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    Angularjs2 and WebAPI Zakończone left

    Experience Architecture Required with hands on. Skill Required : Angularjs2+, HTML5, CSS , .Net Web API and SQL Server. Job : 1. Review of existing code of all layers which include all the above technology. 2. Documentation for review with all the reviews comments and a way to fix those comments. 3. Suggestion and code of implementing design patterns, dependency injection and others in...

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    The HRM Portal could be accessed from any corner of the world on net. Designed and implemented the administrator module in the application that has central control over the whole portal. web application where store the details of employees, join new Employee, apply leave request,view status of leave, generate pr and po, client billing module, generate invoice and release employee etc [zaloguj się,...

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    I have some examples that I need put onto a one page PDF so I can get printed. This will require you to write and design the PDF from scratch. Although I want you to design based on my examples, it still will need to be started and completed by you and send me the finalized pdf file.

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    please find attachment ... need a good Knowledge magento developer, i need 2 task to be done on search page .

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    I have some examples that I need put onto a one page PDF so I can get printed. This will require you to write and design the PDF from scratch. Although I want you to design based on my examples, it still will need to be started and completed by you and send me the finalized pdf file.

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    We need 1 page code for a Shopify landing page we designed. You need to reproduce the page already designed, add the Liquid code (of shopify) and install it on my website URGENT WORK

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    provide, as specified, two cg landscapes

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    I need a "Coming Soon" Landing page for a restaurant. Below are the features I need on this page, besides the visually appealing design. 1) Lead Generation Form- Need a table in the backend or an excel sheet where the customers details can be easily accessed. If you do not know how to do this, don't bid. 2) Countdown Counter. 3) Google Map Directions and Location of restaur...

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    Clean up my slide!! I have one slide that needs to be turned into a professional neat infographic. You can change the layout and any fonts or suggestions would be welcome. This needs to stay in powerpoint as I have to produce another 5 content pages.

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    We need to scrape some channels on discord. ([zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL]). The data is from a live feed from a bot. Need to be able to gather this and put it into a database real time. The data is GPS locations and time stamps The database will be used to feed into a GPS application to display the details in a responsive website. • We ONLY need the scraper portion built. • W...

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    Obtain Ebay ID's Zakończone left

    Please make the first statement in your response "I have built scrapers before" so that I know you read the proposal. The best way to do this would be to set up some kind of scraper that will scrape all the ebay item ID's for a specific seller and add them to a CSV. Each item ID will be a different cell in the CSV. Some of the stores are very large and could have up to 500,00...

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    I need an experienced and creative designer for my website's home page, pictures, graphic contents and theme design. I am planning to revamp my website appearance thus, I need a person who can come up with multiple (7- 10) sample pages and designs and finalize 3 best among them. Did you work in designs that has search functionality like Airbnb in their home page? Has your design made go...

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    I have a one page document that will be sent to investors that will give a basic overview of my company, Grabien. Everything is done, it just needs to be formatted so it looks nice & professional. Attached are: 1) The doc itself; 2) Various versions of Grabien's new logo, 3) Various client logos (there's a section where it says "the biggest names in media use Grabien") and ...

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    I have an A3 form that I use daily for motivation. I would like a 28 day (56 page) book created of this form. Each day is on 2 pages and I'd like each Page to be A4. It will need to be laid out . There will be slight modifications for each day but minimal. I need it to be laid out in a way that is potentially saleable. My aim is to get the basic outline for Day one right and agreed and t...

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    Looking for someone who can sale Homeopathic book via Amazon or any other source

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    I have attached a file of an existing php file that I am using now to display a random link on webpages on several remote servers. The urls are obtained from a text file I am storing in a directory on another remote server. I am not sure if this is possible, but I would like to add a feature to this script so that I can set how many times in total each url in the remote url text file will be s...

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    We are redesigning our website and need someone to put together 2 mockups of the home page. I can share the link of the previous website, but we want the new designs to be very different. We are going for a new style/feel that is lighter, modern and personable. Law firms are generally drab, with books and courtrooms, we want to try and stay away from that feel by making the site more appealing. Al...

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    I need to scrape the vehicle database from the site noted on the attached file to retrieve the following data: vehicle year vehicle make vehicle model bolt pattern offset range wheel size range hub diameter thread pitch lug type

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    Hello, I need a custom print out for our laboratory. The Custom Print out would need to pull information from a couple of different plugins that we are gathering information with. Woo commerce custom charges plugin, Woo commerce quotation plugin, and Woo Commerce Custom Checkout Plugin. The information we need in the custom print out would include All custom Check out information in tabular fo...

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    Hi, guys. We are looking for a highly skilled Rails developer to join our existing team. The project is a large scale b2b saas application with thousands of active users. We work with Rails, Postgres, Jquery, additionally we are currently looking at [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] for parts of our application. We write test and will be using a CI build system very soon. We also have an API...

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    Hi LisanderPrado, He tenido una excelente relacion con un technico Venezolano pero debido a los problemas que su Pais esta atravesando, no se nada de este technico desde algunas semanas. Me puedes decir si tu piensas que podrias trabajar en un programa en .NET en un server window sql 2012. Mi pregunta es tienes internet y puedes trabajar ahora?

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    We have a complex excel spreadsheet that uses a lot of vlookup and iflookup functions so we would like to develop a small application to manage the database and extract the reports. here is a process: 1. we will be loading information on the shipments on daily basis: destination, number of palettes, customer name, type of shipment etc. 2. based on the number of palettes, type of shipment and chos...

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    Tengo problemas con un query que contiene funciones las cuales provocan que la consulta a la base de datos sea muy lenta, necesito optimizar ese query lo mejor posible.

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    Write some software that will scrape journal abstracts. Create a wordcloud from the abstracts.

