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Adbrite clone - AdBrite.com clone Adbrite.com Clone - ADC conversion and analysis ADC conversion and analysis - open to bidding - adcd Adcell Trackingcode einbinden Magento 1.9.1 - adcopy for calendars Adcopy for Industry Magazine - Add a character to Fonts add a little TM to the logo you designed and resend the files - Add Feature slider in wordpress site www.homeinaloa.com add feature to existing web page - Add Language property file in Java Spring App. add libary folder to html5 editor - Add resize before upload to 'wp_handle_upload_prefilter' Add selected images to Ajax search results - add youtube Subscribes Add " All In one SEO Pack" to worpress website - Add "delete" button to sobi product page Add "Document Read" module to OrangeHRM - Add "Mapbox" Maps to Current Drupal Site add "maps" to my shopify website - Add "Reply" link to Wordpress comments (threaded) Add "Request a qoute" option instead of "Add to cart" - Add "trace driveway" feature into my mobile application with cost estimation. Add "type of project" functionality to an asp.net solution - add $37 funds for smmshop Add % markup to column in .csv file - Add & Remove Content on Existing Static Website Add & Subtract Input Values with Javascript - Add "don't publish" tick to my facebook app Add "Earn Point System" to my video upload website - Add "MySpace" type Social Networking Profile to PHPBB Forums Add "Page Peel" advertisement to homepage of directory site - Add ''Confirm Email Address'' Field to PHP Contact Form Add ''contact form'' to flash website - Add ''Zones'' to my advertising script Add '.com', and '.com' and tag line to existing logo you created for me (2 versions of updated logo) - Add 'Featured Image' to my wordpress site Add 'Fix This Listing' Button On To WordPress Directory Website - Add 'table maker' option to online WYSIWYG Editor Add 'Team' page for my website - Add (Google Adsense Toolbar with firefox)To install with my Software. Add (Google) Analytics into Webpage - Add +61 to phone numbers on my excel sheet Add +ve divergence & -ve divergence signal with color ribbon to afl and mq4 - Add .mp3 player to filesharing script (Not xfilesharing pro) Add .net API using SDK to a Silverlight app - Add .XSD to a given XML Add .XSD to a given XML - repost - Add / Photoshop Products in Magento Add / Remove / Sort Fields On the fly - Add 1 feature for my existing software add 1 feature to an existing component (CIV 2005-11-30) - add 1 Million twitter followers - open to bidding Add 1 Module Class Suffix to Joomla site - Add 1 page, and change menus to current website. Add 1 Paragraph of Text to Flash Site (SLC) - Add 1 theme to 3 websites, also fix an error message on one site add 1 update and fix 1 bug for website - Add 1,500 Likes to 3 Social Media Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). add 1,500 products to oscommerce store front - Add 10 pages into existing Joomla website Add 10 pages into existing Joomla website(repost) - Add 10,000 Facebook likes to https://www.facebook.com/Zaahib.Egypt Add 10,000 Fans to Facebook Page - Add 10,0000+ Fans to our Facebook Page Add 10.000 Google+ users in my circles - add 100 images add 100 items in my oscommerce - Add 100 products in Prestashop with additionnal fields Add 100 products in Prestashop with additionnal fiels - add 100 products to my site - ongoing work Add 100 Products to my Zen Cart Shop - Add 100,000 real fans to my facebook page Add 100,000 Twitter Followers - Add 1000 Friends to a MySpace Account - On going work Add 1000 Genuine Youtube Subscribers - Add 1000 products into Wordpress affiliate Store, Need a Team Add 1000 products to a woocommerce store - Add 1000 real Malaysian Facebook fan Add 1000 Real US-based Profiles to my Social Network Website - Add 1000+ Targeted Facebook Fans Add 1000-+ Targeted Facebook Fans - add 100k facebook fans for onlinevisibilitymanager.com Add 100k facebook fans to my page - Add 10K fans to my fanpage. Add 10k YouTube Subs for http://www.youtube/c/xxxx in 7-10 days for 70$ - Add 120 images to Drupal categories Add 120 Images to the categories section on my site - Add 141 Posts To WordPress Blog add 15 (or so) basic geo-targeted pages to my website - Add 150 friends to a Facebook account Add 150 Games to My Game Website - Add 1500 posts to a textfile. Add 