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Engineering is the scientific discipline of acquiring and applying technical and mathematical knowledge to design and implement machines, systems, materials and processes. There are various branches of engineering such as civil, mechanical, electronics, materials, chemicals, etc. If your business needs help with engineering tasks such as drafting, documentation, research work, or other, then our talented and experienced engineering freelancer will give you the best service ever. Connect with talented engineering freelancers simply by posting your engineering project today!

If you have the experience and the ability to do engineering projects, then offers you a lot of engineering projects with clients who want help with reverse engineering, electric engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, writing civil engineering articles, essays, research papers, engineering project reports, and more.

If you believe you can do that, then start bidding on engineering projects and get paid with an average of $200 per project!

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Projekt/Konkurs Opis Oferty/Zgłoszenia Umiejętności Data Publikacji Kończy się Cena (PLN)
Computer Security Assistment for a project It's an assessment to help secure systems based on different scenarios. 14 Inżynieria, Bezpieczeństwo komputerowe, Architektura oprogramowania, UNIX Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 23g zł126
I need an Engineer electrical and mechanical work 4 Inżynieria Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 23g zł8075
IPTV Channel Streaming We are looking for a list 300-700 TV channel streams that are reliable and constant and VOD. i need channels with Latin Audio preferably. The streams should be URL with extensions *.M3U8 that can be viewed on an android box. The TV channels should be in the Latin language from Argentina, Spain, and South American content. The primary media we are seeking is Adult content (ie Private, Hu... 9 Inżynieria, Architektura oprogramowania, Tworzenie oprogramowania, Kodowanie, Programowanie Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 19g zł2455
STOCHASTIC BEHAVIOUR OF INTELLIGENT BUILDINGS. -- 3 see the attached files for details of work. this is a simple work. Budget for this work is 30-50$. only serious bidders are required. No time wasters are required. 4 Inżynieria, Matlab i Mathematica, Inżynieria elektryczna Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 18g zł280
need an expert on c language -- 3 need an expert on c to write a code 14 Programowanie C, Inżynieria, Elektronika, Architektura oprogramowania, Inżynieria elektryczna Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 18g zł69
data entry internet research outline tender docs data entry internet research outline tender docs fast browse business documents, to pick up the core information of what exactly the buyers want to buy( the product, the type , the specific names) and one picture of the products the buyers wanted to buy. high timely working pay plus high mile stone bonus. engineering articles & documents related. 39 Wprowadzanie danych, Inżynieria, Przeszukiwanie internetu, Przepisywanie dokumentów, Badania Internetu Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 18g zł331
Administrative Secretary Shell Oil Company- Vacancy Job, The Shell Oil Company has 3 full-time openings for Crude Oil Haulers located in Houston, Texas. The Crude Oil Hauler is responsible for loading, delivering, and unloading crude oil across the Texas area. These positions work nights on a 12-hour work schedule including weekends, holidays and overtime as needed. 1 Inżynieria, Bezpieczeństwo komputerowe, Reklama, Zaopatrzenie, Prace Biurowe Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 17g zł15948
Simulink model for position control of stepper motor with PID loop I want a simulink model of a PID controlled stepper motor to control the position of the motor. Either simscape or simulink model 12 Inżynieria, Matlab i Mathematica, Rysunek techniczny Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 14g zł78
structural design for a precast concrete compound wall STRUCTURAL DESIGN AND DRAWINGS for a BOUNDRY WALL PRECAST CONCRETE + office block + septic tank : ATTACHED IS A STRUCTURAL DETAIL DRAWING FOR A project compromising of an office block + SEPTIC TANK AND A COMPOUND WALL. I NEED TO GET AN APROVAL FROM THE MUNICIPALITY TO USE A PRECAST CONCRETE INSTEAD OF THE ATTACHED ONE. THEREFORE I NEED A STRUCTURAL DESIGN FOR IT AS IF IT WAS GOING TO BE DONE I... 3 Inżynieria środowiska, Betonowanie, Inżynieria, Inżynieria budowlana Sep 20, 2017 Dziś2d 12g zł1159
