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A Aaaaaaaa... - a a - a a - a business card a business consulting company logo - a drafting to scale of building frame and components a drafting to scale of building frame and components - A logo a logo design for a business in the name of majestic maid - A Project for sethomondi2010 only a question about c language - A translator - open to bidding A translator - open to bidding - repost - A "CSI-like" investigation board app A "Did you Know" type video for our companies story - A % body fat, lean body mass, goal weight and goal date calculator for men & women A & A Cleaning Services - A "T-Shirt Designer Like" A ''2D - 3D'' Program - A 'sign-up' subscription service website A 'steak' fancy dress costume - a .dll file for .chm file A .dll file to send keyboard keys to a simulator (windows based) that can be callled in lua - A .pdf written to be specific to our business A / B Split Test - a 1 page both side brochure A 1 PAGE paper due tonight - a 10 minute power point presentation A 10 minute video of myself making a presentation - A 10,000 word e book on romance - repost A 10,000 word e book on romance. - A 1000 word paper on Integrity... A 1000 Word Report on Ethics in UK Social Work - A 130 second Marketing Animation A 14 animation job - A 1500 word essay written on architecture history (many questions to choose from) A 1500 words Business Plan - A 2 minute long video A 2 minute product analysis segment - A 2 sided FLYER, Full Color & very nice. I have the content/text. A 2 weeks deadline Mall Catalog/Events iPhone application - A 20 page power point presentation. A 20 page Report on Fitness - A 2000 word essay A 2000 word literature Review on \"Information Seeking Habits Of Students\" - a 22 page full color comic book A 24 hour prayer website - A 2D animated short, comedy film A 2D animation - A 2D image being modelled into 3D - open to bidding A 2D model needs recreating - a 3 folded brochure A 3 hrs filming and 30 min editing for an engagement party - A 3 sec intro to a youtube channel a 3 volume graphic novel, original, illustrated - A 30 minute 3d cartoon A 30 minute speech titled "The Long Beach Oil Field, a Primer for Wattenberg" - A 30*20 feet banner for a Bags/Travel Luggage Store A 30*30cm PCB with rows of CL6807's or ZXLD1362's 60v - a 3500 report on the leadership of the learning organisation (the role of a teacher) - repost 2 A 36-Year-Old Woman In Finland Was Sentence For Life In Oulu District Court Western Finland - a 3D animation A 3D animation cartoon film. - A 3D CAD Animation - open to bidding A 3D cartoon for children - A 3D Design of my product. - repost a 3d design to use it in artcam cnc software - A 3d graphic object you can move around A 3D home design using software that a DIYer can afford and use - A 3D Mobile Game (Android or Apple) Platform A 3d mockup of a structure(s) - A 3d model of the mirror frame A 3D Model that can be used to 3D print on Shapeways - A 3D render of an ocean surface A 3d render of candle box - A 3D Tank game based on XNA 4.0 a 3d tech file of a zip pull design so that it can be manufactured - needs to include dimensions etc - A 4 hour interview on skype - $60. Easy Work. A 4 minute music animated children's video - A 40' - 60' second 2d / white board animation A 40,000 Word how to book needed (Relationship niche) - A 45second animation that captures my sites product offering. A 468 x 60 gif banner - A 5 page paper for the Okinawa Battle Study on the subject of Sugar Loaf Hill A 5 page paper on Malaria and DDT - A 5-6 Page website A 5-6 pages Technical report - A 5000 words Economics report required using Minitab. A 5000 words Economics report required using Minitab. - repost - A 60 second video A 60 to 90 second demo of Insurance software - A 70 page, Sci Fi Young Adult E book A 700 word answer to an economic question. - a 85th birthday party. A 9 Animation project - a a a A A A A - A adjustable flyer design to fit the format of a box. A adjustable flyer design to fit the format of a box. - open to bidding - a agile report A aim Password/SN Sender - A Android and apple app created A android and iphone app for taxi - A Animation Movie A animation on Adobe Animator showing the dangers of smoking - a app for making life easyer a app for my vtc for Euro Truck Simulator 2 - A application test for C# Reflection: fix source code a application that notifies user on upcoming events - A article for our website telling our story A article in reply to another article - a autocad dwg a autocad job or data entry - A B TESTING WITH OPTIMIZELY.COM A b u company - A back end application for a web based B2B portal A back-end developer for Social Networking Application in IOS and Android - A background image to be used for a mobile application A background service that records audio and plays it back - A band manager A band needs a mobile-friendly version of the current website - a banner and a logo gor youtube A banner campaign reguired. - A banner for Gaming Clan a banner for google words and facebook - A banner we can use as a sign for our shop and for our website A banner, Flash and Left Column of a website redesign - A basic android app with two web services, more info will be provided A basic Android Whiteboard application. - A basic computer and camera A Basic Construction Programme for a Industrial Unit - A basic Implementation of OCR using HMM in MATLAB A basic Implementation of OCR using HMM in MATLAB - open to bidding - A basic network tool A basic one page stock chart html page. - A basic quiz Android application A basic revit model and 2d drawings of a simple house before and after with some renders inside and out - A basic website A basic website - A Basic Wordpress site A basic wordpress site - a battery powered water proof hand held massager A battleship game on python and delphi with sockets - a beautiful interior plan A beautiful lettering graphic with the letters and plus symbol: Search+ - A Bedtime Stories
