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Linux is a variant of UNIX and is an operating system. It is widely popular and in use all over the world in the form of servers and Linux-based desktops. If your business needs help developing for or working with Linux environments then you can hire freelancers who are experts in Linux. These freelancers can then help with your Linux-related tasks. Start connecting with them by posting your Linux job today.
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Help troubleshoot slow Azure VM running CPanel Give us an idea of why the server is slow at certain times - WHM and Cpanel are running on a DS3 instance 2 Linux, Apache, Azure, Usługi hostingowe Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 23g zł68
perl script fixing bug fixing a perl bug of xvideosharing script 0 PHP, Perl, Python, Linux, Shell Script Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 23g -
sibsoft xvideosharing script perl i want a mini fix of this script , the job is simple i need export files on my admin dashboard as i can export on user account my files..same function..i need someone who has knowledge about sibsoft xvideosharing script..the code is on perl ! 0 PHP, Perl, Linux, Architektura oprogramowania, Shell Script Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 23g -
IBM Big Fix and IBM Cloud Security Services Hello .. we are on IBM Softlayer and will like to implement IBM Big Fix and additional IBM Cloud Security Services , are you interested to collaborate ? 3 Administrator systemu, Linux, Bezpieczeństwo serwisów WWW, IBM Tivoli, IBM Bluemix Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 23g zł72
Hook data feed into tradingview charting library I am using the tradingview charting library to build a custom charting application. I have access to a fix API data feed from a broker. I need assitance hooking the data into the charting library. From what i have read, this is done by JS API or UDF. Im unsure how to translate the fix api data and hook it into the charting library. I need this project done asap. 0 JavaScript, Linux, Architektura oprogramowania, Metatrader, API Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 22g -
Need to modify an already working Android App downloader script I am using two scripts called OpenGapps and APKcrawler from here ([adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć]). Now these script download the Google Apps that are part of OpenGapps Gapps package. I need you to modify to include any other Android App that I may wish to download using these two or either of these scripts. Using these scripts as they are, I can easily download the default Google... 0 Instalowanie skryptów, Linux, UNIX, Scripting Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 22g -
Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin Expert Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin Expert Required 11 PHP, Projektowanie stron www, Linux, Architektura oprogramowania, Bitcoin Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 21g zł1584
LINUX / Ubuntu command I need a command for linux that removes all files with a certain letter. For example i wanna remove all files that have a letter "A" in it i need the command for that. Ill pay 22 usd only for this! I tried in the directory rm -r *a but this command doesnt seems to work 34 Administrator systemu, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, Debian Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 19g zł72
VP of Engineering & Full Stack Developer – Python and Django Avenue I Media is a fast-paced digital media marketing company located one block from the sand in Redondo Beach. We are currently seeking a talented, experienced full stack developer that specializes in Python and Django web applications to lead our development team as the VP of Engineering. This is an on-site role, and due to the commute we prefer candidates living near or in the South Bay. We... 15 JavaScript, Python, Linux, Django, Amazon Web Services Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 18g zł27746
Optimizing / Modifying Magento 1.9 Hi, Need Someone with Deep Experience in Magento and Good Experience in Linux , Mysql and other things needed to Fully Optimize our Magento Store and Server in General , and here is the base requirements : 1 - Optimize Magento Database and Database Server. 2 - Optimizing Magento Coding by tracing Profiler logs ( AOE-Profiler ) and fix what need to be fixed. 3 - Doing Some Minor Fixes and Mods ... 49 PHP, Linux, Magento, Apache, MySQL Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 17g zł64
