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    IT Security Architectures Assignment 1 dnia left

    Help to write a Security Architectures Assignment regarding permissions

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    Excel Assignment Zakończone left

    Three simple Excel questions based on formula

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    I have an assignment which needs to be done. This assignment is split into 3 tasks. I have completed the majority of task 1 and I need a fast job. I need the code to be basic but good quality. I can also send the criteria. I am a student so ill be on a budget. I ALSO NEED IT TO BE 100% PLAGIARISM FREE! Thanks :)

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    Writing Assignment Zakończone left

    Write assignment for [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] for hindi version (medium) approx 50-70 pages from. I have all required content fro assignment.

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    simple program using apache common csv and hadoop you must have relevant experience with AWS Map reducing

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    Trophy icon Assignment Lab Logo Zakończone left

    Hi I need unique logo for my brand ( Assignment Lab). our work is to help student with their assignments I wish the logo show any of Lab Features for example but not limited to "lab flask" The logo should be in PSD File and JPG

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    Mathmatic is needed as well as contract knowledge in terms of petrol companies

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    FIRST CHECK THIS -> No interested in freelancers that bid at one price without understanding the project, and raise the price later. Please take the time to understand the project carefully before bidding bc I took the time to explained it with details and price changes won't be allow. Please submit a sample with your bid. REQUEST -> Check sample file attached and review that the value...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C

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    Minimum 5 years Experience with MBA is a MUST, the Project is to write about 2 group of products SEGMENTATION AND TARGET MARKET. This is real project NOT school assignment. We need minimum 2500 WORDS

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    Need help in making early childhood assignments

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    I need you to write a research article business [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] date for assignment is 20Aug and contain 2000 words

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using .NET. Looking for low budget freelancer with OCR experiences

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    We need someone to create nice job duties/description for the position of International Project Manager. In addition, we need an international job assignment to be prepared for the same International Project Manager. We will provide some narratives as well as our vision of how the final product should look like.

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    Projekt z Umową o Zachowaniu Poufności
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    Python Assignment Zakończone left

    Need help with 2 python questions (very beginner/basic). Pm me and I will forward you details.

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    Need to do a fundamnetals of networking assignment

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    Create 5 puzzles/assignment targeted for Java Engineers with 2-5 years experience puzzle which can make them think OOPS concepts and core java fundamentals skills for sure. also write batch or automation to evaluate code written by java engineers, to see if java engineer passed or failed. evaluating criteria must be puzzle, problem solving

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    data typing assignment Zakończone left

    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet.

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    3 Questions need to be answered from the attached ebook. need it ASAP

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    ERP Trends- How ERP systems and associated technology has evolved over the period. Along with the future scope of ERP. (10 pages, 10 font size. Times new roman, 4-5 images max allowed. )

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    I need help of an experienced person. It is an assignment and I do not have much experience related with OpenFoam. The topic is numerical simulation of journal bearing. I do not want somebody make my assignment and send it to me. I just need help to understand the main point to solve the assignment. Please contact me if you have enough experience

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    Create iOs assignment Zakończone left

    need to make a command line calculator in swift

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    accounting assignment Zakończone left

    I need some help with finding an accountant.

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    Estimate, evaluate and predict housing prices based on three data set. Main task is to run a regression model through Excel to specify intercept, coefficients, MSEs and thereonafter predict and answer a couple of questions in three stages. Please see attached document before applying. Data sets are will be sent when offer is accepted.

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    work will be related to world history (1450-present) Only apply if you think you can research well and give me what i want. I will not pay you if i find the first work not upto the mark. NO PLAGIARISM. This is not a one time job, there are several works within this project hence the budget is fixed for each work.

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    I need a web scraping expert who can go to [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] and extract compensation data for approx. 6,800 positions across 6 countries. Once extracted, the data has to be put in the attached excel file in the same order of my headers. This job needs to be done for 6 African countries. Scoping factors entail: salary, bonus, equity, years of experience

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    Choose a product category and brand or company, i.e. cookies – Oreos or Mondelez. Go to the company’s web site. See if they sell their product in other countries/parts of the world. If not, report that (but if I go to their site and find different, you’ll have to redo the project). The write up for this portion would be something like ‘Mondelez

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    Assignment Zakończone left

    We use many different types of risk management methodologies and tools. A part of the process involves identifying the threats to our system, generally by attackers who would harm our systems and data (assets). I've included a project that walks you through a simple threat modeling exercise, using STRIDE, which you will apply using a scenario, to understand the basic process. 1. Read the th...