I need an Electrical Engineer to do BOQ for my Electrical Design tenders Hey there freelancers, I am contracted to build all the electrical and fibre works on the main roads upgrade. I have attached a responsibility matrix, you will see under the MGC column all the x are areas that I need the takeoff done from the designs. Let me know if you need any more clarification. Here I am attaching the dropbox which contains all designs required. [adres URL ukryty -... 14 Inżynieria, Inżynieria elektryczna , Rysunek techniczny, Inżynieria telekomunikacyjna Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 11g zł1909
I need a Co-founder for my app Hi. We are creating a Virtual Media (Social Media + Virtual Reality). I need a Technical guy to help me build this app with sweet equity. 7 Inżynieria, Mobile App Development, Augmented Reality, Programista aplikacji Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 10g zł75
fluids power point it's 11 slides. simple ones but i need someone with a background in fluid dynamics so can edit and improve and write a speech explaining every slide. 23 Inżynieria, Inżynieria chemiczna Sep 20, 2017 Dziś6d 10g zł1278
corporate client advisor Assess offer from ANSYS for Virtual Thermal Barrier Development 13 Inżynieria, Architektura oprogramowania Sep 19, 2017 Dziś6d 8g zł1136
Project for pgyadhav91 Hi pgyadhav91, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 1 Inżynieria, Sep 19, 2017 Dziś9d 1g zł894
Need a java expert to edit a project urgent expert in fixing error java person needed 26 Programowanie C, Java, JavaScript, Inżynieria, JavaFX Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 22g zł21
need engineer for small remodel company beems foundations excetra I work mostly in west Denver metro area Jefferson county need to start a relationship with an engineer or firm for small builds like additions pop tops garages 11 Inżynieria Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 22g zł3786
Project for Li S. Hi, Please accept the project for 3 render image designing. 2 PHP, Inżynieria, Inżynieria mechaniczna, Analiza metodą elementów skończonych, Matematyka, Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20178d 20g zł334
API code building and integrate it into PHP Hello guys I need someone to build API code for me and integrate it into PHP 45 PHP, Inżynieria, Testowanie serwisów WWW, Administracja serwisami WWW, Programowanie Salesforce App Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 19g zł581
Need to create website + API Need to create website with API that will be send requests to another domain. Website must be with payment system 44 PHP, JavaScript, Inżynieria, MySQL Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 19g zł987
Estimation of build cost Hi I am looking for someone to calculate an estimate for a build cost for a residential development in the surrey area of london. documents found here: [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] 1 Inżynieria, Matematyka, Rzeczoznawcy budowlani Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 18g zł1210
PSCAD Modelling i need to use a computer programme called PSCAD to design a model and simulation of how to achieve a PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF STATIC VAR COMPENSATOR (SVC) FOR VOLTAGE STABILITY ENHANCEMENT OF a 132/33/11kV DISTRIBUTION NETWORK using PSCAD. 6 Inżynieria, Matlab i Mathematica, Architektura oprogramowania, Inżynieria elektryczna Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 16g zł736
Operation Management I need an expert Engineer to help with some tasks on Engineering project and operations management. 20 Inżynieria, Statystyka, Inżynieria mechaniczna Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 14g zł97
Middleware Integration Component with Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus -- 2 I need to learn more about Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle Service Bus. I want a integration component Oracle SOA Suite and OSB. A simple code that I could run on the Oracle SOA Suite and OSB. This code could be any process that you recommend. (Simple process like "Hello World" application:)) Just show me a sample. My aim is to undertand how a simple integration is done with Oracle SOA Su... 5 Java, Inżynieria, Architektura oprogramowania, Oracle, Usługi Internetowe Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 13g zł93
Talent Q Element Logical Assistance Can be discussed in further detail. Urgent requirement!!! 16 Inżynieria, Matematyka Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 12g zł376
wsn security on opnet - open to bidding simulation of some wsn attacks on opnet. Image processing, computer vision, wireless communications and networking, etc are the most interesting fields of work for me. 8 Inżynieria, Elektronika, Uczenie maszynowe, Matematyka, Image Processing Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 12g zł545
