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Adaptation of Studio press theme on Genesis - Adaptation to Worpress plugin - ongoing work adaptation wordpress mu - Adaptations/Modifications Joomla 1.5 - FRENCH SPEAKING ' O N L Y ' Adaptative Layout Storyboard - Adapter des templates en HTML Adapter et faire évoluer une apllication full-web - adapter un site Web adapter un site Web existant pour le mobile - Adapting a javascript to handle regular expressions (regex) Adapting a linux driver that works on raspberry pi and using the device tree bob (dtb) for a version using the arm arch linux script.bin (fex). - Adapting design in Magento Adapting existing postnuke theme - Adapting one of your designs Adapting one of your designs - open to bidding - Adapting to Kinect v2 for Windows existing sketch in PROCESSING 2.2.1 Adapting web site to an iOS+Android app - Adaption of Flash Template Adaption of Gallery2 or other opensource picture gallery on my homepage - Adaptions photomailer Adaptions to 2.5 Joomla Site - adaptive content adaptive control - Adaptive Filter MATLAB simulation Adaptive Fuzzy Controller For Vehicle Dampers - adaptive modulation and coding for ofdma adaptive modulation and coding for ofdma -- 2 - Adaptive payments for paypal - open to bidding Adaptive Payments in WordPress - Adaptive Responsive Template Required Adaptive sequential niche genetic algorithm (ASNPSO) - 13/04/2017 18:38 EDT - adasdasasdasdsad adasdasdasdas - Adattare il motore di ricerca google al template WP ADATTARE il motore di ricerca WP - adava template woocommerce configuration adavance database programming task - Adblock block my Ad pages as you can see.. Adblock denial script - AdBlocker Bypass Adblocker detect - Adbrite Clone Adbrite Clone - Adbrite Website needed adbrite's invideo integration with PHPmotion - ADC and data acquisition with Raspberry pi -- 2 ADC and ethernet on Xilinx Spartan 3 board - adcademic assignment - IT security managment AdCalls Script - Adclick detector required  for advertisement company Adcode implmentation help needed ! - Add 12 New Icons in Font Awesome Add 3 New Icons in Font Awesome - Add drop down menu to a website Add Facebook Like Invisible Button on YouTube Player - Add jmail script Add Job Posting script for oscommerce website - Add poster needed to post on site Add Ready Slider in a html. Hiring now - Add Windows Computers to created Zentyal Domain Add wordpress three columns theme on my website - Add "Contact Us" Page based on the home page, plus checkboxes - repost Add "Counter" function in Android App (tablet and phone) - Add "local" page to skyfall Add "Login with Google" functionality to Unity 5.3.1 - Add "Register" and "Login" section. EASY WORK Add "Related products" to product info page - WooCommerce based (WordPress) - Add "Tabbed" Content Area to Theme - Shopify Store Add "tabs" to a page - Add # of Displayed Items Add #1 To - Add & modify features to exisitng software built on an SQL Database. add & modify php pages including CMS ) Arabic & English language - Add "delete" function for PHP website Add "desi" images to Hot or Not site - Add "Make An Offer" module to creloaded site Add "MySpace" like features to PHPBB Profile - Add ''buy 3, get 1 free'' deal to OSCommerce installation Add ''ccbill'' gateway to existing website - Add ''UrlToOpen'' property to DSOFramer for use in web page Add ''workbooks'' and ''tests'' to my OsCommerce site - Add 'Drag & Drop' to HIDDEN StopLoss and TakeProfit Add 'Email to a colleague' link and 'Call our #' static text to Flash main page swf file - Add 'static page' content management to my e-commerce framework Add 'static page' content management to my e-commerce software - add (FFMPEG) functionality to php upload script with mysql - Repost add (FFMPEG) functionality to php upload script with mysql - Repost - открыт для заявок - Add +3000 fans to my Facebook Fan Page add +500 votes - add .gif watermark Add .gifv and .webm support for Wordpress Theme - add .txt parsing file Add .WMA Audio Streaming Capability to Iphone App - Add / Modify / Delete Script for PHP4 SQLite Database - 3 tables Add / Modify Discount Rules Interspire Shopping cart - add 1 feature and 5 fixes to jquery/php/mysql/ajax chat script Add 1 feature for my existing software - add 1 menu item to my flash 8 file add 1 Million twitter followers - open to bidding - Add 1 page to wordpress site Add 