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Programming is a skill in use of computer programming languages to understand, modify or create anything between web sites, computer applications and even embedded software controlling specific hardware. As a broad skill, programming comes in a many flavors of languages and orientations, and is used world-wide for a variety of purposes such as scientific research, commercial application development.

For any business interested in developing their own software or automating some of their processes, programming can be a valuable skill to acquire or retain; even if development is outsourced to a different party, the transferable nature of programming skills can support communicating technical requirements and evaluating deliverables.

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    I want CVD risk prediction using WHO 2019 charts, where I want if i put entries as Male/Female, Smoker/Non Smoker , Age, BMI and Systolic Blood pressure, it should show the risk using chart attached, with color coding also, simple Project, I will also pay if asked for reasonable amount. If any queries Contact me on +91 9897 038 115 WhatsApp

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    To change GST percentage to our invoicing system on the website.

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    Broken golang code -- 2 6 dni left

    Hello, i need an expert in golang which i have code sending http/tls request to my site, i tried to added proxy but i failed. I need some work can start work now and fix it ASAP. Budget up to 100$ max Regards,

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    Programmers needed urgently 5 dni left

    Programmers are needed urgently for our company. We are an educational consultancy based in Shanghai offering academic writing services to international students. We accept candidates have Master's degree or higher from Pakistan, India, Philippines and Indonesia institutions only. Basic rate of US$25 per project fixed price. Please answer the following questions in your proposal choosing from prackets 1- What is your education degree? (B. A. - Master's degree - PhD) 2- Can you send me your CV once you are contacted? (Yes - No)

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    Aplikasi / website sederhana isi nya Company Prof Pendaftaran Online Absen Online Gallery foto Jadwal Kegiatan live Streaming ( kelas ) / cctv online Akses terbatas untuk member Akun Ortu (Member) : data diri, report anak, komunikasi ( chat ) tagihan dll Akun Pengasuh : sama Sederhana dengan budget masi terbatas

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    I'm Rohan, the founder of Ariose. We are in the initial stages of a start-up, and I am searching for a co-founder who has domain expertise in the areas of Al, ML, and deep learning.

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    Unified Modeling Language (UML) 3 dni left

    I need help with UML Problem how to do it

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    Quisiera elaborar un programa turnero que genere turnos y a la vez se comunique con nuestro programa interno y ponga que el cliente ya está en nuestro establecimiento. El programa está basado en sql

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    Hago trabajos de programación en dúo para servidores Minecraft Java: seguimiento de servidores, ayuda en programación, programación desde 0 y trabajos personalizados. El cliente especifica si lo quiere con mods o plugins. Disponibilidad 24/7. Dos años de experiencia programando servidores

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    lettura e manipolazione bmp 3 dni left

    grazie ad un'apposita videocamera acquisisco l'immagine di un oggetto che può essere posizionato in qualunque punto di un piano. ho necessità di un software che possa girare l'immagine facendo sì che l'oggetto sia sempre 'diritto'. --- thanks to a special video camera, I acquire the image of an object that can be positioned anywhere on a plane. I need software that can rotate the image so that the object is always 'straight'. I take a photo of an object that can be placed in various inclinations on a plane. See photos. I need that the photo is always rotated so that the object is always straight:

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    -App based platform to connect female university students who both play/do individual sports eg. cycling, running, gym -Profile function, users create profiles and the app matches them based on filters selected eg. (distance, experience etc) -Chat function to talk to people before you meet up -Offering safe meetup points to get together and do a sport together -Locating local gyms / facilities -Creating routes for running and cycling -Creating workout plans -Scanning student id to verify identity, similar to how Onfido verifies identity

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    The application we would like to develop aims to make people aware of their carbon footprint when they travel, commute, etc. It aims to raise awareness about the environment and what they can contribute. It would be a simple interface, with one major functionality. As a user, you would have to enter your departure and arrival addresses. The algorithm/server then proposes the different means of locomotion and what they consume in carbon. The different options are: public transport, car, bicycle, and walking distance. The application also proposes the travel time according to the chosen means of transportation in order to stay in the spectrum of efficiency. With the budget we have been given, this application will be a working prototype since we understand that the server requires more fun...

