iPhone is the most popular smartphone and was created by Apple Inc. The platform is commonly used all over the world by millions of people and businesses alike. An iPhone Developer holds the skills and knowledge to effectively develop the app on the iOS platform. Whether an organization needs an iPhone app that you want to make available in the App Store, a game or a complex enterprise solution, an experienced iPhone developer can handle just about anything.

An iPhone Developer is knowledgeable in essential development techniques like Object Oriented Programming, Swift and Objective-C as well as advanced development techniques like Core Data and Core Animation. Developers have expertise in Process Methodologies such as Agile, Extreme Programming and Waterfall for flexible development. They are also familiar with creating efficient user interfaces for mobile apps to ensure a great user experience.

The purpose of hiring an iPhone Developer on Freelancer.com is to help make clients' visions come to life with their app development skills and knowledge. This way, their ideas can come to life without going through the hassle of dealing with technical issues or relying on additional manpower. It doesn't matter if it's big or small - they will help clients make their dreams become reality through iOS mobile application development.

Here's some projects that our expert iPhone Developers made real:

  • Create mobile applications
  • Developing secure payment systems
  • Integrating SDKs into existing code
  • Complex enterprise solutions
  • Developing intuitive user interfaces
  • Establishing navigation architectures

Getting an experienced iOS developer to build the right application helps take clients to the next level in terms of product performance, design and customer satisfaction. Hiring an iPhone Developer on Freelancer.com makes this process easy, fast, reliable and cost-efficient for organizations of any size who are looking for an expert to bring their project to life.

If your organization has a project related to iOS mobile application development, then why not look at posting it up on Freelancer.com? With their assistance in building custom apps, you can rest assured that quality and efficiency are guaranteed with reasonable prices at any size or scale. So don’t hesitate, post your project up today and hire an experiencediPhone Developer on Freelancer now!

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    We're in need of an experienced mobile app developer to build a comprehensive case management mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android. The app's core functionalities will include: - Text-based record keeping: The app should facilitate easy note-taking and record keeping for support workers. The ideal candidate will have experience with creating similar functionality. - Report generation: The app should generate a range of reports including daily activity reports, client progress reports and roster schedules. Expertise in designing intuitive, user-friendly interfaces will be an advantage. Our goal is to have an app that aids our workers effectively manage their day-to-day tasks and client information. Prior experience with similar projects is highly desirable.

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    I need a professional app developer to create a map-based application for me. The app will be a guide to various businesses on the Isle of White (UK). Key Features: - **Map-based Guidance**: The app should allow users to see the Isle of White on a map. It should then display the locations of the businesses I've uploaded, helping users to navigate and find these businesses easily. - **Business Information and Contact Details**: Users should be able to access detailed information about each business, including contact details. - **Video Integration**: The app must also incorporate videos about the businesses, enhancing the user experience and providing more comprehensive information about the businesses. I would like the app to be developed for both iOS and Android platforms, ...

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    As the client, I require an experienced and discreet professional who can seamlessly penetrate a smart phone to retrieve a specific set of data. Key responsibilities would include: - Retrieving text messages from the target device - Accessing the device's camera and microphone, which will enable actual monitoring. This project is driven by both suspicion of infidelity and the need for safety monitoring. In carrying out these tasks, it is important to ensure that the target individual remains entirely oblivious to the ongoing surveillance. A successful applicant for this job should be a seasoned and meticulous professional, with a strong background in programming and ethical hacking. You must have a track record of successfully completing similar projects, demonstrating your abili...

