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    ...and every month we mail out through our server. This avoids problems with our ISP and also temporarily adds to our traffic. Normally we have a company that does this for free as we share some of our database. However, this person is very ill and we have had to find alternatives. This request is quite simple. We need someone to mail out our newsletter

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    Patient Tracking PDA Zakończone left

    ...application in the area at one time and the application must be developed with this in mind. Features include: * Ability to record basic patient details: name, hospital record number, DoB, sex, admission date, ward, room and bed, consultant, notes, diagnosis, and allergies. * Automatic calculation of patients' age that also caters for Paediatrics

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    ...will contain basic information about the residents in several facilities. The system will be used to input resident information, view/change resident information, search/browse records and create reports (number of residents, available rooms, meals required per facility, etc.). Since the NPO facilities are located in Japan, the system must be fully capable

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    Website Zakończone left

    ...application (Fire, Police and Hospital) So we will get all the emergency news from these three webservices and we will display it on our website. this process of getting messages and news from webservices will be asynchronous. We will have 4 functionality in our website - resgitser ueser, manage user, Get News (Fire, Police, and Hospital), and Search news (depending

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    Med-Stor Zakończone left

    We have a client looking for an updated logo design. The name of the company is "MED-STOR" and they are a suppier of hospital storage products. Please submit a sketch with your bid. ONLY bids with sketches will be considered.

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    ...Website Design for hospital ----- Budget: $20-50 I am looking a web designer for few pages, a simple , website for Children Cancer Foundation's charity hospital. The main purpose is that, as the hospital is running out of it's expenses, need a impressive website which may motivate viewer to donate online or to come hospital and take expenses

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    Volunteer Management Zakończone left

    The need is for a web-based Volunteer Management System (VMS). An attempt was made by a volunteer to use existing open-source CMS' for the system, but he did not have the time to complete the project. It is my intent to offer this software to non-profits as a free/low-cost alternative to existing (expensive) VMS'. Word Picture of Project:

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    Looking for a simple script, or method (easy to update, fast and works with Front Page, Apache, Php etc) simple! to rotate each day of the week. The script is for a hospital cafe to show the "sandwich" of the day. I would also if possible like to have underneat the output of the "sandwich" of the day, possibley also another listing of another sandwhich

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    WebSite Design Zakończone left[zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] I would need 3 examples. Community Memorial Hospital Radiology Department (should be the title) If you just do the initial design we will take it from there. Thanks ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in re...

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    XML to Access Zakończone left

    ...into my access database or into a comma delimited file so that i can import that file. I would like it all to be done through access but I am open to suggestions. I can code access very well and this is the reason for my preferance. The files will need to be imported and then moved to a backup folder. The table structure and folder location

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    almost like [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL], but different.? I need a competent and fast programmer for this site.? all material and information will be4 available as work commences. I AM TERRIBLY SORRY, BUT I JUST GOT BACK FROM THE HOSPITAL BECAUSE OF A CAR ACCIDENT.? I SUFFERERED 2 BROKEN RIBS AND A HEAD INJURY, BUT AS THEY SAY THE SHOW MUCH GO ON.? ? PLEASE FORGIVE

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    ...bonus commision) Total of $3000.00 for 3 months Your total networth: $11000.00 OUR BENEFIT LIST: *Dental with patient advocacy *Pharmacy (galaxy network) *Physicians and Hospital *Vision *Chiropractic *Pharmacy premium (three-tiered and mail order) Hearing aids Diabetic care supplies Doctors on line Elder long term care alternative medicine Nurse hot-line

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    $200 - $300
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    Systems Engineering (2) Zakończone left

    I'm looking for a simple record system for a Medical Practice which only consists of: - doctors (4-6) - Nurse - Midwife (part-time) - Health visitor - Locums (doctor/nurse) It must inlcude these details... - Details of all patients registered at the practice (e.g. names, address N.I. number etc...) & medical record notes. - Details

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    .NET Zakończone left

    The team of 3 developers, specializing on .NET technology, J2EE. We have lot of experience with clients locates in UK, like Sterling Relocation(London), NHS(Salford Royal Hospital NHS Trust), Ireland - TRS House, USA - Ramster, GalaBase and others. The references, samples or contact details available upon request. We're currently located in Ukraine

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    $200 - $300
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    ...following items that the user can input. 1. Movie Star Name 2. User Name 3. Location (City, State) 4. Restaurant Name 5. Hotel Name 6. Illness 7. Activity 8. Hospital 9. Day of Week 10. Movie Title So for example article Paris Hilton is planning to marry her boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. It will be the first marriage

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    Fake Gossip Column Zakończone left

    ...following items that the user can input. 1. Movie Star Name 2. User Name 3. Location (City, State) 4. Restaurant Name 5. Hotel Name 6. Illness 7. Activity 8. Hospital 9. Day of Week 10. Movie Title So for example article Paris Hilton is planning to marry her boyfriend, Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis. It will be the first marriage

