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You may invest a huge sum of money in the market research department but still you may not have reached the targeted mark in your business, this may be due to the inefficient work force of the department. If you really want an outstanding result you have to outsource this job to the freelancer market researcher from and get the service of this researching done through them, as they not only charge a cost fraction but will do it in a productive way, the results of which can be easily seen within no time.

The freelance market researcher will be able to plan your marketing research by implementing the best strategy, define the goals of the project, and challenge the competitors by using the latest tools and plan for the targeted traffic generation. They will make an effective marketing strategy and marketing plan for any of the projects which are given to them within the stipulated time and help in the related adjoining process of marketing research. If you are a freelancer having deep insight of the outside world, and can employ the best practice for the marketing strategy, look out for jobs from

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Projekt/Konkurs Opis Oferty/Zgłoszenia Umiejętności Data Publikacji Kończy się Cena (PLN)
Market research i am looking for some specialization in market research m write questioners , analysis data and write good quality report . 16 Badania, Badania finansowe, Pisanie raportów, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 23g zł477
Recruiters wanted for our Company Oriche Oil & Gas Ltd is a Nigerian based Company that specialize oil and gas businesses including recruitment. We need some more clients in all sector especially construction and oil & gas servicing company. We have large number of skilled and unskilled workers from Nigeria. We need recruiters that can help us to find clients in GCC: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain, ... 5 Zasoby ludzkie, Przeszukiwanie internetu, Rekrutacja , Badania rynku, Badania Internetu Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 17g zł1156
i need a Market Researcher I am starting a Bar & Grill and i am looking for some research on similiar business in and around knoxville, tn 12 Badania rynku Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 17g zł590
Australia Construction Machinery Market I need volume data for different construction machinery in Australia from 2013-2023 6 Badania, Badania rynku, Datatables Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 16g zł1358
Market Research on Project Viability To perform a thorough Market Research on Project Viability of an online service. 8 Badania, Reklama, Plany biznesowe, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 16g zł388
hiring an Internet Information Marketing Specialist Hello everyone, I have already started Information marketing business but unfortunately I wasn't successful in that. Because I didn’t have any step by step plan for that. My business is about psychology. I need a special plan that tells me everything step by step. For example first I should have how many Articles or videos and what is the second step and so on. I need very clear pla... 11 Marketing internetowy, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku, Szkolenia biznesowe, Marketing Strategy Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 15g zł175
find me a business planner I would like to start a podcasting project and will be requiring a business planner with financial background. 26 Badania finansowe, Plany biznesowe, Finanse, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 14g zł72
Market research - wireless communication technologies We need a comparison of the main wireless communication technologies on the market. We need the comparison internally and for marketing aspects. We want to have the comparison for 5 different market segments or use cases (monitoring machines, ....) Each technology have to be evaluated on 10 predefined points (security, power consumption, latency,....) 35 Bezprzewodowy, Badania, Pisanie artykułów technicznych, Pisanie artykułów popularnonaukowych, Badania rynku Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 14g zł1836
Mining Technologies Research Fellowship/Consultancy (3-6 months fixed term) in Amsterdam Applications are invited from senior researchers with a background in information technologies, social or engineering sciences to participate in an open-ended interdisciplinary research initiative designed to explore future opportunities for these sectors. The Fellowship is funded by an industry concern but is externally based in a downtown environment sel... 4 Badania, Badania rynku Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 12g zł182
Mobile App Development - Product and Program Management Shift is a mobile app that aims to create a support structure for society as we evolve in this overwhelming social and information age. It would help people manage their challenges in a constructive and positive way. 0 Zarządzanie projektem, Badania rynku, Zarządzanie produktem, Komunikacja Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 10g -
Canada auto parts market research 1. We r auto parts manufacture, need CANADA LOCAL people to make some local market research and provide the feedbacks later 2. If ok for this time ,we can consider long-term and stalbe coorperation 5 Reklama, Motoryzacja, Zaopatrzenie, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku Mar 22, 2018 Dziś6d 10g zł508
Sales and Marketing executive for Local Indian Market Hello, I am looking for Sales and Marketing executive for Noida location who can market our software product offline and online market. Only Noida and Ghaziabad location candidate apply for this job . More detail will be provide to selected candidate. Thanks, 0 Marketing internetowy, Sprzedaż, Reklama, Reklama, Badania rynku Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 23g -