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    As the creator of a freshly curated iOS application, I'm urgently in need of an experienced app tester. I require a thorough investigation into the following areas: - Interaction and user interface: assessing the visual aspect, accessibility, and overall user experience. - Functionality: Confirming that all the features are working as intended. - Performance: Evaluating the app's speed, responsiveness, and stability under varying workloads. I also need help communicating results and potential issues to the app's developers. Skills in bug reporting, Agile methodologies, and familiarity with testing tools like Jira are a bonus. The device needed should be an iPhone, as the application is designed specifically for iOS. I’m aiming to get this project completed ASAP, so ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled AI and ML programmer to assist in the development of a mobile application. The primary function of this app is to deliver personalized recommendations to users. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms - Implement an AI/ML component for delivering personalized recommendations - Work closely with the design team to ensure seamless integration of the AI component Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in mobile app development for both iOS and Android - Proficient in AI and ML technologies, particularly in the realm of personalized recommendations - Strong collaboration and communication skills - A strong understanding of UI/UX principles is a plus Please share your relevant experience and how you would approac...

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    I require an experienced mobile app developer to construct an android app tailored specifically towards sharing educational content for school students. Requirements include: - Proficiency in Android App Development - Experience with content sharing apps The app is focused on information dissemination, primarily of educational content. This educational data should be designed and organized in a user-friendly approach that engages and benefits school students. Please ensure you can deliver this on an urgent basis. A proven portfolio featuring related work would greatly support your application.

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    Full-Featured Taxi App Development 6 dni left

    I'm looking for an experienced app developer to create a comprehensive taxi app for iOS and Android, mirroring the functionality and design of popular services like Uber and Careem. The app will need to have features such as GPS for real-time location tracking, secure card payment integration, and a ratings system for users. Key Requirements: - Intuitive UI: The app should be easy to use and navigate, ensuring a seamless user experience. - GPS: Accurate and real-time location tracking is crucial for the functionality of the app. - Secure payments: The app needs to have a robust and secure payment system for card transactions. - Ratings: A user ratings and feedback system is an essential feature to ensure quality of service. - Customer service to get in touch Additional Details: - T...

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    E-commerce Android App Development 6 dni left

    I'm seeking a skilled Android app developer to create a user-friendly e-commerce app that focuses on service-based products. Key Requirements: - E-commerce Focus: The app should primarily facilitate the online sale of services, as opposed to physical goods or digital products. - Payment Gateway: I don't require integration with any specific payment gateways, as the app should support a variety of payment methods. - User Experience: The app should be intuitive, visually appealing, and optimized for smooth navigation and purchasing. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Android app development, with a strong portfolio of e-commerce apps. - Understanding of e-commerce trends and best practices, especially in the service industry. - Prior experience in creating apps with high-quality user...

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    iOS App Development 6 dni left

    I am seeking a proficient iOS developer to collaborate on a new mobile application. The app will have a primary focus on integrating with social media platforms. Key Responsibilities: - Develop an iOS application with seamless social media integration. - Implement a user-friendly interface and experience. - Ensure the app is reliable and compatible across different iOS devices. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of successful iOS app developments. - Proficiency in integrating social media APIs. - Strong understanding of iOS design principles. - Ability to optimize for different iOS devices. Please note that while not specified, experience with in-app purchasing and location-based services would be a great asset.

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    Description: I am looking for an experienced mobile app developer with expertise in FlutterFlow and Supabase to create a peer-to-peer rental platform for watercraft, including boats, yachts, and jet-skis. This app will facilitate interactions between owners and renters, encompassing features such as bookings, direct communications, and user reviews. Project Scope: Ensure that the app includes both owner and renter functionalities: owners should be able to manage listings and view bookings, while renters should be able to search, book, and review listings. User Roles: Develop tailored interfaces and functionalities for two distinct user roles: owners and renters. Core Features: - User authentication and profile management. - Vessel listing, search, and booking system. - Dynamic pricing ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled AR developer to create a markerless AR gaming experience for Android. Key Project Details: - Type of AR Development: Markerless AR - Target Platform: Mobile devices (iOS and Android) - Primary Goal: To develop an immersive AR car placement app for exploring Indian car models in real-world environments. I'm looking for a professional who can: - Develop a seamless markerless AR experience that accurately places virtual car models in users' surroundings. - Implement customization options for users to personalize virtual car models according to their preferences. - Integrate comprehensive car information, including specifications, features, pricing, and availability. - Ensure intuitive user interface design and smooth interactions for a user-friendly e...