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    This is how the strategy is triggered. The Cross (Moving Averages) & Break (Price Breaks MA’s) Strategy triggers when the: 1 - Moving Averages Cross 2 - Next candle that Breaks MA's & Closes in the direction of the cross. The first candle that Price breaks & closes above the moving MA's (After the Alarm Candle) is a LONG Position and when the first candle that breaks & closes below the MA's (After the Alarm Candle) is a SHORT position. The candle that closes above (LONG) must close GREEN and the candle the closes (SHORT) must be RED in order to execute the orders. 1 - Cross Alarm Triggered 2 - Price Closes Above / Below Moving Averages 3 - X% Retracement of Alarm Candle is Reached 4 - BUY / SELL STOP Placed *Position Size is calculated by total balan...

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    Budget: 70-80 pounds Water consumption tracking application → Health and well being Image of a cup that gradually fills up (visual animation→ incentive to drink more water) Two buttons: One adds 250 ml of water One subtracts 250 ml of water Set a goal every day: 3-6 liters (3.7L recommended by authorities) Streaks available if goal achieved? Calendar showing days completed in a row Warning facts: effects of dehydration and not consuming enough water if daily goal is less than 3.7L Sound effects of water filling up as more is being consumed

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    I need for someone to adapt the current Bittensor CLM Model Tuning script in order to work with multiple GPUs. The Bittensor version of the script was adapted from Hugging Face's Transformers/language-modeling code. Currently the script doesn't work with GPU parallelism and I need someone to make it work with 2/4/6/8 GPUs in parallel in order to be able to train larger models or to train them faster. The script utilizes the datasets hosted on Bittensor's IPFS Genesis Dataset. Models that will be trained with it will be: and The script can be found here: Details about it here: Bittensor dataset here:

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    Looking for algorithm developer, application, website, for colorful String Art. I appreciate contact only from those who know what String Art is and who have knowledge of what I intend. Basically in functional terms, String Art is an art of creating images on a screen for example, this screen is numbered with nails from 1-300 and the algorithm or website application I want is for the chosen image to be introduced, and in the end to transform it into a numerical sequence that allows creating the image on the screen through line. In other words, when an image is inserted, at the end it will give a sequence like this - 1-34-65-72-87-27 which are the points through which the line must pass to create the image. I remind you that I want Colored, because in black and there are already many...

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    Hi, I need somebody to create a program which would interact with API. Sumsub is a software which is used for KYC identification of customers. I use the software the verify my own customers and I need a program which would automatically check for new applicants which went through verification process. After the verification is completed by applicant the program would extract applicant data such as name, date of birth, citizenship etc. There's 11 criteria that needs to be extracted per applicant. The next step is to calculate a risk score of applicant based on set criteria. You would be given excel sheet with criteria and points. For example one criteria is age and there are 3 categories lets say 20-40 year old - 10 points 40-50 - 20 points and 50+ 30 points. Program would ass...

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    Using existing functionality of Open AI's GPT-3 API, create human-readable, plain text summaries (each composed of 7-12 bullet sentences) of thousands of reports in markup language (each ~1200 words) which are contained in a large .xml data dump, and install the summaries into a new unpopulated MariaDB on my hosting provider (with one row for each report and one column for each sentence). Non-disclosure agreement, and intellectual property, is required. Thank you for applying, only the selected candidate will receive a response.

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    No code programming Zakończone left

    Hello, I have an application prototypes built in Figma, I want somebody to create the into no code programming apps.

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    Trophy icon 6 dni left

    Need an app to collate all social media links of a service provider in one place and also able to book the calendar and payments. Ex: a hairdresser can post all his information (youtube, Insta, etc) in one place and is able to provide his calendar for appointments and take payments. Example: Additional services needed: Product Design (logo, UX, UI), Mobile app development, API Integration Objectives of this App: 1) the app should be able to be white-labeled to any service provider group. such as one for hairdressers and the others for actors, programmers, gamers etc. the new members should be able to create their profiles only through the reference to an existing member unless they intend to start a new group. 2) this app should be able to connect to all the group members through f...

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