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Writing is an important life skill, but can even more important in the delicate world of business, where every term has to be carefully negotiated and the wrong tone can send the wrong message. That’s why business writers are so needed in modern times, to do such things as edit the work of employees, create elaborate and attractive proposals to companies, and send memos to executives that have accurate and specific language that cannot be misconstrued.

We all know that the wrong tone can certainly put people off, and the last thing that you want as a company is to have worded a proposal a certain way that offends another company that you wanted to partner with. This goes with every e-mail sent: if the wrong words are used, it could be misinterpreted, and while business is very logical, it might be more about a company feeling that you are a wrong fit culturally than about them being “emotional”. Language certainly plays a huge role in this, whether you are discussing proposals, negotiations, or reaching out to potential customers.

Companies having business writers that truly communicate their message can be a real asset – the right vocabulary and tone can go a long way for their partners, affiliates, and customers. The right writing can make sure that your communication is effective and direct, rather than full of “fluff”, or riddled with jargon that doesn’t actually MEAN anything. No matter who you are, you might want to consider employing a business writer to help clarify your message as much as possible to your audience.

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    Create a Transformation plan Individual must be able to create A high value roadmap of success by driven and ambitious business vision at a strategic level across finance & banking, marketing, supply chain, HR, technology, and beyond. Build the detailed roadmap and business case, design the business strategy and Design the governance, organization and processes for the enterprise, anticipating any the implications for the business processes across all functions. The transformation is done by people, in which identify employee engagement is highly valuable and potential outcome to achieve: * Transformation path, vision, keys to success with Digital Transformational technology roadmap development and key guiding principles of ethical development, practice and applications, and Program...

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    white paper review 6 dni left

    Hi, I have this white paper/essay I want you to review and advise if it is good or needs modification. This is for my job interview so I need it ASAP. this is the guideline and attached my paper that needs the review 1. Write in the style you would use to write a business whitepaper or essay and do not use bullet points, graphics, tables, charts or flow charts. 2. Remember as you write that the reader may not be familiar with specific technical terminology, corporate cultures, and scenarios. Use language and descriptions in your response that enable readers to fully understand the situation. 3. Please limit your response to 1-2 pages (no more than 8000 characters). We will evaluate your writing on two primary criteria: - Clarity of thought and expression (i.e. did you explain your poin...

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    UK Grant writer 6 dni left

    looking for someone whos has experience writing grants

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    Looking for funding for an hotel in Africa and i need someone that can help me create a Proposal meeting IFC guideline: An investment proposal should include the following preliminary information:   1. Brief description of project. 2. Sponsorship, management & technical assistance:  History and business of sponsors, including financial information. Proposed management arrangements and names and curricula vitae of managers. Description of technical arrangements and other external assistance (management, production, marketing, finance, etc.). 3. Market & sales: Projected production volumes, unit prices, sales objectives, and market share of proposed venture. Potential users of products and distribution channels to be used. Present sources of su...

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    Entrepreneurship and analyzing venture viability. Are you familiar with entrepreneurship, value propositions, the business model canvas and new ventures? If so, this task asks that you apply your knowledge and experience in reviewing and providing constructive feedback on 10 venture reports. Unlike the typical business plan, these reports are for an academic unit and are thus more theoretical. The preference here is for someone with an academic background familiar with providing constructive feedback. These reports are from an intro the entrepreneurship unit where participants are asked to explore a problem or innovative opportunity. Your part would be to provide detailed commentary on how well the entrepreneurial frameworks (i.e. entrepreneurship models like value proposition, BMC etc...

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    hello I want you to write me a marketing phd proposal about branding so tell me how can u write it and how long are u going to take to finish it thank you

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    business case 4 dni left

    Business case analysis ; for providing a given recommendation about adapting new policy

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    foreign market Risks 4 dni left

    APA formatted 3 pages paper with at least 3 references and 4 citations. Please note that the title and reference page, as well as any appendices (charts and graphs), Include the following points: • Analyze the various business risks in Mexico foreign market • Develop a brief strategy for addressing those risks

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    I started my Own Recruiting firm, I need a person who can write a Business page along with my staff strengths.