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    ...field. I have a variety of minor changes that need to be made: Physician search function similar to the way the customer can search. Add "Exam Description" free text field to tbl_Order for the customer to populate during on the "New Work Order" page. Also make this same field editable via the physician interface when opening

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    Magazine masthead/cover Zakończone left

    This project is for a hospital news magazine masthead. The magazine covers local healthcare information and hospital news. It will be called "Ministry Health Connection". I need a fresh design for the heading and any other cover suggestions are welcome. One of the colors on the cover must be dark blue. This isn't a "happy"

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    The company is a staffing agency, the users of their site will be Hospital staffing administrators and people in the medical field. It will used by hospital staffing personel to get more information about the company, and the services they offer, as well as recruitment tools to attract nurses. Here are some ideas for the logs: Anything with Nursing

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    Simple AI Questions Zakończone left

    ...structure and thematic roles, explain how a computer program can reject the following ungrammatical sentences: i) * My dog barked the strangers. ii) * The little boy kept in the hospital. iii) * The water boiled the little boy I do not just want the answer, i want you to explain it to me so i can understand how to work it out myself. You should be able to

    $5 - $10
    $5 - $10
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    Formal Specification Zakończone left

    ...write me a formal specifcation on a hospital system details of which will be provided in the zip file. The specification must identify data invariants, operations and states for the system. I would also prefer if reasons could be given for the choices made. I wouls also like you to Provide Z notation schemas for the system. In addtion i would like a short

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    hospital management Zakończone left

    dsfasdfsdafsdfasfadf ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be in ready-to-run condition, as follows (depending on the nature of the deliverables): a) For web sites or other server-side deliverables intended to only ever exist

    $500 - $600
    $500 - $600
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    Report on H. Fundings Zakończone left

    ...required 800-1000) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? In Australia case mix funding has been adopted for the hospital services. What are the alternatives to case mix funding for hospitals. Please mention the advantages and disadvantages of the different approaches to funding hospital inpatient services. **Part-2** (total words required 800-1000) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Select

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    ...Name, Counselors Name, Case Number, Entrance Date as well as a column that tells the user whether or not this “patient file” has documents that have not yet been approved by management. You should be able to sort by any of these attributes. Once you click on the patients name you will go into the next screen. Patient Detail Screen The top half of

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    I am designing websites and need royalty-free photos of MDs and nurses taking care of patients in a hospital setting. I found one commercial house on the web but their prices were far too high. Just need relatively low rez jpgs, the photos will be only 100-250 pixels wide. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    ...CityView Phone BBQ Maid's Room Under - Community Features Fitness Center Pool Courtyard Controlled Access Public Access Shopping School Church Hospital Bus Restaurants Fruit Trees And more if I need it. 3) Be able to suspend and/or delete agent and all his/her listing. Or visible - no visible would be fine as

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    Flash Commercial Zakończone left

    **Creative Flash Commercial** Create a Flash movie to promote software training at a hospital. See Attached script... Critical Consideration: * Must be light (not large file)... * Must be Entertaining... * No audio required (could provide light sound effects) - script effectiveness should not be dependent on audio. * Must be able

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    ...I need someone to assist with the design and due to the nature of the data to be stored, it has been agreed that a Formal Specification for the project is desirable. The system must accurately record : Details of all patients registered at the practice (eg. name, address, NI number, GP ...) and their medical record (notes). Details of all past

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    I am currently proposing a new hospital news magazine. I will be writing most of the articles, but am looking for a designer and possibly another writer to work with me on this project. If you are interested in this project, please send 2-3 samples of newsletters or ads you have created in the past two years for U.S. hospitals. Samples can be uploaded

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    Someone with a real estate website design background would be helpful. I need a web site to mirror t...into a little ambulance when they navigate the site. I want the message on the main page to say "Specializing in the home selling & buying needs of clinic & hospital employees" I want an eye catching site the is easy to navigate.

    $20 - $100
    $20 - $100
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    Hospital Management ERP Zakończone left

    Hi All Coders, We Have a Multispeciality Hospital opening shortly. For this hospital we want total ERP solution. Please let me know ur views. If u have any readymade ERP for Hospital Please send me the detials and screenshots of it. I want this ERP with in 50 days. If any questions please ask. Regards, Peter ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

    $500 - $5000
    $500 - $5000
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    Hi, We have the following acrobat form designed and installed in a server running Linux: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] We want to send the data through a CGI script to our server by e-mail. We have the attached script that was provided by our developer but that is not working correcly in our server. The script is is working just

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    pharmacy application Zakończone left

    i am looking to do a pharmacy software and hospital software if any one has ready software or have for clinecs or hospitals or accounting please show me thanks and regards ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Deliverables must be

