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Web Security is the process involved in securing your information systems and other related assets from web based malicious attempts at hacking. You will need to secure your web server and other web-facing servers (like FTP, etc.) in order to protect against these attacks. You can get help from freelancers for your web security efforts. You can connect with them on this site. Start by posting a web security job today! Zatrudnij użytkownika Web Security Experts


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    I have a project it is work great on local. But when I publish on server some pages return 404 error. I think it is about server settings. I am using Blog Engine Framework. Can you solve problem

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    Cyber Security Writing ! Different documents to be written on different topic under the main topic of cyber security . you must be experienced one and must have cyber security background. thanks

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    Social media expert -- 2 6 dni left

    Hello, I need to find every social media account linked to two phone numbers.

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    i need the cyber security coder for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed..

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    $7 - $69
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    Security Cyber expert required 6 dni left

    I have a project that need developers or experts from security cyber. If you have such experiences, please send me a chat to discuss in more details. TQ

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    I am searching for ethical hacker for learning purpose

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    Cyber security 6 dni left

    Hello, we have integrated the cyber section in our agency. We are looking for cyber experts able to detect flaws in company websites. Our niche is cryptocurrency/NFT companies.

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    Penetration Testing for a website 6 dni left

    I need to conduct a penetration testing for a website and ensure its secure against OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities The website is

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    I am in the process of building a software and would like a cyber security expert's opinion on the best way to go about it would be.

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    Security assessment for IIS server 5 dni left

    Need to fix the security issue related to IIS server.

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    I want to deploy website automatically on my server using PHP. I have windows and Linux both server Requirements I want to host website with single click. I will put website URL it will copy and paste a folder and rename with my website URL and host it. Also it will install SSL certificate using let's encrypts or any other using zero SSL. Note : it will not ask me for enter company information everytime just one time i will insert in my profile and it will take everytime for all website. All need to complete using single click and get my website ready and running with SSL.

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    I would like to create two honeypots and apply attack patterns on both the honeypots. I would like to recommend which honeypot is better for organisation.

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    Hello Everyone, i'm looking for web want to develop our inhouse tracking panel for our digital marketing want to build panel like offers18/trackier. We can give you some idea of tracking panel codes and php's as we are having one inhouse tracking software which would help you a lot to make our new panel easily our current inhouse tracking panel will help you alot to understand the tracking panel and how does it you have used offer18 or trackier and if you know about that then only please contact us because it has many thinks like global postbacks integration things parameters we want to want to add fruad tool for fake/fruad conversion you are a web developer then please message show you reference site on google meet and will explain all the is very urgent kindly help us if...

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    Clear virus from web page 4 dni left

    The web page (based on html codes) has virus and does not function.

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    Hy, I need an expert, who has previous experience in Cuckoo Sandbox and Window API for malware analysis. The analysis should be static and dynamic. I need implementation and report within 24 hours. My maximum budget is 100 AUD. Please see the attached file for detail. All requirements must be completed according to the attachment. The samples of the malware can be download from this link There should be at least 5 minimum qakbot malware analyzed using Sandbox and Window API also with static and dynamic techniques. In the report all the questions given in the attachment file must be addressed in detailed like execution time, compilation time, entry point, file singed or not, if singed which certificate etc. All these questions in the static and dynamic parts should be addressed in de...

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    About the role: DHL IT Services is a team of 5000+ highly skilled IT professionals that keep DHL core infrastructure and international services running smoothly 24/7. We offer world-class IT Solutions and Infrastructure, supporting DHL by Delivering Excellence in a Digital World. We keep international supply chains moving with our cutting-edge IT infrastructure and use big data and machine learning to fight cybercrime across global trade lines. We are looking for an Application Development security professional with a solution mindset and hands-on experience in secure development expertise. You will be a member of the team of Security Architects at DPDHL IT Services. You will provide direction, execution guidance, blueprints, propose innovative solutions, and influence the security of dig...

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    The suitable candidate must be able to work independently and support a range of networking solutions. Experience in network security is preferred but not compulsory.

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    Php security 3 dni left

    I'm making a website and i need someone to make the php security i need it before Sunday

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    Experienced dark web researchers 3 dni left

    Require a boutique product to be accurately sourced to specifications. It maybe a requirement to possibly search and secure from deep web or dark net or other such deep research methods. Further details upon contact

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    Hello, My hosting account cpanel got infected with malware/virus attack after installing an infected wordpress plugin which I later uninstalled. This problem affected the site and all other and addon domains and it’s website which are not loading anymore or showing suspiciously infected or not loading at all. WEBSITES HOSTED ON THE CPANEL ACCOUNT The websites on the cpanel account are: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. My webhost has scanned the whole cpanel account to troubleshoot and presented a report for my developer to fix. MALWARE/VIRUS SCAN REPORT Find below email from scan report and attached document: We are glad to inform you that your cPanel scanning was completed. It can be found in your File Manager --> . Please be aware that this scan does not remove any files but only po...

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    I need a webmaster and web designer for my call center project.

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    We are looking for a Java Spring Boot/Lombok Spring Data experience to write CRUD APIs. And the ability to also fix Fortify/Veracode Security Issues with suggested remediations.