payroll and accounting develpemnt Payroll and accounting website is already under development, currently we are looking for additional php senior develpers to help and support the completeness of the project. we required individual developers who are based in kolkatta india or who are willing to move to kolkatta. 72 PHP, Inżynieria, Architektura oprogramowania, Testowanie oprogramowania, MySQL Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 12g zł26428
Pag Web and App in Iso and Android. Sales of fruits and vegetables by internet. Model to overcome similar to Development of web pag of electronic commerce, applications for phone in ISO and Android. We need a professional that meets the delivery times, has a suitable team and able to meet. Language: Spanish, English and Portuguese, Development of personalized app, sales of fruits and vegetables on the internet, the model to follow are presented This development must be fully devel... 84 PHP, Inżynieria, MySQL, Administracja serwisami WWW Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 12g zł16562
Compress a video from 1080p to 360p We are looking for people who can help us compress video files from 1080p to 360p. We have around 200 GB of files which need to be compressed. Our company name is [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] 30 PHP, JavaScript, Inżynieria, Architektura oprogramowania, Testowanie oprogramowania Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 9g zł445
Electrical Engineering Electronics Design Flexible Printed Circuit - Reduce COST and BOM of Basic Sytem This project is confidential and the successful applicant must be willing to sign an NDA and treat the confidentiality of this project as a legally binding contract. Now enough of the boring stuff. I cannot disclose too much information regarding this project, but the brief is as follows: Brief: I have a relatively basic FPC (flexible printed circuit) electrical system that is currently ... 18 Inżynieria, Elektronika, Inżynieria elektryczna , Projektowanie procesów produkcyjnych Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 20175d 9g zł752
Siding measurements I need to know how many siding squares are on one building reading plans 13 Inżynieria Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20175d 8g zł495
Clinical Database Engineer This is a great opportunity for experienced Data Managers, programmers to join a growing CRO. Your role is • design and builds a database system to interface with electronic medical record (EMR) providers according to FHIR and OMOP standards. • Implement a system for querying EMR systems via REST calls. • Automate the processing of returning JSON calls and put JSON into the da... 28 Inżynieria, Medycyna, MySQL, Rozwój Bazy Danych Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20175d 5g zł118
Magento2 Confirmation Page/Email Edit Message 1.I need edited the Confirmation page message after payment. Also the email that gets sent to the buyer. We wish to add that the "download details will be sent usually within 1-6 hrs after order confirmation and they will be sent to <email address>." [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] it possible to show orders as pending rather than completed as after PayPal payment... 12 PHP, Inżynieria, Architektura oprogramowania, MySQL, Administracja serwisami WWW Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20175d 4g zł176
Hire a Javascript Developer Require someone who can help me with a javascript script 30 JavaScript, Inżynieria, Tworzenie oprogramowania Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20175d 3g zł85
software engineering issues - open to bidding Write a 6 to 8 page double spaced essay on the topic Software Engineering as a Profession using Internet resources. Be sure you cite the URL resources properly as I described in our first lecture. Essays will be checked for similarity with others in this class and with previous classes. Essays having more than 60% [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] similarity numbers will be graded zer... 32 Inżynieria, Pisanie raportów, Pisanie artykułów popularnonaukowych, Biologia, Analiza Statystyczna Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20174d 23g zł445
expert in c++ needed Need an expert to do a model in c++ 28 Programowanie C, Inżynieria, Programowanie w C#, Inżynieria elektryczna , Programowanie w C++ Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20174d 21g zł78
I need an electronics engineer I have a patent pending on a Bluetooth device and the prototype that I am ready to put into manufacturing. I am looking for an electronics engineer to have it reduced in size and need a portfolio built. I would like for the freelancer to be from the United States preferably from Texas. 11 Inżynieria, Elektronika, Wzór przemysłowy, Projektowanie produktu Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20174d 20g zł8530