DNS Practical Questions and DNS Practical You are required to configure and test a DNS server. Configure a DNS server with both forward and reverse lookup. MORE DETAIL after chatting please reply now 10 Administrator systemu, Linux, DNS, Windows Server, Administracja sieci Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 16g zł99
Long Term Server Admin / Linux Developer Looking for long term server administrator to manager Linux site. General everyday questions, support and enquries. First Job - Remove Backup files from site - See what's causing all usuage etc. See if anything can be done to speed up Magento site. 49 PHP, Linux, Magento, Apache, Nginx Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 16g zł82
Wordpress SSL w AWS pętla przekierowań Witam, Po zmianie adresu strony wordpress z http na https pojawia się pętla przekierowań. Moje konfiguracja AWS: Certificate Manager - Wykonany Cloudfront (dodanie certyfikatu) - Wykonany cała strona jest w aws EC2, ELB, RDS, Cloudfront, Certyfikat ssl 15 PHP, Linux, WordPress, Amazon Web Services, HTML Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 16g zł516
install or upgrade ssl certificate My SSL certificate is about to expire. want to upgrade it. I have only cpanel login 41 PHP, Projektowanie stron www, Linux, WordPress, HTML Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 15g zł67
Develop a project of encryption and decryption the string with the help of CUDA language in LinuX OS IF we have a string e.g. 'How are you?' then it should be encrypt and decrypt with the help of CUDA language in LinuX OS. 3 Programowanie C, Linux, CUDA, Programowanie w C++, UNIX Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 15g zł515
Convert nginx.conf to hiera Hi, I'm looking for someone to convert my nginx config to this module [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] (hiera) Thanks 7 PHP, Administrator systemu, Linux, Apache, Nginx Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 15g zł100
windows server (2016) expert freelancer we are looking for windows server (2016) expert freelancer 9 Pulpit systemu Windows, Administrator systemu, Linux, Microsoft, Windows Server Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 15g zł430
Linux Device Review We have an old x86 Linux device running with our applications and some open source applications (PostgreSQL database, FTP and Python). We need to port the applications to a new ARM platform as a drop-in replacement. We need someone to review the x86 Linux devices, submit a report on software and provide suggestions for porting to the new platform. We will provide a remote access to the device and... 10 Linux, Architektura oprogramowania, MySQL, Programowanie w C++, Ubuntu Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 15g zł351
Raspberry Pi with GSM, GPS Module for Real Time Tracker using Blynk app Hi, I want somebody to help me to connect GSM GPS Module (Check the link below) to Raspberry Pi including any coding needed. I want the project to be fixed inside the car, so I can track it anywhere using maps in Blynk app. Assuming RPi is dedicated to this project & Blynk app is installed in Raspberry Pi and mobile. NOTE: NO PAYMENT will be done until the whole project is completed and ... 9 Python, Linux, Elektronika, Raspberry Pi Dec 14, 2017 Dziś6d 13g zł537
video and audio streaming on iMX6 platform one way video streaming (mjpeg) from embedded iMX6 platform funning yocto linux two way audio from android device to and from iMX6 embedded platform synced live with video UDP protocol on p2p network between iMX6 and android device Streamed video displaying on android device and audio playback, capture audio on android device, stream and playback on iMX6 device. iMX6 device runs MSCMMX6QZDK0... 10 Programowanie C, Linux, Mobile App Development, Android, Transmisja wideo Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 12g zł5970
Make updates to unix application "mtr" for my use I'm looking for a command line way of monitoring multiple nodes at once using a curses interface. From my previous life as an Sys Admin, "mtr" has the type of interface I'm looking for. Multiple lines, IP address per line, and a continuously updated status as to connectivity, latency, etc. Rather than learn C and do this task, I would like someone to take the code for nmap, a... 1 Programowanie C, Linux Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 11g zł358
FTP Client using rfc 959 protocols Build a c console program using sockets in Code::Blocks to send a file to a FTP server in a Linux environment. First half of the program (up to setting passive mode) is 90% done (just some exception handling is needed); however, none of the file transfer part has been started. 8 Programowanie C, Linux, Bezpieczeństwo serwisów WWW, Socket IO Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 10g zł972
