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    ik zoek een ios senior developer

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    3 a4 over wetenschapsfilosofie

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    Make a offline Map for a application. At this moment I 'm creating an app, using a drag and drop, in the program [login to view URL] This program supported jQuer mobiler and PhoneGap. At the moment I want to use an offline Map. Can you create it? It concerns an offline file of Malta with added markers based on the degree of longitude and degree of latitude and followed by a click add...

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    I need an app for both Android and Iphone which almost has the same functionalities as the Tinder app. I will tell the small differences to the one who will get the project because of confidentiality. It is acceptable if that extra information leads to some extra costs because of extra programming work.

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    Build a webbased MYSQL database system with HTML/CSS frontend which can be used by multiple companies with their own login and own data. Purpose of the solution and functions to be discussed through non-public email on request.

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    Een inventarisatie app voor het Bagels en Beans concept. Een app met categorieën en sub categorieën om vervolgens met plus en min bij te houden.

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    I would like to redesign the app named Life - Period Tracker, Menstrual Cycle Calendar, Ovulation & Fertility Diary for Women’s Health. This is the link: [login to view URL] The app has to be identical in development (structure and content) but we will change colors and icons. And we will add 1 extra feature of a Photo album. (The button for gallery will come on the homepage.) I w...

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    eBook / Whitepaper schrijven rondom Klanttevredenheidsonderzoek/ Net Promoter Score.

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    Looking for the development of an app sending reminders to the user concerning legal dates (vat, fiscal declarations). We have 4 types of users, receiving every month 2 or 3 reminders.

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    I'm making an music app, i will need a logo for the app, home screen picture, and 4 pictures inside the app. this is all i need, i will tell you how it need to look like its easy. but i need good quality.

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    We are looking for a desktop application that is able to connect to our desired web-based crime game, in this game there are a few actions which should be done by hand, we want them to be done for us by a program. the game consists of clicking and typing, after a few minutes of playing you are required to insert a captcha code, this captcha shows 4 simple images. You'll be able to continue...

    $10 - $37
    $10 - $37
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    Looking for a web application for manually digitizing scanned pdf files where ocr is not possible. Bulk upload several PDF files (one page per file). Very simple split screen GUI with on the left-side the PDF visualisation and right-side a form layout with ± 15 fields (first name, last name, address, ...). Browse the records + one search field that searches in all the fields and nar...

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    Voor mijn bedrijf ben ik op zoek naar: Een ster in organiseren...administratie. Ben jij, betrouwbaar, heel betrouwbaar, snel, bij de tijd, actief, energiek en een echte duizendpoot in een kantoor omgeving en ook zeer zelfstandig? Schrijf mij dan! Misschien werken wij dan binnenkort samen om deze wereld beter te maken. (huidverzorgingsmerk)

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    I would like to have a radio app for iphone. It needs to have a couple of pages with radio icons. When you click on the radio icon it wil start streaming the radio channel. Below you see some bar with : play, stop, volume. It woud be nice if it is also compatible for ipad. I would like to have a beautiful ui interface.

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    I want to Rewrite the url of a website. 95% of the website has: [login to view URL](name-of-the-product) I want to remove the "nl/1-home/" from the url with a rewrite for SEO. Tried to change the existing .htaccess file with: RewriteEngine ON RewriteRule ^nl/1-home/(.*)$ $1 [L,QSA] but that did not work out well. In the attachment the existing htaccess If this is not ...

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    Voor onze klanten willen we graag een app maken die kan draaien op een kiosk met touchscreen. De klant wilt foto's, reclame films en specs tonen op het kiosk scherm. For our customers, we want to create an app that can run on a kiosk with touch screen. The customer want pictures , commercials and specs show on the kiosk screen .

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    Building an as described in the attached document, now for android and later for windows. The app reads the info from a MySQL database which will be provided if i have enough confidence you can build the app for a reasonable price. The graphics are very limited, a logo of the shop must be shown. Former experience with builiding apps is a must and i will need to see them.