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    I need a 750 word personal statement for the civil service written, don't assume it is the same as a academic personal statement as I have had bad experience in the past with writers on here, only bid if you can actually deliver what i want please. A strong strategic thinker with awareness of government and departmental priorities via the Outcome Delivery Plan. • Proven knowledge of ALB partnership, assurance and risk management. • Strong familiarity with ALB governance and controls, including requirements within Managing Public Money, Framework Documents and the Cabinet Office’s Partnership Code of Good Practice. • Ability to provide robust challenge and scrutiny, and exercising due diligence with a keen eye for detail. • Proactive and confide...

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    you will be provided a certain brand that you should plan a revival strategy and should include a background of the company, proof of failure, reasons of failure, revival strategy, rationale and budget

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    I'm looking for someone with impeccable experience in business writing who can write impressive email templates to be used to send to clients/prospects. Micro project with just a few crisp lines needed.

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    formal report 3 dni left

    topic:• What constitutes plagiarism and why is it harmful? Formal report must include: • Title page – with student’s name, course name and number, report topic, and date • 3-5 pages of BODY of the paper (those are full pages, not a paragraph or two on a page). Body of the paper must have in text citations showing where the research was used, APA correct. Students must refer to the graph which is housed in the appendix. • Body of the paper will include a brief (no more than 1 short paragraph) introduction as to why this topic is important to business students and a conclusion/recommendation section discussing how students could be helped in this area. • Reference page – with references in correct APA format • Appendix with at least one gra...

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    I am looking for someone can be go for a journey on business with me. United States citizen are preferred candidates on this project. Just mention that you are the one of them in the beginning of proposal

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    I need help to build an impressive PPT pitch deck to help us tell our story to potential clients. I need someone who can not only make the PPT look amazing but can also help me with clear verbiage that jumps off the page, a real mix of business and technical (well, PPT) skills. I'll need your help drilling into potential information that should be included that I'm not even thinking of to make sure it's clear and enticing to want to use us. Thanks!.

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    I want someone professional who can build a strategic business plan

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    finance/ accounting business case 3 dni left

    a full analysis for a business case (all most 2 pages) related to accounting and finance. expected to answer 5 questions about the case study in max 3 pages report

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    Looking for education consultant to write personal statement

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    Implement/Develop business plan 3 dni left

    Prepare Business assessment report Implement and monitor business plan Review business performances and communicate business plan

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    Two Questions: Describe how you have overcome a personal or professional challenge. How has this prepared you for the Goldman Sachs Possibilities Summits program? * Minimum: 100 words; Maximum words: 150 words Based on your background and understanding of the program, how would participating in this program impact your goals? * Minimum: 150 words; Maximum words: 200 words

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    We’re looking for a creative writer who can help us turn a business course outline (module 1) into an actual business course script. The subject of the module is "Understanding Your Business Model & Tracking Metrics". The chosen writer will be responsible for taking the outline/document (link provided below) and doing further research to expand on the topics outlined, in addition to bringing all the information together into a course script that the course instructor will then follow when it's time for recording. • The written content must be long enough to account for approximately 40 minutes of recording (ex: the length of a detailed eBook). The written content must be of high quality (jargon used as filler text is not welcome). • The chosen writer ...

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    The article should be concise and informative. Avoid descriptive style and keep is crisp and professional. Below is the outline. Value of Mentors for Entrepreneurs -Introduction: Entrepreneurs often start on a journey which is unknown and is filled with obstacles. Having a mentor can be pivotal in entrepreneurial success. They can provide knowledge, advice, and emotional support. -Include examples of successful people who had great mentors. (Stev Jobs mentoring Mark Zuckerberg) -Benefits for the Entrepreneur 1. Advice, business insights, and feedback 2. Learn from the mistakes of the mentor 3. Hone Your Skills 4. Gain perspective when faced with unexpected challenges - Reference Articles:

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    creative writing for leaflet to be used by new estate agent

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    I have a business plan I would like for someone to create a pitch deck for me using the business plan. I would like to get it down to 12 to 14 slides. You will be required to make some adjustments to the calculations but that's it. If you can do the job type I am ready now at the top of your message

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    Re write my business plan 2 dni left

    Hello I have a business plan that needs to be more streamlined. We require it to be rewritten and source new information. We need it to be correctly re written as it is 4 years old. And we are starting out now. The business plan is based on TV channel along with new part that has to be written and show how we will earn money on VOD part of the company If you can do this Type I am ready at the start of your message We will also need a presentation slide created for this as well with key points taken from the business plan

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    international business problems 2 dni left

    mc and short questions about Balance of Payments and Net Foreign Asset Position Interest rates, exchange rates and macroeconomic policies

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    We require a compelling business plan for a project with on-going and annual growth. Many of the key players have expressed interest but we now need an outside entity to help prepare the business plan. We need also to account for multiple contingencies within the plan so as to reassure the major partner before winning the contract. An approachable, fluent and non-formulaic person is required to allow us to initially develop the plan and then add extra hours to provide business ready presentation for anticipated contingencies. - Experience with horse racing and the wagering industry a plus. - The ability to add value and not just fit the info into a template a requirement. - A sense of shared understanding for an on-going basis project a bonus.

