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3D Design is a broad and innovative field connecting the digital world to the real world by creating realistic simulations of objects, people and environments that can be interacted with. A 3D Designer uses specialized software to bring objects to life as they imagine them, perfecting the angles, textures, colors, and movement associated with the model they are working on. As a result, they can create illustrations, animations, architectural drawings, and models for games, movies, product designs, industrial designs and more. 3D Designers use their powerful imagination coupled with technical expertise to ensure all types of projects come to life how the client envisions them.

Here's some projects that our expert 3D Designers made real:

  • Generation of creative designs for product branding
  • Replication of existing logos with high quality graphics
  • Designing iconic logos for fashion labels
  • Manufacturing sister companies logos for enhanced brand recognition
  • Rendering artwork for online courses
  • Creating image in 3D with lighting effects to emphasize a logo's design
  • Production of industrial designs with multiple configurable stacking options
  • Animations and video graphics for promotions of laser wood products
  • Icon designing and render her development for sites online

From enhancing a company's current branding or creating an iconic new one; designing realistic medical bottle sticker labels or animations for advertising; the possibilities of what a 3D Designer can do are endless. Our team of freelance 3D Designers are available on to help bring your vision to life no matter how big or small the project is. Come post your project on and hire an expert 3D Designer today!

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    I need wordpress website recovered. 6 dni left

    I need an old website restored/recovered. Details: It is wordpress. Domain was parked over a year. The mysql has not been touched.

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    7 składanie ofert
    I need wordpress recovered. 6 dni left

    question is can you recover old domain to connect to my old sql database? if yes. please recover my webpage back.

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    We are seeking a talented graphic designer to create the first 3, 6 or 9 (Up to your inspiration) for our Instagram page (). As the first impression of our brand, these squares are crucial in setting the brand tone and attracting followers. Minimum 3 squares. THETA , Social Wellness Club is a physical space that offers Swedish Sauna, Cold Plunges and Recovery lounge where meditation, breath work, and sound healing through music takes place. We are a club for well being, feeling good and meaningful connections. Key Requirements: Logo Showcase: We want the logo to be prominently featured in a unique and memorable way. It should be creatively integrated into the design to leave a lasting impression on viewers. Ideally it can be animated. Reflect Theta's Values: The design should e...

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    I'm in need of a logo for my short-term accommodation business, Kraków Vibes, located in Kraków, Poland. The logo design is crucial to capture the essence of our brand which is centered around the lively yet natural vibe of this beautiful city. Key Points: - The logo should be modern and minimalist in design, reflecting the contemporary nature of the business. - The color palette should be natural and earthy, to convey a sense of harmony with the environment and the culture of Kraków. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in designing logos for the hospitality or accommodation sector. - A strong portfolio showcasing modern, minimalist designs. - Proficiency in utilizing natural and earthy colors in logo design.

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    Creative Tattoo Design Merge 6 dni left

    I am searching for a uniquely creative designer who can skilfully integrate 4-6 images into a captivating tattoo design. Supporters of this project should have: I am open to your own personal designs but ,I'm looking more to integrate concepts Im passionate about on my fore arm.: - Ability to interpret and combine multiple concepts - Experience in picturing good additions and integrations to create a final design. I look forward to your innovative interpretations of the images I have selected.

    $79 (Avg Bid)
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    37 składanie ofert

    Presupuesto 150 dólares Descripción del Proyecto de Línea de Producción** Este proyecto busca diseñar una línea de producción optimizada para equipos de limpieza agrícola y envasado. La meta es asegurar que cada equipo sea seleccionado y validado cuidadosamente para maximizar su eficiencia y adaptabilidad. **Objetivos:** 1. **Diseño Personalizado:** Crear un diseño que se adapte a las dimensiones y especificaciones de la bodega, garantizando una integración perfecta de los equipos. 2. **Validación de Fichas Técnicas:** Revisar y confirmar las especificaciones técnicas de cada equipo para asegurar que cumplan con los estándares de rendimiento y calidad requeridos. 3. **Maximizaci&oacut...