configure my today dedicated server I need FTP, SSL and domain setup on the new server. Along with PHP, MYSQL and phpMyadmin. Need completed ASAP. When completed need instructions and credentials. 55 PHP, Projektowanie stron www, Linux, MySQL, HTML Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 9g zł365
Fix iptables issue Fix iptables issue on centos server 4 PHP, Administrator systemu, Linux, Apache, UNIX Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 8g zł79
install odoo in in amazon isntance Install ODOO with full functionality in Amazon EC2 instance. 28 PHP, Python, Linux, Architektura oprogramowania, Amazon Web Services Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 7g zł118
online tutor for python and postgresql Hello, I am new to programming need support for python, postgresql and project management in general. I need a go to person who has in depth knowledge in programming and databases. 9 Python, Linux, Architektura oprogramowania, PostgreSQL Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 7g zł190
Magento Developer with 4 Years of Experience 2018 We are looking for a programmer with these skills for our site: 1. Knowledge Magento version Community edition 2. Minimum 4 years of experience 3. Troubleshoot bugs and plugin bugs to install on the site 4. Customize plugins installed on the website 5. Knows the servers and network systems 6. Works in linux apache or others environment 7. Quickly solve problems 8. Give us explanations an... 30 PHP, Linux, Magento, Apache, MySQL Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 7g zł694
AWS and Docker Deployment Work Need to Deploy Docker images in AWS Environment under ECS. Need to Automate Present Deployer COde by using Ansible Code. 10 Java, Linux, Amazon Web Services, node.js, Ubuntu Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 7g zł762
I need a expert in Cibersecurity Expert in PHP,SQL,CSS,Linux..... 11 PHP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, HTML Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 6g zł920
MBUNI configuration need someone to help configure mbuni / kannel to send/ receive SMS and MMS using a locally attached modem (MM1)... MMS need to be sent/receve from image file.... so any encoding (SMIL) will be part ot the configuration both software packages are downloaded and compiled, so the job is to set it up 4 Linux Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 6g zł587
need help setting up 2 containers in proxmox virtualization I am able to create the container in proxmox The issue i am having , for example is not being able to get access appliances over their given ip addresses. For example, if i install wordpress, i should be able to go directly to the servers ip [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] and gain direct access to wordpress I would like to see how this is done via remote assistance and have... 4 PHP, Administrator systemu, Linux, WordPress, Administracja sieci Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 5g zł114
Script for Categorizing Format Types and Hashes Need a Python or Bash Script that will categorize and add a sha1 and md5. See Document for Details 11 Python, Linux, Architektura oprogramowania, Shell Script , Bash Scripting Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 5g zł107
Asterisk, Chan Dongle script for changing IMEI from dongles I need a script to change the IMEI numbers from asterisk dongles. I'm using Huaway E1553. Can anyone help me in building this? Thanks 4 Linux, Architektura oprogramowania, Asterisk PBX, VoIP Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 5g zł1255
Need Kali Linux expert for some technical work I need Kali linux expert who is expert and super intellegent . get in touch ... 1 Administrator systemu, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, Growth Hacking Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 5g zł89
Build installation scripts for Tomcat/postgres on Linux I have a running system with a quite slow manual installation-process It runs on Ubuntu 14 or 16 I would like to automate the following steps INSTALL a java b tomcat c postgres/postgis d Create DB and run DB scripts e Build WAR-files using ANT and Maven (is done on remote machine) f Deploy War file sin Tomcat g Patch the deployments with some post install changes Alla installation... 13 Java, Linux, Shell Script , Ubuntu Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 5g zł1646
Need Help Configuring Amazon's Cloudfront CDN with Static Site with SSL I have a site I am trying to turn up Amazon's Cloudfront CDN server and its breaking when I enable it. There is something broken with the SSL cert coming from the site and the Amazon's SSL. When I enable dns to the cloudfront you get the picture attached. I need someone who has experience with https, route 53, and cloudfront to figure out how to get the CDN... 10 Linux, Amazon Web Services Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 4g zł100