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    Letter writing 1 dnia left

    We are looking for freelancer's who can write a perfect business appointment letters In different languages

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    Blog Writer 1 dnia left

    Donorbox is a leading fundraising platform and donor management system for nonprofit organizations. Our mission is to accelerate positive impact worldwide by helping nonprofits become highly effective at raising funds and managing their supporter base. Since 2014, we have powered more than 50,000 global organizations and 4.7M donors to raise over $1B in donations. ? Our fast-growing company is profitable and bootstrapped with a healthy run-rate. We have a diverse, motivated team that is fully remote, with 60+ team members in 9 states and 14 countries. ? Donorbox was a Capterra 2021 Top Performer in fundraising software and an Emerging Favorite in nonprofit and donation management software. We're proud of what we do, and our product reflects it! The Role This is a part-time positio...

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    I need a writer for a business plan 1 dnia left

    I am opening up a local indoor vertical farm, where we will supply fresh greens to local grocery stores. We would like to explain the process of how we will be growing our plants but want to be more in depth of how we will be using our waste, and the profit loss of the farm as well. We currently are operating on 1/100 of the proposed scale and we have an existing business plan, but the original plan was a grand scale of what we wish to accomplish in the future of this business, we would like to scale down the plan to only include this single location.

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    short Market analysis -- 2 1 dnia left

    I need short market analysis

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    short Market analysis -- 2 1 dnia left

    I need short market analysis

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    short Market analysis 1 dnia left

    I need short market analysis

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    SIRE BUSINESS 23 godzin left

    I need a business plan done and someone whose willing to cover every aspect of a business plan.

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    Write my business plan 19 godzin left

    I need a business plan for a bakery with gift shop. Please contact me if you are interested.

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    Research the brands (Paul vs Laduree) • Research the two brands and find out their (history, owners, type of business, branches, reputation, quality, target audience, marketing strategies, financial performance .. etc.) • Apply the ABC format (Abstract, Body & Conclusion) follow the order of summary/ abstract, introduction, body/content, conclusion/ recommendations, then reference • Information (Body) could be presented in bullet points or paragraph format. Visual support could be used. • Clarify which brand you prefer and why in the conclusion. • Report Outline: table of contents, abstract, body, conclusion & references (APA Style). for table of contents Although this page comes at the start of the report, it should be written last when the report is fin...

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    research 2500 words(7days) 16 godzin left

    Please take some time to view the following four videos (at least twice) on the future of Supply Chain Management. Video 1. The Future of E-Supply Chains (3 mins) Video 2. Supply Chain 2040 (10 mins) Video 3. 8 Trends in Supply Chains (3 mins) Video 4. Supply Chains enabling E-Commerce (9mins) Now answer the following 4 questions: 1. Traditionally supply chain management was considered as a back-office function. In the future it will be more about delivering a great customer experience. How will the supply chain of the future be able to deliver exactly what the customer wants, to a location they choose and at a time that meets their needs? (video 1) 2. As a result of Covid-19, Global Supply Chains have come under serious pressure to continue to deliver. How will tools such as ‘...

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    Business report 15 godzin left

    My project is about comparjng two major companies between rivals and brands and etc. let me nnow if you have more questions

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    I want to do an assignment for international business course

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    Genre Analysis Memo 1 godziny left

    The assignment I'm working on is a 600-word genre analysis memo for my writing and composition I class. I have to pick and dissect a section from the NYT (for example, I chose the book review section), and write to analyze to understand how the genre is constructed based on identifying the factor that go into creating the genre, such as the language the writers of the genre use or they the text in the genre is structured. However, instead of writing the genre analysis as traditional essay, we have to write it in the form of business memo, so I would like feedback on making my writing more concise, and feedback on if my draft understands the format of a memo. I have a final e-Portfolio that is intended to for students in my class and I to reflect on the writing we've done in class...

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