    $5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    High-Detail 3D Monkey Doll Design 6 dni left

    I need a talented and experienced 3D designer who can create a highly detailed model of a monkey doll, using plastic as the primary material. Key requirements: - The level of detail should be high, meaning that I want detailed facial features, clothing on the model. - Despite plastic being the material of choice, this does not mean sacrificing any detail. I am aiming for a lifelike, intricate portrayal. - The intended use of the 3D model was not clarified, but the designer should make it versatile for potential manufacturing, 3D printing, or digital presentation. Desired skills/experience: - Proven experience with 3D modeling (preferably detailed doll or creature design). - Proficiency in software like Blender or 3ds Max. - Knowledge of plastic materials for 3D modeling. - Strong atten...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design : GSR 29 dni left


    $31 (Avg Bid)
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    Full Customizable 3D Thobe Model 6 dni left

    I'm looking for a skilled 3D designer who can replicate a Thobe model for my upcoming website. The original designer is no longer available, hence the need for a complete reproduction. Here is a link for the desired model: Key Requirements: - The model must allow for full customization, including the addition of personal details and accessories. - The design should be captivating and visually appealing, suitable for a high-quality website. Experience and Skills: - Proficient in 3D modeling software - Prior experience in designing customizable apparel models would be a plus - Excellent attention to detail The completion timeline is flexible so there's no need to rush. I'm aiming for a high-quality output that can effectively represent the Thobe on my site.

    $185 (Avg Bid)
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    Glass Business Logo Design 6 dni left

    Seeking a skilled graphic designer for crafting an engaging logo for my glass installation and repair business. I envision a design that utilizes shades of blue, light blue, grey, and light pink. Key Considerations: - Design should be simplistic and modern, incorporating abstract shapes and glass imagery. - A preference for letter mark logo styles. Experience in bespoke logo design and a background in creating graphics for the service industry would be ideal for this task. Looking forward to see your creative solutions.

    $71 (Avg Bid)
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    120 składanie ofert
    Trophy icon Design a logo for Saint Mase 6 dni left

    I'm looking for a logo that says Saint Mase I would like the words to be the main part of the logo, not an image. So it will need to be creative. It should have a Christian Saint theme to it so some ideas could be wings, a cross, halo, even maybe a Knights Templar or angel theme, any biblical feel etc. Do not limit yourself to the above ideas, I would like to see a large range of unique designs. EDIT: please don't submit AI images that are misspelled or just plain bad as I will reject them. If you are going to use AI then please make sure it is correct first. EDIT: you are going to upload anything with a Knight, have it designed in the Templar armour instead of juts looking like a generic knight.

    $124 (Avg Bid)
    410 zgłoszenia
    Product Launch Event Layout Design 6 dni left

    I need a talented designer to create a 2D/3D mockup for an upcoming product launch event. This should be a basic layout rather than a detailed 3D rendering or interactive walkthrough. Project Details: - The layout should primarily focus on areas for product placement and guest seating arrangement. - Creativity with presentation of our product within the space is highly encouraged. - The design doesn't need to strictly adhere to realistic physics or spatial constraints, but it should give a good sense of the planned layout for the event. Ideal Skills: - Proficient with 2D/3D design software. - Experience with event layout or space planning is a must. - Ability to work quickly and efficiently to deliver the project on time. If this sounds like your expertise, I'd love to see ...

    $404 (Avg Bid)
    $404 Średnia Oferta:
    47 składanie ofert

    I need a 3D designer to design this character for me

    $30 (Avg Bid)
    $30 Średnia Oferta:
    37 składanie ofert

    (1)Need 3D design of terrace makeover (2) Material to be used etc

    $114 (Avg Bid)
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    10 składanie ofert

    I need a logo for a food truck that sells Haitian and Caribbean food. The business is called 'TAPTAP KREYÒL,' which is named after the Haitian word "Taptap" for a public transportation truck. I want the logo to feature the Haitian flag in the background, and the business name should be in the logo. Note: The flag can be watermarked. A "Taptap" is art on four wheels. I have attached two models of Taptap and the Haitian flag as a sample for designers who haven't seen them before. Please don't send AI-generated images.

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    175 zgłoszenia

    I'm in need of a creative logo that embodies the essence of my woodworking business. - I run a company called 'Goat Locker Woodcraft' - The logo should have a rustic and traditional style, representing the craftsmanship and quality of my woodworking. - Include US Navy Chief anchors, and similar "goat locker" symbolism, nautical themes as well. - It must be unique and easily recognizable. - I'm open to your design ideas, but the logo should be relevant to woodworking industry. - I need the final design in various formats including SVG. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing logos, preferably for woodworking or crafts businesses. - A strong portfolio showcasing your ability to work within a rustic and traditional design aesthetic. -...

