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Web Application is the process of building, testing, and hosting a service, program or software on the web. This example of technology falls under the umbrella of application development, though a Web App Developer is an IT specialist dedicated to specifically working on web based platforms. Web Application development offers plenty of advantages, as a well-executed online platform can increase accessibility, improve workflow, and offer premium user experience. Furthermore, web applications can be designed to function on mobile devices, giving developers and their clients the potential for massive reach.

A Web App Developer is an experienced professional that designs and builds applications for users to gain access to. The components of this application process include developing front end designs and coding pages with coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML/CSS and Python. They also have expertise in setting up server system architecture and interfaces with databases. The services that these developers offer include app design/development, UX/UI development/design, cloud computing integration (such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure) security testing/validation and quality assurance testing.

Here's some projects that our expert Web App Developers made real:

  • Creating mobile-friendly browser based applications
  • Implementing cloud computing technologies
  • Developing automated systems that integrate machine learning
  • Employing Saas models through efficient management tools
  • Building automated bots utilizing Ocaml
  • Running compatibility tests across a variety of platforms
  • Designing Zoho Creator expert applications
  • Deploying PHP web apps with video tutorials
  • Constructing photo upload/browsing platforms with Flutter

The utility of Web App Developers is proven in the creative works that have been achieved utilizing their skillsets. Professionals in this field work together with clients to create streamlined programs that are tailored to their preferences. By combining their knowledge with client inspiration, these developers have created technology solutions that cover practically every system aspect desired. Putting it simply: when you need an app built quickly with precision, you need a Web App Developer from Freelancer.com. Post your own project today and hire one of Freelancer's knowledgeable specialists to develop your ideas into reality!

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    OpenCBS System requirements are relatively low. As such the system could be installed on any computer with windows as operating system. OpenCBS is a system working as an interface between the user and a database containing the information of microfinance activity. As such using OpenCBS requires the installation of a database management system, in our case SQL Express as minimum requirement. The reporting section of the software requires as well the installation of Crystal Report Viewer, the software managing the visualization of report in the software. 2. Milestones 1. Analyse & Deploy the existing source code provide within the 2 folders (client & Server) 2. Minor customisation the existing application as phase 1 covering 50%+ of our requirements as per below table under OpenCB...

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    Build me a DApp 6 dni left

    I'm planning to build a simple decentralized rideshare Dapp that links riders and drivers, such that rides could be booked. It'll be based on blockchain and uses smart contract.

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    International company specializing in ethnobotanical plant products with several e-commerce websites and a logistic/production hubs is looking for a FREELANCE WEB DEVELOPER WITH EXPERIENCE IN ODOO to join our team. Essential knowledge: - Odoo development: +2 years - Phyton: +2 years - PostgreSQL: + 2 years - Version control experience GitHub/git, bitbucket: + 1 year Complementary knowledge: - HTML/CSS – 1 year - Javascript – 1 year - Bootstrap – 1 year - Linux Command knowledge – 1 year - Odoo website and accounting modules – 1 year - Wordpress - Woocommerce - PhP Fluent English knowledge is a must for this position Working Timezone GMT...

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    Application is required for food delivery app

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    Cerchiamo un UI Designer in grado di creare su Figma un mockup per un'applicazione web (SaaS B2B) . L'obiettivo è di progettare un'interfaccia intuitiva e facile da usare per gli utenti finali, in grado di soddisfare le loro esigenze e semplificare il loro lavoro. Il professionista dovrà collaborare con noi per definire gli obiettivi dell'applicazione, identificare gli utenti target e i loro compiti, e creare le pagine dell'applicazione. Requisiti: Esperienza nella definizione di interfacce per applicazioni SaaS B2B Realizzazione di flussi e mockup su Figma Conoscenza delle best practice di UI/UX design Capacità di lavorare in team e di comunicare efficacemente con gli stakeholder del progetto Disponibilità a collaborare per definire ...

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    We have a project , where people can hire regular people for physical work. Kind of like freelancer but for locals to hire locals nearby. There are bugs that we want to get done first and then create a milestone for next move

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    I want to open bank nifty calls puts charts on tradingview with pinescript on it, So that I can use my my custom indicator on it broker like dhan,upstox does not allow this. explain the steps in simple terms

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    Web App devlopment 4 dni left

    Looking for a Web App developer to join our team in creating a Social Media and Event managing app. Please get in contact with us for more info. We are looking for a young people or university stuends just like us to join us in the project. Payments will be given in cash and equity in the company as per agreement.