Virtual assistant I need virtual assistant to help me with my ongoing work. I will hire freelancer based on monthly salary. what I need is very clever person with good english skills which might include make some phone calls. the tasks as following E commerce: 1- List Items on Amazon and create good content with photos and bullets. and all details needs good experience and knowledge of listing. 2- make ad... 37 Wprowadzanie danych, Excel, Virtual Assistant, Handel elektroniczny, Badania rynku Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 22g zł758
Website Content and SEO Digital marketing strategist with a strong SEO background to develop data-backed content strategies that are rooted in in-depth SEO and competitor research. Specializes in creating engaging content that is proven to drive organic traffic, fill the sales funnel, and increase conversions. 49 Marketing internetowy, SEO, Linkowanie, Reklama, Badania rynku Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 20g zł415
Pitch Deck & Market Validation Help Hi, I am looking for someone who is experienced in creating a Pitch deck (Market Validation, Market Size, Market Adoption, etc...)and great with powerpoint deck. To help me create a Pitch deck. 11 Powerpoint, Reklama, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku, Prezentacje Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 19g zł792
Project for Aniceto C. Hi there. I have a small business based in south africa. We manufacture plastic bags (like the carrier bags you use after grocery shopping and other plastic bags like refuse bags, etc). We are in existence for the past 14 years or so. We have to expand our plant in order to survive the economy of scale. financial limitations are always found due to capital expenses (most if not all machinery is i... 6 Badania, Reklama, Plany biznesowe, Pisanie artykułów popularnonaukowych, Badania rynku, Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20188d 18g zł1565
help resell secondary DNS service need someone from marketing/sales that help resell secondary DNS service. The main pitch is this: 1. Secondary DNS provides additional redundancy build in multiple fast datacenters around the world in Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia 2. Provides protection if all names servers are in the same tld because if hosting nameservers for specific domain name are all in the same tld and if that tld c... 0 Sprzedaż, Reklama, Badania rynku, Programowanie Salesforce App, Sales Promotion Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 18g -
Looking for freelance sales or marketing executive for Insurance Business We are an insurance agency looking for looking for freelance sales and marketing agents to source leads for us. The candidates should be hardworking, motivated, with marketing experience in insurance industry. required training will be provided. Payment will be done on commission basis for each successful referral. Thank you. 5 Sprzedaż, Reklama, Reklama masowa, Reklama, Badania rynku Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 16g zł487
Technical Content Writer For a fast growing software product based company, we are looking for someone to take the existing company website, product brochures etc to the next level. This would require diligent internet research, market research for competitor knowledge and understanding of the industry needs in the company's domain. This may also require collaborative sessions with the technical team in the company. ... 14 Blog, Pisanie artykułów technicznych, Article Writing, Badania rynku, Badania Internetu Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 12g zł1326
Lead generation for my IT company I need a research professional who could help me in lead generation, appointment setting, email and number finding of the decision makers in International Web and Mobile development agencies. 31 Wprowadzanie danych, Badania, Przeszukiwanie internetu, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 11g zł97
Business Plan & Business Research I Am looking to hire someone on a regular basis who has the knowledge of business plan makings and conducting relevant research. Plus point if you are aware of the US market as the business is based in US. For the business plan you will have to do research on global markets , suppliers , business model etc etc. We would like to find the business planner and researcher out their to join our team. ... 48 Badania, Plany biznesowe, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku, Pisanie tekstów biznesowych Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 10g zł933
Stock manager located in Shenzhen - native Chinese with English language knowledge We are looking for Chinese person who understands logistics and internet trading, able to provide a service of stock in his place (small house with a 50 sqm space. We need full time dedicated person to work Monday to Friday Key duties and responsibilites: - Accept goods from different Chinese suppliers - Inspect goods according to the invoice to make sure everything is ok - Stock them - ... 5 Zaopatrzenie, Virtual Assistant, Zaopatrzenie, Badania rynku, Chiński uproszczony (Chiny) Mar 21, 2018 Mar 21, 20185d 10g zł1972
I need Someone from United States and Canada work for me I have an affiliate marketing work need someones' help. The work is very easy but only need freelancers located in United States or Canada. Contact me for more details if you are interested in. 24 Wprowadzanie danych, Reklama, Badania rynku Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 7g zł460
Write an independent market report - Greater Sydney Residential Property Market We require a freelancer to write an independent an Independent Market Report (IMR) on the Greater Sydney Residential Property Market. This report may be included in and / or referred to in the prospectus to support the listing of our company on the National Securities Exchange (NSX) in Australia. Please contact me on 02 9698 8818 to further discus or email pa@[adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się... 18 Badania, Reklama, Pisanie raportów, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 4g zł2584