    $303 (Avg Bid)
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    I envision an interactive, modern, and innovative kiosk design integrating 3D technology to render a virtual puppy store. The initiative encompasses: - Virtual Puppy Selection: A highly compelling, realistic visual display of puppies for clients to select from based on their preferences. - Live Streaming: Each kennel will have a live stream camera capturing every moment of puppy activities. This means each puppy should bear its own individual live stream within the intricately designed kiosk. - To seamlessly navigate through these features, a responsive, user-friendly, and intuitive touchscreen interface is crucial. - Quantity: The design should fit around 30 kennels on a couple of flat-screen TVs placed strategically around the mall kiosk. - Design: A fusion of modern playful,and ...

    $51 (Avg Bid)
    33 zgłoszenia

    We're looking to build our outdoor brand. We cater to outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and fishermen specifically and offer hunting and fishing products. The uniqueness of our products comes from their exceptional quality, affordability, and eco-friendly materials. We are looking for a process innovator with: - A deep understanding of our products and the outdoors industry - The ability to relate to our target audience and their needs - Proven experience developing high-quality, affordable, and environmentally friendly outdoor gear - Proficiency in transforming unique selling propositions into product features Your objective will be to assist us in pulling away from the competition by leveraging the above points.

    $317 (Avg Bid)
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    54 składanie ofert

    I'm seeking an experienced interior designer to create an engaging indoor playground tailored for children aged 1 to 13. Key Components: - Trampoline - Zipline - Soft play area - Donut slide - Additional engaging and interactive games The ideal candidate will have a strong portfolio in designing child-friendly spaces, with a creative and imaginative approach. You should be able to combine safety and fun in a way that will appeal to a wide age range. Your work should be both visually stimulating and practical. Your responsibilities will include: - Designing a floor plan that accommodates all the specified features - Sourcing or creating custom elements for the playground - Ensuring the space is safe, durable, and easy to maintain I look forward to seeing your portfolio and hearing...

    $908 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Environmental Brand Logo Design 6 dni left

    I'm looking for a skilled logo designer to create a logo that will represent my brand's identity. We are an agro-industrial company that is very conscious and cautious about the impact on the environment, so the logo should reflect this theme. Ideal Skills: - Graphic design - Branding - Understanding of eco-friendly design - Creative thinking Key Requirements: - The logo should be modern and minimalist - Designing a logo that reflects an environmentally conscious company. - Utilizing a color scheme that is in line with our brand values. Please note that while I have a preferred symbol, I'm open to your creative input as well. Find attached the information about the company

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    633 zgłoszenia

    I am in need of a skilled and experienced 3D designer to create an STL file for a decorative item. The object is to be 3D printed and is based on an existing design, which will need to be modified. Key Requirements: - The final outcome should be a high-detail 3D printable STL file, suitable for a decorative item. - The modification of the design needs to be precise, maintaining the aesthetics of the original but implementing the requested changes. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in 3D modeling software and particularly experienced in creating 3D printable designs. - A keen eye for detail and the ability to work with high-detail designs and textures. - A strong background in design modification will be highly beneficial, as the ability to adapt an existing design is crucial for this pro...

    $136 (Avg Bid)
    $136 Średnia Oferta:
    59 składanie ofert
    Architecture concept + 3d work 5 dni left

    I need help with a 3d project and concept ideas 2usd per hour only if the work is good I can hire you for the full project

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr Średnia Oferta:
    56 składanie ofert
    Speaker Box Design Modification 5 dni left

    I need a talented and experienced designer to revamp our existing speaker box design. We are striving for an impressive 3D appearance on the 2D surface, mirroring the designing style found here: Ensuring the transformation focuses on: - Aesthetic Shape Modification - Futuristic Design Elements Our existing design is available on a Solidworks file that we will provide. Your task will be to use Rhyno / Grasshopper to implement these design changes. Skills and Experience Required: - Extensive experience with Rhyno / Grasshopper - Proven portfolio in aesthetic shape modifications - Strong understanding and ability to create Futuristic designs - Previous work showcasing an ability to create a 3D look on a 2D surface. We are open to discuss and share the discuss once we connect. We can...

