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    Before starting the Project make sure to spends some time and properly review all class diagrams. It is important to be aware of all relationships between aware of all relationships between classes and methods available in each class. Many components in diagrams are not mentioned in the details bellow, you should be able to infer those details.

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    Make sure you send your portfolio or you have done this before: no time to infer from previous work 1. User will register using an email address or a unique ID, number 2. The user would have a unique profile that can be public or private 3. Users can add friends or create groups of friends. also send invites to other users to join their group or be

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    ...your demands. I used to work on the e-industry, i personally started my own blog, [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] I can infer that your work will be done efficiently. I used to give benevolet aids in hospital and work with tourisms,honestly i am just started here, i would like to have this contract

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    Tell me more about the graph given and it’s pattern. Using words like “from the information given, I infer/assume that....” “slight decrease” “sharp increase” etc etc, in 300 words. Can easily be done in 10 mins.

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    ...people reading it are not experts but they need to be able to narrow down their choices). - Simplify with clear relatable points. - Don't use jargon except when using it to infer authority, although all headings and titles should be easily understood by anyone. - Remake the graphics so they look more attractive and professional. - Use arial font. - Use

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    google analytics said my shopify page speed is slow and I want to find an IT guy to help me to improvement my page speed. Especially in the mobile part, even slower. it may infer the code "lazy loading","offscreen images" or CSS

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    Urgent data analysis Zakończone left

    I need to have a dataset rapidly analyzed. It should not be difficult, there isn't a lot of features, nor a lot of data. Basically, the goal is to infer causality between predictors and 3 different, separate KPIs. I need to have the code and explain the results, so Python or R (or latly Matlab) would be preferable. Total project is 155€ and needs

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    Trophy icon Design Logo: Face exists, just add hands! Zakończone left

    ... Keep it simple. 2. Add a punch hand and a stop hand BUT don't make it so explicit. Use swirl lines to imply the hands. It'll show motion and people can infer what that swirl is doing. Don't literally create a palm with 5 fingers or a first. Use negative whitespace to show that movement if possible. 3. Image only. Black

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    University planet Zakończone left

    I need a 3D model of a globe for an educational platform. The globe needs to be interactive and pinch-zoom active. Modellers are allowed to infer on what is possible with the given budget as this is negotiable.

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    Proszę, Zarejestruj się lub Zaloguj, żeby zobaczyć szczegóły.

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    ...Transitive Dependency and Keys You have a relation R(L,M,N,O,P,Q) R(A,B,C,D,E,F) and a set of functional dependencies F = {LNO→M, MN→LOP, N→O, OP→LN}. • Can we infer NP → LM from F ? • Can we infer NQ → LO from F ? C-2 Keys (i) Find all the candidate keys of the Relation R(ABCDE) with FD's: D → C, CE → A, D → A, and AE...

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    ...arrow coordinate frame to point directly at the origin of the cylinder coordinate frame. (Hint: Use the cross product to define the axis of rotation, and the dot product to infer the required rotation angle.) In the provided startup code of the [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] file, you need to write a ROS node that publishes the following transforms to tf: Transformation

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    Project for Evgenii A. Zakończone left

    The report should have a reference to each exercise separately with a detailed description of what we do in the code. We also need to explain our assump...implementation, why we decided to continue this way and not with someone else. Finally, examples should be included in the report describing the examples, what they show and what we infer from them.

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    Compensation and benefits Case study; 1- Select a familiar company or analyze the approach your college uses to pay teaching assistants or faculty. Infer its compensation strategy using the five dimensions (objectives, alignment, competitiveness, employee considerations, and management). 2- How does your company or college compare to Microsoft and

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    Please, I need you to develop an adaptive learning system for distance learning programs that will automatically infer individual student's learning styles and match them with appropriate learning materials. The website should be responsive i. e. cater for both mobile and desktop viewing. A blend of Bruner EIS theory and Felder-Silvernan learning

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    Children Nutrition Zakończone left

    ...playground. Refer to the physical education material covered and the readings. Record the activities that the children are doing. Relate your observation to the following (infer on how each activity is helpful for development): Bone-Strengthening activities Muscle-Strengthening activities Aerobic Activities (cardiorespiratory endurance) Gross Motor

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    Set up VB Script for sending sms. I have a simple vb script set up, see it below: Option Infer On Imports [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] Imports [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] Public Class Test Private Sub TESTRUN() Dim s As HttpWebRequest Dim enc As UTF8Encoding Dim postdata As String Dim postdatabytes As Byte() s = H...