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    Desarrollo de APP IOS, para evento particular, idealmente desarrollador que hable o maneje el idioma español.

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    I am looking for an experienced and creative mobile app developer to create an Android app. The primary purpose of the app will be social networking. Key Features: - Shopping Cart - User Profiles - Product Reviews The app will also require integration with various social media platforms. It is crucial that the app has a user-friendly interface and is intuitive to use. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing social networking apps - Strong knowledge of Android development - Experience with integrating social media platforms - Familiarity with e-commerce features - UI/UX design skills

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    I'm looking for a developer to create a simple mobile game similar to Ludo or Chess or any other game based on skill, but with a multiplayer focus. It's a real-time and turn-based multiplayer game, with a monetization strategy that includes advertisements and also betting features as the game is based on skill. Key Requirements: - Develop a real-time and turn-based multiplayer mobile game. - Implement a simple and engaging gameplay similar to Ludo or Chess or any other game based on skill. - Design the game with the capability to incorporate in-app advertisements and betting money where the company (mobile app) takes 10% as fee of whatever the total amount players have decided to bet as a means of monetization. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in mobile game developmen...

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    I'm on the hunt for a proficient mobile app developer who can work seamlessly on both Android and iOS platforms. You should be conversant with Java for Android development and Swift for iOS development. An integral part of the app design is its integration with a Signal server, therefore, your prior experience in similar projects will be a significant advantage. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Java and Swift - Experience in cross-platform mobile app development - Prior work with Signal server integration In summary, I'm looking for a competent developer who can build a robust cross-platform mobile app with Signal server integration. If you meet the above-mentioned criteria, I'd love to see your bids.

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    I need a proficient app developer to create an engaging social networking iPhone app specifically designed for young adults. The primary feature of this application should be photo and video sharing. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in iOS development - Fluent in Swift or Objective C - Expertise in implementing photo/video sharing functionalities - Prior experience in developing social networking applications - Understanding of UI/UX design - Familiarity with user demographic - young adults Tasks: - Design and develop a user-friendly interface - Implement a feature for photo/video sharing - Conduct beta testing - Perform necessary modifications based on testing feedback

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    I've created an app, "Corte Ya!", which connects users to barbers for at-home services round the clock. Here's what I need: - **Platform and Sign-Up**: The app is to be specifically developed for iOS and should allow users to sign up using their email and Google account. It's crucial that the app is user-friendly and intuitive to ensure smooth adoption. - **Real-Time Booking**: The app should have a real-time booking system. This feature is key to providing an efficient and convenient service to users. It needs to be reliable and responsive. - **Barber Profile Reviews**: Users should be able to view and provide reviews on barber profiles. This feature is essential for building trust and ensuring quality service provision. - **In-App Payment**: The app is to inc...

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    I am in need of a proficient app developer with expertise in Flutter and ReactJS. This developer will focus on crafting an application that is creative, vibrant, and colorful while boding well with both iOS and Android platforms. Key Functionalities: - User Authentication - In-app Purchases - Push Notifications - Escrow Safe Pay Implementation - UPI/Bank Accounts and Payment Integration as in Google Pay -As like GPAY.... -Like GPAY Normal Payments enabled also -Black Theme...... Those who have a solid understanding of these features and also have a flair for creating visually appealing and immersive UI/UX are encouraged to place their bids. An eye for detail and commitment to vibrant design along with proven experience in Flutter and ReactJS will be highly appreciated in executing this...

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    I'm seeking a skilled app developer to create a new mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. The perfect candidate should have experience in multi-platform app development and excellent proficiency in coding. Key Features needed: * User Authentication - The app needs a secure and reliable user login system. * In-app Purchases - The app should support transactions and payments within the application. * Live Chat Support - We would also like the app to feature a live chat capability for real-time customer support. Design Aesthetic: The design of the app should be minimalist, emphasizing functionality and ease of usage. An understanding of minimalist design principles is a plus. Clean lines, limited color palette and uncluttered layout should characterize the app's l...