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    Small application (.apk) is needed to be tested. ● manual testing, ● automation testing, ● bug finding and reporting. I want you to: 1. Define the test cases for the search page in the application. 2. Define which part of the test cases for the search page should be tested manually and which part should be automated. 3. Automate the test cases for the search page (end to end black-box test...

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    an assignment Zakończone left

    writing 8 pages, you'll see the file

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    Practical Session - Simulator Simulation of Task Scheduling In the context of Resource Management, the subject is to develop a simple simulator for simulating what happens when scheduling batch tasks and periodic tasks on a parallel platform. The code can be written in any language (C/Java/Python/…). The code should be versatile, to change easily its parameters. The input (...

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    Assignment report rewriting in electrical engineering. I have two report i want to rewrite them.

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    We need to develop complete web based application for our business process. This will be migration from Windows based system. We need to re write code in n layer architecture and Web API’s. Project scope includes integration with different systems including Mobile app. System will have multiple modules including: 1) Core Component of Business Process

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Java. Need help to work on assignment project using spring boot and microservices

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    extension for current lexer and parser. Adding additional functionalities.

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    need a c++ assignment Zakończone left

    This exercise is on c++ and involves writing a program to analyze the text of a file. The program will read the f...displaying the number of occurrences in the file of each word from a list of words that will be provided in a text [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] student scores and the points possible for each assignment will be compared and a letter grade will be given out.

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    The project is altmost finished, just a few more things has to be changed.

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    Drupal Developer Zakończone left

    ...DC. If interested please submit a current resume. Candidates must be a US Citizen. •Job Title: Drupal Developer •Location: Washington, DC •Job Duration: 12+ months •Assignment Type: 1099 •Pay Rate: Negotiable •Special Skills: 4+ years exp., drupal, theming, modules, php, html 5, css, javascript, drupal contrib module, drupal tools, drush, MySQL

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    html and php assignment Zakończone left

    I already made 2 GUIs. One directs to another GUI when username and password are validated. Another one required information along with the choice of viewing the given patient’s medical records or scheduling an appointment. I made validation and database for those two. Based upon the option chosen one of the following actions occurs. If the user chooses the Medical Records option you will d...

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    This assignment requires you to submit a 1500 word seminal paper of the following discussion topic, providing examples to support your argument. Students will need to include at least 10-15 academic reference. Students will need to discuss: Managing strategic change is fundamental to business success.

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    Finance Assignment Zakończone left

    The full assignment has to be done according to the details the attached pdf files.

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    ...anyone who'd be able to do this small assignment on mpi, the objective is to create a serial and parallel program that computes pearson's correlation coefficient, link to assignment is above. I haven't had much time to focus on this module, the stream lectures weren't beneficial and I am not familiar with c programming so if there is someone out there wh...

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    c program assignment Zakończone left

    Its a simple calculator, i have done my code but some of the test cases are not yet met. U can use my code and modify or u can make one from scratch. I will provide the test cases.

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    I have school assignment using python spyder language and one with experiance in python are welcome to bid on my project thanks

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    A dataset of metal heating using pyrometer is given. best condition is 750. T1=T2 or definition of success is defined when difference is [zaloguj się, aby wyświetlić URL] have to find best run depending on the difference that is closer to this best condition. Please refer the attached excel file for the data set. We need to have one chart as part of solution with proper analysis and observation co...

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    What is co-branding? What are the advantage of co-branding? Provide two examples to illustrate your answer. Do not use examples from the text, but be create! Double space two pages

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    Writing Assignment Zakończone left

    I need these questions to be answered in 3-4 pages What political/legal, economic, social, and technological forces does Netflix face in its industry? (Netflix PEST analysis) What are CSFs (critical success factor) for this industry? How well is Netflix fulfilling its social responsibility? What did you learn from this case? Each question must have it own paragraph and answer.

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    Critique Assignment Zakończone left

    ...selection of papers found on the NS521 Blackboard shell within the assignment Folder. The papers will be uploaded during week 28 of the module. You will be expected to critique the identified research paper using Caldwell et al’s (2005) critiquing tool. This can also be found in the assignment folder. You must also reference according to the Harvard referencing

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    Pełny wymiar czasowy
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    Needing a 3D Lid for a cup design for an assignment. Needing it 3D on Adobe if possible. I have attached photos of a draft I've created. The draft photo has 4 chambers. I just need two chambers now, with no chamber in the center. The outside of the lid, which connects into the club needs to have the hook on the section as you can see in one of the photos

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