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    $26 Średnia Oferta:
    22 składanie ofert
    Vibrant FMCG Packaging Design 5 dni left

    I'm in need of a freelancer who can bring a burst of color and creativity to my FMCG packaging design. This design should captivate both adults and children - it's essential to strike a balance between playful and structured. KEY REQUIREMENTS: * Expertise in packaging design and understanding of FMCG market * Ability to design packaging that appeals to both adults and children * Proven experience in creating colorful and creative styles Your job will be to create a design that is both functional and attention-grabbing. Please, include relevant examples of your previous works in your bid.

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 Średnia Oferta:
    37 składanie ofert

    I am seeking an experienced graphics designer to create a traditional, classic logo for my company - Q99 Diggers. This logo should incorporate a red and black color scheme. Here's what I am looking for: We are a dry hire company that hires excavators and Posi machines - Experience creating traditional and classic logos - Understanding of color theory and the ability to utilize a red and black color scheme - Creative thinking and an eye for design If you have a portfolio of similar work, do include it in your bid. Thank you.

    $48 (Avg Bid)
    $48 Średnia Oferta:
    62 składanie ofert

    I'm in need of a talented designer to help me create an action-packed gaming logo for my new project. The design should be immersive, engaging, and visually dynamic, reflecting the spirit of action-packed gaming. Key requirements: - The logo should be designed specifically for a gaming audience. - The design should be 'action-packed', conveying energy and excitement. - I'm looking for a unique and creative design that stands out in the gaming industry. Ideal skills and traits: - Strong design portfolio, particularly in the gaming or entertainment sector. - Proficiency in creating logos that cater to specific audiences. - Creative thinking, with the ability to make a logo that's not just visually appealing but also perfectly suitable for gaming.

    $12 (Avg Bid)
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    52 składanie ofert

    I need a designer to create an engaging modern decorative decal for my vending machine inside my pickleball & gym. The design should bring a fresh look, not necessarily include any specific elements. The ideal freelancer should have: - A keen aesthetic sense particularly in modern design - Experience in creating decal designs - Artistic sensibility to create attractive, eye-catchy designs. - Have something Pickleball or Gym related - Have our logo on it Dimensions are uploaded and side decal are uploaded here : Please give us a 3D mockup if you can. Pickleball & Gym. Please add both pickleball and gym relations.

    $40 (Avg Bid)
    53 zgłoszenia

    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create a striking and memorable logo for my brand, HomX. Key Points: - Our brand is in the home appliances industry. - We lean towards a black design, but are open to the addition of other colors if they complement well. - The logo should be modern and impact, reflecting the quality and reliability of our products. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in logo design - Knowledge of and experience in the home appliances industry would be beneficial. - Creativity and a good sense for aesthetics. I'm excited to see how you interpret our brand and translate it into a logo.

    $17 (Avg Bid)
    $17 Średnia Oferta:
    68 składanie ofert

    I'm in need of a 3D printing file for a decorative piece. The final format should be .OBJ. Key Requirements: - The end-product must be a 3D file in .OBJ format. - The design should be a decorative piece, rather than a functional part or prototype model. - The 3D model should be created to a custom size, which I will specify. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and sculpting. - Experience with creating 3D printable files. - Ability to work to custom specifications. - Good communication skills to ensure the final product meets my requirements.

    $64 (Avg Bid)
    $64 Średnia Oferta:
    38 składanie ofert
    Trophy icon Tech Company Logo - Icon + Text 5 dni left

    Need an experienced designer to create a logo for my tech company ‘Wasabi Shockwave’. It's important that the logo has the right mix of icon and text. Not too icon heavy. We will be selling shockwave medical devices in the US with a focus on men's health so men is the target demographic. The company will be called 'Wasabi Shockwave' and we would like to have the wasabi root incorporated into the logo. Either have the Wasabi leaves create the W of Wasabi or use the root as an i in Wasabi. Another option is to not include the wasabi root and do something similar as per the attached image with shockwaves and the W coming out of the shockwaves. We are equally interested in designs with the Wasabi root as well as without the root. If you have any creative ...