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    ASP Drag and Drop Zakończone left

    **See attached files for full requirements** This project will give a graphical representation of a hospital ward. The user will be able to drag and drop a patient onto various parts of the screen. Layers are to be used and you must be able to drag and drop the patient layers around the screen. Area 1 is to use remote scripting to refresh the list

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    Data harvesting Zakończone left

    ...(if family owned, or animal hospital, etc) 7. 1 Picture with the facility (128x96 px), external as JPEG coded for the recordID (ie. [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]). If they do not have digital pictures you can instruct vendors to mail them to us, mentioning their unique ID so we can cross-reference the pictures. We will scan and process them free of charge. 8. Short busines...

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    a Portal for a Hospital Zakończone left

    I'm looking for a very good hospital portal with the features implemented in the following solotion : [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]

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    This site needs to be done in ASP.Net OR in PHP as the server supports these two options. This site will be the online home of a new non-profit being formed to help build a hospital for the people of Uganda. The domain(s) have already been purchased, as well as web hosting for the site, this information will be provided at the start of the project.

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    Complete Hospital System Management, should feature group policies and security, allowing minimal access based on the users Title from Doctors to nurses to secretaries, the application must be designed in the .net frame work using SQL as a database. the application will be responsible for catching and centralizing data for all patients, including medical

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    EMS Call Tracking Zakończone left

    ...LAYOUT? Once you hit insert to add a new call you will be asked for which medic unit.. then once a selection is made you will be taken to the call information screen. This will ask basic information about the call you are entering. 1. Address location of the call 2. person name/address/city 3. First Responders (drop DownList) 4. Dispatcher

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    The project is to extend and enhance an existing custom MS Access database application. The application is called the Patient Information Management system (PIMS). Functions of the PIMS include patient registration, billable encounters, and non-billable patient interactions. Primary users of the application are not computer saavy, so the clarity and

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    60667 Design for a site Zakończone left it needs to be organised in such a way. - the menu will be on the left (vertical) - the graphics in the head should be something like people discussing something, a nice hospital building, etc. that sort of stuff - the main colours are to be red and gray - apart from the head graphics I also need a graphics that is to be used for displaying data inside

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    Patient Tracking System Zakończone left

    I require a very small database program for pocket pc that keeps track of patients on a hospital ward. The program would need a PC based program that could sync with the program and would allow viewing of the database records and also have a separate section to customize layout of the pocket pc side. The database specifications are included in the attached

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    Need to develop a three tier application completly in Java JDK 1.4.2 (not Javascript or variants). Should be a hospital management system with JDBC/RMI/CORBA database access to maintain patient history. Database structure will be provided to coder with basic structure of program and functions needed to be performed. Should use extensive

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    Using object oriented techniques model the well being hospital system attempt all of the question stated below .. the Get Well hospital has 3 wards, initially all of the wards are full . each ward contains 4 patinets ,2 Drs, and 2 nurses. A patient can have 4 possible illness.. tonsillitis which is treatable only by operation. appendicitis

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    I need 10 layouts developed for a Rehabilitation Center/Hospital. We need the layous to resemble a "Serenity", "Comfort", smoothing colors, etc. The themes are for a "Rehabilitation Center/Hospital", and need to be a "Calming", "Serentiy" feel.

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    Specifications for HL7 RIS development Our company has developed a web based RIS or Radiology Information System product which requires an HL7 interface so that we can send our information to various HL7 compliant billing software entities. 1. Immediately need the ability to provide an unidirectional HL7 send / integration to a billing product 2

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    I have had a great Fla...tricky problem I need help with - an animation of a real person - I have all the gifs and psd files and my previous flash programmer nearly got it finished before going off to hospital. This needs an expeienced Flash Designer and Programmer who is prepared to work on someone elses project and carry it through to completion.

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    Easy Matlab Proj Zakończone left

    ...zooming in and out of the data and zooming in and out of selected area of the data and standard "file" opening/selecting. The data is a 6 hr long snoring data collected from the hospital, the gui must include a push button which when pressed, detects the number of snores per hour. ***Explanation of codes must be provided. Must be able to deliver in

    $30 - $5000
    $30 - $5000
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    ...[Customs House|The Parade] [Three Crowns Pub|The Parade] [Gin Distillery|Southside Street] SetArea=Beacon Park [The Civil Service Club|Recreation Road] [Scott Hospital|Beacon Park Road] [Montpelier Primary School|Beaconfield Road] once the .txt file is parsed into memory the application then must show 50 questions (no repetition)

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    ...intersystems cache database as a back end for our website to do the following: [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] look up that will enable authorized users through their browsers to look up hospital and dr information in our database. there are approximately 2 million records, each having the same basic 10 [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] will be able to print their results. qu...

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