    $11 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of an experienced Android app developer to create a user consent application for my masters project. The app should efficiently capture user consent and details, and guide users through a series of simple actions. Key Features: - The application is expected to have a 4-page flow: 1. Page 1: A consent form that users must agree to. This can be handled through a 'Checkbox to agree' feature. 2. Page 2: A user details form that will capture Contact Information and Demographic Information. 3. Page 3: A selection page where users can choose from a list of options. 4. Page 4: A final page where users choose one option out of the ones previously selected. Key Requirements: - The app should be designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. - It must enforce a seamle...

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    I'm looking for a talented app developer to create a cross-platform application for Android and iOS. The app's primary purpose is to allow users to collect and store car key information in a user-friendly and efficient manner. Key Features: - Cross-platform compatibility: The app should be functional on both Android and iOS devices. - Key Information Storage: The primary goal is to ensure that users can easily input and store their car key's information. - Photo Upload & NFC/RFID Scanning: The app should allow users to upload photos of their car key and scan NFC/RFID tags to retrieve key data. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in both Android and iOS app development. - Experience in creating user-friendly and visually appealing interfaces. - Prior experience with integrating...

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    ¡¡URGENT!! I'm searching for a competent Strapy developer to assist with issues concerning the extraction of data from an internal database. The project involves implementing responsive design and user authentication. Your role's priorities include: - Assuring efficient extraction of data from our internal database, solving the current difficulties we're experiencing. - Skillfully integrating our internal database with the Strapy development project. - Implementing responsive design that works seamlessly across different platforms. - Setting up a dependable user authentication method. Ideal skills for this role include Strapy development, extensive understanding of database systems, proficiency in implementing responsive design, and ability with setting up use...

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    I have an Android Cordova app. I'm looking for a freelancer who can integrate Facebook banner ads into my app, using the Facebook plugin for cordovaby emi indo: Key Requirements: - Experience with Cordova apps, specifically for Android - Proven expertise in integrating Facebook SDK into apps - Understanding of banner ad placement and optimization for middle-aged adult audience Your tasks would involve integrating the SDK, ensuring proper display and functionality of the ads, and potentially assisting with ad placement for optimal user engagement. This is a crucial step in my app's monetization strategy, so I'm looking for someone who can deliver a top-tier, user-friendly integration.

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    I'm seeking a proficient software developer with a strong background in web development. The project involves creating an e-commerce website that's fully compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Requirements: - Proficiency in web development - Experience in e-commerce website development - Understanding of both iOS and Android platforms - Strong communication skills It's crucial that the website be optimized for mobile platforms to ensure a seamless shopping experience for users. Extensive knowledge of e-commerce website best practices will be a plus, as we're looking to maximize user engagement and conversion rates.

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    I'm in need of a mobile application to help my field service technicians in logging their work details. This application will be the primary tool for recording hours worked, parts used, and maintaining customer information. We currently use an excel spreadsheet. Key Features: - Hours Tracking: The app should allow technicians to log their working hours efficiently. - Parts Lists: The app should have a feature that helps in maintaining a list of parts used during service. - Customer Table: The app should have a customer management system. Technicians should be able to view customer details and update them if needed. Technical Requirements: - Platform: I need this application to be created mobile devices and desktop - Offline Compatibility: The app must have offline function...

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    In need of an experienced AWS and .NET 8 expert to carry out an essential task on our existing project deployed on AWS. We have web API calls going through the AWS API Gateway, and having a JWT token set up on those API calls, the project would involve ensuring the correct validation of these tokens. Key tasks would include: - Setting up validation rules specifically for token signatures on the AWS API Gateway. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong comprehending of AWS API Gateway - In-depth knowledge of JWT tokens in terms of generation and validation - Proficiency in .NET 8 Even though the deadline for completing the project was not specified, we appreciate a swift response and detailed bid. We're looking forward to working on this pivotal aspect of our project with high-...