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    Ik zoek iemand die de code kan schrijven voor een Arduino. De arduino moet DMX signalen inlezen en Dali signalen uitsturen. De hardware heb ...will let my Dali light go off (x=1024) and show a dimming curve (x=1024+), but I am unable to send a command to only one Dali adres. Who can help. 1. with a full program or 2. with some guidance.

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    hi all, we have currecnt iphone application and we need certain feature to be addes. The points are: 1 change the splash screen, add slider menu, create the build, upload to app store.

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    Cannot specify here, but technically it will be somewhat like Tinder. I am looking for someone who is willing to cooperatively work on this app, for part of the revenues rather than a fixed amount up front/after. There will be a budget if needed to speed up development.

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    Looking for a Dutch Writer for possible long term. Kindly send me some samples you have written in the past. Also kindly let me know how many articles you can write per day. I'm looking for 250 articles at the moment good for $500 I'm okay with milestone payment on this platform etc Happy bidding!

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    Essay about a subject regarding Criminal Justice in China. Requirements: doesn't have to be the best essay, but at least: -4000 words -a few good sources -good English

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    [login to view URL], heb een auto post script.. alleen werkt op films van 2016.. wil graag dat ik het ook kan gebruiken voor series en films van alle jaren.. en als het mogelijk is, wanneer ik de test knop druk om te auto posten dat de juiste jaar ook goed staat in de titel van de post..

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    bestaande access-database met tabellen in sharepoint wil ik helemaal op punt plaatsen.

    $37 - $309
    $37 - $309
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    Nu is er een excelfile met macro's. Deze excelfile maakt een connectie (door plugin) met een hosted...macro's aan de slag en verbergen alle lege regels, voeren formules door op de binnengehaalde data, etc. Ik wil graag een softwareapplicatie die hetzelfde doet óf een soort software laag over Excel heen die dit doet. Doel: stabieler, professioneler.

    $349 (Avg Bid)
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    Create iphone app

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Voor een nieuw project zijn we opzoek naar een development team die het gehele project van A tot Z voor zowel iPhone als Android kan realiseren. De focus ligt op het bouwen van een native app voor deze applicaties (front + backend). Hierbij wordt gebruik gemaakt van functionaliteiten kaarten, GPS, social media en de upcoming sharing economy.

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    Wil je teksten schrijven voor Nederlanse websites? Je kan teksten schrijven met een hoge kwaliteit en je weet hoe om te gaan me zoekwoorden in teksten. Per site schrijf je ongeveer 2500-3000 woorden Geef door wat je prijs per woord is. Project ID: 1044559

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Screen scrape 5 large B2B e-commerce websites and put the items + properties in an excel sheet. 300K items per site and +/- 20 properties per item. More sites will follow after succes.

    $173 (Avg Bid)
    $173 Średnia Oferta:
    2 składanie ofert

    i need a ms access scraping tool it should get data of a website into a ms access table, data: title, url, image, contact (phone, email) description, price (and a few small fields more) the tool should be made in ms access (frontend) and backend database.

    $139 (Avg Bid)
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    HTML5/canvas. Build a 3D viewer for anatomy education. Functions have to include: pan, zoom, rotate, make transparent, highlight, and search.

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    $841 Średnia Oferta:
    8 składanie ofert

    Looking for an experienced iphone app developer. I want to develop a app that removes the caption and the countdown of a snapchat photo. Similar like this app> [login to view URL]*/id896890211

    $1086 (Avg Bid)
    $1086 Średnia Oferta:
    17 składanie ofert

    Ontwikkelaar/ programmeur/ developer met java of php of .net of magneto of WordPress. Tekstautomatisering selenium/ xebia of fitnesse Graag ontwikkelaars uit Suriname

    $50 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $50 / hr Średnia Oferta:
    6 składanie ofert

    I need someone that can create an Android application that can adjust camera output in realtime and allow users to save their pictures. Preferably the application would use some sort of filter to adjust the color scheme and brightness of the images in realtime and allow users to save their images like this and/or upload them to social media.