HVAC Project Academic Writing Need an experienced academic writer from electrical engineering background Budget- 80$ 24 Inżynieria, Elektronika, Inżynieria elektryczna , Publikacje akademickie Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20174d 19g zł205
Build a Website I created different template for different websites. 39 PHP, Projektowanie stron www, Projekty graficzne, Inżynieria, HTML Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20174d 16g zł493
Build online Cost Estimators we want to build an Online Cost Estimator in which the user will select from options, the type, size and specifics of the dwelling he plans to construct. The estimator is intended to calculate an APPROXIMATE, yet RATIONAL cost / outlay for the planned construction. The cost estimate should be segmented / itemized to display the various input material costs, labor / skill cost and cost of supervisi... 13 Programowanie C, Inżynieria, Księgowość, Monitorowanie konstrukcji Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 20174d 12g zł1398
master cam 2018 work i need who are specialist on master cam 2018 only please dont waste my time thank you 8 Inżynieria, CAD/CAM, Wytwarzanie, Solidworks, AutoCAD Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 20174d 7g zł111
Update website I would like to update my customer booking options and add promo code option with fb share and get discounts option. Please find the attached code for the calendar. If you have any questions please let me know. I also have a custom admin panel and driver panels. Website: [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] Link 1: [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] Link 2: [adres URL u... 40 PHP, Java, Inżynieria, CSS, Architektura oprogramowania Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 20174d 5g zł632
I need a touch testing robot for my LCD Business [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] Something like this, exactly like this. but i need to test each lcd for 30 minutes. and the pass and fail parameters may be different. It needs to work reliably and efficiently under stress. above all it cannot be expensive. NO FAKE BIDS, THE PRICE YOU BID IS THE PRICE I PAY. 15 Inżynieria, Architektura oprogramowania, Inżynieria mechaniczna, Inżynieria elektryczna , Robotyka Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 20173d 19g zł15497
I need a structural engineer Residential Construction and remodeling. Need an engineer to physically go to properties to look at issues, in and around Houston area. 12 Inżynieria Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 20173d 12g zł391
Need C person i have one C task to be done quickly 42 Programowanie C, Java, Inżynieria, SQL, Programowanie w C++ Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 20173d 7g zł29
Project for Hasith Ishara Kulathilaka P. Hi Hasith Ishara Kulathilaka P., We are based in Colombo (Sri Lanka) and we have a few C++ project to be done. Could you please let us know your availability .This will be a long term job. Cheers Sagara 4 Inżynieria, Matlab i Mathematica, Algorytmy, Architektura oprogramowania, Programowanie w C++, Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 20176d 6g zł944
Structural Design I'm looking for a structural engineer who can do structural desing for the attached drawing with designing the required steel sections, details and the way to be fixed to the wall with taking a consideration for the aluminum facade 41 Inżynieria, Inżynieria środowiska, Inżynieria budowlana Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 20172d 22g zł136
PLC control panel PLC control panel with 460V VFDs 30 Inżynieria, PLC oraz SCADA Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 20172d 21g zł3617
unix project needed shell script need a person who can do unix shell scripting 30 Instalowanie skryptów, Linux, Inżynieria, Shell Script , UNIX Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 20172d 15g zł21
USE ANDROID AS GSM GATEWAY i simply want to convert my android phone to behave as sip voip gsm gateway like GOIP, DINSTAR. android phone will register with my softswitch via 3g internet and when my softswitch will send call to android it will forward to gsm network. so it will work like DIALER(DIALS NUMBER)--> MY SOFTSWITCH --> ANDROID PHONE --> TO NUMBER DIALED BY DIALER.... This will be main future.. and it wi... 24 PHP, Inżynieria, Android, VoIP Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 20172d 14g zł4274
IT engineer Fixing system/Network failure 17 Inżynieria Sep 16, 2017 Sep 16, 20172d 11g zł3930
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