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    An online web application where there is the ability to manually upload the attached sample excels file by upload button every day. I want somebody to do following 1) Delete the duplicate records which are uploaded before. 2) develop online coding to create following report - I shud be able to filter (drop down) based on 3 fields - Last X days - “Email” (marked in yellow) - “Resourcing stage” (marked in yellow) All above 3 filters are not AND but i shud be able to filter based on any of the conditions to COUNT the number of cases. If one “Email id of the candidate (Email id)”( marked in blue) is repeated then take the highest count of resourcing stage and club all for the same “Email id of the candidate (Email id)” Happy to clarify more ab...

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    Softball Coaching Platform- Softball Master We are looking for an expert in Web Application(Cloud Base Web App)/IOS development to implement a Softball/Baseball Coaching Application for internal use. The Application should be have full capabilities to operate on Ipad. N.B: 1) Implement the application under a cloud environment is PREFERED 2) Proposals explaining the exact approach for the project is PREFERED 3) Budge is non-negotiable, but the project scope is adjustable (PLEASE PROPOSE). Objective: Create an application that allows Softball coaches to conduct in-game players scouting for future analysis Requirements: The User must be able to make Registration and Login The user must be able to create a new game The user must be able to add players to the game The user must be able t...

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    Our small consulting firm wants to build a no-code app using Adalo and Xano for about 500 of our clients to use. We do not have a big budget. We are looking for the most affordable offshore talent we can find that can help us create this functioning app that will pass a pen test. We need someone who can help us properly set up third party API, such as: read-only data from Plaid, Quickbooks, etc. Your work must pass a pen test in order to receive payout. Please do not proceed with this job listing unless you are confident in your secure app development skills. We will work on this project with milestones (MVP launch, first round of added features, second round of added features, etc.) according to a detailed product roadmap that you will receive upon hire. We will agree with you up fro...

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    Need Help for Build an Application 3 dni left

    I'm looking for help to build a .deb package and security reports for a web application from source code. It's an Onlyoffice fork without connection limits. *Basic informations: -Repo: -Documentation: *What I need: -Report from a good Static Application Security Testing tool (SAST) (can be open source tool) and an overall analysis of the code security and its dependencies; -Detailed instructions (tested) for build and run the .deb package for the Onlyoffice Document Server on a virtual machine (Debian 11 Server with 16GB RAM). OR -Detailed instructions (tested) how to remove the connection restrictions (originally limited to 20) of the official project () and build and run the .deb package for the Onlyoffice Document Server on a virtual machine (Debian 11 Server with 16G...

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    web untuk management keuangan dan mengelola pemasukan dan pengeluaran yang telah di lakukan. Pencatatan dalam aplikasi ini yang telah dibuat untuk mempermudah pemantauan atau history transaksi. contoh laman ada di

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    Testnet Crypto Wallet MVP 3 dni left

    I am in the process of founding a new enterprise and am looking to have a custom testnet crypto wallet created that is tailored to sending and receiving payments in the mobile environment. As the business is still in the early stages, I am looking for a testnet MVP solution that will provide basic functionality for the project. The aim is to create a simple-to-use wallet that quickly and reliably processes payments in the testnet with only USDC and WBTC in the Polygon network.

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    I am looking for a website and mobile app developer who can develop an app for Aproplan software. The application should be compatible for both web and mobile platforms, and must take user accounts into account. Hosting of the application is not necessary as it will be handled internally. The selected freelancer will be responsible for creating the application to match the specific requirements of the project. The expected outcome must be well-designed with excellent functionality and user-friendly interface. Go to Playstore download the Aproplan software for construction and consultancy.

    $2615 (Avg Bid)
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    Cryptocurrency Gambling Game 2 dni left

    To Whom It May Concern, Myself and my business partner are looking at creating an online gambling game that uses cryptocurrency as a form of payment, which is integrated into it’s own website. Currently, we are in the stage of finding a developer, we will go into more detail privately. Thank you, we hope to hear from you ASAP. Similar layout and functionality to Just a different game CON Talk more in detail

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    The domain name is: I need a custom theme design and need the following features: - Customization & plugins - Backup, cloning and migration - Installation & theme setup - Calendar integration - Email marketing - Bug fixes - Social media integration - Tracking & reporting - WooCommerce - Elementor - Google Analytics - SEO - Speed Optimization - Other / None Have a website concept all written down in a design spec doc. Have a domain (actually a few) and good hosting already set up. Have the paid divi theme but willing to use another if someone tells us there is something better than divi for our project. Our project is being done to benefit the arts community and to assist the instrument builders is BC Canada and ultimately Canada wide. We are planning a bo...