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    Need Hindi transcriber who are good in Engli...files, please use the English terminology for those Hindi words, where possible but also just add those Hindi words in English letters in parenthesis, so it is possible to infer any specific consumer nuances that are not able to be translated well in English. Sample transcript attached for your reference.

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    Trophy icon I would like to hire a Logo Designer Zakończone left

    I am starting a science and t...radar or camera) generates detections of objects in each scan or frame. A tracking algorithm links those detections together over time to determine where the objects are and infer where they are going. I don't have anything specific in mind for a logo, but I -don't- want something based on a cross-hairs type target.

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    Proszę, Zarejestruj się lub Zaloguj, żeby zobaczyć szczegóły.

    Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności

    ...prediction graph matches with the NIFTY graph, we can say that the trend is fairly trust able. Based on this share movement and the historical data, an attempt would be made to infer to a pattern of the future price movement of the company share by adopting technical & trend analysis concepts. This would give a high-level prediction of the share price of

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    ...Hashtags they refer 7. Locations they check into or talk about. 8. Any other notable data point that could expose what they do or their behavior. 9. for each profile infer % of gender ration M/F 10. Online habits: frequency online, travel, new products they mention, commerce habits, spending habits. **Please add any notes where possible

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    I am using AVO to study the lateral and vertical extent of a steam chamber. Specifically, I look at the intercept and gradient (A and B) to try to infer the extent of the steam front. I need a write up of the theory which explain the AVO theory explaining what A (the intercept) and B (the gradient) are and what they can tell us in details.

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    ...questions and the child’s answers. iii. What can you infer regarding the child’s stage of friendship according to Selman? Be sure to use APA in-text citations. b. Analysis of self-concept • Ask the child a series of questions, such as “how would you describe yourself etc.,” that will let you infer the child’s understanding of sense of se...

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    Seismic Monitoring Zakończone left

    I am using AVO to study the lateral and vertical extent of a steam chamber. Specifically, I look at the intercept and gradient (A and B) to try to infer the extent of the steam front. I need a write up of the theory which explain the AVO theory explaining what A (the intercept) and B (the gradient) are and what they can tell us in details

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    Exam writer Zakończone left

    ...Additionally, questions may focus on the tone of the text or the writer’s purpose, as well as the use of exemplification or comparison. These questions may require candidates to infer the meaning from clues in the text, a skill which is an essential part of reading ability. The 4-option multiple-choice questions are presented in the same order as the

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    Get a Website Built Zakończone left

    I am starting a migration advice consulting business and would like a functional website that incorporates a world map, so as to infer a sense of a global community and one that makes use of powerful imagery as a background. I am not sure of the name yet so you'll just have to leave it blank for now. It must have links to a number of different government

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    ... these genes are paralogues, and hence share a common ancestral gene. You will download CFB, C2 and CFB/C2-like sequences from a number of species, multiply align them and infer phylogenetic trees using several methods. You will choose the ‘best’ representative tree and from this determine the likely timepoint of the CFB duplication event that led to

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    1 składanie ofert Copy one of those frames exactly, including the white mount/matt board inside, and paste it onto the big central poster. Would be great to get some "light thrown" to infer reflection on the glass as well. So the idea is that the central poster should appear as though it's framed Project needs to be completed within 3hrs. Pls start

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    ...December 16 for a 'Junior Accountant' and then in March 2017 you find that Peter Smith updated his resume/profile to be Junior Accountant for Company X in Florida. So we can infer that he was selected for this job-role from that specific job ad. You then download both sets of data (job ad and linkedin URL) - done. We need at least 250 of these pairs (job

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    Project for jmtamez2203 Zakończone left

    ...question ). 15. Describe what elements, the kind of information that must be available to do sensitivity and tradeoff analysis in making S&OP analytical decisions. Also, infer what situations in a company are the most difficult to provide quantitative analysis as a supply chain strategist. ...

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    To develop and document a brand identity for a marketing consultant, Oliver Samuel, The identity should be elegant, infer quality, follow the values of the consultant and be suitable for the target audience and the desired position in the marketplace. Please find attached the brief, and an example of the quality and depth

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    Social Medial Analytics Zakończone left

    Need some one to help in scraping data from Web and infer the data on the subject provided, Details can be discussed over the phone/ meeting

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    Trophy icon Handwriting analysis logo Zakończone left

    ...uncover personality and behaviour traits from handwriting movements. My face book page Handwriting Analysed explains further. I'd like to have a profile of a face perhaps to infer the personal nature of the business, or maybe a pen to form part of the logo. I don't necessarily want the words 'Handwriting Analysed' to form part of the logo - a shape containing

    $21 (Avg Bid)
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    We would love for you to come up with logo concepts to replace our current logo (attachment #1) Our team ...and on promos - We are open to new color combinations - You should probably include a house of some sort because the name of the team could be anything. We want to at least infer that we are a real estate team. - Use tagline: #MoreThanHouses

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    Build a Website Zakończone left

    The side should be not more as a Business Card side and should look like this: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] We are a S...[zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] We are a StartUp Airline and currently we need just a side in our colors with our logo (will provide all in an additional email then) and a field where people can infer there email address for a upcoming newsletter.