DIRECTV PAY PER CALL REQUIRED I need some help with generating calls for DIRECTV and spectrum. I will pay you per call. This is not a one time gig. You will run Google adwords primarily and the calls will land on my number. I will PAY PER CALL. I will tell the specifics later on. Call quality should be good and I will pay only for the calls which exceed 2 minutes so that I can filter out customer service/billing/technical supp... 10 Leads, Przeszukiwanie internetu, Badania rynku, Marketing Wyszukiwarek Internetowych, Keyword Research Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 3g zł86
Digital Marketing Strategy for Luxury Brand Resort - open to bidding I looking for Digital Marketing Strategy for 3 months till June 2018 (Short term) and another till Dec 2018. We are in a hospitality industry in a small island call Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Please check our website "[adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć]". The strategy should be concentrated on driving more web traffic, social media and all driving Direct Bookings through... 25 Reklama, Plany biznesowe, Finanse, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 3g zł2133
Market Research Add On I need for you to take each address on the second and third pages of the spreadsheet as well as the on the PDF document and on google maps look for the closest 3 self-storage facilities to the address. Then pull up the facilities and see how much the rent is for a 10X10 storage unit. If it's at least $130 or more mark it green and it's below $130 then mark it red. I need it completed wit... 7 Wprowadzanie danych, Badania, Excel, Badania rynku, Badania Internetu Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20185d 2g zł34
Generate leads and close the lead Hi. Cyber Security Hive is a company which provides cyber security services to clients. You your primary job would be to generate leads using any method you would want or prefer. Also you would be needed in closing the lead. The lead can be from any domain e-commerce, payments, etc. Services we provide: - Penetration testing - PCI compliance check - GDPR UK compliance - Automat... 2 Sprzedaż, Reklama, Leads, Badania rynku, E-mail marketing Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20184d 23g zł532
Environmental Analysis using PESTLE Framework new analysis using PESTLE by surfing the internet or using available market research reports for any ONE of the following markets:- 1. Beer Industry 2. Banking Industry 3. Mobile Phone Services You are expected to clearly identify and summarise the opportunities and threats facing the chosen sector as a result of your environmental analysis. Finally, suggest FIVE recommendations to the firms... 15 Reklama, Badania rynku, Marketing Strategy Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20184d 15g zł62
Global InHouse Centers Database Need someone to build global inhouse center database Source should be from own networks and from research firm databases 2 Badania rynku, Rozwój Bazy Danych Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20184d 15g zł1056
Fundraising for an NGO in Bangalore NGO in Bangalore, a school and day care for differently-abled kids. We are looking at a freelance fundraiser to mobilize resources - HNIs, Corporates, individuals etc to work on a commission basis. Thannks! 3 Reklama, Badania rynku Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20184d 11g zł357
Market Research - China - LGBT community We are a gay dating website specialising in matching North America/European gay men with Asian gay men. Now we are about to form partnerships in China and therefore I need a person to help us do a market research. The company is now looking for business partnerships with the individuals or companies which are comfortable with the LGBT community. Possibly, the ideal individual/companies have large ... 4 Marketing internetowy, Badania rynku, Chiński uproszczony (Chiny), Chiński tradycyjny (Tajwan), Pracownik wielobranżowy Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20184d 11g zł408
sell our Primary/Secondary DNS/CDN website CDN/Recovery services to Netflix, Amazon, Airlines sell our Primary/Secondary DNS/CDN website CDN/Recovery services to Netflix, Amazon, Airlines, Fortune 500 2 Sprzedaż, Reklama,, Badania rynku, Sales Promotion Mar 20, 2018 Mar 20, 20184d 9g zł34
Market Research Project I need help collate existing authentication/anticounterfeiting approaches used by luxury goods makers, if they use one (many do not use any as far as I know but I want to make sure). I have a list of about 30 major luxury goods makers that I will send to the winning bidder. They make luxury hand bags (LV, Gucci), high-end wines/champagne, etc. The deliverables include the authentication/anticounte... 22 Badania, Excel, Reklama, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20184d 7g zł271
Setup Distribution Network for Sales of Copper Water Bottles Setup Distribution Network for Sales of Copper Water Bottles , we want to setup our network in Thailand , Singapore , UAE, Saudi . 1 Sprzedaż, Reklama, Badania rynku Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20184d 7g zł3287
Market Survey App Mobile (Andriod/IOS) App for Market Research From User Interface 1. Sign Up/Log in (Name/Nric No/Email/Bank Account/etc) 2. Listed Projects/Surveys 3. Commence Survey Icon 4. Survey Qns & Responses 5. Completion Survey Icon From Backend 1. Tabulation of registered users 2. Input of Survey Project/Questions/Responses 3. Tabulation of Survey Results into Excel/Word/SPSS format 4. ... 29 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Android, Badania rynku, Testowanie Aplikacji Mobilnych Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20184d 5g zł1933