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    Desarrollar un aplicación en una tablet, que capture en una base de datos, la fotografía de un artículo, la posición vía GPS, hora y fecha de que se tomó la fotografía.

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    Chat Bot App for Fraud Prevention 14 godzin left

    I need an experienced developer to build a chat bot app that links to an application that has Dialogflowcx frontend. The application should be convertible for both Android and iOS platforms. Major function required is a real-time chat mechanism, cut and paste email texts into the chatbot and covert voice to text. Your expertise should include but is not limited to android development, iOS development, and deploying mobile applications. Please apply if you have a strong background in chat bot development and integration with Dialogflowcx. Emphasis should be placed on ensuring that the app runs smoothly on both platforms and the chat bot is highly responsive in real-time conversations.

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    I am looking for a skilled and experienced developer to create an innovative application for both Android and iOS. I am seeking an individual who can combine creativity with practicality to build an application that enables users to converse with an AI in multiple languages. Ideal Skills and Experience: • App Development for both iOS and Android • Experience with incorporating AI into app design • Knowledge of various languages for programming AI is beneficial but not necessary as this question was skipped • Portfolio that demonstrates a mix of standard and bespoke UI designs (as a mix of both styles is desired) Applications should include their relevant experience, along with any work they've done that demonstrates the necessary skills for the job. As design wi...

    $826 (Avg Bid)
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    77 składanie ofert

    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can create a ride-sharing website similar to with a few distinct features. Key Features: - User Registration and Login: The site must have secure and seamless user authentication for all users. - Customized Design: I'm looking to differentiate my platform through unique branding and design. Target Audience: The primary audience for this project is daily commuters and ride/courier service providers. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in front-end and back-end development - Extensive experience in building and customizing similar platforms - Understanding of user experience and brand identity

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    I'm on the lookout for a seasoned app developer who can help me create a social media application akin to Facebook. Exclusive features we are focusing on are: - News feed: An advanced News Feed feature that allows news posts, comments, and user reactions will be crucial. The feed should be engaging and intuitive. - Multimedia: Our users should have the ability to upload photos. It's essential to build a user-friendly interface for this upload process. - User profiles: The ability to create and customize user profiles needs to be incorporated into the app's design. Applicants with prior experience building engaging, user-friendly social media apps will be preferred, especially those with a strong background in including custom news feeds and profile creation features. Your ...

    $4367 (Avg Bid)
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    22 składanie ofert

    I'm seeking a skilled app developer for a new E-commerce venture. The application should be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, offering a seamless user experience across devices. Key Functionalities: - User login and registration: The app should support secure user registration and login. - Geolocation tracking: To enable user location-based features and services. - In-app messaging: To facilitate communication between users and support. Ideal Skillset: - Strong background in the development of iOS & Android apps. - Proficient in implementing user registration, geolocation tracking, and in-app messaging. - Previous experience with e-commerce app development will be highly advantageous.

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    59 składanie ofert

    I'm searching for a talented developer to create an application that caters to a non-profit organization's needs. This application will be downloadable on both IOS Appstore and Google store, seamlessly interacting with both Apple and Samsung devices. The key features should include: - Task/Event Management: The app should provide an avenue for the creation and assignment of tasks or events. It will be fundamentally used for administrative organization and must hence accommodate this featured component efficiently. - Notification System: Having a reminder and update system is crucial for the app’s functionality. Timely notifications about upcoming tasks or events should lead to seamless organization. - RSVP Functionality: Incorporate a system that allows users to RSVP or si...

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    I am seeking an experienced Flutter developer to create a user-friendly mobile app. The design is already available and provided in XD format. The mobile app should attract and be usable by the general public. Key features required in the mobile app: * User registration and login. The app should secure user personal data, allowing for a seamless onboarding process. * Push notifications. The app should keep users engaged and updated by using push notifications effectively. * Payment gateway(later stage) Ideal Skills and Experience: * Proficiency in Flutter mobile app development. * Experience with UX/UI design principles. * Knowledge and previous experience with push notifications. * Excellent understanding of user registration and login integrations. * Previous experience developing...

