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In a rather short span of time vBulletin has become a popular online message board system. It allows your website visitors to post new threads/messages and reply to other members' messages. This is an interactive means by which you can form a community on your website and encourage website visitors to participate in interactive sessions. You can hire a professional and identify the opportunities that exist in this new avenue. Simply post a job and hire an expert who can help you with vBulletin.
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Move 123flashchat from old to new server, convert vBulletin to XenForo and establish bridge Hello, >>>PLEASE READ BEFORE ACCEPTING!<<< On my dedicated server Ubuntu 14.04.5 with ISPconfig v3 I have a Wordpress v4.8.2, vBulletin v4.2.1 and [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] that does not exist anymore. 123flashchat use to run on Flash but they had option to use html5 and that's how its being used now and its being connected to vBulletin so when ne... 1 PHP, Linux, Apache, vBulletin, MySQL Oct 17, 2017 Dziś12g zł377
All Skills People Required For multiple Projects Hi We have started a new organisation and we need people for multiple Skills. We need people for long term projects. We have projects related to different skills sets. 1) Grahic Design 2) Web Design 3) VBA 4) PHP 5) Javascript and Jquery 6) Software Architecture 7) Transalation 8) Woocommerce 9) .NET 10) Android Development 11) Iphone Development 12) Academic Writing, Technical ... 35 PHP, Python, WordPress, vBulletin, MySQL Oct 16, 2017 Oct 16, 20175d 4g -
Assistant to get vBulletin License + Theme I need an Virtual Assistant to do a very easy task related to vBulletin License + Theme. 11 PHP, Administrator systemu, Linux, Virtual Assistant, vBulletin Oct 13, 2017 Oct 13, 20172d 7g zł1725
vBulletin - Adjustments on site The site can be found at www.mundoaoe.com. 1. Fix template code on "Portal" to allow page edition from SiteBuilder. 2. Finish the Slider in home page as in [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] 3. Add a facebook page to homepage. 1 vBulletin Oct 11, 2017 Oct 11, 2017Kończące się zł557
Osclass works for Fedor FIRST PART 1. When adding new ad, if any mistake then title and description is erased 2. When registering new account, if any mistake the textboxes are erased 3. When edit ad from admin panel, there is lack of ‘price to’; textbox & title and description are not downloaded from the ad 4. Payments button in ‘My account’ should redirect to /payments 5. Slider need to ... 10 PHP, WordPress, Social Engine, vBulletin, HTML Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Zakończone zł476
Slider on vBulletin site My site can be found in www.mundoaoe.com. It´s a vBulletin site. I need to finish the slider that goes under the header and make the Template where it´s built on to be editabel again using the SiteBuilder. I want the slider to look exactly like this: [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć], with the images I´ll provide. 5 PHP, Oprogramowanie forum, vBulletin, HTML Oct 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017Zakończone zł647
Forum advertisement I am searching for one or multiple people who can advertise our free premium software product on very popular forums. You will have to follow the etiquette of the forums, thus no spam posting or breaking forum rules. Our product is quite good and the product will become very popular on whatever forum you decide to promote it on, as we have already tried a few forums with great results and now we w... 7 Reklama, Reklama, Publikowanie na forach, Leads, vBulletin Oct 7, 2017 Oct 7, 2017Zakończone zł90
simplemachines forum (SMF). I've totally stuffed up the installation of the forum software several times and need help setting it up on [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] 4 PHP, Oprogramowanie forum, vBulletin, HTML, CRE Loaded Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Zakończone zł90