Setup a PHP Localhost Help me setup a local host file (PHP) Setup under mysql , All file is including .just need to show me step by step to setup local host using . 27 PHP, Projektowanie stron www, Linux, MySQL, HTML Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 3g zł67
IPv6 Configuration Hello Everyone I have dedicated server on hostgator. I purchased domain on Godaddy. I want to configure my domain IPV6. Need to work via Teamviewer. 2 Administrator systemu, Linux, DNS, Usługi hostingowe, VPS Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 3g -
Linux, WebOS Dec 13, 2017 Dziś3g 10m
Mysql Server Configuration Hello We are using Ubuntu 17 we want to run two mysql instances on one server . Replicate one db to other Master and slave relation ship. Iy can be easly done over mysql_multi on my.cnf. Need someone to make neccesarry modifications and replication the server. Please don't use dockers we are not looking for it. 11 PHP, Administrator systemu, Linux, MySQL, Administrowanie bazami danych Dec 13, 2017 Dziś6d 1g zł111
Update my website I have a old website and i would need someone to update it. i am using Plesk Web Host. My website is Thank you. 47 PHP, Projektowanie stron www, Linux, HTML, Usługi hostingowe Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 23g zł449
move yii framework site from windows to linux I have frontpage and API hosted on windows environment, I would like to move it from linux environment. I am using YII framework 16 PHP, Linux, Windows Server, Yii Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 22g zł118
Experienced AWS System Admin for Wordpress Multi Domain and Multi Sites project. Experienced , Responsible, Nice person for AWS System Admin for WP Multi Domain and Multi Sites project. Start up now only one Ec 2, the sites is slow and some time site down. so need change hosting plan and add more sites. Very good project. We have many domains, look for long term work together. Please quote your lower rate. For transfer new plan, monthly maintenance and if by hour. Th... 26 PHP, Administrator systemu, Linux, WordPress, MySQL Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 21g zł165
Fix my www SSL to redirect correctly to subdomain securely. I have a website that have subdomain "travel" ssl as in: [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] but when someone puts in the "www" for https instead of using "travel" such as [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] it doesn't redirect to I've already setup the DNS to forward www to "some" such as [adre... 43 PHP, Linux, Bezpieczeństwo serwisów WWW, WordPress, HTML Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 20g zł114
Config linux server hello, I have a linux server and I need someone professional to config it. We have big queries and large files on our server. Trust me you need to be professional at mysql config. 32 PHP, Administrator systemu, Linux, Apache, MySQL Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 20g zł461
Setup Freeradius with Billing account creation suspensions unsuspension terminations password resets upgrading/downgrading of accounts between FreeRADIUS groups 14 PHP, Administrator systemu, Linux, MySQL Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 19g zł764
Run Ralph CMDB in Kubernetes (Azure AKS) Looking for someone to write Terraform module + script that will install Ralph CMDB from docker hub allegrogroup/ralph into Kubernetes running in Azure. Terraform can simply encapsulate the Azure generated script using the azurerm_template_deployment field 3 Linux, Przetwarzanie w chmurze, Azure Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 19g zł1620
Create a backup script for clickhouse Backup all tables and create gzip archive 12 Linux, Shell Script Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 19g zł89
need to create mapping in ELastic search Hi Guys, need to create mapping in Elastic search for JSON for rotating daily [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] in AWS hosted Elastic search 5 PHP, Linux, Amazon Web Services, node.js, Ubuntu Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 18g zł65
Processor management - processor allocation to the process Priority assignment modeled on linux C++ The user is to enter the process, that is: PDI, Priority, duration. is to be able to display the process, delete. and after pressing the appropriate key perform the "time quantum" 11 Programowanie C, Linux, Architektura oprogramowania, Programowanie w C++, UNIX Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 20175d 18g zł200
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