    $192 (Avg Bid)
    $192 Średnia Oferta:
    10 składanie ofert

    Graag wil ik tegen betaling mijn eindopdracht voor mijn HBO logistiek manager laten maken. Ik volg een thuisstudie.

    $418 (Avg Bid)
    $418 Średnia Oferta:
    4 składanie ofert

    Als PHP Developer bij Gravenberch ga je mee werken aan een nieuwe web applicatie en zorg je ervoor dat deze efficiënt, slim gebruiksvriendelijk en bizar snel en super strak eruit ziet. Je weet vakkundig connectivity toe te passen en nieuwe methodes te bedenken hoe efficiënter in een cloud omgeving te werken.

    $9390 (Avg Bid)
    $9390 Średnia Oferta:
    12 składanie ofert

    Physics-engine for a 3D Game. The physics-engine should return the X,Y,Z-coordinates and velocity of a rolling object at any time. The object can be hit with a specified force and angle.

    $250 (Avg Bid)
    $250 Średnia Oferta:
    1 składanie ofert

    3 problems - Fix RSS issue (choose right category and add company logo) - When click on button, send email to the company ("line reading and sending e...button, send email to the company ("line reading and sending email"). - When type 3 letters in search field and View suggestion from database CMS: Wordpress Deadline: 2 days 3 - 5 hour work

    $43 (Avg Bid)
    $43 Średnia Oferta:
    5 składanie ofert

    I want to build a multi user speech recognition testing program. It must be able to make a optimal profile for indidual persons It must be in the languages Dutch and English It must be able to recognise key words in a sentence the program may nog use api that costs money to run the program

    $763 (Avg Bid)
    $763 Średnia Oferta:
    10 składanie ofert

    Specialist Android app Developer Need a custom mobile app made QUICKLY !. I need someone who is very specialist in coding for Android to create a perfect working, feature rich and nice looking android app. Focusing on most used devices and android versions. Description of App Here: It’s about a dynamic unlock screen app, “Swipe to unlock” screen that you have to swipe...

    $2580 (Avg Bid)
    $2580 Średnia Oferta:
    50 składanie ofert

    Need a custom mobile app made QUICKLY !. I need someone who is very specialist in coding for iOS to create a perfect working, feature rich and nice looking iphone app. Description of App Here: How many times a day do they check their phone, it’s a check counter app, with some extra point. Requirements: Someone who - Can not only program but can also do the UI design - Has at le...

    $3150 (Avg Bid)
    $3150 Średnia Oferta:
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    I need a coder that can make a application for iPhone. (Game Application)

    $116 (Avg Bid)
    $116 Średnia Oferta:
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    I need an app like Tinder

    $1092 (Avg Bid)
    $1092 Średnia Oferta:
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    Een boek over een hele speciale gebeurtenis

    $342 (Avg Bid)
    $342 Średnia Oferta:
    1 składanie ofert

    is there some one here that is a quant and know how to build an algorithm trading software? i would like to discuss my project in further details. price is negotiable

    $3560 (Avg Bid)
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    24 składanie ofert

    Create the software to make online 3D drawings and calculations for installing solar panels on a roof. Similar like [login to view URL] Connect this to a "bill of material" calculator, a webshop and an ERP program (preferable magento

    $5867 (Avg Bid)
    $5867 Średnia Oferta:
    34 składanie ofert

    Een financieel plan (worst-best-realistic case scenario uitschrijven).

    $135 (Avg Bid)
    $135 Średnia Oferta:
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    I need someone to do research and write me a book about how to invest in gold and silver coins. and how to know they are real and how to make money using this method.

    $254 (Avg Bid)
    $254 Średnia Oferta:
    6 składanie ofert

    Looking for a dev that can do BB10 and Android dev. Must have knowledge of Symantec encryption management server USP protocol.

    $11217 (Avg Bid)
    $11217 Średnia Oferta:
    37 składanie ofert

    Hallo, Ik heb een website over social media marketing. Ik zoek schrijvers die voor mij artikelen kunnen schrijven over het gebruik van E-mailmarketing, Linkedin, Twitter en/of Facebook voor ondernemers.

    $10 - $37
    $10 - $37
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