fix cometchat -- 3 I am using cometchat for my site. I think there is an issue with loading the userlist page. 4 PHP, vBulletin, vTiger, HTML, Virtuemart Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Zakończone zł86
Recreate an old forum I would like to create a responsive forum with a similar design/functionality to another old one: [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] You can use a pre-existing forum software or create it from scratch. 14 PHP, Oprogramowanie forum, vBulletin, HTML5, Projektowanie Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Zakończone zł436
vBulletin plug in project Create a plug in for a vBulletin forum to record and store data...to include reporting of daily steps, one week averages, and six month averages. Possibly import data from an existing google doc 5 PHP, vBulletin Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Zakończone zł2031
Vbulletin Developer / Expert needed I want a vbulletin 5.0 connect to be installed and set up. Also I want to be able to feature live auctions on vbulletin. 13 Joomla, Oprogramowanie forum, vBulletin, Virtuemart, Tworzenie oprogramowania Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Zakończone zł780
vBulletin help needed My vBulletin forum won't open. I'm getting a data error. 3 vBulletin Oct 4, 2017 Oct 4, 2017Zakończone zł424
FIX SIMPLE ERROR IN VBULLETIN FORUM I have a simple issue in posting new reply in the forum..need to fix.. a simple work takes few minutes.. Thanks 26 PHP, vBulletin Oct 1, 2017 Oct 1, 2017Zakończone zł1161
Add These Specific Forum Statistics Attached is a current screenshot of the forum and a modified screenshot displaying the changes that need to be reached to complete this project. Objectives: 1. Add 24-hour statistics table below the logo. Stats must refresh to 0 every 24-hours. 2. Users Online Now: *Total Online Registered Users* and add a hyperlink to [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć], titled "(Who?)"... 2 PHP, Statystyka, Oprogramowanie forum, vBulletin, HTML Sep 30, 2017 Sep 30, 2017Zakończone zł83
My site is down can you make it work There is some database error. It's in vbulletin website url is [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] Need to complete it in 2 hours 11 PHP, Projektowanie stron www, Projekty graficzne, vBulletin, HTML Sep 20, 2017 Sep 20, 2017Zakończone zł64
SMF forums expert Need a smf forum guy to to some things in my forum 3 PHP, Oprogramowanie forum, Formularze elektroniczne, Publikowanie na forach, vBulletin Sep 17, 2017 DziśZakończone zł129
Need 2 simple vbulletin products/plugins.. Would like 2 simple vBulletin products/plugins please (must work with latest vbulletin 3.8.x) - and you must be able to test on your own forum when developing, as I can't provide access to my forum. The 2 items required are: 1. When a user is viewing a threadlist - I want thumbnails to be viewable in threadlists, i.e. use the same thumbnail image of the first post of each thread - and a... 1 vBulletin Sep 11, 2017 Sep 11, 2017Zakończone zł467
Project for pakistanmilitary Hi pakistanmilitary, our project includes making contact with two factories in Kashmeer, by phone or in person, arranging to speak with facility owners and conveying a message of interest to conduct business with a US based importer, also obtaining an email address contact with the factory owners or representatives if at all possible. Future work may include a new project that would have you make ... 1 PHP, WordPress, Oprogramowanie forum, vBulletin, , Edycja Video Sep 7, 2017 Sep 7, 2017Zakończone zł108
vBulletin 4/5 Theme Hi. We are searching for an expert in vBulletin themes for a completly new theme either written from ground up or based on an existing template. We prefer vBulletin 5. 9 vBulletin Aug 29, 2017 Aug 29, 2017Zakończone zł4475
Hire a CSS Designer I need someone to edit my vbulleting site, make it look more appealing, give it a specific colour scheme etc. 10 vBulletin Aug 25, 2017 Aug 25, 2017Zakończone zł576