154 products to Virtuemart 2.x (Joomla) from Word document - Add 1:st page image to 50 documents(repost) Add 1k Fans to Facebook Fanpage - Add 2 buttons and 1 feature to JavaScript Form add 2 buttons on PHP member page - Add 2 contribs to a modded osC Add 2 contribs to osCommerce 2.2 - add 2 features and 2 small fixes add 2 features and fix 1 css issue - Add 2 field for site store Add 2 fields on registration form - Add 2 images on a Video Add 2 Images to the default template - add 2 link in menu and compile c++ project add 2 links to 5 pages on Joomla - add 2 new domain Add 2 new features on custom Yii framework - Add 2 Page Sign Up form on WordPress Site (For Catering School) add 2 pages - Add 2 payment Options to Virtuemart Add 2 people into 1 photo & touchup the final photo - Add 2 side bars to an eBay template Add 2 Simple ActionBars to an Activity (Android- Google) - add 2 task to php/json/jquery chat script add 2 things to my html page - Add 2-3 Functionality to Joomla component Add 2-3 keywords and a shortened product description. - Add 20 sites/domains to dmoz directory twice each. Add 20 WooCommerce Products for My Client - Add 200 facebook adress Add 200 followers + provide 150 permanent plays to soudcloud account - Add 200 Products in Woo Commerce Site Urgently add 200 products on a wp website - Add 200 products to Virtuemart 2.x (Joomla) from Word document Add 200 products with 3-5 images and description + necessary categories to Hikashop/Joomla - Add 2000 Likes ,admin access Add 2000 product pics to a wordpress site - Budget $15 - Add 2000 USA IP ADDRESS Fans & 1000 Votes For 3 Pages #83 add 2000 words - Add 230 products to a prestashop installation Add 2356 Locations to Manta - add 250 listings to ebay Add 250 Listings To My Website - Add 260 Pages to an existing wordpress website Add 260 Products to an OSCOMMERCE site - add 3 API services on my android application Add 3 blocks of code to shopify product pages. Must be finished by TOMORROW morning as our shop goes live! (Will pay extra for fast delivery) Much appreciated - Add 3 feature to current iPhone application. need expert for ios app made on swift. Add 3 feature to our SMS software - Add 3 Fields to Mail Form add 3 files to a1 locksmith site. - add 3 icon and 1 header (jus design work no code needed)
Add 3 images to html website - Add 3 new banners in a scrolling gallery Add 3 new domain sources to Domain Hunter - Add 3 pages to Joomla! I got HTML and CSS add 3 pages to my admin site - Add 3 simple page to my web app Add 3 sponsor logos to existing image & resize for postcard flyers - Add 30 (Invodo) videos to a Magent website. Add 30 accounts to whmautopilot - Add 30-day Trial Feature to Drupal Website Add 30.000 Real Facebook Fans to a Fanpage - Add 300+ product to my opencart shop Add 300+ products with options to Magento from BigCommerce - Add 301 direction in Htaccess Add 301 redirect - Add 3D Animation to an existing Project Add 3D depth to already existing images - Add 3rd party API to Phalcon PHP add 4 ad/tracking SDKs to iOS app - Add 4 fields into wp_usermeta table, create a map data input plugin and PHP to output XML from wp_usermeta table - v2 add 4 flex features to gyaro paying 5000inr only - Add 4 New Pages to Existing ASP.NET Site Add 4 new pages, make existing site google friendly - Add 4,000 Friends to My Twitter Add 4,000 friends to MySpace - List of profile IDs provided! - Add 4000 Facebook fans - repost Add 4000 Facebook Fans to my Fanpage - Add 438 facebook likes to my page in the upcoming 5 hours Add 4400 Twitter users from website - add 498 posts (that are already written) to wordpress add 4pages to part 4 of auditing report - Add 5 HTML Pages to Existing Website Add 5 images to joomla image gallery - Add 5 tabs to my wordpress sidebar Add 5 tabs to my wordpress sidebar(repost) - Add 50 comments to my YouTube video Add 50 Facebook followers - Add 50 products to my shopping cart. Mostly copy and paste. Add 50 products to my store in next four hours. - add 50,000 Products manually to OpenCart! add 50,000 Products manually to OpenCart!! - Add 500 Fans on Facebook hong kong only - Real Fan Add 500 FB LIkes to 2 fan pages (1000 total likes) - Add 500 products to an opencart site within 20 hours Add 500 products to an opencart site within 24 hours - Add 500 Youtube Likes for My 5 Video