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A Diet article - A digg type featured site using Wordpress A digg/reddit alike site - a digital logo including the vector file A digital market place for selling rerecorded video and live streaming workshop - A Dino Hunt a diploma confirming a scientific award - A directory website to be built within an existing site and also include article and press submission features a directory with pics - A Display Screen + Tablets A Display Unit needs to be designed for Retail ( Mall) - A divisional one page activity calendar to be provided to the greater business a divorce lawayer - A django developer with CSS skills is needed. -- 6 A django developer with CSS skills is needed. -- 7 - A docker bug fix a doctor's website - A document typed in Word a document typed up (copied) - A dog chasing a mailman simulation using Matlab A dog logo for my dog blog - A website clone - open to bidding A donation form for the website like one on There is no PayPal in Pakistan so it should be connected to my bank account only. - A Downloadable Software Including Video Player A downward-scrolling game for Android platform with simple graphics - A Drawing A drawing - a drawing of a beach scene a drawing of a beach scene - A drawing of the outside of a building a drawing or cartoon picture - A Dress Shirt Protector a drinks brand logo - A Drupal 7 module -- 2 A drupal 8 plateform (juste the beta version and more information) - a dsl with the tool xtext and the language xtend for generating code in openCV A DSP plugin for Windows and Mac Audio software. - A dynamic and elegant website for a sport and fitness academy A dynamic cache partitioning in XEN hypervisor - A dynamic RSS for an ASP site A dynamic short introduction - A Dynamic website for “online domain registration" A dynamic website for a car gallery, with admin panel - A dynamic wordpress template A dynamic wordpress template - open to bidding - A easy android launcher (china programmer welcome) a easy avenue for indigenous locals to navigate to a safe and comfortable way in ordering goods and services. ie groceries, clothing, entertainment. - A Ecologic cleaner for a home A ecommerce to sell document - A effective seo program that will fit my website. - open to bidding A EG Logo - A Engineer A English and chinese technical translator /dailly translator for chinese lantern show - A essay has to be done A essay of a First impression of a person, place, or thing or just an observation of a person, place or thing. (Pick 1) - a existing logo need to custom - repost A experienced author who has a publisher. - A extended CStatic / Label control A Extendscript, Javascript and Applescript coder who understands illustrator - a Facebook App is needed A Facebook App Marketing - A facebook fan page admin A facebook fan page editor - A Facebook site for health business A facebook spinning wheel competition app - a fake electric bill for champagne Illinois - open to bidding A fake ID to deactivate my Facebook account. - A Family Tree Surrogacy, LLC Website A family website - a fashion app A Fashion Blog - a fashion designer A Fashion Designer - A Fashion Editorial Writer A fashion graphic designer - A fashion sketch artist A fashion sketch artist - A fast and secure Social networking website similar to quora ,reddit . - open to bidding A fast and secure Social networking website similar to quora ,reddit is needed. - A fast pay job customer service from south america, central america, USA, asia or europe - apply if you use fb, twitter, skype, reddit, wordpress and social media regularly A Fast PHP Product Catalog page Script w/ AJAX + MySQL products table design - A feasibility study for the establisnhment of a Fitness and Mixed martial arts gym in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia A feasibility study for the establisnhment of a Fitness and Mixed martial arts gym in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - A female cycling outfit designed A female experienced photographer - a few pics of my son who is graduating from EWU for his announcments A few sentences translated from English to German - A few amendments to a Wordpress website A few amendments to a Wordpress website - A few ASP.NET pages A few Australian Business Legals we need organised - A few bugfixes to an existing web application (guaranteed further work if job is well done) A Few CakePHP Customizations - A few changes needed to our existing Shopify template A few changes on adding an address in google maps. - A few changes to jQuery Mobile site A Few Changes to Magento Site - a few changes to WP theme A few clean up jobs for our wordpress site - a few cosmetic changes A few crawlers - A few design and CMS changes to Joomla website A Few Design things for BEKO only - A few enhancements and bug fixes in a children iOS app A few error fixes and corrections for functioning html5 responsive site - A few fixes as discussed A few fixes for a CakePHP-based website - A Few Fixes..... A Few Fixs for my website - A few graphic design layouts - open to bidding A few graphic designs - A few HTML fixes need right now A few HTML pages - A few improvements on a simple page A few improvements to website and SEO - A FEW LINEAR ALGEBRA QUESTIONS A FEW LINEAR ALGEBRA QUESTIONS - A few Magento corrections a few magento errors - A few minor edits on the website tool you created for me. A few minor fixes on wordpress blog - A Few Modification To Be Done Frontend and Database a few modifications - A few more static pages to an existing website A few more styling issues / programming tasks - A few PHP adjustments needed on the website ( facebook ) A few PHP and MySQL fixes for a good cause - A few pictures needed A few Pixel Art Graphics needed - A Few Quick Changes To Mobile Version Of Existing Responsive Website A few quick CSS changes - A FEW REVISIONS FOR A 6 PAGE WEBSITE A FEW REVISIONS FOR A 6 PAGE WEBSITE(repost) - A Few Simple ASP Script Fixes A few simple ASP.NET (3.5) pages - A few Simple PHP Data Capture Pages (acc) A few Simple PHP Data Capture Pages (account) - A few sketches for the short story "the strange musician" by brother Grimms A few small bits, easy money for you guys - A few small easy graphics A few small edits in my FIT wordpress theme - A few small project in one A few small revisions to a PHP backend site - A few tasks on PHP A Few Tasks To Be Completed On Website - A few touch ups to my Worldpress site