    $64 (Avg Bid)
    399 zgłoszenia

    I'm looking for a talented graphic designer to create an innovative, luxury logo for my retail business. It should be a combination of text and symbol that clearly embodies and communicates the values of luxury and innovation. Ideal skills and experiences for the job include: - Proven experience in logo design, particularly within the retail industry - Strong understanding and expertise in eliciting luxury and innovation within design - Ability to combine text and symbol in a captivating and cohesive manner The end goal is to have a logo that not only defines the brand but also pushes boundaries in the retail industry. The company name is Peace, Love, & Bud The image could incluze peace symbols, heart for love, or cannabis leaf. Something modern

    $50 (Avg Bid)
    349 zgłoszenia


    $146 (Avg Bid)
    $146 Średnia Oferta:
    30 składanie ofert

    Designing a logo for a company in the business aviation and aircraft charter industry requires adherence to several key requirements to reflect the professionalism, reliability, and luxury associated with this industry. Here are some important aspects to consider when developing a logo: Professionalism: The logo should be of high quality and have a clean, professional appearance to convey your company's reliability and competence. Aviation Connection: The design should somehow reflect the aviation theme, whether it's an image of an aircraft, wings, clouds, or other symbols associated with the sky or flight. Simplicity and Readability: The logo should be simple and easily recognizable to create a unique and memorable image for your company. Elegance and Luxury: Business aviati...

    $334 (Avg Bid)
    $334 Średnia Oferta:
    121 składanie ofert

    I need a professional logo designer to create a unique, eye-catching logo for my company. PrimeTrans Lagerlogistik

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    203 zgłoszenia
    Trophy icon Property San Diego Logo Design 5 dni left

    I'm looking for a logo that represents my company, Property San Diego. Our emphasis is on professionalism and trustworthiness. Key Points: - This logo should be a combination of text and an icon that visually represents the company. - It should primarily convey a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness to our clients, as that's the core of our business values. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in designing logos that are both visually appealing and effective in conveying specific brand messages. - Ability to create a modern yet trustworthy design. - Familiarity with real estate or property branding would be a plus.

    $150 (Avg Bid)
    982 zgłoszenia

    Make a logo for a Coffee Shop. the name of the shop is "Grumpy Monkey Coffee Shop" ** Dont give the monkey a mean or angry face. Also do not make the monkey scary. Do more of a grumpy face.

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    249 zgłoszenia

    I am in need of a creative and talented graphic designer to help design a vintage style logo for a project that I am currently working on. The logo design doesn't represent any existing company or brand, but it needs to be versatile and adaptable. It's crucial that the design is professional, aesthetically pleasing, and invokes nostalgia with its vintage aesthetic. Expectations: - Ability to design a vintage style logo that doesn't incorporate any particular company or brand. Your creativity is the limit. - Expertise in the use of color is required. I do have specific colors in mind that I want to be included in the logo, which will be disclosed once the project begins. - Strong communication to ensure the project meets my expectations. I am open to discussion and revisio...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $11 / hr Średnia Oferta:
    30 składanie ofert

    I'm seeking a talented designer for a logo that represents my charity, the Haja Posseh N'Jai Foundation. Our organisation is dedicated to supporting orphanages in need, making their lives better through care and assistance. Key Elements: - Your main focus should be on showcasing the message of 'Love, support and empowerment', as this is the core value we hold. - The ideal design will incorporate warm and welcoming imagery, reflecting the compassion and care we aim to provide. - It should be simple, yet striking, to ensure easy recognition and appeal across different audiences. - The color scheme should revolve around purple, pink, and turquoise blue, as these colors hold a special significance for us. Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing logos for chari...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
    147 zgłoszenia

    I'm currently seeking a skillful Marvelous Designer user who can assist with creating lifelike 3D models of clothing. - Specialization: The project specifically requires the creation of 3D models centered around current trend streetwear. - Detail Expectation: The models should be advanced in detail, going as far as implementing stitches and patterns. - Skills and Experience: An ideal candidate for this project would have extensive experience with Marvelous Designer, specifically in creating highly detailed 3D clothing models. Familiarity with current streetwear trends is also key. Your job will also involve simulating fabric and garment physics and rendering realistic virtual clothing. Show-off your attention to detail and take my streetwear designs to new dimensions.

    $378 (Avg Bid)
    $378 Średnia Oferta:
    64 składanie ofert

    I need a professional who can take our existing pool construction company logo and modify it to represent our new venture into home construction. It's important that the logo maintains the essence of the original design, but is able to fit the new business area. If you have experience in logo design and can help us with this transition, please get in touch. Prior experience with construction or real estate logos will be a definite plus.