A beginner - A Bespoke Wordpress Magazine/News Theme With Custom Features & Simple Mobile Theme To Match A BEST WRITER NEEDED (KENYAN/FILIPINO/NATIVE SPEAKER) - A better position of our web site in google a better presentation for my words - a betting website a betting website with betting software - A big business opportunity for you and be a pioneer in your country. A big business opportunity for you and your country! - A big team needed For simple DATA ENTRY Task A big THANK YOU! - a billing invoice software in php-mysql - repost A Billing System - a biomedical application using FPGA A biometric application to scan fingers - a bit more joomla work a bit of Ajax integration - A Bitcoin based game A Bitcoin Exchange - A black and white illustration - vector for a logo design A black and white line drawing that looks like a woodcut - A blog A blog - A blog banner and logo A blog based on Wordpress with ad-ons - A blog on personal finance for young people a blog on visa matters - a blog site A Blog Site Design & Build - A blog/article style website design I can use edit and personalize easily A blog/rss ping solution for Joomla CMS - A blogger to blog about my product A blogger to blog for my business. - a bo3 youtube clip edited A board consisting of microprocessor, battery, solar cell, blutooth chip and motion detector - A book on Protecting kids on the internet -- 2 A book on Protecting kids on the internet -- 3 - a book based on the life of an OFW to wealth and success - open to bidding A book blog - I review mainly books. - A book cover design A book cover design - A book editor A Book Editor - open to bidding - A book illustrator -- 3 a book in PSD animated - A book on my unbelievable life events a book on nutrition health - A Book Summary Is Needed A book that needs to be professionally edited - a book writin A Book writing from webnier - A Booking System API integrating with a Wordpress Theme A booking system for a Bouncy Castle company - A booklet 4/25 x 7 A bookmarking website - A Boring Book A Boss that Im qualified for his/her job. - A bot that automatically "undos" Wikipedia edits a bot that can autofill the simple captchas - A Botanist and a photographer [need to see qualifications] A Bots For Chat Network / Social Network! - A Box2D intro for a website A boxing glove in 3 D - A BRAND LOGO A brand logo - A Brand New Press Release a brand new web site - A brief animation for the home page of a new web site A brief article research - A British accountant A British Proofreader Needed (Fresher) - A Brochure for a Student Trip Company called A brochure for a wholesale food distribution company needs to be created - A broker based E-commerce marketplace that utilizes an auction based platform between two parties for the reservation of a particular niche. A browser - a building and construction engineering website - ongoing work a building and construction engineering website - open to bidding - A Bullitin Board In CGI Script A Bullitin Board In Perl or PHP using CGI - a bunch of sites developments A bunch of small changes to my website - A business blog A business book - A business card, marketing flyer and email footer. I have a logo but not a brand A business card. - A Business Development Research for Taiwan A Business Development Research for Thailand - A business leader of Sri Lanka A business letter typed today. - A business logo a Business Logo - A Business Logo for an Interior Design Company A business logo for HUE: Social platform for parents of children with special needs. - A Business partner needed for prTechnologies a business partnership with my company in Rwanda - a business plan a business plan - A Business Plan for Freelance Website A Business Plan for Freelance Website Repost - A business plan writer who can write in Spanish and English A Business Plan Written - A Business Research for Mexico A business sign\logo - a business woman someday.. A Business writer need for a new website - a buyer of ginger or garlik in euro A Buyer to get the bra - a c sharp small program development A C# app which plots the route between two points. starting point will be current location of the user (gps) the app uses the google directions api - A C++ Assignment - open to bidding A C++ Black Pocker game implementation. - A C++ Program (Urgent) A C++ Program - open to bidding - A c++ PROJECT a c++ project - A cab booking/sharing website A Cab hailing app - A CAD file that features shirt, pants, and dress specs A CAD project in Java - A calculation script A Calculator - A calender , small signage and 3 certificates A Call Center Require - A cam job for you.. - open to bidding A cam Show c2c. - a camerman/interviewer A camp catered - A canvas painting A capable Android and iOS developer. - A Car Rental Software/Website A Car Rental Website - A card that car store cards A Card Translated from Spanish to English - Fast Please :) - A caricaturist based in China A caricaturist to draw caricatures of children aged between 5-14yrs - a cartoon character of a workman a cartoon character of myself - A cartoon of a industrial type truck for company mascot -- 2 A cartoon of a man and a woman - A cartoonist A cartoonist - A Case Study 2000 words social work Report A Case Study 3000 words Report in social work - A Cased box. a cash payment getway with API - a cashback website with easy management system