a few translations from English to Spanish - A few upgrades made to Angular.js / php website. A few upgrades on our website - A few website fixes: FTP and Database admin A few website items. - A few WordPress issues to be fixed, and a few tweaks to add. A few WordPress issues to be fixed. - A fiddleup logo. A field sales rep to sell business to business in the tri state area - A filemaker Pro developer A Filesharing website - A final project for a computer related course degree -- 2 a final quote - A finance data presenter and analyzer in C# a finance derivative essay of 3 questions using 2000 words - A financial or technical writer a financial report assignment - A Firefox browser plugin A Firefox extension - a fitness related website A fitness website, incuding Design, Online Shopping Cart, Backend - A Fix needed for a Flash application A Fix Time zone Fix / Voicemail - a flash advert A flash animated banner 300x250 GIF from PSD files - a flash Developer for 2 minor changes a flash developer needed. - A Flash Header for a Blog A Flash Header for a Site - A Flash project A flash project for Beko - A flash website template modification A flash website with CMS - A flexible female model with Yoga or Gymnastic ability and comfortable posing nude. A flexible heat producing device - A Floor Tile Creation App A flooring website - A FLYER - PERMANENT COPERATE HOUSE STYLE FLYER A flyer advertising "The Second annual Art Gala" for a non-profit NAMI located in Portland OR. - A flyer for a new marketing plan - repost A flyer for a new product launch - a flyer that virtually talks -- 2 A flyer to advertise after school care that is fillable pdf - A FOOD BLOG PROJECT A Food company logo designed - A football Chat plus Video App A football Chat plus Video App -- 2 - A Forex website needs some graphic edit to be professional A forge Minecraft Mod - A form that collects data and a page that shows it in a graph A form that collects data and a pagethat shows it in a graph - A FORMAT NEED TO PREPARE IN EXCEL A FORMAT NEED TO PREPARE IN EXCEL - A forum installed in Joomla A forum Needed with complete CMS - a four part special web robot A four screen ios app for pizzas - A framework required to get streamable links from google drive. A framework writeup for an iPhone and Andriod App - a free job for you A free job that pays me only for my hard work and not my investment - a free website A Free, Simple Freelancing Website - Inviting All - a freelance CAD designer a freelance CAD designer - A freelance GIS specialist with experience in MapInfo and ArcGIS A freelance GIS specialist with experience in MapInfo and ArcGIS - A freelance job to design A freelance journalist - A freelance photographer for family portrait A freelance photographer who is used to shooting in medical settings - A freelance videographer to shoot a short 1-2 minute video A freelance videographer with a Cannon C100 or higher - A FREELANCER CALLED dpbhatt02 BETRAYED AN EMPLOYER A freelancer chef for a two hour event in mumbai on 9th June 2016 - A freelancer site A freelancer site seo - A freelancer website a freelancer website combined with an online bidding systems for all for all types of jobs including home repairs and home renovation projects - A freelancing website A Freelancing website is for sale - a FRESH freelancer website A fresh html/ css template - A friend of mine told me to reach out to you A friend of mine told me to reach out to you - open to bidding - A front end to Prestashop to make custom design mens shirts A FRONT PAGE for my forum created with IPS board - A full business plan. Need to be Done in Toronto, not. A full Car Sharing website - A Full featured Win32 API / C++ HTTP class A full features list and description of - A full page advertisement A full page advertisement - A full stack developer with "django & CSS" is needed -- 6 A full stack developer with "django & CSS" is needed -- 7 - A full time Caricature artist wanted in Dubai, UAE A Full Time developer needed - A Full Website A Full Website - repost - A full-time job A full-time project for jkaranm - A fully functional web hosting page A fully functional website - a fun book a fun date - A function that will grab members steam id's and add them to a seperate MYSQL Database a function to Export CSV a data, gz zip it and copy to a FTP location. - A Fundraiser -- 2 A fundraiser that does actual fundraising - A Futuristic Bicycle concept Sketch a futuristic character designed - a gambling website a gambling website - A game app A game app - A game called wall street tycoon - open to bidding A game changer in the industry we gonna storm into...need enthusiastic developers who can be partners - a game for a class due by about early july 2017 a game for a phone app - A game for mobile devices A game for my homework. - A game like Frogger A game like fun run - A game of Hex -- 2 a game on iOS - A game similar to the link provided built in unity 3D A game site - A Game Will Be Edited and Loaded to iTunesConnect (On my computer with teamviewer) A Game Will Be Made iPad Compatible - A gaming buddy finder A gaming coins website - a gaming team that will be willing to build my game A gaming tournament preview article - A Gear A Geeky Ghost Theme Developer Needed - A geomancy computer program for home & building A geometric proof - A ghost writer a ghost writer - A Ghostwriter A ghostwriter - A ghostwriter in the uk a ghostwriter. to translate the last year of my life - A girl needed for Dating -- 2 A girl needed for Dating -- 3 - A girl required