1 page, and change menus to current website. - Add 1 text field to PHP form Add 1 theme to 3 websites, also fix an error message on one site - Add 1,385 product images from my Amazon store to my new Shopify store Add 1,500 Likes to 3 Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). - add 10 or 15 port fowards to cisco 2821 router via cisco console Add 10 pages into existing Joomla website - add 10,000 facebook fans for my facebook page - repost Add 10,000 Facebook likes to - Add 10,000 words to an existing Ebook on Neuropathy Add 10,0000+ Fans to our Facebook Page - Add 100 high powered reciprocating relevent links to my website! reciprocating add 100 images - Add 100 Products in $5 only. Add 100 products in Prestashop with additionnal fields - Add 100 Products to my Zen Cart Shop Add 100 Products To Our Amazon Store - Add 100,000 Twitter Followers Add 100,000 youtube hits + 100 likes + 200 subscribers - Add 1000 Genuine Youtube Subscribers Add 1000 google map points - Add 1000 products to a woocommerce store Add 1000 Products to Amazon - Add 1000 Real US-based Profiles to my Social Network Website Add 1000 Records To Web Database - Add 1000-+ Targeted Facebook Fans Add 1000-1500 Likes from real profiles to a facebook fanpage, gradually during next week - Add 100k facebook fans to my page Add 100k Fans on FarmVille Facebook Page - Add 10k YouTube Subs for in 7-10 days for 70$ Add 10K+ Fans to Facebook Fan page - Add 120 Images to the categories section on my site Add 120 PRODUCT PAGES, including ENTIRE functionality and contents to our OpenCart website under Dev - add 15 (or so) basic geo-targeted pages to my website Add 15 K Words to Existing "Leadership" Book - Add 150 Games to My Game Website Add 150 largest USA cities and their states to our wordpress jobsite - Add 154 products to Virtuemart 2.x (Joomla) from Word document Add 157 categories in 1HRS at $5 - Add 1k Fans to Facebook Fanpage add 1k fb likes on two url - add 2 buttons on PHP member page Add 2 buttons to AS2 Flash Book - Add 2 contribs to osCommerce 2.2 add 2 contributions to oscommerce - add 2 features and fix 1 css issue
Add 2 features from one wordpress theme to another - Add 2 fields to a spreadsheet add 2 fields to php 4 tables, and add that to joomla component - add 2 images to web page Add 2 important modules to LAMP CMS - Core Login and Programming. - 3 weeks max - Add 2 list with a few hundred subcribers to my mailchimp account Add 2 list with a few hundred subcribers to my mailchimp account -- 2 - Add 2 new features to koken Add 2 New Files - Add 2 pages + complete modifications - wordpress website Add 2 Pages 2 Website - Add 2 PHP Sites in Drupal Add 2 PHP Sites in Drupal - ADULT - Add 2 simple additions to Oscommerce site Add 2 simple functions and 2 features to DB - Add 2 Tracking Codes & Make 4 Changes on Website Add 2 upsell images and links to 2 checkout pages - Add 2-3 WYSIWYG Editable Front-End Pages Add 2-image codes - Add 20 Zen Cart Product Fields Add 20,000 Canada Facebook Friends in Less than 40 Days - Add 200 followers to our account Add 200 food items to a WordPress Site - add 200 products on a wp website - open to bidding Add 200 products on my shopify site - Add 200 Real Facebook Friends from Targeted City Add 200 Restaurant Menus into Opencart store - Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $15 Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $20 fixed fee - Add 2000 words to my research proposal add 2000+ products to a zencart website - Add 24winner + rollover into AutoBot add into my binary options robot - Add 250 Pins to new pinboard website Add 250 Pins to new pinboard website - Repost - Add 270 Sub Categories + Logo to Wordpress Site Add 29 Back links to 2 websites- total 58 Backlinks - Add 3 captcha and fix a form (not showing fields correctly for IE 10- versions) add 3 changes to to the hand grip renders - Add 3 features to existing task management webapp Add 3 features to my game on android - add 3 fragments for a social app Add 3 Function into My Android Sources - Add 3 Javascript codes to Joomla site with CPanel Add 3 language packs to an existing open cart stoe - Add 3 new pages (listings) at Add 3 new pages to a static website via FTP access - Add 3 pages to our Wordpress site from 3 PSDs and amend header Add 3 pages with forms to current Flask web app - Add 3 subpages / sections to existing shopify