    $75 (Avg Bid)
    311 zgłoszenia

    I'm in need of a skilled 3D fashion designer to produce various types of clothing designs. - Styles: The project requires different styles ranging from casual to formal to sportswear designs. - Experience: Ideal candidates should have a wide range of experience in creating diverse 3D clothing designs. - Demographics: While I skipped the target demographic question, you should be capable of designing for a variety of age groups. Your versatility will be crucial in this project to create clothing that appeals to a wide audience.

    $371 (Avg Bid)
    $371 Średnia Oferta:
    46 składanie ofert

    I need a professional graphic designer to create a fresh and modern-style logo for my existing boxing business. I need it completed as soon as possible. The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in creating modern, eye-catching logos - A strong understanding of the boxing industry - The ability to deliver high-quality work on a short timeline I am looking to revise the original "Pound 4 Pound" logo. We would like to remove the boxing gloves and replace it with the word "BOXING." The word boxing needs to be in the same font or style as "Pound." We have 2 ideas for how the new word boxing should look: 1. The word "BOXING" should match the color scheme as the number 4. The word BOXING should be black and outlined in ...

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    $26 Średnia Oferta:
    65 składanie ofert

    I'm in need of a skilled graphics designer, specifically for a modern and minimalistic logo for my fashion brand. - The project will focus exclusively on logo design. - The style should embody modern minimalism, remaining clean, sleek, and elegant. - Previous experience with fashion brands would be advantageous, showcasing your understanding of the industry's aesthetics. - You should be proficient in industry-standard graphics design software. - A flair for making minimal designs that stand out and can become synonymous with a high-end brand is required.

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 Średnia Oferta:
    48 składanie ofert

    I need logo for my Smartphone Repair Shop: Text: HANDY TOWER Slogan: Smartphone & PC Service

    $42 (Avg Bid)
    243 zgłoszenia
    Trophy icon Modern Red & White Logo Design 4 dni left

    I'm looking for a talented designer to create a logo for my company, Movrs, in a modern style. The logo should also include the tagline "We Move You". - The logo and tagline should be designed in both red and white color schemes. - You should provide options where the 'o' in 'Movrs' and 'Move' are replaced with a heart. - The design should be suitable for primarily for website use. The ideal candidate for this job should have experience and skills in: - Graphic design, particularly logo design - Understanding of modern design trends - Ability to incorporate a tagline creatively - Understanding of color theory, particularly in red and white - Prior experience creating logos for web-based companies Looking forward to your creative designs!

    $100 (Avg Bid)
    372 zgłoszenia

    I'm looking for a talented designer who can create a modern and eye-catching logo for my recumbent trike business. The main focus of the design should be on the 'Trike' aspect.

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Średnia Oferta:
    96 składanie ofert

    As the ideal candidate for your freelance project, I bring together deep expertise, a passion for delivering high-quality work, and a proven ability to deliver exceptional results within tight deadlines. My flexibility and adaptability to changing needs make me the perfect choice to meet your requirements.

    $74 (Avg Bid)
    $74 Średnia Oferta:
    68 składanie ofert
    Trophy icon 2D Logo Animation Creation 15 godzin left

    I need a competent developer who can create a user-friendly cartoon flying owl delivering a food delivery package with hotdog and chips (fries) in the bag logo clip art . The focus will be on designing a 3D/2D whilst also keeping in mind the example that is provided. The user interface should include options for color and clipart selections. A unique feature that should be integrated is the ability for users to preview their logo in different formats prior to downloading. Freelancers with experience in complex UI/UX design and a portfolio with similar implemented designs will be given preference. Essential skills are: - 2D Animation - UI/UX Design - Frontend Development - Complex feature integration

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    57 zgłoszenia

    We specialize in marine civil construction works, with primary services include dredging, marine construction projects such as; Dredging & Reclamation works Trenching and laying of Subsea Pipelines Construction of breakwaters Shore protection & Groynes Construction of Jetties & Quay walls Various other civil engineering works Additionally, we manage and maintain a diverse range of floating crafts, civil structural facilities, and other equipment. I'm looking for a unique logo that embodies our company's core values and identity. Key Requirements: - Logo should reflect our identity as an innovative and creative company - It should be modern and sleek, but also have an element of elegance - We're looking for a color scheme that features Dark Blue and Sky Blue...

    $42 (Avg Bid)
    $42 Średnia Oferta:
    41 składanie ofert

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