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    Posts for Facebook Page Zakończone left

    Hi everyone! I am looking for someone who will be able to write posts for my facebook page approximately 20 posts per month (7k-8k symbols). How much will You charge for such a job?

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    Thank you for reading this job post. I want to buy reasonable items to sell. This is the tool to increase efficiency of buying. At first I will share you the procedure that I buy the items from market. [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] Please check this and read the below steps. 1. I'm using Android app which notify me when it find the needed item.   [zaloguj się, aby wyświetl...

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    I need an excellent designer to design 2 posts for my health and fitness page. The right designer will projects from me ALL THE TIME. I have attached some examples of the types of designs I will will require. So if you feel are interested in getting work on a long-term basis, JUST BID ! My page is in French... So its an advantage if you speak French. :D

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    I need to scrape the web for specific prices of 50 items on amazon and put them into google sheets. The google sheets page needs to be live prices where I don't have to update them. There are many online tutorials

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    Hire a Java Developer Zakończone left

    Iam looking for an experienced, hard working Java Developer with these skills - Java, JBOSS,Spring,Javascript, should have knowledge of Marklogic ( no sql db). Should be available during US day time. Flexible schedule. Be available and willing to work on weekends if needed. Should deliver assigned work immediately. Long term work.

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    Build a Website Zakończone left

    Hello, We have a project in production phase developed in PHP with some modules in C# and a MySQL database. It is a software to make accounting at printers embedding a software in them. We want to distribute it for windows users and the idea is to translate and merge all the parts in a unique project develeloped in MVC and SQL server. The idea is to have the possibility to distribute...

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    Convert PDF to sql Zakończone left

    Hello, I'm in need to Convert the Pdf Formatted Data to Sql table

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    I need to connect POSmaid (POS application Built on SQL Lite) to a website built on Big Cartel.

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    I have 15 subtabs of my website that need to be linked so users can open to that spot on the page. The website is [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] Thank you

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    Proszę, Zarejestruj się lub Zaloguj, żeby zobaczyć szczegóły.

    Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności
    Hire a PHP Developer Zakończone left

    Connecting to MS SQL Server and SQL Azure databases

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    I'm looking for a good native English speaker who can teach me English via free conversation.

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    I got the Brother Label printer QL-720NW. I need print data to in from by SQL using PHP. However, I just need someone help me to fix the format problems in HTML. The printer is continuese label print and I don't have a fix number of item to print. So, you have help me to do paper CUT at the end of last line print. and I got the page break problems as well. Please have a the the sample p...

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    I am looking for a parson to design a program that will scrape information from predetermined websites that are not on my server. In infromation is text but it is on many different websites that do not conform to one format. The information will then need to be filtered and inserved into a database but an automated process.

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    Develop responsive web page, like a dashboard. 1) The goal is to create a responsive web report (HTML, CSS and Java Script) 2) It is necessary that the code be organized and modular for integration with the backend 3) A draft of the 3 required pages will be provided 4) A brand visual identity document will be provided

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    Python project Zakończone left

    python project involving reading data from sql files and exporting to excel

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    We have a functioning archive page for a Custom Post Type, but we are in need of some design and functionality changes that will require an experienced PHP developer to create an [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] page: - Go from 4 column to 3 column - Designs based on specified requirements - Incorporate other Custom Post Types into this page - Sorting and pagination (not using AJAX but actual...

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    I built an Ads website by ASP.Net, C#, SQL Server. Small Issues required to be solved as per below: - In the Admin Page, when i try to delete any User/Admin it give me an error.

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    I have an arduino Nano in a toy, connected to my phone via an ESP8622 WIFI module. In the toy I have the DFPlayer-MP3 player module, and an audio speaker system. I want the arduino play an MP3 file from my phone's memory. I don't want to use the SD card in the DFPlayer. I want someone to write me a simple code that will make the arduino play the file from my phone memory. I need both and...

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    I am looking for a freelancer that can streamline the backend of our website. We are using a purchased premium theme, and the load speed of the site is terrible. We want to do a few things. - Increase page speed (make the site load nice and fast) - Better Google Page Speed Rank - Better pingdom score - Remove all unnecessary requests from plugins and wordpress Load time should be below...

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    I recently had a web scraping script created to scrape websites for product reviews. I need this script updated with new websites added. I've attached all of the old and new URL's and websites that I need added to this script and will send the original script upon award of this project. THIS MUST BE DONE ASAP!!!!

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    One page webpage, html 5, with a payment button for bitcoin and etherium via coinbase. Developer will also have to guide me through creating the appropriate widget or API keys on coinbase. Skills needed: Html 5, knowledge of cryptocurrencies, Coinpbase API or widgets

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    I have 10 websites that I need their home pages re-designed in Slider Revolution using Templates from Slider Revolution that I will provide. All I need is a designer to swap the content inside of the template with the content I provide them. I need an affordable designer since its already pre-designed and a fast turnaround.

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    Write a Utility to Split Ms Word Document. Option 1: 1 Page each separate files. Option 2:. 1-1,2-7,8-9 (Something on these line .. you can give better option) VB.NET - Desktop App (Visual Basic) with Source Code If you can do it and interested please let me know will share a Sample Doc. Write a Utility to Split Ms Word Document. Option 1: 1 Page each Option 2:. 1-1,2-7,8-9 (Something on ...

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    Trophy icon Design a Facebook landing page Zakończone left

    I want to design banners/images for my facebook groups.

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    NOTE: I might get the entire site redesigned or may be some pages of it with new section and a good number of new pages, it is up to you as to how well you can impress me in the first home page mock up and if I like what I see then the complete work can be yours. This is just first page of it. Link to the website is in the attachment. Looking for someone who is creative and does research and pu...

    $80 (Avg Bid)
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