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    My wordpress website hacked 2 dni left

    Hello, My wordpress website is redirecting to a spam site. I tried to look into the index file but it looks clean. Let me know if you are ready to fix it. thanks

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    need a lot and huge webshell everyday

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    Sometime last year, my website was hacked but in a few days it was fixed. I recently did a scan on my website on and I observed some antivirus still flag my website as malicious. I need someone who can help me remove it. My website is My score is 4/95. Below are the 4 antivirus that flags my website: BitDefender G-Data Fortinet Sophos Attached is a screenshot of the scan result.

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    We are looking for a Freelancer Ethical Hacking Trainer for the duration of 1 month, who can take classes of student for 5 days a week for 1.5 hour. Candidate must have good practical knowledge of Ethical Hacking. Experience in giving training in the given field will be preferred.

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    El proyecto consiste en encontrar todas las vulnerabilidades de una aplicación web para su posterior corrección. Se debe hacer énfasis en encontrar password, así como ataque a puertos etc.

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    webshell coder 2 dni left

    I need the webshell coder for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed

    $7 - $69
    $7 - $69
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    hello i need someone who can do webshell or backdoor

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    online lotterry 1 dnia left

    im 15 i thought of the new lottery this lottery will run thru cash app and pay pal and what ever other apps can pay for online thing will basically they will have to put at least a dollar to be in the lottery i mean who wouldnt put a dollar in a 1 in million chance of winning a million i mean they buy 20 dollar tickets so ithought what if we only make it 1 dollar how many people will put their money on the line to win 1000000 dollars o you must be wondering how many winners can their be i thought about it and lets say 25 people can win and they will be picked by a auto mated machine but we wont let any one know that of course an also you must be wondering about the other 25 million o that will be given to us so we can host more events i mean it do cost am i wrong we will need more money ...

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    Need a business Directory Website 1) User registration 2) Listing creation 3) Approval Mechanism for new user, listing creation 4) Listing categories and filters 5) Paid listing boosting 6) Google Ads Display 7) Security plugins to prevent hackers and malware 8) SEO capabilities 9) Two factor authentication 10) Migrate data from current WordPress directory site Previous Directory experience is required Developer to walk the customer through each capability

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    I would like to create two honeypots where one without any attacks and other with different attacks like bruteforce, ddos and finally comparison between honeypots and attack patterns. We are finally proving which honeypot is best for the organisation.

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    Web design 1 dnia left

    સારી વેબસાઇટ બનાવી શકે, અને વેબસાઇટ માં જ થોડી ગણતરી વાળું સોફ્ટવેર જેમ કે યુઝર અને એડમીન પેનલ અને બધા ડેટા સ્ટોર કરી શકાય એ પ્રકાર નું, પ્લાન બાબત PDF બનાવી આપવી, વગેરે.... વધુ પ્રોજેક્ટ ચેટ માં સમજાવીશ.,

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    Fix Malware on 58 sites NOW 1 dnia left

    58 sites on one WHM account are showing this warning: Deceptive site ahead Attackers on ***.com may trick you into doing something dangerous like installing software or revealing your personal information (for example, passwords, phone numbers, or credit cards). Learn more We need this all fixed today. Please put the word NOW in your bid if you can do this right now.

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    FortiGate Site to Site VPN 1 dnia left

    Hello, We need to setup configuration site to site VPN using FortiGate firewall & another Site to Site VPN using sonicwall

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    Clean my website from malware 1 dnia left

    Hi, my website is infected with an ad that opens up on the first load. I need someone to go in and clean it so it gets removed.

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    Prepare a vapt report of given websites. Report should be accurate, detailed and grammatically correct.

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    Need resource who evaluate the L3 and L3+ profile and provide the support in major Technical issues

    $16 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    6 składanie ofert

    I need an expert professional with substantial experience to manage works on day to day basis: WordPress theme and plugin support Error and bug fixing WordPress migrations Malware cleanup and security protection Reporting

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    Fixing hacked sites 22 godzin left

    Scan and clean the entire site hosted on Bluehost of any malicious code

    $49 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    26 składanie ofert

    i need the cyber security coder for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed..

    $21 - $172
    $21 - $172
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    - We have Installed Windows Server2016 Standard [Dell Rack Server X5660] - Domain setup for the user already installed. - Now some user wants to access it from home? (Outside Network) Work to Do: - Freelancer can connect via anydesk & do changes in server/add features. - Modified the ports of the Router if required (Dlink router / TP-Link TLR480 Load balancer ) | No firewall available in the network. - No static IP available - In case of server restart or dynamic ip change/freelancer must advise how to change the config for future.

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    Dear participants, I would you to find vulnerabilities from external & internal and prepare a report of your pentest result. This is my own website with full authorize, Critical or high is necessary for this test.

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    AWS VPN Setup 3 godzin left

    Hi, You need to setup the AWS VPN. 1) The VPN I need is for User A at location (1) able to access the website [host at server B] under the VPN protection. Those user do not have VPN access not able to browse the website at server B. 2) You need to do the setup. I will provide you my AWS account once the project is confirm. 3) At the end of the project, you need to provide me the documentation of the setup. 4) I will follow your documentation to setup myself. You need to support me during my setup until i successfully setup the VPN and website server(if any). Any issue I face you need to support me. 5) Please propose your idea and send me the diagram about how you going to setup. 6) Tell me how much and how long you need to take. Thank you.

    $176 (Avg Bid)
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