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for an experienced mobile app developer to create a comprehensive platform for selling books online. The app will aggregate all local bookstores in our city, making it a one-stop-shop for book enthusiasts to discover and purchase their favorite reads. Key Features: - The app needs to be available on both iOS and Android platforms. - It should offer users the ability to preview books before making a purchase. This preview should include a full chapter of the book. - Search functionality should cover key categories: by title, genre, and author. - The app should also be designed with a user-friendly interface and smooth navigation. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in mobile app development, especially with e-commerce or aggregator platforms. - Strong knowledge of both...

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    I am looking for a talented UX/UI designer to design a mobile application. I want to put it in presentation. I mean, I want images only, not a real application . that focuses on sustainable energy. This mobile application aims to spread awareness about renewable energy, provide energy usage tracking and energy saving tips, and foster a community of environmentally conscious individuals. Key features include: - Energy Usage Tracking: An easy-to-use interface allows users to track their energy consumption and identify areas for reduction. - Renewable Energy Resources Information: A section dedicated to educating users about the benefits of sustainable energy sources and their availability. - Education and Awareness: Engaging content to inform and inspire users to make environmen...

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    I'm in the market for a highly skilled freelancer to develop a mobile app intended for young adults. This isn't your usual social networking app; it's got a twist. Key Features: • Integration of a unique component - emotions. Users should have the capability to express, connect and communicate based on shared feelings. • The app should provide a networking platform, allowing young adults to interact and build relationships. Looking for a developer: • With proven experience in creating popular, engaging mobile apps, preferably within the social networking space. • Who has the ability to integrate novel features and concepts. • Who understands the needs and user habits of young adults. If you have the necessary experience and are keen on creating a...

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    I'm seeking a development team to craft a mobile application for Talent Spotlight, a social media platform. This will be a robust app designed for iOS and Android. Key Features: - User Profiles: Users should be able to create profiles showcasing their talents. - Messaging System: There should be a functional messaging system to enable communication between users. - Content Sharing: Users should be able to share their talents with others. - Talent Spotlight: This feature is core to the app and is geared towards helping users find talents. The main purpose of the Talent Spotlight feature is for users to discover new and exciting talents. In essence, this app is designed to help people connect with different talents and abilities. The ideal candidate for this project would have experie...

    $51464 (Avg Bid)
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    App Demo with Key Features 6 dni left

    Need a demo for an app - Screenshots and a screen-recorded video will be best showing the app functionality and app key features

    $22 (Avg Bid)
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    25 składanie ofert

    I am currently at the helm of an exciting flutter app setup. As it turns out, I am in need of an expert who is elegant in design, fluid in movement, and who has the technical proficiency to bring my ideas into reality. I am also opening up possibilities for those who have the creativity and innovation to design an app that is seamless and user-friendly. This project requires a freelancer who: - is proficient in Flutter development with a sharp eye for UI/UX design - can provide suggestions and guidance on the design aspect as needed - can demonstrate sufficient experience with app development Although I cannot currently specify if the app requires integration with any external APIs or services, I surmise the freelancer must be prepared for any level of complexity this project might ne...

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    I am looking for a proficient C# Xamarin expert to help with creating a custom nested tab bar in my Xamarin application. Some of the key responsibilities will include: - Adjusting the alignment of tabs to ensure they are centered. - Changing the color of the tab bar to a custom selection. Potential candidates must showcase extensive experience and knowledge in Shell, and a strong understanding of C#. Since requirements were not detailed, I'd appreciate if you could also provide: - A detailed overview of how you'll approach the task. - Previous projects you've completed that could demonstrate your skills and capabilities to handle this project. Finally, although not explicitly shared, the completed application might warrant a variety of functionalities. Therefore, expert...