Add 500 Youtube Likes for My 5 Videos - Add 5000 members to two similar facebook groups add 5000 names and emails to our database must be done in 3 days Max! - Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers Add 500k Facebook Fans and 500k Twitter Followers - Add 57 new Products Add 57 products to VirtueMart e-commerce - Add 6 images to a wordpress site. add 6 images to word document - Add 6000 Facebook USA Fans For 2 Pages #75 Add 6000 Real USA Facebook fans for 2 Pages #118 - Add 7 webpages on Magento website Add 7,500 Facebook friends to The ShopO Group of Albania in Two Days - Add 7500 with images to prestashop Add 8 products to store and do a few simple tasks - Add 90 items from my ebay store to my ecommerce store Add 90.000 images to Magento - Add \"NetVideoHunter\" in Crawler (Check Description Easy Job) Add \"Play\" button to beginning of Flash movie - Add a similar drop down Calendar add a "book now" option to an existing website - Add a "Guest" access button to an existing app add a "How did you hear about us" to the register - Add a "Blog" page to a custom built Wordpress site Add a "Build Your Own Product" functionality to Virtuemart - Add a 'category' section in a photo app -- Add a 'follow' button functionality on Wordpress posts - Add a 4 minute Scheduler to a WC_Payment_Gateway WooCommerce Custom Gateway Class Add a 6 second text animation to a video - Add a Article crawler for my project Add a asp.net redirect - Add a Background Music Add a background slideshow to the profile page of my users - Add a banner to Lesti-FPC Add a banner to Lesti-FPC -- 2 - Add a BG music to a 1 minute video Add a bill of sale - Add a blog page to a joomla website. Add a Blog Page to Existing Website - Add a Blog to my site Add a BLOG to my website - Add a booking php page to magneto Add a booking system to a wordpress site - Add a bunch of textboxes and html (no graphics) to page from a static .jpg.(repost) Add a bunch of textboxes and html (no graphics) to page from a static .jpg.(repost)(repost) - Add a Button to existing magento website Add a Button to Flash - Add a calculator App to Wordpress Home Page Add a calculator to Wix website - Add a CAPTCHA Anti-Spam to existing Wordpress Site Add a Captcha in a simple contact form - add a cart functionality to be add on my artisticbird.com website Add a cart to an existing website - Add a chat box to an application Add a Chat Box to existing Iphone and Google Play game app - Add a CIC payment gateway to a wordpress donation plugin Add a Circling Tool to Adobe Acrobat - add a code page Add a code to back office - Add a COMMENT POST to a website using PHP Add a comments box to my listings post - Add a contact form Add a contact form and social media bar in our website. - Add a control form to a Google maps app. Add a control panel - Add a couple functions to my admin panel Add a couple of basic features to a android app - add a crack propagation to an MSC MARC model -- 2 add a crack propagation to an MSC MARC model -- 3 - Add a custom designed Popup to existing flash AC 3 Add a custom dialog form to Installshield 2010 (ver16) MSI Project - Add a custom module to a site written in Joomla Add a custom module to a site written in Joomla - Add a custom tab to Facebook page Add a custom text field in shipping plugin - Add a datagrid with buttons to an existing web page add a datepicker - add a dialog message to a button add a dictionary functionality in a joomla site - add a discount code to existing Add a discount system to my website - Add a drop down Bulk email to Woocommerce Add a drop down listbox to PHP - Add a dropdown store location list on Squarespace website Add a Dutch translation to my site - Add a encoder shoutcast/icecast in project JAVA add a engine to metasearch script - Add a Facebook Login page to my App Add a Facebook Open Graph Story to a website - Add a feature for Joomla K2 shop so a buyer will be added to a specific usergroup Add a feature for Tutor & Students search / listing at WordPress site - Add a feature to a php project Add a feature to a php script - add a feature to an existing Delphi component Add a feature to an existing iOS app - Add a feature to Existing Website Add a feature to existing website - add a feature to my website -- add a feature to my website -- -- 2 - Add a feature to Tsung (Erlang project)