Hire a jQuery Developer Need someone to fix a jquery logo carousel. See here [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] I have installed it on vBulletin but does not work. 13 vBulletin, jQuery / Prototype Aug 22, 2017 Aug 22, 2017Zakończone zł132
Hire a WordPress Developer My Wordpress and Vbulletin Website crashed. Mysql issues need help getting it back up and running with minimal data loss. It is running on Centos 6.6 with zpanel. 38 WordPress, vBulletin, MySQL, Tworzenie oprogramowania Aug 19, 2017 Aug 19, 2017Zakończone zł615
V bulletin expert needed i need vBulletin Expert Developer for my project. i only need expert, please masg me if you are expert. 5 PHP, vBulletin, HTML5, CSS3 Aug 13, 2017 Aug 13, 2017Zakończone zł491
expert vbulletin experience -- 3 expert vbulletin experience fix my plugin 0 vBulletin Aug 11, 2017 Aug 11, 2017Zakończone -
expert vbulletin experience -- 2 expert vbulletin experience fix my plugin 0 vBulletin Aug 11, 2017 Aug 11, 2017Zakończone -
expert vbulletin experience expert vbulletin experience fix my plugin 1 vBulletin Aug 10, 2017 Aug 10, 2017Zakończone zł108
VBULLETIN ESCROW SYSTEM For my new Project im looking for a Freelancer who is able to Code a Escrow System Plugin for vBulletin to prevent Fraud! Buyer can send Bitcoins to his Wallet Buyern can pay inside the Forum with the Bitcoins he got in his Wallet Seller recieves a Message if someone bought a Item Seller can send the Bitcoins back to his Wallet (should be Moderated, so an Admin has to Check it before) This shou... 20 Joomla, Oprogramowanie forum, vBulletin, Virtuemart Aug 10, 2017 Aug 10, 2017Zakończone zł8227
Project for Belal H. Hi bilal i saw a youtube movie about profitable forex strategy using pending orders , with this link [adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć] is that link belongs to you? 4 Projektowanie stron www, SEO, Magento, vBulletin, , VPS Aug 7, 2017 Aug 7, 2017Zakończone zł1876
Vbulletin Bitcoin Escrow System Add On ! What i need is simple, a escrow system for vbulletin where users can load money to there accounts (bitcoin , altcoin ) and open escrow requests with other forum members and can either release dispute or cancel ect ect need this done asap 8 PHP, Projektowanie stron www, Oprogramowanie forum, vBulletin, HTML Aug 6, 2017 Aug 6, 2017Zakończone zł1381
Build Message Board using vBulletin Need you to build a message board with a specific look using vBulletin. Final product should look like attached sample. 45 PHP, Projektowanie stron www, Projekty graficzne, vBulletin, HTML Aug 2, 2017 Aug 2, 2017Zakończone zł72
PG Offline (Peronal Group Ware) Database (Yahoo.com to Vbulletin) Hi, I need PG Offline ([adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć]) database backup off Yahoo groups to go to my Vbulletin websites. The software does CSV file in plain text, HTML or as an SQL dump....I need the SQL dump database implemented in to my Vbulletin site. Only someone who has worked with PG offline. Thank you, Matthew 9 Projektowanie stron www, Oprogramowanie forum, Publikowanie na forach, vBulletin, HTML Jul 25, 2017 Jul 25, 2017Zakończone zł18
Project for pakistanmilitary Hi Emraan! I am a website owner and I am planning to build an IP community therefore I need a layout similar to the one I am using on Wordpress in order to make them fit together. Is this something you might be interested in doing? We can definitely discuss the price together! Let me know. Thanks! 2 PHP, WordPress, Oprogramowanie forum, vBulletin, , Edycja Video Jul 24, 2017 Jul 24, 2017Zakończone zł133
Vbulletin Database Repair and Optimization Having issues with our site getting random and often "Database Error" messages. The site ([adres URL ukryty - zaloguj się, aby zobaczyć]) is a forum built with VBulletin. Need to find a resolution 8 vBulletin Jul 11, 2017 Jul 11, 2017Zakończone zł518
aMember Pro I need someone that is familiar with setting up aMember Pro membership software to contact me as I need just a bit of maintenance done setting up payment portal. 5 PayPal API , vBulletin, WHMCS, Stripe Jul 10, 2017 Jul 10, 2017Zakończone zł852
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