ...element of the logo to be included is Christian values, and we base our foundation on the Biblical message where Moses saw a burning bush but it was not consumed. Mwangaza is a Swahili word in which in our contest it refers to a "Divine Light". Our Mighty God's light that will shine upon any individual who joins our church and get his/her life completely

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    I am ololade and I am a student, I am an expert at writing, I will be grateful if this job is given to me at your firm and I will be happy if the payment is made as fast as possible after the work. Thank you.

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    My report is about developing a metadata scheme, would be grateful someone familiar with metadata design or information studies can help to quickly proofread my report. Must be done within 24 hours.

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    Hello, My name is Desiree Marie Ripo. I am Co-owner of Photography by Michael Roberts. In 2016 I financed all the work that you did. Since ea...financed all the work that you did. Since early 2017, my partner without notice locked me out of our website and disabled it. Can you help me regain access? I will be forever grateful. Best,wishes, Desiree

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    Hello, I am looking for a native Swahili speaker who can offer me transalation job from either swahili to english or vice-versa with translation of a PDF.

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    My name is Babawale Oluwatosin, I am very good and proficient with the MS word. I deliver on time and I will be grateful if I can get the job with you

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    - Full Description in PDF attacjed. - Deadline: I am actually one week late, failed to do it alone. So If you can do it in a day or two I will be grateful! Notes: (Read carefully!) 1- Please be sure that you can submit the task before the deadline. Any delay may result in terminating the agreemnet and canceling the project without payment. 2-

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    I need a translation. Hello.I am swahili teacher and a translator and I am looking for swahili-english translation job and some students to start Kiswahili tuitorial.

    $28 (Avg Bid)
    $28 \u015arednia Oferta:
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