marketing task Like the subject i am looking for a professional person for help me with some marketing research 15 Marketing internetowy, Badania, Reklama, Reklama, Badania rynku Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20183d 22g zł240
palestinian app market research Hi, I need to get a specific market research, regarding popularity of apps in palestine 14 Marketing internetowy, Badania, Reklama, Badania rynku, Badania Internetu Mar 19, 2018 Mar 19, 20183d 14g zł117
Writing articles to be posted on social media We are trying to enhance our social media presence by posting relevant materials 2 times a week. Looking for a content writer/researcher who is effectively bilingual in English and Behasa Indonesia. More opportunities and development in other areas is available for the right candidate. Full time employment is also forseeable in the near future based on performance. 47 Tłumaczenie, Reklama, Article Writing, Badania rynku, Blog Writing Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20183d 7g zł888
Export marketing strategy for manufacturing company PLEASE FIND ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR THE REQUIREMENTS EXPORT Marketing strategies Company name: Ngoc Quy Mould CO., ltd Website: [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] Location base: Vietnam Potential exporting countries: Indo, Brazil Our main products are mould for tire, inner tube and flap, etc. and other machinery in rubber and plastics industry. We perform services as 100% spe... 29 Marketing internetowy, Badania, Reklama, Plany biznesowe, Badania rynku Mar 18, 2018 Mar 18, 20182d 14g zł861
Java and pascal compiler constructor expert I need a design using java and pascal.. looking for an expert who can deliver it as soon as possible. It is urgent. 5 Java, Badania rynku, Pascal Mar 17, 2018 Mar 17, 20181d 17g zł360
Business Plan Need to make business plan for new and existing business. New business for Day Care Center Existing business for Interior Decoration company 50 Plany biznesowe, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku, Pisanie tekstów biznesowych, Analiza Finansowa Mar 17, 2018 Mar 17, 20181d 12g zł501
Market research We require a freelancer with access to market/business databases to search for a specific sector current market size and future market size (based on trends until the year 2022). More details will be shared through chat. Best regards. 39 Badania, Reklama, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku, Badania Internetu Mar 17, 2018 Mar 17, 20181d 10g zł69
Look into China market for possible suppliers of plastic germination trays. I need someone to search and call companies in China that manufacture germination trays for seeds. The work is a report with all companies name, phone, address, email, web page an the EXW price for trays. Currently our need is high quality trays, flexible, 0.8 mm thickness with 200 cells per tray. Quantity to be quoted is a 20 ft container. Trays must have the quality to be used inside... 37 Badania, Zaopatrzenie, Wytwarzanie, Zaopatrzenie, Badania rynku Mar 17, 2018 Mar 17, 20181d 9g zł425
Research Specific Countries for Healthy food, restaurants, smoothies, hidden healthy gems, fitness, yoga, retreats Hello, I'm a holistic nutritionist and I own/run my own company called 'Health Angel Holistics' and I'm looking to branch out and create a blog/website of my travels. I need help with doing research and writing on 10 countries but will narrow down the cities/areas. This research includes finding the best of the following: Healthy restaurants & eating spots, Healthy smoothie... 65 Badania, Przeszukiwanie internetu, Pisanie turystyczne, Badania rynku, Badania Internetu Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 20181d zł56
Real Estate Virtual Assistant - Research & Direct Mail 3,000 Research residential property: property address and property Owner mailing address. You need to provide a source to obtain this Owner info from online tax public records. Create excell list of properies w/ google street link of the building photo view. 3000 name Owner list in 1 City location in US I will provide building property address or google area by zip code Managing the exce... 33 Wprowadzanie danych, Excel, Przeszukiwanie internetu, Badania rynku, Badania Internetu Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 201822g 40m zł120
Digital Media Consumption Report I'm trying to understand a specific category key trends in 3 different Markets (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait), what I want to look at is a detailed report for key trends, searches mentioned brands beside some other basic info. what I have is some questions that i want to answer beside keywords indicate the category I'm trying to analyse? What I expect is basic report detailing category ... 19 Badania, Pisanie raportów, Analiza biznesowa, Badania rynku Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 201821g 4m zł453
Market Research Stuttgart We are looking for an experienced qualitative market researcher professional to will conduct qualitative face to face interviews in Stuttgart. 10 Badania, Reklama, Badania rynku Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 201820g 47m zł3718
Fundraising campaign Hi, we are to launch a startup in a very hot market. We need to organise a seed funding. So, we would like to hire a fundraising specialist to look at our documents + connects us with potential investors. We can agree a flat fee + a commission on the capital raised. The startup is registered in Italy but we will be trading in Europe. 10 Marketing internetowy, Reklama, Badania rynku, Pozyskiwanie funduszy, Marketing Strategy Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 201819g 29m zł1156
write 6 pages in management topic Need to write 6 page management research of Microsoft corporation 24 Zarządzanie, Badania rynku, Angielski (Stany Zjednoczone) Mar 16, 2018 Mar 16, 201818g 14m zł117
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