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    I need a web app or Windows Application that can generate intelligent part numbers when given a list of attributes, exported into a CSV. For example: Attribute1: 0, 1, 2 Attribute 1 Descriptions: Full Nut, Half Nut, Captive Nut Attribute 2: 15,18, 20 Attribute 2 Descriptions: 15mm, 18mm, 20mm Attribute 3: CAD, ALU, TIT Attribute 3: Cadmium, Aluminium, Titanium So it should generate all permutations of the part numbers and descriptions so output should be: 015CAD - Full Nut, 15mm, Cadmium 015ALU - Full Nut, 15mm, Aluminium 015TIT - Full Nut, 15mm, Titanium etc etc. Would like a UI to be able to create new products and descriptions, and also to save a product configuration for future regeneration if attributes or descriptions change. Looking for lower end of budget please.

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    WebApp for a personal AR project 1 dnia left

    Hi, I am an artist working with AR since 2017 and I would like to use a domain of my property to test and develop a webapp with AR. I am looking for a programmer (she/he/they/them/all) with whom to work on, first, the trial of some webAR (such as ) and, afterwards, create a friendly frontend for the user to get to know more about my art. I would like to know people with interest and knowledge in this topic, so to discuss time schedules and rates per hour or project. From my side, as an artist and graphic designer I appreciate people's work as creative source and try my best to give in instructions and material in the right way, whatsoever adjustable to each person's ways of working. I already have an App running in Unity and uploaded to the stores, but I want to move to Web...

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    Webapp update and new futures 1 dnia left

    Hello, We need to update our webapp with new futures, correct design functionalities. The webapp is developed in Laravel, it gathers data from users, compute using formalas and generate new values. All user selections are gathers to be sent to an API connector to other APP. The API connector is not part of this project. Complete specs of the project are provided only after discussions. Thank you,

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    Build a web application based on the Windows system so that users can start an instant session with a chatbot. The bot needs to react to what users say, and it is best to detect emotional changes and respond accordingly. You have to use the existing chatbot libraries or models Users don’t need to log in. The UI only needs a simple dialog box for both users and the bot (see attached picture) It doesn’t need to remember the chatting history (the dialog box will refresh every time users close and open the application). If the UI is hard to be implemented, you can make any changes or only retain the functions. The only essential requirement is to deploy the function or the whole project on Google Cloud (or another cloud server), and we can provide the google account with a fr...

    $70 (Avg Bid)
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    We want to design forex stock trading application with manual profit and loss control.. I'm attach a screenshot of application that we want to build like.!!

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    Build me a HR App 13 godzin left

    Hi Freelancers, We are in an urgent need of a professional HR application for Employee database, where we and the employee can track his office timings, salary structure, KPI & KRAs, Employee Appreciation Option, etc. I have used an app called Keka. I need the same functionality in my application also. You can go to Keka and look for the features. Requesting you a please propose us a suitable price for the same. Those who have already worked on Mobile App Development will be getting the preference.

    $6 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    22 składanie ofert

    Payroll system for contractual workers

    $172 (Avg Bid)
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    Web application development 3 godzin left

    I am looking for an experienced developer to create a web application for me. This application will be a marketplace and will need to be hosted with a third party provider, which I need help sourcing. Additionally, I require that this application has the ability to integrate with other applications. If you have the expertise to develop such a web application for me, I would love to hear from you.

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Webapp using Radix UI components 5 dni left

    Build a webapp with Total 40 UI screens to be given. UI design is currently in progress and will be completed by 15 March. Backend APIs will be given as postman list. Total 50 APIs to be integrated. Screens will include: Login Dashboard Table Preview Data Upload by CSV Data Upload via Cloud DB Connection Download Report See Visualisation etc. Please quote ballpark project budget and project timeline. UI will be clean, minimal and will only be made using Radix UI components.

    $730 (Avg Bid)
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    16 składanie ofert

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