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    9 składanie ofert

    I'm seeking a skilled Flutter developer for a mobile app project. The app's functionality includes: - User authentication - Push notifications - Possible in-app purchases The main purpose of the app is not yet determined, but it will need to be compatible with both iOS and Android. I'm looking for someone with experience in developing feature-rich, cross-platform applications using Flutter. The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of mobile app development, user authentication, push notifications, and in-app purchases. Your design and UI/UX skills will also be crucial for creating a smooth, user-friendly experience. If you're a Flutter expert with a solid portfolio of successful mobile apps, please get in touch.

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $7 / hr Średnia Oferta:
    51 składanie ofert

    I'm seeking a skilled team of developers to create a comprehensive web application and corresponding mobile app CRM. The primary function of this system will be customer management, focused on enhancing client interactions and service. Key requirements for this project include: - **Dual-Platform Mobile App**: The mobile app must be compatible with both iOS and Android devices. - **Customer Management**: The core feature of this CRM system is customer management. This will involve the ability to store and manage customer information effectively. - **Cloud Telephony IVR Integration**: I'm looking for integration with cloud telephony IVR to enhance communication efficiency and customer service. - **WhatsApp Integration**: In addition to traditional methods of communication, the CRM...

    $520 (Avg Bid)
    $520 Średnia Oferta:
    16 składanie ofert

    I'm in need of a conscientious professional who can conduct a comprehensive functional testing on my iOS app. The major functionalities to be tested include device login, video recording, video compression, and uploading the compressed video to the server. Bidders should possess: - Experience in Functional Testing - Familiarity with iOS platforms - A good grasp on video compression and uploading processes - Keen attention to detail - Good communication skills for reporting.

    $33 (Avg Bid)
    $33 Średnia Oferta:
    21 składanie ofert

    For this project, I'm in need of a seasoned web and cross-platform app developer to create an application that functions on both iOS and Android platforms. The application will serve as a marketplace for domain auctions and sales. Key features I require are: * User Authentication: Users should be able to register and manage their accounts. * In-App Purchases: The app needs this functionality to allow users to participate in auctions and make purchases. * Live Chat Support: To enable users to promptly resolve any issues. * Domain Ownership Verification: Users should be able to paste a unique link in a TXT Record for verification. * Auction, Sales & Offers: The app should facilitate auctions, direct sales, and special offers. * Premium Subscriptions: Provide options for users want...

    $588 (Avg Bid)
    $588 Średnia Oferta:
    110 składanie ofert

    I'm looking for a professional to develop an educational radio app for my specific use. I'm looking for a skilled freelancer who can assist with building this educational radio app. The app needs to be educational in nature, and should cater to the content suitable for such an audience. I don't have a specific time frame in mind, but I would be looking for a reasonable completion time and regular updates on the progress of the project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in app development, especially in radio platforms - Understanding of educational content design - Ability to deliver quality work in a reasonable time manner - Strong communication skills to ensure regular updates and feedback during the development process.

    $33 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $33 / hr Średnia Oferta:
    104 składanie ofert

    I'm in need of an experienced Android developer to create a clean and minimalist news app. The app will have core functions of a news feed with push notifications. In addition, I'm looking for a unique feature where all users have the ability to post news (Multi User Platform). Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in Android app development - Expertise in integrating and managing news feeds - Proficient in setting up push notifications - Familiarity with building a multi-user platform - UI/UX design skills to deliver a clean and minimalist app.

    $381 (Avg Bid)
    $381 Średnia Oferta:
    30 składanie ofert

    I'm in urgent need of a proficient Flutter developer capable of integrating an already available Flutter WooCommerce app, into my WooCommerce website. Key details and credentials for the WooCommerce integration are ready and will be provided. Although specific features were not highlighted, a well-rounded understanding of the website's functionality is required to provide an excellent user interface in the app. Skills and Experience required: - Flutter - WooCommerce - API Integration Please note the urgency of this project. Interested freelancers should be ready to begin immediately. Proven experience and fast turnaround time will be appreciated.

    $33 (Avg Bid)
    $33 Średnia Oferta:
    5 składanie ofert

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