webpage Add 3 tabs to WordPress Template Minor CSS Work - Add 30 day trail to application Add 30 items to Wordpress gallery and update existing info - Add 300 domainnames as alias in Plesk Panel Add 300 domains as alias in Plesk Panel - Add 300-400 product images to Magento Store & SSL linking Add 3000 articles to our wiki site - Add 301 redirect to Add 301 redirects to a web.config file - ADD 3D EFFECTS ONTO TEXT OF LOGO Add 3D Glossy Effect to Logo and generate Printfile - Add 4 Banners to a Mobile Responsive Page - Super Quick Task add 4 boxes to home page - Add 4 function to My Android Source Add 4 functions to existing php scripts - Add 4 options with radioboxes to checkout Magento add 4 pages for existing website - Add 40 articles (tex) to my autoresponder Add 40 blog posts on a site - Add 4000 Facebook Fans/Likes (Fans ONLY from USA) Add 4000 Facebook USA Fans/Likes For 3 Pages #82 - Add 449 variable products to my Woocommerce website Add 45 products to the bigcommerce theme - Add 4x4 Products to New X-Cart Store Add 5 airport distances to list of 120 addresses - Add 5 more files to the add and edit item pages Add 5 more players each with various/different values for all 7 player values - Add 5,000 Facebook Fans Add 5,000 Facebook Fans to our Facebook Fa - Add 50 items to WordPress/MarketPress platform Add 50 new products to Amazon Seller Account - Add 50 software titles to AMAZON's database Add 50 Texts to my websites+ SEO - Add 50,000 Twitter followers from KUWAIT without admin acces add 50-55 products to my Ultracart account and add buy now buttons to my site - Add 500 items to Joomla website using affiliate links add 500 listing to ebay - add 500 products to my site Add 500 Products to our Affiliate Store - Add 5000 facebook frieds in Australia Add 5000 facebook friends in Australia - Add 5000 Products to Magento Store Add 5000 Real USA Facebook fans for 1 Page #90 - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers from India Add 50K fans to current fanpage - Add 5mm bleed and outline fonts on 1 page pdf Add 6 autoresponders to membership site - Add 6 Products to my website Add 6 slides to Power Point to match existing design and feel - ADD 65 URL's TO WEBMASTER TOOLS REMOVE URL Add 650 flash games with descriptions - Add 700 Products to Amazon SellerCentral - Must be Amazon Experienced Add 700 Products to Amazon SellerCentral - Must have Amazon Experience! - Add 80 Products to Oscommerce Shop Add 80 products to OSCOMMERCE website - Add 95 products to my WooCommerce website Add « Edit profile » feature on Ios & Android native app through our JSON API - Add \"Vat incl.\" message in Magento Site Add \'Goes With\' or \'Recently Viewed\' functions - Add a "Contact Us" page to my website Add a "contact us" page to our website and remove a blog page - Add a "NEXT" and "PREVIOUS" Button To WordPress Website Add a "post on facebook" button on existing .php webpage - Add A ''BUY'' Button to A Website Add a ''count'' function to an existing 3D USB pedometer - add a 1 to a small 800 excel records with phone #'s -- 2 Add a 10 sec music snippet to a flash home page only. - Add a \"Credit note\" feature to ARTIO VM Invoices component - for Virtuemart 2 Add a \"Free Postage\" sticker on a Magento store - add a auto plugin to my site.. or create one - repost add a auto plugin to my site.. or create one - repost 2 - Add a background to my website Add a background to photos of models - Add a banner to my website add a banner to website, fix deals/capture page - Add a Bitcoin Payment Gateway to My Script. Add a bleed to a pull up banner art file - add a blog system to my site ( code ignitor) Add a Blog tab to existing website - Add a blog to my website in footer Add a blog to my website. - Add a Bootstrap theme to 4 PHP forms Add a border to a logo in css - add a business on all 411 directories, yellow pages, google and other search engines and job directories add a business on all 411 directories, yellow pages, google, yelp, whitepages, superpages and others - add a button to my website Add a button to our theme template (PHP + HTML) - Add a calender to a HTML5 website Add a calender to a HTML5 website - repost 2 - Add a Captcha to a Website Form (urgent) Add a CAPTCHA to my contact form - Add a chain link fence around a structure Add a Challenge Management view to an existinf ASP.NET MVC application - add a chat system to my website