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    Trophy icon Help Refresh Packaging - 5 Point Detox Zakończone left understood by a consumer who cannot read English 4. Does not convey the strengths of the product – simple to take, fast acting, liquid herbal tonic. 5. We would like to infer weight loss (the consumer will loss 2-4 kilos in the first week but we can't claim weight loss due to strict regulations.) WHAT WE NEED: Packaging redesign. 1. FRONT

    $177 (Avg Bid)
    40 zgłoszenia email, you create a Subject that is Re: Original Subject, The Re: is stored in Subject Prefix and Original Subject is stored in the "Normalized Subject", and then you can infer the recipient if the mail has the same "Normalized Subject" and the REAL Recipient is likely the first quoted original email sender, and in the below example, Hilary Clinton

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    Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności
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    ...method is used one more time. The object 'aString' can be of any name, and you should not count the occurrence of variable names. You need to utilize the parsing result to infer that it is of type String. To avoid name conflict, you should use the complete package path in your program and in your report. For example, String should be written as "java

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    Write some Software Zakończone left

    ...a logic-based version of the agent mentioned above. A logic-based agent operates by storing sentences about the world in its knowledge base, using an inference mechanism to infer new sentences, and using these sentences to decide which action to take. This project should be implemented in PROLOG. For more information about the project requirements

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    ...the relationship between these two github codebanks: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] But it should hypothetically be simple to infer from the code for an experienced developer. The developer should also be able to run me through the process of updating data and HOW to edit it. NO FRONT END DESIGN NECESSARY

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    Looking for a logo design and graphic for a landing page on a but instead of the flowers etc, we'd like feathers. There's two things that we want to infer within the design "Heaven and Earth & Angels. It has to be subtle. We don't want a picture of Karen 'as' an Angel but possibly light used behind me to infer something along those lines...

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    Academic Writing Zakończone left the following Wikipedia link: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] And please read the following link for an example of how CCM is applied to infer whether causation is bidirectional, unidirectional or etc: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]~cdanfort/csc-reading-group/[zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] Below HERE ARE THE SIX

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    CEFR Test Questions Zakończone left

    ...2. How many months are in a year and a half? To correctly respond to the questions, a candidate must identify the words in phonological and syntactic context, and then infer the demand proposition. PART D: Sentence Builds For the Sentence Builds task, candidates hear three short phrases and are asked to rearrange them to make a sentence. The

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo Zakończone left

    I have two sister companies: Delta Information Technology Group Inc. and DeltaVault Online Backup Inc. I would like two related logos that infer a corporate relationship without being too similar. Delta Information Technology Group Inc.: Current amateur logo attached. The thought behind the graphic was to be reminiscent of a compass / radar

    $150 (Avg Bid)
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    ...with Semantic Web data. On the Semantic Web, SPARQL is used to retrieve information (using SELECT queries) and infer new information (using CONSTRUCT queries) from Semantic Web data. You will need to explore some data and retrieve/infer information from the data using SPARQL. Please do not bid if you are not well versed with OWL ontology in Protégé

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    Client requires accelerometer like detection of phone movement f...HTML5 should be able to process images using an algorithm which would help determine motion. Such as comparison of processed camera images on a regular basis should be able to infer speed of movement of environment. This speed measures in X and Y axis will be used for a video game.

    $564 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Credit (e) Using the CONTACT LENSES data -Assume the astigmatism attribute was missing from the 3rd record in the file (raw data). Using Bayesian techniques, what would you infer should go here?...

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    Write some Software Zakończone left

    ...Credit (e) Using the CONTACT LENSES data -Assume the astigmatism attribute was missing from the 3rd record in the file (raw data). Using Bayesian techniques, what would you infer should go here?...

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    We are seeking use at the top of our webpage. Nurse Academy offers educational video lessons for nurses and nursing students. We want the banner to utilize our logo somewhere and infer the ideas that we are a fun and caring education company for nurses. If using photos of nurses, please try to include both male and female nurses.

    $80 (Avg Bid)
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